Growing Pains


Growing PainsI wrote this story a few years ago. Sadly, it is just a story, a fantasy. I think I posted it on XHAMSTER at the time, under a different (fake) username, but I can’t remember. Anyway, I thought it deserved an audience instead of languishing on my laptop. OneI was ten years old when I first became aware of my older sister’s interest in what I had between my legs.As very young c***dren, we had bathed together in total innocence, our genitals so unformed as to be almost unnoticeable. But as she had gotten older (she was my senior by four years), Mom had taken to bathing and dressing us separately and we never got to see each other naked.I guess that around the same time Mom started to ‘protect’ us from each other, she and Dad stopped allowing us to see them naked, too. Yet to this day I still remember my fascination with the monstrous things that my father had dangling from the dark curls between his legs, and my mother’s beautiful firm breasts with their dark circles and the fascinating thick black triangle between her thighs.So from my early years until I was ten, I was innocent of all sexual differences between the members of my family. My parents were not sexual beings at all to me, and my sister was the person who would sometimes let me play when she was bored and other times would take pleasure in excluding me from her games.Then, one day, s*s approached me in an unusually shy way, ‘Junior,’ she wheedled, ‘Do you want to play a special game I’ve made up?”Of course, she had me; I was always pleased to be invited into her games, and, at the time, it didn’t occur to me that I almost always had to beg to be involved. This time was different, which I only realized much later.‘Sure,’ I said, eagerly, ‘What are we going to play?’‘Mommies and Daddies, it’s a new game I’ve made up.’‘Okay,’ what do I do?”‘Take off your pants.’‘Huh?’‘Take them off, I need to sew a tear in them.’‘But there isn’t…’ I saw the imperious look in her eye and stopped arguing. I unclipped my elastic belt and slipped my pants down and handed them to her.‘Shorts, too.’‘But…’ I sighed; I realized that if I wanted to be allowed to play the game I had to do exactly as instructed. I slipped off my boxer shorts and handed them to her. She looked me in the eye, and then her gaze moved down to my naked belly. I was wearing only a short t-shirt, so I was completely exposed to her. I didn’t feel particularly self-conscious, but I did feel we were doing something that would be frowned upon by our parents. There was a delicious air of the forbidden about what we were doing. I was waiting for the next part of the game to begin.Then she surprised me. She reached out her hand and cupped my juvenile scrotum and squeezed slightly. With her other hand she took hold of my little dick and stroked it gently between her thumb and fingers. I felt a strange sensation and it was soon hard, although not very big. She then leaned forward and, very gently, kissed the tip before letting go.‘It’s not very big, is it?’ She said, sounding a little disappointed, ‘Do you want to see mine?’I nodded eagerly, suddenly too excited to speak.She quickly pulled down her sweatpants, stepped out of her underpants and then lifted her sweater over her head, standing naked in front of me for the first time in six or seven years.I was delighted to realize that her f******n-year-old breasts were well formed; soft round bulges on her chest with her nipples having darkened and spread slightly. They appeared to be sticking up. I suppose that I had seen her burgeoning breasts under her shirts but I hadn’t paid any attention; and, although, for the last few years, girls with virtually flat chests had started to wear ‘training bras’, I guess Mom was still too old-fashioned. Nature was allowed to take its course; she was just wearing looser tops.Between her legs, her vulva was quite prominent, no longer simply the featureless cleft of a baby girl; but, like me, she was still hairless.I was fascinated by all of it, and, flattered by my gaze, she preened and strutted before me like a model.‘Do you want to touch?’I nodded eagerly, and she sat down in front of me, with her legs apart. I knelt down and gently probed the cleft with my fingers, admiring the folds of the inner lips and hood; then I reached up to stroke her nipples and cup her breasts, almost overwhelmed by the sensations coursing through me. All the time, my midget dick was at its hardest, and, occasionally, she would tweak it as I explored her, causing me to shiver with pleasure.We heard the garage door bang and jumped. We looked at each other, startled, and then dressed quickly, giggling with mutual embarrassment, as we ran to greet Mom.Twos*s and I didn’t get an opportunity to talk about our new game again that day, but, as I lay in my bed trying to sleep that night, my mind was flashing on all kinds of new and strange thoughts.The next day we were in school, and I didn’t see her again until we got home. She always made a big deal of avoiding me throughout the day, hanging with her bitchy girlfriends, and ignoring me totally if our paths should accidentally cross.Whilst Mom was cooking dinner, I tapped on s*s’s open bedroom door and pushed my head into the room. I would normally never have been so bold, but the new game had excited me like nothing else.