Gulf Coast Welcome Ch. 04


Was it tomorrow already? Let’s see, I remember getting sucked off in the middle of the night. I remember waking at six a.m. and looking at a happily sleeping woman. I remember taking a leak, getting back into bed, closing my eyes and then having a damp pussy slide onto my face. Yeah, I remember that real well. Now, it’s nearly eleven and we’re first rolling out of bed.

I watched as Caren got out of bed and I marveled at her magnificent curves. She walked over to my side and pulled my hand, “Come on, let’s shower.” Slowly, I got out of bed and allowed her to lead me into the bathroom.

“Turn on the shower, would you. I have to pee.” She sat down on the bowl and began to relieve herself. As I leaned into the shower to turn it on, I felt her caress my shin and it felt so nice to feel her express her feelings toward me in that way, so casually. I stepped into the shower while she wiped and flushed. She joined me as I was soaping up. She whispered into my ear, “Here, I’ll do that. You just close your eyes and let me. But there is a caveat – I go next.”

I closed my eyes and let her hands wash and explore ever inch of me. She seemed to be performing a close examination. Occasionally, she would wash me, rinse me and then kiss that spot. It was a really nice feeling. When she got to my ass, she told me to spread my legs and she went to work on my balls and my anus. When she stuck her finger into my hole, I winced.

“What’s the matter, baby. Did I hurt you? I’m sorry.” She leaned in and kissed my pucker.

“Just be gentler, that’s all.”

“You like when I put a finger in your butt, I know. Have you ever had anything larger up there?”

“Like what, a cucumber, a squash, a gourd?”

“No, I mean like a vibrator or another cock…”

“The answer is yes and no. Yes, I’ve had fingers go up there and the tip of a vibrator but nothing larger. And no, never a cock.”

“Don’t be defensive. I’m just curious. Have you ever been with a man?”

“Yes, plenty of times but only when his woman was there, too…or it was an orgy or group scene…”

“Oh wow. You’ve done orgies?”

“Yes. I like group sex and as I told you, since my divorce, I’ve done it all”

“Until yesterday, I didn’t know how much fun it could be. I’d love to try that with men and women. And I really liked eating Candace, too. Tell me about you having sex with a man. I’m very curious.”

“I been sucked by men and I’ve sucked a few cocks, too, but I’ve never taken it up the ass…at least not yet.”

“Maybe sometime, we’ll play with another guy. I’d love to watch two guys do each other.”

“Maybe we will. It’s my turn now.” I took the soap from her hand and rinsed myself before placing her under the shower head. I soaped her up let my hands explore and caress her much the same way she did to me. When I reached her asshole, I soaped it up and leaned in to kiss and rim her sphincter. “I know you like that. Want more?”

“Put your cock in there. Fuck my ass. I want to feel that.”

I leaned her against the bench and bent her over before place the head of my cock against her back door. She wiggled her ass around it and pushed the head in before she froze with a vocal “ouch!”

“It’s okay. It will only hurt for a moment as I slip it in. But it will be a good hurt, you’ll see. Trust me.”

“Just go slow, okay.”

I tried to push the head just past her sphincter but she was fighting it. “Just relax and open up for me. Loosen your muscles like you’re going to take a shit.” I felt her loosen up and she released a fart as the head slipped in.

“Oof. Oh.” I slowly withdraw a little and then pushed in again, this time going a little further. She winced but did not complain. I did this several times until I could feel her match my rhythm. Now, she was trying to get more of me into her and after a few more in-an-outs, I was deep into her ass. Caren, meanwhile, was thrumming her clit and rocking beneath me. She began to pant. The fingers in her crotch were dancing as she set the tempo. I felt her ass grab me as I felt her vaginal muscles throbbing. I couldn’t hold back the torrent of cum that launched into her bowels. “Uh…uh…oh, fuck…fuck…fuck…yessssss…ssssssssss…ssssssssssssssss.” She was rocking against my cock, strumming her clit and cumming quickly. Her ass loosened up and spit me out as she slowly slid down onto the bench, her breathing was slow and labored. She suddenly looked tired as she looked up at me under the shower. “Well now, that was interesting.”

“Did you like it?”

“I don’t know…but it was interesting…an interesting and different kind of orgasm.”

“That’s cool. Maybe, we’ll do it again later.”

“Yeah, we’ll see.”

We got out of the shower and towe-led each other down. Caren put on a tee shirt and panties and went off to make coffee. I puttered about the house cleaning and straightening before walking down to the local market to pick up some beer, chips, cheese and other nosh.

