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Chapter 5 Billy and his father, Will, drove down the highway in silence. Billy was on his phone checking all of his social media. He sent Justin a message about his trip so far, even though they had just seen each other an hour prior. He really liked Justin. They had been dating for about a year, and it was probably the easiest relationship he had ever been in. The only complication was Charlie. It didn’t escape his attention that Charlie and Justin liked each other. He didn’t really mind that so much, but whenever Charlie was around, Justin’s focus turned from Billy to Charlie. The state fair was a classic example. Billy was forced to give up his date, again, because Charlie had to have his way. Then Justin gave in to Charlie’s demands, and in the end, he got sick, while Charlie just laughed. “Are you hungry?” Will asked. “I know this little Thai place in Franklin we could stop. They have the best Pad Thai.” “Hmm?” Billy mumbled, coming out of his thoughts. “Sorry, Dad. Whatever you want.” “Is everything alright?” “Yeah, I was just thinking,” Billy said, putting down his phone. “Do you want to talk about it?” “Not really,” he said, “I was just thinking about the weekend, that’s all.” “Sure,” Will said, unconvinced. “If you ever need or want to talk, especially if it’s about Justin or sex–” “Dad!” Billy snapped in a panic. “We already had the sex talk when I was 12, and Mom and Rick had it with me when I was 11. We both know I’ve had sex, so no, I don’t want to talk about it again if you don’t mind.” Will laughed and said, “Fair enough. Then how are things with you and Justin?” “It’s fine. It’s all fine, Dad. Honestly, I haven’t been happier, so could we please stop talking about my love life.” Billy didn’t like what he called “squishy situations.” He couldn’t handle being embarrassed or seeing people in embarrassing situations. It made him feel very uncomfortable at best, and at worst, he wanted to just hide and never come out. Unfortunately, Will was one of those people who had zero problems with doing or talking about embarrassing things; the more public, the better. “I’m just concerned is all,” Will added, pulling the car off the freeway. Billy genuinely appreciated the concern. He loved having two dads. Being openly gay and having two, supportive fathers meant the world to him. It made the bullying at school easier to cope with. It didn’t hurt that Will was also a scrupulous lawyer. “Thanks,” Billy said, “And noodles sound good.” They got to Will’s apartment around three in the afternoon. The two bedroom townhouse was mostly filled with packed boxes and a few pieces of furniture. Billy went to his mostly unpacked bedroom. There was a small pile of fresh boxes leaning up against a wall. He looked around and hoped that, wherever Will was moving to, he had at least three bedrooms. On the rare occasions Ry and Charlie stayed, they all had to share the one room. Billy liked having his own space, especially after having shared his room with Ry for almost two years. Will poked his head into the room and said, “I expect everything to be packed before I take you back home. I don’t want anything left to do at the last minute next weekend.” “There won’t be,” Billy said, plopping down on the bed. “You said that last weekend and the weekend before that,” Will added. Billy looked into his dad’s eyes and said, “I promise to have everything of mine packed before I go home.” “That’s not what I asked, şişli travesti is it?” Billy sighed and said, “Why do I have to pack Ry’s and Charlie’s things? I didn’t bring their crap here.” “You’re 15-years-old, correct?” “Yeah,” Billy said, with a little snide tone. “You want to be treated like an adult, correct?” “Um, yeah.” “Then act like an adult and help your old man out, because if I have to do it, I’m throwing your crap away and taking theirs with me.” “That’s not fair!” Billy said, incredulously. “Life isn’t fair,” Will said, mocking his sulking son. Billy and Will spent the rest of the day and most of the night packing. They took a break for dinner and another a few hours later. Billy did as he was asked and packed his brothers’ belongings, though he didn’t make any extra effort to do it with care. When Will wasn’t looking, Billy checked his phone for responses from Justin. There was nothing, which only piled on the aggravation. When he was finally able to go to bed, Billy sent Justin one more message. He hoped he didn’t come off as desperate, but he did ask if everything was alright, since Justin hadn’t responded yet. Fed up, Billy plugged his phone into the charger and went to bed. “Dad?” Billy called out. He woke up only a few minutes before eleven in the morning to an unnaturally quiet apartment; usually, Will watched the news while working on his computer. Billy checked all the rooms before coming upon a note pinned to the refrigerator door. The note said that Will had an emergency errand to run and wouldn’t be back till dinner time. Billy checked the clock and figured Will wouldn’t return for about seven hours. With everything packed, there was nothing to do at the apartment, so he decided to explore his former hometown. Once showered and dressed, Billy left his own note for Will and walked to the nearest bus stop. He checked the routes on his phone and made his way to his first destination. “It’s green,” was the only thing that Billy thought when he saw his old house. When his family lived there, the exterior was yellow with brown trim. Even though he didn’t like yellow, the combination worked; however, the new owners had painted