‘When are we going to play Mommies and Daddies again?’ I whispered.She looked up from her homework book, ‘Shhh…after dinner, Mom’s going to the PTA and Dad’s watching football on TV. Now buzz off, shrimp.’I skipped back to my room, unoffended by her brusqueness; after all, she was almost always rude to me. And we were going to get to play the game…!I bolted my dinner and even helped Mom clear up to speed her departure to the PTA. Even so, it felt like a lifetime before I was tapping once again on my sister’s bedroom door.‘Close the door behind you, and push that box in front of it. Dad won’t come in, but just in case.’‘What are we going to do?’ I whispered excitedly.‘Take off your pants and shorts.’I complied eagerly, and watched enthralled as she revealed her secrets to me. She lay full length on her bed, completely naked, head on her pillow, with her legs apart.‘Come here. Lie down on top of me.’I followed her instructions, positioning myself between her legs, with my face against her young breasts.‘This is what Mommies and Daddies do when they want to make a baby,’ she told me. ‘Mommy lies on her back and Daddy puts his thing into her.’‘What do you mean?’ I was finding this a little confusing. ‘Where does he put it?’‘In here,’ she pointed at her own vulva. ‘Daddy puts his thing into Mommy’s peepee.’I lay there silent for a while, attempting to digest these startling revelations.‘Does that mean that you and I are going to make a baby, because I’m lying on you?’‘No, silly, you have to put your thing into me. In any case, you have to be married or it doesn’t happen, so we couldn’t.’ She lay silent for a while. ‘Try to put it in.’I shuffled up the bed until my tiny dick was level with her groin. It was hard, but still very small. I rubbed it against her vulva, and even managed to part her lips with it, but we were certainly safe from any unwanted teenage pregnancies for the time being.ThreeMy sister’s disappointment with the size of my dick meant that she soon lost interest in playing Mommies and Daddies and, although I pleaded for more opportunities, she turned her attention to other things and I stopped mentioning it.About a year later, I was lying in my bed one morning. It was the summer vacation, Dad was at work, and Mom had gone to do her marketing. I was considering the prospects for the day, and they weren’t good. None of my friends was available to go bike riding with, all having been taken away by their parents or even sent off to camp.It was warm and I had kicked off my bedclothes, lying there in only my shorts, wondering whether it was worth getting up or whether I should try once again to jack off. Several of my friends had started jacking off; it was obvious in the locker room at school that some had grown full sized, hairy dicks and balls, whilst others still had tiny pink shrimps. I was kind of halfway between. My size had increased quite batman escort a lot, but I only had a few coarse hairs growing at the root of my dick.So far, I hadn’t managed to jack off properly. Descriptions of jets of jizz and sensations beyond belief taunted me as I lay in my bed each night, rubbing my dick fruitlessly. I figured I’d give it another go before getting up and having a shower. I kicked off my shorts, and lay naked on my back, my hard dick in my fist, rubbing frantically at it, hoping that this would be the lucky time.I was beginning to feel a sensation that had previously eluded me when…the door flew open and my sister walked in…‘Have you stolen my…’ She stopped dead in her tracks. ‘What are you doing?’ she gasped.I had dragged my sheets back over me and lay there, red-faced and embarrassed. Too embarrassed to reply. I just stared at her.She came over to my bed and sat down.‘Where you…jacking off?’ She muttered the unfamiliar words, her eyes glistening with excitement.‘What do you know about it?’‘Some of my girlfriends have older brothers who are always doing it. Were you?’She seemed so genuinely interested, that I relaxed, and, remembering our intimacies of last year, I nodded.‘Kind of. I’m not very good at it yet.’‘Can I watch? Oh, please, Junior.’I looked her in the eye, she was so sincere in her desire, so I pulled back my sheet. My dick was still rigid.She gasped, ‘Oh my, it’s grown. Can I…?’She reached down and grabbed hold of it.