Hawk-Chapter 17

Female Ejaculation

The sisters had been talking in the kitchen for thirty minutes when Elizabeth began wondering what had become of her husband. “Excuse me, Maggie. I need to go see what’s keeping Tommy.”Entering their bedroom, Elizabeth saw that it was empty. “Tommy,” she called out.When he didn’t answer, she went to see if he was in the bathroom but discovered it empty.She looked into his walk-in closet but didn’t see him. Standing there, she tried to think where he could have gone. Once again, she called out, “Tommy!”“I’m back here,” she heard him say.“Where is back here?” she said to the walls.“The back of the closet,” he answered.Walking into the closet, she wondered if he might be playing a trick on her, but she still didn’t see him. “Where are you?” she demanded.“In here,” he answered. “Look at the back wall. There’s a small door.”Walking to the back wall, she finally spotted a doorway about four feet high. “What the hell is this?”“Come inside, and I’ll show you,” Tommy replied.Stooping down, Elizabeth entered a room she didn’t know existed. “What is this?” she said again.Tommy was seated on some boxes in front of a desk. “You didn’t know this was here, did you?”“No. What is it?”“It appears to me that your late husband was a crafty bastard. He had the entire house wired for video and sound. Look at that,” he said, pointing to what appeared to be a long and low bookshelf.Elizabeth walked over to see hundreds of DVDs in jewel cases stacked side by side.“How did you find this?” she asked Tommy.“After you left, I came in here to find something to cover my bare butt, and I heard a clicking noise. About every three seconds, another click. So, I started to look around to find what it was. As I got to the back wall, the clicking became louder, and I was getting a little concerned that there might be some kind of short in an electrical line. As I was listening and looking, I noticed a fine line that outlined that little door. I gave it a push, and it opened right up.”“What are all these DVD’s,” Elizabeth asked, becoming quite concerned.“Come over here, and I’ll give you a demonstration that will solve the mystery.”Moving to stand behind her husband, Elizabeth watched as he opened a case and dropped the disk on a tray that was sucked up by some kind of computer. After some little noises, a 22” computer monitor lit up. To Elizabeth’s shock, she saw her assistant, Helen, with her legs spread wide, being soundly fucked by her guy, Chad.“What the hell?” she shouted.“This is purely conjectured on my part, darling, but it would appear that when Bill had the house built, he added a few personal touches. If you take out some of those DVD’s Ümraniye Escort on the shelf, you will see that they are all labeled. Take a look.”Feeling a little numb, Elizabeth began taking the jewel cases out, one by one, to see Bill’s handwriting on them. The first one she picked up said, “Dan and Mary.” The next one was “Steve and Joann.” She turned to look back at Tommy, holding up the discs. “These are all friends of ours who came to our football parties. Are they all movies of them having sex?”“I haven’t looked at all of them, but that would be my guess.”“What was making the clicking sound?” she asked.“I’m not a computer geek, but it appears to me that Bill had a machine that automatically started filming based on motion in a room. If someone walked into a room, the video cameras turned on. They would continue to record as long as there was motion. This machine was loaded with dozens and dozens of blank CD’s. It looks to me like he could video motion in at least three rooms at the same time. The CD’s would automatically reload after no movement for some time.”“And the clicking was being made by the computer trying to load another CD, but the bin was empty?”“That’s what I think.”“What was on the last CD?”Tommy picked up a silver CD and put it into the computer. Five seconds later, they were both watching her naked sister on her knees, giving Pastor Boatwright a very vigorous blow job.“Your sister has a very nice ass,” Tommy laughed. “Not as good as yours, sweetheart, but still quite excellent. I think you should give her some pointers on technique.”“I’m guessing you’ve seen this film,” Elizabeth said with her hands on her hips. “Does she swallow?”“In fact, she does,” Tommy said, trying to hide his laughter.“That pisses me off,” Elizabeth snorted.“Why? Because your sister was fucking a clergyman.”“No!” Betts fumed. “It pisses me off that she got a head start on having great sex.”Tommy reached over and pulled his beautiful wife onto his lap. “But you’re making up for lost time, Betts. And I’ll bet you are now way ahead of her.”Elizabeth took her eyes off of the screen and smiled at her husband. “You’ve got that right, stud. I’m sleeping with ‘The Man’ now. And that’s something she’ll never have.”“Do you think she’s serious about the Pastor?”“That’s what it sounds like to me. Margaret’s already told me that she just has to finish out this semester to get her Masters, and then she’d like to come back here and stay with us.”“We’ve got plenty of room,” Tommy said with a smile. “But I guess it means we’ll have to become church-going folks.”“It does look that way,” she said, touching Ümraniye Escort Bayan his face. Then waving her hand at the racks of DVDs, she said, “But our Saturday nights will be filled with enough porn to keep us busy for years.”