the entire facade a dark green, almost forest green. “Mom would lose her mind,” he said out loud. “Something I can help you with,” said a male voice from behind. Billy turned to see a man in his mid-twenties, wearing cut-off, jean shorts, a white tank top and flip flops. “Sorry,” Billy said, “I used to live here. Just came by to see if it was still standing.” “Well it is,” the man said rudely. Not wanting a fight, Billy walked down the street. He made a passing glance at the gray house a few buildings down and across the street. Billy tried very hard to ignore the memories of Dan Clark, the man who had molested and nearly raped him, but he had never succeeded in the four years since their last encounter. Dan died shortly after going to prison. The district attorney’s office said that he was killed in a gang fight, but wouldn’t say more than that. Billy didn’t know if it was the memories of his older brother rescuing him from Dan’s attempted sexual assault or not, but he found himself standing outside of where Ry used to live, which was only a couple blocks from his own, former home. The house was torn down and a new one was in its place. The last time Billy had been at the old house, he and Ry were just friends and had been playing a game with their old gaming group. It also brought memories of the last time both of his brothers had been there. It was the night of their accident. The final police report said that Ry’s biological parents had been on drugs. Ry’s father killed Ry’s mother, then nearly killed Ry, before turning a loaded shotgun on himself. It still hadn’t been made clear, but at some point, Charlie had witnessed the carnage. How much or even what Charlie saw was still only known to Charlie, but Billy’s little brother wouldn’t speak about it. Not wanting a repeat of earlier, Billy left his former stomping grounds and headed back downtown. The bus took him past his first junior high school. He only attended it during his sixth grade year. Those weren’t happy memories, either. The vice principle was dick and even allowed Billy to be beaten up and bullied for being gay. Billy ground his teeth remembering how he had been suspended after being attacked, while his attackers–one of whom was his beylikdüzü travesti ex-boyfriend–were treated as the victims. It only made Billy love his high school even more. He was a member of the LGBTQ student union, who were all really friendly and supportive. Even though he didn’t hold any formal position, he was still very active in the group’s fundraising and awareness campaigns. Although there was still some bullying at school, it wasn’t anything like he had experienced before he moved. Billy got off the bus at the station. He looked around, trying to find a place to get lunch, when he saw a familiar face walking his way. “Kyle?” the tall, young man asked. He hadn’t been called “Kyle” in ages. Everyone in his new life called him Billy, and being called by his previous name was a bit weird. Billy looked over and saw the gangly, dark-haired figure of his first boyfriend. “Hey Cody. How’s it going?” “It’s going alright,” Cody replied. He hadn’t seen his ex since just before the move. Though they ended things on good terms, it was still an awkward moment. “What brings you here?” “Visiting my biological father…and it’s ‘Billy’ now, not ‘Kyle’,” Billy said to his former best-friend. “Sorry, I forgot,” Cody replied, not sure how to take the correction. “Anyway,” Cody pressed on. “How long are you in town?” “I’m going back home tomorrow. My dad is moving, so I’m only here to help him pack.” “Cool. What are you up to now?” “Seeing if there’s a good place to get some food. How about you?” “Hanging out with some friends before going to work.” “Nice,” Billy said. It was clear to both boys that they’d rather be somewhere else, but neither wanted to be the first to move on. “So,” Cody asked, “How’s everyone? Rick, Charlie, your mom…Ry?” Billy understood the pause. Ry had replaced Cody as Billy’s best-friend before the move, but what Cody didn’t know was that Ry had replaced Cody in other ways. “They’re fine. Dad got another promotion and has a girlfriend. Mom is still in prison. Ry’s walking now and has a girlfriend, and Charlie is Charlie.” “Are you seeing anyone?” Cody asked, almost a little desperately. “I am,” Billy said. “You?” “No,” Cody replied. “My boyfriend and I broke up in June. He moved to Washington and didn’t want to try a long distance relationship.” “Sorry to hear that. How long were you two together?” “About two years.” “That sucks,” Billy said, looking at his watch. “Yeah,” Cody said. “I gotta get going, you know, work and all.” Cody made an awkward move, like he was going to give Billy a hug then thought twice about it, before dropping his arms. “It was nice seeing you, man.” “Yeah, you too,” Billy said. He hadn’t made any move to hug Cody. He guessed that Cody picked up on his body language. “Catch you later,” Billy said and made his way towards another bus. “Welcome,” the woman behind the counter said. The small, comic book store was busy. It hadn’t changed much since he had first visited, including the woman at the register. Billy looked at the different comic books, graphic novels, the anime and other movies for rent, and found himself standing in front of the gaming books. He hadn’t played since he and Ry had their falling out. A part of him missed gaming, but he had different, less nerdy friends, and he didn’t want to imagine what they would say if he asked them to play in a game. “Billy!” Called another male voice, except this one was much deeper and more confident. Billy