‘Tell me how you jack it off.’‘Just form your thumb and finger into a ring, and then slide it up and down fast.’She started to rub my dick, and I gasped with pleasure. She was a natural! I put my hand on her wrist, stopping her.‘Show me yours.’She looked at me and grinned. Pulling off her sweater, I could see she now wore a bra, which she quickly unfastened, releasing her beautiful breasts, which had grown in the last year, too. She looked at me again, searching my eyes, and then she pulled at the waistband of her shorts, dropping them to the floor and kicking them away.She stood by my bed, naked except for a pair of white panties, a young woman, no longer just my sister. I was incredibly excited; my dick was throbbing with my pulse. She hooked her thumbs into the sides of her underpants and slipped them down her thighs. They fell under their own weight as she stood straight and unembarrassed. Between her legs, where there had been a smooth pink cleft, there was now a tangle of dark hair. I couldn’t stop staring at it; I was so excited by her openness.Once again she sat on the bed, legs slightly apart, so that I could see moist pink lips amongst the new hair, and grasped my aching dick, which she proceeded to stroke slowly at first and then more vigorously.Eventually, the sensations I had begun to experience when she interrupted returned, and I could feel as if something was going to happen, then……it was the most painful experience I had ever had. Had she broken something? But no, it wasn’t a pain, it was a spasm, a knifing moment of intense sensation. I had no words to describe what I felt. It had happened, and now I understood the purpose of jacking off. To feel that…that feeling…each time.I had closed my eyes when I came, and as I slowly opened them, I realized my sister was staring anxiously into my face.‘Are you all right? Did I hurt you?’‘I’m fine, that was jacking off, and I came…’I looked at my still-hard dick, and was disappointed to see that there was no spurt of jizz anywhere in evidence.‘Wasn’t there supposed to be some stuff come out?’ whispered my sister, who seemed somewhat abashed by the whole experience.‘I’m pretty sure there is supposed to be, but I guess my balls aren’t making it yet, so it didn’t.’‘Do you want to touch me?’ she asked.‘Okay, shuffle your butt up the bed.’ I was too enervated to move at the moment, my junior orgasm had taken all of my strength.She brought her sweet pussy right next to my face, sitting up on my pillow, with her legs apart.‘You can kiss it if you like.’I tilted my head until my nose was in the hair and pushed it down between her lips. I then stuck out my tongue and experimentally licked into the cleft. My newfound sexuality had emboldened me beyond belief and I lay there lapping at her young cunt for a few minutes as she squirmed on my pillow and squealed in pleasure.Her squirming became more forceful as she ground her cunt into my face and then, without warning, my nose and mouth were filled with a liquid – at first, in horror, I thought she’d peed in my face – but is was deliciously scented, not sharp like piss – and she moaned, very loudly, arching her back and going rigid for a moment, before flopping over on her side, next to me.We lay there for a few minutes then she suddenly sat up.‘I guess I’d better go get a shower, I promised Mom I’d start the laundry before she got back,’ said my sister, reluctantly, as she climbed off the bed, grabbed her clothes and made to leave the room.‘Do you want to jack me off again sometime?’ I asked as she was closing the door behind her.‘Just try and stop me, buster!’ And she was gone.I lay there for a while, savoring the glow in my groin and the taste of my sister in my mouth. What had happened there? I had no idea that girls got the same kind of pleasure as boys from having their genitals rubbed, and it didn’t occur to me that she’d also had an orgasm – albeit considerably more productive than mine – but I knew something wonderful had happened, and we had both got a great deal from it. Enough to want to repeat the experience.FourI guess if I’d shown the dedication to my schoolwork that I showed to jacking off, I would have been a college professor by the time I was fifteen. I rubbed that dick raw every opportunity I had, and soon I was producing gouts of messy, sticky cum, which I was careful to clean up with my socks.I was good and hairy now, as well; and my dick stood a respectable six and half inches when it was fully hard, the end purple and swollen, and the balls, tight against my body.Every time we were alone in the house, my sister would come into my room and beg to be allowed to jack me off. I couldn’t believe it. She was asking me for permission to do something I’d have happily paid her to do. She