“You want to go back and watch more of Helen and Chad? I don’t know how that man has lived this long. The woman is a tiger. Holy shit!”“What are we going to do with this?” she asked.“That’s up to you,” Tommy told her. “We can turn the thing off or continue to be voyeurs like your first husband. I have to admit to being a little surprised. With a woman like you, naked in his bed, why would he need to see anyone else?”“That’s sweet of you, Tommy.”“It isn’t sweet,” he insisted. “You are the finest female on two legs. There isn’t a woman better to see naked than you.”“Thank you, baby,” she whispered and kissed his cheek.“You might be interested to know that there are about thirty DVDs on the end that say ‘Elizabeth’ on them. I haven’t seen one yet, but I think he filmed you too. Based on the number of discs, I’d guess there must be over forty hours of you doing naughty things.”Going down the shelves, Elizabeth found one with her name on it and pitched it to Tommy. “Fire one up and let’s see what’s on it. I swear to you that I was never with another man.”Tommy dropped the DVD into the machine, and they both stared at the monitor. After a few seconds, the screen was filled with a video of Elizabeth on her back with her legs spread wide while she enjoyed one of her toys. They couldn’t really see Bill but saw some motion to the side.“I think you should do that for me,” he said softly. “You are one sexy bitch.”“I’m your sexy bitch,” she said before she kissed him.Elizabeth was tempted to watch more of the video of her sister but decided that now was not the time for it. She found a jewel case and wrote on the face, “Margaret and Jonathan,” and put it on the shelf with the others. “One thing we know about Margaret’s Holy Man,” she told Tommy. “He’s well hung.”“Then that’s good luck for your sister.”“Not unless he knows how to use it,” Elizabeth cooed to her husband. “Size is nice, but knowledge can make up for lack of it.”“Says the woman who’s tried one cock in her entire life,” he laughed.“I’ll freely admit that I’m pleased you met that older woman that just wanted you to service her. She taught you a lot, and I’m grateful. Her loss was my gain.”“Are you going to tell Margaret that we have her and Pastor Boatwright on film?” Tommy asked.“No, fuckin’ way!” Betts said with an evil grin. “I don’t plan to let any of those people know my kinky first husband Escort Ümraniye was a pervert.”“But you just might need to see some of those recordings,” Tommy suggested.“I might. Since the films were made in my house, I may need to review them to see if they took any of my belongings.”“Now, that’s not something I would have considered,” Tommy laughed. “But I can see how that would be a good idea. But we should start with Helen and Chad.”“I only hope I can look that good when I’m almost fifty. And, my lord, that woman does love to fuck.”“She did sound appreciative. I’m glad that when Bill wired the house for video, he also hooked it up for sound. Did you see the trash can?”“No,” she said as she looked under the desk. “Crap. There must be a hundred CD’s in the trash.”“I looked at one of them,” Tommy told her. “I would guess that there are many like I saw. Someone walked into one of the bedrooms, and the motion detector started the camera. Then the person walked out. Or in the case of the one I saw, Maria went in to change the sheets on a guest bed and was filmed. Obviously, Bill tossed those out. He was just looking for the blackmail shots.”“If he had this thing set up since he built the house, I wouldn’t be surprised to find some of our party guests rubbing bellies with someone, not their spouse.”“When we have some time, we’ll investigate a little more intently and determine what you want to do with them.”Elizabeth turned to the door. “I wonder why I never saw this doorway.”“Why would you?” Tommy asked. “How much time did you spend in his closet? Probably not much. When I heard the clicking, there were some things in front of the door. They were things that were light and easy to move, but they would have covered the door. Besides that, the door is only about four feet high. I’ll bet Bill could roll his wheelchair right in here without ducking.”Looking back out toward the closet, Elizabeth stared at the carpet. “If you look toward the light, you can see wheel marks in the carpet.”Pushing Betts off of his lap, Tommy said, “We’d better go down and visit with your sister a little. She’ll think we’re up here snogging again. I’ll try not to tell her that her ass is almost as good as yours.”“Maybe I should ask her about her oral technique,” Elizabeth said as she stooped to get through the low door. “It appears to me that she has had more practice than me. Maybe she can show me how to take one so deep.”Tommy turned off the lights in the private room and shut the door. “I have no complaints about the way you do oral, my love. You may have had a late start, but you have mastered the topic in record time.”“Thank you,” she said with a grin. “Still, there’s always room for improvement.” Once they were gathered in the kitchen, Margaret asked, “What are your plans for New Year’s?”Rummaging through the wine cooler for a bottle of white wine, Tommy replied, “I don’t think we’ve given it any thought. Have you Betts?”

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