“Breakfast on the deck, lover boy,” she called as I walked in. I strolled out to izmir escort coffee and bagels. Caren was audibly mumbling as I sliced an onion bagel, shmeared it with cream cheese and put a slice of tomato on top.

“What all that noise about? What are you grumbling about? Is something wrong?”

“No, not really. I just spoke to Candace and she was all bubbly and perky. I think it annoyed me. Anyway, she’s coming over in a little while.”

“So who is her big surprise?”

“She wouldn’t say except to say that we would both love it.”

“Okay, then we’ll roll with it. Just relax.”

“I’ll be honest with you, I don’t want her here that long. Since this is my last night here, I want to be with you and I don’t want to share you. I feel somewhat possessive.”

“Don’t let it bother you. The day is still young and I’m not going anywhere today. Like I said, just go with the flow.”

I seemed to ease her a bit and after breakfast she went back to her house for a while. I vegged out on the deck still working on the Sunday Times puzzle and really was into it when I heard laughing voices coming my way.

“Ray, meet Galena, Candace’s surprise guest.”

I stood and shook hands with a lovely young woman. She was petite, maybe 5’2″ or 3″, with a nice figure, not too curvy but sexy in a lanky European sort of way. She was wearing a chemise that was cut low enough to see how her wide cleavage and the sides of her pert unharnessed breasts.

“So why is Galena a surprise, Candi?”

“Well, last night when I returned, Perry still wasn’t home and I really didn’t care. I took Humphrey for a walk and bumped into Galena on the street. Galena is a live-in nanny for a neighboring family. Anyway, she was crying…”

“I’ll tell it, Mrs…er…Candace.” She had an accent which I thought might be Russian or Eastern European or thereabouts. “I was crying because my boyfriend who is in Belgrade dumped me during our weekly Skype call. I didn’t want to upset the Bernstein children so I went outside and I was crying. Mrs…Candace was nice enough to ask me to come over to talk after the children went to sleep, so I did…”

“Galena came over and we drank wine and we talked girl stuff. I made her forget about the chump. I also sensed how horny she was. I told her about what we did yesterday and it just made her crazy to hear about it so since today is her day off, I asked her if she wanted to join our little fuckfest and she jumped all over the chance. Then Perry came home and it was all over so she went home. I could smell sex and booze all over him and we had a big fight. I’m calling my lawyer tomorrow – not today because today is a day for us. Right, Galena?”

“Right, Candace!”

I lit a joint and passed it to her. “Welcome and I hope you enjoy yourself.” I got up to get some beers and some nosh.

I sensed that Caren was not all that crazy about the whole thing. “We can play for a few hours but then I have some plans for my man. It’s my last night and I want to make it special.”

“That’s why I brought Galena. Honey, tell them what you told me last night.”

I brought out the cold ones and passed them around. Candace went behind Galena and slowly unzipped her chemise.

“I told Mrs…Candace that I have never had sex with a woman but it is my fantasy…I have only had sex with one person, my ex-boyfriend, and it was long time ago. I touch myself all the time. I am twenty-four and it is about time I enjoyed myself.” Candace opened the chemise and let it fall. The girl had lovely breasts, two small nice round orbs punctuated by two reddish brown nipples, both standing at attention. Below her flat stomach, her dark blue hip-hugger briefs displayed a delectably puffy mound.

“Isn’t she beautiful?” Candace turned her around. Galena’s ass was a perfectly small bubble butt. Candace ran her hand over it and exhaled an overly dramatic sigh.

“I must say, it does look sweet.” I placed my palm on her ass and felt her. It did feel good. I nodded to Caren, as if to invite her into the scene. She got up and joined us. Candace and I were rubbing the babe’s ass and back. Caren simply lifted a breast and took the nipple into her mouth. I moved to Galena’s side and held the breast for Caren. I felt Galena’s palm on my shorts, feeling my stiffy. Candace stepped back and quickly stripped. I felt her nude body slide up against Galena’s side as she kissed the girls neck. Suddenly, Galena went limp and Candace and I supported her tighter. When I felt Candace had her securely, I stepped back and dropped my shorts. When I stepped back into our huddle, Galena’s hand wrapped around my cock. She moaned.

Caren had moved down and was on her knees, her nose in Galena’s panties. “Ray, you have to sniff this. Just…just…sniff…”

I got on my knees next to her and buried my nose in her cleft. Caren was right. This was one sweet and delicate cunt, no two ways about that. Her crotch was soaked and her fragrance was light, flowery and herblike. I peeled her panties down and her scent exploded in alsancak escort the air. Smelling a woman’s sexual scent is one of my favorite delights and this scent was choice. As I sniffed her sopping cunt, I think I may have swooned.