was so good at it, and she got better. She could keep me hanging on for a long time before finally releasing the pressure, which caused my jizz to spurt high over my head as I lay on my bed.She got her rocks off, too. I would suck and rub that hairy cunt until I had her screaming in delight, flooding my face which her rich juices.This went on for a few months, during which time I was learning a whole lot more about sex from my buddies at school. I remembered the time my sister had told me about a man sticking into a woman, and I figured it was only right that we should try it out some time. I also knew what a crock it was that you had to be married in order to make a baby; I’d heard stories of seniors who had got girls knocked up and had to marry them, so I knew she had been misinformed.Next time we were alone – our folks were going to be out all day visiting a sick aunt – and she came to my room, I suggested that we might try something else.‘How about I put my dick inside you and we try to get them to come off together?’She smiled, ‘Okay, but you have to pull it out before it spurts otherwise I might get pregnant.’ She’d learned too!We got undressed in record time and lay on my bed. I sucked on her titties whilst we played with each other’s privates. We were like dogs on heat, unsophisticated and very horny. I lay on top of her and positioned the swollen end of my dick against her cunt, she swiveled her hips so that the opening was in the right place and then thrust up at me. I slipped inside without any resistance at all. She had done a lot of horse riding so I guess that was what had ruptured her hymen.The feeling was incredible. Her warmth and moistness was so unlike a hand, completely enveloping my hot, hard dick. I’d been jacking off earlier, so I didn’t come straight away, but the sensation was so powerful, I knew I wouldn’t be able to last long.We thrust hungrily at each other, the slurping sounds from bingöl escort her cunt mingling with the slurping as I sucked her titties. Eventually, I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer; she was beginning to pant and moan, too. Just as I felt the cum rushing from my balls, I jerked my butt back and my jizz spurted across my sister’s belly, and up over her titties. She had come, too, and we both collapsed back onto my bed, exhausted an exhilarated. This was better than jacking off any day!FiveFrom then on, jacking off was a solitary pursuit. Whenever we had the opportunity to be alone, we would fuck like young rabbits. I was still not thirteen, and she was only sixteen; we had endless energy and an insatiable appetite for each other’s young bodies. In retrospect, what we were doing was wrong, but we were enjoying it so much, we didn’t care.We were careful, too. After the first couple of times, pulling out and shooting on her belly, we started to use rubbers. Dad had a big box at the back of the top shelf of his closet, so I would steal a few every so often. I guess he would’ve been mad if he’d found out, but he would have been a whole lot madder if I’d have gotten my sister pregnant when we were both little more than c***dren ourselves.When she was s*******n, my sister decided she wanted to become a nurse, which meant moving away to go to school out of state. I missed our fucking, but I still had my hand, and, occasionally, when she came home for vacation, we would fuck for old time’s sake.Then she got a boyfriend at school, and I guess her k** brother no longer turned her on quite so much, so the fucking stopped. It was inevitable, I suppose, and I missed it – I wasn’t getting much past second base with the girls in high school – but I always knew it wouldn’t last forever.SixAll of that was a very long time ago, I’m talking about it ending back in the mid-sixties: before the sexual revolution ever came to my hometown, that’s for sure. I was the luckiest k** that ever lived, with a hot and horny sister who believed in sharing. What happened next wasn’t so good; in fact, it started out as a disaster, although what it ended up was nothing short of miraculous.It was my high school year before I became a senior, s*s had moved out for good, she was working as a nurse and living with a bunch of other girls. She had a few boyfriends, but told me she wasn’t going to settle for anything less than a doctor. Dad worked hard and Mom and I sometimes didn’t even see him at mealtimes. He would come home late, grab a sandwich that she made for him, and rush off back to work to deal with the latest crisis.I hung out with a bunch of friends, got older guys to buy us beer and smoked pot a little. It was the sixties, and it’s what you did, but I was no rebel; I still did my schoolwork, I planned on going to college after my senior year, although I had no idea what I wanted to do, and I was usually home by whatever time my Mom told me I had to be.I got in from school one afternoon in November 1969, dropping my book bag by the door and headed for the refrigerator.