turned just in time to see a very tall, muscular, blonde boy wrap his arms around him and pick him up off the ground. “How have you been, man?” “Alright,” Billy gasped. “How about you, Steve?” The young man put Billy down and helped straighten his clothing. Billy got a good look at his former gaming partner. Steve was easily over six and a half feet tall. The last time Billy had seen him, he was tall but rather thin. The boy before him now was very well built and (Billy admitted only to himself) very attractive. He had a wide smile that was very contagious. “I’m great,” Steve said. “School, sports, work and everything has been really great, actually. How’s Ry? I messaged him last night, but he hasn’t responded.” “He’s camping with his girlfriend,” Billy replied, confused. “I didn’t know you two were still talking.” “We never stopped,” Steve said, taking his turn to be confused. “I thought you and Ry were really close.” “Not istanbul travesti as much as we used to be, apparently.” Billy and Steve walked around the store, catching up on life. Steve was a member of the high school basketball team and was elected to student council. He also started and ran the school’s official tabletop gaming club. Billy was impressed with Steve’s initiative and drive. When they first met at Ry’s, Steve was friendly and outgoing, but Billy never would’ve guessed him to be that much of an extrovert. After Steve bought some new books and dice for the club, they decided to get some lunch at a nearby ramen shop. Just as they were about to cross the street, Steve reached down and took hold of Billy’s hand, interlacing their fingers. Caught off guard, Billy tried pulling his hand away and said, “I think I’m old enough to cross the street.” Steve’s grip tightened as he said, “It’s not that. It’s them.” Steve nodded in the direction of a small group of high schoolers. They looked like skaters. They wore tattered cargo pants, t-shirts and chuck shoes. They looked over at Steve and Billy, pointed and laughed, but stayed where they were. “Who are they and why should we care?” “They’re some of the bullies at school.” “I didn’t know you were being bullied.” “I’m not,” Steve said. “Some of my friends are. I’m part of the school’s anti-bullying campaign. It’s our job to make sure that those who have been targets of bullying are protected.” “But, I’m not being bullied nor do I go to your school,” Billy pointed, though he made no further effort to remove his hand from Steve’s erotically soft, yet slightly calloused hand. “That group,” Steve added, “is very well-known for bullying and even attacking gay kids at my school.” Steve made no effort to hide his disgust. “Do you remember Trevor Wimbish?” “Yeah,” Billy said. “His uncle worked on my parents’ divorce.” “Well,” Steve continued, “he organized our anti-bullying campaign. He worked on the student council, while I organized the jocks. Anytime one of us sees someone who might be a target, in or out of school, it’s our job to make sure that person is safe.” “By holding hands?” Steve laughed and said, “By showing that we’re not afraid. Holding your hand is a bonus,” he said with a wink. Billy blushed and said, “Just so you know, I have a boyfriend.” “And I have a girlfriend. She doesn’t care if I hold another boy’s hand. Hell, she’s got a girlfriend, too, so who am I to judge? Besides,” Steve added, letting go of Billy’s hand to open a door for him, “In case you don’t remember, we slept together once, so I’ve earned holding your hand.” Billy was briefly confused till the memory of that night came back. He laughed and said, “No, I earned it. I bet your snoring is worse now.” “You know it!” Steve proudly declared as the two got in line. “We’re home!” Will called out. It was just before five in the evening when Will and Ry got to the apartment. Will carried Ry’s duffle bag to the couch before heading into the kitchen. Billy stuck his head out of his room and said, “We?” After seeing his older brother in the hall, he said to Ry, “What are you doing here?” “I couldn’t get enough of your cheerful demeanor,” Ry said mirthlessly. Billy took a deep, steadying breath. “Whatever,” he said, before closing his door. Will took the boys out to dinner, where Ry explained to Billy what had happened. Despite their feelings towards each other, Billy was pissed at the way Ry was treated. Ry had gotten over it by that point. On the way to town, Ry had made it clear to his girlfriend’s father that Ry wasn’t going to put up with being bullied by the man or his sons. What Ry didn’t mention to his family was the veiled threat he gave. He casually mentioned that there had once been a man who hurt Billy and the mad died shortly after of mysterious circumstances. Mr. Tangetti was initially dismissive, until Ry pulled up the articles and read them aloud. Ry, like everyone else, didn’t know how or why Dan Clark was murdered, but Ry didn’t mind letting the asshole connect his own dots. At bedtime, Will informed the brothers that they’d have to share a bed. Billy protested, but Will wouldn’t hear a word of it, “You two used to share a bed all the time; in fact, you insisted on it, so you can either sleep on the floor or share a bed.” The brothers slept with their backs to each other. So much had gone unsaid between them over the previous three years. They privately acknowledged they still loved each other, but things had gone too far and they couldn’t see a way back to how things used to be. Both fell asleep with silent tears leaking from their eyes. ***Coming Soon, Chapter 6***

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