“Oh my God,” said Candace, “Baby, you smell great,” and rolled her eyes. “I must take a smell, move over, Ray.

“Your so bossy, Candi. You’re such a bitch!” Reluctantly we stood up and Candace took our place. Caren stood next to me and began to kiss me and rub my cock atop of Galena’s hand. Galena’s other hand slipped around Caren’s breast. I pulled Galena close and we shared a three-way kiss. Our tongues all snaked around each other which made me smile and the girls to giggle. Everything was cool. When Galena gasped, we all looked down at Candace who had slipped her tongue into Galena’s gash. We watched as she gave the girl little cat licks. Galena rolled her eyes in pleasure.

I pulled a long patio chair over and stretched out on it. I pulled Galena away from Candace and plopped her down onto my waiting cock. “Oh!” She gasped as I slipped in. At first, I couldn’t get in as Galena seemed to obstruct me but with Candace’s help, my cock slowly slid into the very tight little snatch. Damn, if this didn’t feel good. Candace returned to licking and nipping at the pink clit peering out under its hood. “This is good,” moaned Galena, “very good.” Caren was sucking on her tits and as Galena began to bounce, it was clear that she was not too far from euphoria or maybe even nirvana. She was breathing hard and on that little frame, it made her shake. But Candace had other ideas.

She got up and pulled Galena up so that when my cock slipped out, it made a loud “pop.” I’m sorry guys, but I have to make Galena cum. I want to feel her first one.”

“I want to taste you, too, Mrs…Candace.” She corrected herself.

“And so you shall, darlin’.” She pulled a lounge over and flattened it. She led Galena to it and she lay down on her back. Candace spread her legs and stood over Galena’s face as she slowly dropped onto the waiting tongue.

Caren replaced Galena on my cock. She wasn’t riding me so much as she was squeezing her vagina and releasing, almost like kegels. Both of us watched intently as Galena placed her hands on Candace’s ass cheeks. “Easy, Galena…there’s no rush…easy, baby…yes, that’s it. Oh, yes. Uh huh…” She leaned forward and fell into the girl’s crotch. We watched their quiet and passionate sixty-nine silently until Caren leaned down and we began to kiss.

“I want to tell you something, Ray, and I don’t want you to get mad at me, okay.”

“Okay. I mean, I think, okay. What is it?”

“What it is is that I have never been with a man who makes me as crazy to fuck as you. You bring out the wild in me since our first kiss. If I wasn’t on vacation, I would be dangerous, I swear.” She paused and sighed. “In a couple of days, I’ll be back behind my desk with my hair pinned back but everything will be different for me. I think that maybe I’m just falling in love with you, there’s no way around it. Are you mad at me because I used the “L” word?”

“Gee whiz, Caren, that’s kind of heavy. I think I’m crazy about you, too, but love? I don’t know. Why do we slow down a bit on that. You know, I’ll come to Chicago and you’ll come to New York and we’ll let things develop organically, you know? And there’s another thing, you’re still plenty young and there are plenty of guys out there who are possible mates and fathers of children and that ain’t me. This vasectomy says so…”

“Go ahead, be logical with me, see if I care. Right now, I love you…so deal with that.” She leaned back down and attacked my face, licking, kissing, nibbling and loving. We swapped so much spit, we were drooling all over each other. She began to play “Hop on Pop” again as we were sliding into the Wango Tango. She was clearly fucking me and not the other way around. And damn, if I wasn’t loving it.

I head moans and wails coming from the lounge chair. From my position, I was looking right up Galena’s ass while Candace was gobbling her cunt. She was cumming hard as she bounced on Candi’s face. She let go a banshee wail and bathed Candi’s face with girl sauce before collapsing.

Caren leaned and whispered, “I want your cum. I don’t want you to give it to them. I want you to cum in me…your cum is for me…I love your cock…I love your cum…” She was riding my cock hard almost as though she was climbing up a rope, using her thighs to push up further. She had her hand between us and she was whipping her clit with two fingers. “Your cock fits so right for me…your cock was made for me…I love your cock…I love the way you make me feel…Oh, my cunt is so hot…fill my cunt with cum…fill me…feel how my cunt loves you…” She squeezed her walls and sucked me to my root. She gasped. “Christ, that feels to good…you’re making…I’m cu-cu-cu-oh…”I began to spray her insides. She cried out, “Yes…oh yes, baby…give me my cum.” She pushed down on me and squeezed me, milking buca escort the last drops from my embedded shaft. She cried out again, this time it was an ecstatic wail. I felt her pussy start to pulse and I felt her walls begin to flow, I was swimming in cum. Her panting calmed and she fell into me. I felt her breasts and she jumped. “My body feels so tender…your touch is…”

“I know. And you are some great lay, too.”