‘Mom!’The house was very quiet, as if to emphasis the unnatural stillness, at that moment, the refrigerator motor started up, making me jump. Mom’s car was on the driveway, but the house seemed to be deserted. The phone rang, making me jump for a second time.‘Hello?’‘Oh Junior, this is Aunt Lucy. Honey, something bad has happened…’‘Is it Mom? Is she…’‘No, your Mom’s fine, she’s here with me, now. It’s…it’s your Dad…there’s been an accident…’Dad had been driving from one plant to another; there had been a breakdown on the production line, and he was going to fix it. Some stupid bitch had run a red light and hit him square on, pushing his automobile into the front of a truck coming the other way. They’d cut him loose, but by the time he got to the ER it was too late.Christmas that year was bleak. s*s had to work cover and couldn’t get home. Aunt Lucy wanted us to go stay with her, but Mom and I didn’t feel much like celebrating anything.At the beginning of 1970, three months after Dad’s death, Mom got a job in an office – she hadn’t worked since she was married, Dad had been a good provider – and I carried on with my school work and hanging around with my friends. But I felt guilty about leaving Mom alone much, so I went out less and got home from school as quickly as I could. Most days I would have something cooked for her by the time she got home. She was always tired, it was a long drive to the place she had found work, so after we’d eaten, I encouraged her to sit in front of the TV whilst I did the dishes before getting on with my homework. The dutiful son, what was I? A saint in training? I loved my Mom, and I hated to see how she missed my Dad. I was all there was, and I wanted her to feel good about me.…‘Honey, I got you a Yoo-Hoo and a piece of pie, you’ve been working all day…’I turned over; it was Saturday afternoon and I was lying on my bed, with my headphones on, listening to The Beatles’ White Album. I had my back to the door, which is why I hadn’t heard my Mom’s tentative knock. My math assignment was spread on the bed, but I had a copy of Playboy magazine open on top of my papers, and I had my rigid dick in my hand, jacking it frantically to Miss December.My mother registered my look of horror as I realized she was there, but her eyes were immediately drawn to my fist, frozen at my naked groin, my jeans around my thighs.I pulled the magazine over with my other hand to cover my hard on, but dr****g Miss December’s shiny breasts over it hardly made me look more decent.‘Mom…!’‘Honey, I, I…’Then she started giggling, I guess she’d had a glass or two of wine – something she tended to do a little more these days to help her relax when she wasn’t at work.‘Honey, you are so sweet. Don’t be shy; I’m your Mom. I’ve seen it before; I’ve cleaned it and powdered it and wrapped it in a fresh diaper a thousand times. Admittedly, it’s a lot bigger than it used to be, but you’re almost a man now. You’ll start your senior year in the fall, and you’ll soon be thinking about leaving me to go to college.’‘Mom. Stop staring!’‘Oh honey, calm down. Put that magazine away, let me see you.’She sat on the bed next to me. She had obviously been in the tub whilst drinking her wine, as she smelled freshly perfumed and was wearing a sheer blue nightdress kind of thing, with nothing at all on underneath it. The bathrobe over it had fallen open as she sat.Much to my shame, my dick remained as rigid as it had been when I was jacking it, my Mom’s dark areolae were, at that moment, even more stimulating than Miss December 1969’s, the delightful Gloria Root.‘Honey! Are you staring at my breasts?’ She asked in mock horror‘Gee…I…I…’ I spluttered, going even redder in my face.‘Don’t apologize, I’m flattered that a handsome and, um virile, young man, such as yourself, would find me attractive.’She put her hands under her breasts and lifted them, pushing them against the almost transparent fabric, the better for me to see them.‘Not too bad, huh?’Then she stood, shrugging off the bathrobe and whisked the nightdress over her head, standing there as naked as my sister had done a few years earlier. I was speechless, I could think of absolutely nothing to say. She swayed a little and turned a little this way and that so that I could admire her full, but still firm, breasts, her smooth round thighs, her gently curved belly, and the glorious dark triangle hiding her secret place.‘What’s the matter honey? Cat got your tongue?’Insanely, I was still clutching my dick, which was now throbbing even more with sexual excitement.‘Need help with that?’ She gestured with her eyes at my groin, ‘You seem to have stopped being able to rub it.’With that, she sat down again, gently lifted my hand away and started to jack me off. She was at least as good as my sister had been, but there wasn’t any way she could delay my climax. Within seconds of her starting to rub, I was shooting thick ropes of jizz over her hand and my belly.She bent down to kiss me on the forehead, picked up her clothes and left the room quickly and silently, closing my door behind her.SevenWhat bitlis escort the hell had happened?My head was reeling as I lay there, naked between my chest and thighs, my dick lying heavy and soft on my belly, with jizz drying all over me. Miss December smiled up at me, math problems s**ttered across my bed. My headphones had been knocked loose as I had turned my head and I could hear the Beatles singing tinnily from them; on the table was a tray with Yoo-Hoo and a piece of pie. The faint scent of my mother was still in the air. Jee-zuss!I grabbed a sock and scrubbed my belly dry and quickly hitched up my jeans. As I buttoned them, I walked slowly toward the kitchen, where I could here Mom doing the dishes from our lunch. Her bathrobe was firmly tied and she was hunched over the kitchen sink.‘Mom…’She shook her head and hunched further. I approached and put my hands on her upper arms, trying to turn her to face me. She shrugged me off and kept her head bowed. I realized she was sobbing and tears were dripping into the dishwater.‘Mom, turn round, we need to talk about what happened. You kind of freaked me out there…’Suddenly she turned and wrapped her arms around me, burying her face in my chest – I was taller than her by then.‘Baby, I’m so ashamed of myself. I’ve been so upset since your Dad…since he…died, and I was a little drunk, and lonely and…and you’ve been so good to me over the last few weeks, so strong for me, and I, I just forgot myself. I love you, honey, with all my heart, I’m so sorry if I embarrassed you…’‘Hey, hey…it was kind of, well, weird, but it was great, too. You’re pretty good at it, and beautiful, too…’‘I promise I’ll never do anything like it again, please don’t tell your friends.’‘Are you k**ding? They’d never let it go. No, our secret’s safe, don’t worry. Come on, sit down, let me make you some chamomile, it will calm you down.’I led her to the sofa and made her comfortable, as I was standing to go back to the kitchen, I bent down again to kiss her head, just as she looked up, and caught my lips on her mouth. She had such soft lips and the kiss became more than a peck as I twisted round and sat beside her; her tongue pushed into my mouth, meeting mine.She pushed me back on the sofa and kissed me like I was saving her from drowning. My hands were wrapped around her back, but I couldn’t help exploring and so I ran them across her butt and between us, feeling the weight of her breasts.Suddenly she broke away from me, ‘What are we doing? Am I losing my mind?’‘Shh, come here.’I pulled her back to my chest, my hand exploring inside her bathrobe, finding her nipple and squeezing it slightly. I think I was losing my mind too!Encouraged by my response, she moved away from me slightly, and began to unfasten my jeans. I eased my butt up off the sofa so that she could slide them down and she grasped my dick for the second time today.I had pushed off her bathrobe and dragged her nightgown over her head. She pulled my jeans off, and almost tore my shirt pulling it off. We were lying naked together on the sofa, our mouths sucking at each other, our hands grabbing and exploring.She took my hand off her breast and jammed it down between her legs, the hairy mound was very moist and I stuck two of my fingers inside her, making her buck with pleasure. I kept rubbing my fingers in and out whilst I found her clit with my thumb. I seemed to have paralyzed her – she stopped moving, concentrating entirely on what I was doing with my hand.Then, like my sister, her cunt flooded as she bucked and writhed, moaning loud and long as I brought her to her climax.‘Oh baby, where did you learn to do that?’I thought it would probably be best if I never told her the truth about that particular skill, ‘I er, read about it in Playboy,’ I lied.‘Wow, you’re a good student. That was incredible.’She slipped off the sofa and knelt beside it, staring at my raging erection.‘It looks like my hand job on you earlier has worn off. Let’s see what we can do for you.’She bobbed her head down and took my dick into her mouth. My Mom was giving me a blowjob! Her saliva ran down my shaft as her head slid up and down. I helped her a little, raising my self in time with her head bobbing, and it didn’t take long before I came a second time that afternoon, filling my Mom’s mouth with hot cum. She choked a little, and some spilled out onto her chin, our eyes met and she smiled broadly before making a big show of swallowing and licking her lips.