She giggled at the compliment. “No, it’s us. We’re custom made for each other.” We heard cries and moans again and looked over at Candace and Galena. The young girl was buried in Candace’s gash and was slurping for all she was worth. Candace was turning her head from side to side and obviously building to her release. They were very noisy between the wailing, moaning, slurping and sloshing. Candace’s legs folded up pushing her ass higher; her hands held Galena’s head in place.

Caren and I lay together watching the scene. It was not at all erotic for me, in fact, it sort of reminded me of a sporting event. I could almost hear the crowd roar, “Go, Candace, Go! Go, Galena, Go!” I whispered into Caren’s ear. “When she cums, can I raise my score like they do at the Olympics? You know, 9.9, like that?”

“You’re terrible. I hope she comes buckets on that cute little honey’s face. She needs it. Maybe I should go help, do you think they need it?”

I held her tight to prevent her from going anywhere and Galena needed no help because right at that moment, Candace began a growl and grunt, her ass bouncing on the chaise. At that point, she began to squirt which caught Galena by surprise. She backed her face off as Candace’s twat sprayed her chest and her stomach. It was fascinating to watch as Candace hosed down the girl. Candace just flopped down exhausted. Caren and I did not move an inch.

Galena got up and wandered over to us. She looked a little dazed. “Come here, little girl and sit down next to us. What’s the matter?” Caren seemed sincere.

Galena sat down. “I feel good but Candace…do I smell of pee-pee?”

“No, silly. Candace didn’t pee. Some women squirt orgasmic fluid when they cum, some women just drip. That’s Candace’s patented brand of pussy juice all over you. If you feel dirty, there’s a shower over there or just jump into the pool.” Galena turned toward the pool. “Wait!”

“What is it?”

“Before you jump into the pool, I mean as long as you are standing there, you might as well clean me and Ray off…”

The young girl looked bewildered. “I don’t und…”

“Come over here. Put your face between my legs and clean Ray’s cum out of my pussy. Then lick Ray’s cock clean.”

“But his cum…”

“Yes, I know perfectly well about his cum and I tell you, it is delicious. You’ll see. Now stop stalling. Get down here and clean us up.”

I saw a smile cross Galena’s face as she got down and obeyed Caren’s command. I felt her tongue lap at my balls. I felt Caren lift off me and smiling, began to moan. I looked down and I saw Galena’s mouth attached to her hole. I knew Caren was squeezing and sure enough, I saw a huge glob of cum fall onto Galena’s tongue. Then several more fell as the girl licked and sucked it up.

“Thank you, Galena. Now do Ray.” Caren dismounted and Galena went right for my limp, sticky johnson which, I suppose you could say, she blew dry. “Good, now come with me.” She went over to Candace and shook her. “You too, come with me.” She reluctantly rose and followed Caren to the outdoor shower where the three washed each other down. I enjoyed watching them feel each other up as I toked up and popped another cold one. After they finished playing, the three of them walked up to me.

“I know, I know, we’ve overstayed our welcome and now it’s time to leave. I get it,” said the ever acerbic Candace. “Also, I doubt that Ray can get it up again after what you just did to him.”

“Oh, I can get it up,” I said, looking at her with with a playful yet wry contempt.

“Not likely.”

“Really? Just watch. Come over here, Galena. Suck on me and get me hard.” I laid back and closed my eyes as Candace and Caren looked on. Galena, who appeared to becoming more and more of a submissive, got between my legs. She took my cock between her hands and began to stroke me. She leaned down and took the head in her mouth, gently sucking on it. Within about a minute, I was raising my colors up the flagpole and it was waving proudly. “Okay, Galena, thank you that’s enough. See, Candace?”

“Ooh, that looks like just what my puss needs right now.”

“Ah, but it’s not for you, my dear. You and Galena are on your way out and Caren has first dibs anyway. This is for my little honeypot.”

Caren came around and reverse-cowboy, sat down on my cock. “Oh…does this guy say the right things or what?”

Candace and Galena began to get dressed. “Well, I know when my pussy is not wanted. Let’s go back to my house, Galena, and play with my toys, shall we? Harrumph!” She turned to Caren and kissed her, “I love you, Roomie. It was great to be with you. Let’s see each other again soon, alright?” She turned to me, “Nice meeting you, wildman, thanks for your cock and your hospitality. Come on, Galena. She can have her cock. I have my little pussy…” Again with the jocular indignance and drama, they turned away and headed for the driveway.

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