‘Mm, delicious!’Suddenly we both laughed, wholeheartedly, for the first time in months.EightWe sat and talked about what had happened, there was no longer any embarrassment, and we agreed that we weren’t sorry about what we had done; it had made us both feel so good, but that it would be a bad idea to go any further, or to contemplate doing anything similar again.I had arranged to meet up with friends, so after showering and getting dressed, I gave my Mom a chaste kiss and went out.‘Don’t stay out too late, honey, you need your sleep to do well with your school work.’‘Okay, Mom.’…It was a little after one when I got home; I took off my shoes before opening the door and crept to my room. I undressed without turning on the light and slipped into bed.‘Wha…?’‘I couldn’t sleep, baby, I kept thinking of your Dad, my bed feels so empty without him. I was just wandering round the house and your bed smells of you, so I lay down and just drifted off…I’ll go, sorry, honey…’She kissed me on the forehead and made to get up, but as she did so, her breast, loose inside a baggy tee, brushed against my arm and I moved my hand to stroke the hard point, then slipped it behind her back, pulling her towards me for a proper kiss.‘Baby, we agreed…’‘I know, but…’I slipped my hands under her tee and ran them over her breasts, her belly, her back, her butt.She was stroking my face and hair as we kissed, and muttering how much she loved me. Then she pushed one hand down to rest it on my boxers, feeling my hard dick through the thin fabric.‘Is this for me?’‘ you…if you…’‘Shh…’ and she slipped her hand under the loose waistband and curled her fingers around my hot dick and started to rub it slowly.‘Mom, I…’She let go off me and sat up, pulling the tee over her head, in the dim light I could just make out her shape and smudges of light and dark; I could see her areolae and I thought I could see that she wasn’t wearing panties. I put out my hand and stroked her butt: smooth warm flesh. I slid my hand back round to the front and down where, in the deepest shadows, I felt thick, damp hair.She had taken my dick in her hand and was stroking it again, so I pushed my hand, palm up, further down, exploring for her cleft. She shifted a little to expose it more and open it as I gently inserted two fingers and began to massage her clit with my thumb.We stayed like this for a while, gently frigging each other, then she said, ‘I still have an IUD fitted, I’ve been meaning to see my gynecologist to have it removed now that…now I’m not… but it means I can’t get pregnant if you want to…’I gasped, ‘You mean you want us to…?’‘Fuck me baby,’ she whispered, ‘fuck me, now.’I pulled her head down next to mine on the pillow and kissed her hard as I moved to lie on top of her. She opened her legs and raised her knees to invite me in. Quickly I pulled my shorts off and swung over so that I was lying between her legs, supported on my outstretched arms, my dick pointing at her waiting cunt.She got hold of me and pulled me towards her, placing my engorged glans against her wet vagina, then arching her hips to pull me in. At the same time, I thrust down so that we were completely joined.This was the first time since my sister that I had my dick inside a hot cunt, and the sensation was incredible. The wet warmth sucked on me until I thought I might pass out.We moved slowly together, getting used to each other’s rhythms; we were kissing, mouths, breasts, shoulders; we were nibbling; we were licking; all the time we were fucking.We changed position so that I was fucking her from behind, feeling myself go as deeply into her as was possible, and I began to feel myself start to come.‘I’m not going to last much longer.’‘Fuck me hard, honey, let it all go inside me.’As I came, I felt her vaginal muscles tighten around my dick, and she let out a little half squeal, half sigh, as she, too, reached her climax. Eventually, we flopped down, warm, relaxed and sleepy.‘Can I stay the night here? I don’t…’‘Of course you can.’

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Yeni Taşınan Komşumuz !

Yeni Taşınan Komşumuz ! Herkese merhaba. Hayatımda ilk defa bir adult siteye üye oldum sırf bu hikayeleri anlatmak için. Her…

Anneme Karşı Koyamadım

Anneme Karşı Koyamadım Merhabalar ismim okan, ailemden ayrı şehir dışında bir üniversite de okuyorum ve ne olduysa üniversiteden yaz tatili…

İlk Deneeme

İlk Deneeme Merhaba arkadaşlar yaklaşık 1 yıl öncesine kadar bir zamanda intertnette yazışırken tanıştık onunla bana uzaklığı 15 dakika idi…

Konumuz Üvey Annem ! 1

Konumuz Üvey Annem ! 1 Selam ! Bu anlattığım benim başımdan geçmektedir. Benim bir üvey annem var ve ben ondan…

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