Heaven Next Door Pt. 04: Melissa


I had butterflies in my stomach as the time drew closer. When the airport shuttle finally pulled up to the curb, I drew in a huge breath and felt a sense of dread. So many questions ran through my mind, and I worried about facing Melissa after the wonderful insanity of the past two weeks. So much depended on us getting along…

The airport shuttle was a full-sized van, and the driver came around to open the side door for her. Melissa stepped out backwards, and I sucked in a breath as I was reminded just how perfect her backside was. I ambled over to help get her luggage, and she turned to face me. Then her gaze landed on me and she gave me that dazzling smile that shook the universe.

How had I forgotten? It was like forgetting the beauty of the sun following a long night.

Melissa squealed happily and came bounding over to hug me, and I suddenly remembered who I was. I am Greg, the lucky guy who grew up next door to the woman of his dreams. Then she was in my arms, and I was reminded that my arms were made to hold this woman.

Till death parts us.

Of course, it wasn’t that simple. If it had been, I would have just thrown that last bit onto the end of Chapter 3 and that would have been the end of the story. “Greg and Melissa fall madly in love and live happily ever after, just like I always dreamed. The End.” We still had a convoluted road to navigate before we would reach that point.

No sooner had I released Melissa from that marvelous hug and picked up her suitcase than I was reminded just how complicated my life had become. Our moms were both standing in front of Melissa’s house, beaming at us.

* * *

I had spent the previous night in bed with Melissa’s mother, Catherine. It was tough to look at her smiling face now without picturing the way she had looked last night, kissing me desperately as she quaked through another intense orgasm with my hard dick buried in her ass. The three of us had shared a breakfast that was marred only by our shared nervousness. Before we cooked breakfast, though, it had been my mother’s turn to enjoy a sexy shower with me.

After we had eaten and cleaned the dishes, we sat and talked and sipped coffee. We still had hours before that airport shuttle would arrive. Mom and Catherine were both adamant that we could not have sex again. Not that morning, anyway.

“Greg, we’ve talked this over quite a bit,” Mom said with a sad little smile on her face. “If it comes down to a choice, Catherine and I would much rather see you and Melissa happy together than continue what we have enjoyed the past two weeks.”

Catherine nodded in agreement, but there was that same sad longing in her expression. I understood their thinking, but it would have been nice for the three of us to have sex again. You know, just to take the edge off of our nervousness. I also had to wonder, When did they have time for that conversation? I had been with one or the other of them almost constantly the past week.

Instead, we had sexual tension on top of our mounting nervousness. We had already discussed Melissa and what would happen when she returned from her father’s house. We had agreed that we would keep our relationship secret unless all three of us later decided we needed to share that information with Melissa. Since we had discussed it at length earlier in the week, it wasn’t even something for us to talk about while we waited. We struggled to find anything we could talk about, so in the end we went back over to Catherine’s house and spent the time cleaning and vacuuming one more time.

The place was already immaculate, but it was something to do.

The three of us were impossibly tense by the time that airport shuttle arrived. I could actually see my mother and her best friend trembling with anxiety. It did not help my own nervousness one bit.

Then Melissa was there, and in my arms, and even more beautiful than I could remember.

* * *

Just as hugging Melissa two weeks earlier—when I got home from college for the first time—felt like it changed everything, that hug welcoming her home changed everything again. Our mothers had been so nervous that I feared one of them might faint. After they watched us hug and turn to face them, they were all smiles. Catherine gave her daughter a huge hug, and then my mother hugged her just as fiercely.

After that, Catherine was excited to show Melissa what we had done with the place in her absence. She grabbed Melissa’s hand and led her inside, and her voice was bubbly with exuberance.

“Oh, you will not believe how much we got done while you were gone!” she exclaimed happily.

Melissa turned her head sharply. “We?” she asked.

Catherine nodded. “Yes, baby, ‘we.’ I never would have gotten any of this done without Greg’s help. He was here almost every day while you were gone, working his butt off.”

Melissa turned her head enough to arch an eyebrow at me, and I blushed slightly and nodded. Then she stepped into the house and stopped three steps inside the front door.

“Wow,” she yalova escort murmured softly.

The fumes had dissipated, but you could still smell fresh paint as soon as you walked into the house. There was also that unmistakable smell of freshly-installed carpet. The new crown molding we’d installed the previous week really made a difference in the appearance of the living room and dining room, and you could see those from the front door. We had also rearranged the furniture after the new carpet was installed and everything gleamed after all the cleaning we had done.

It looked like a brand-new house, and the way everything was “staged” was a realtor’s wet dream.

“You three did all of this?” Melissa asked. Her voice was nearly a whisper.

“Well, I helped clean a little bit,” Mom replied. She stood next to Melissa and reached over with her left hand to lightly rub Melissa’s back. “All the real work, though, that was Greg and your mom.”

“We didn’t do the carpet,” I said, finally breaking my silence, “but we did everything else. Your mom knew exactly what she wanted done, and I was happy to help.”

Catherine watched Melissa’s face the entire time, and there was genuine pleasure in her smile.

“Wait until you see your room,” Catherine said. There was excitement in her voice.

“My room?” Melissa asked, sounding a little nervous.

Catherine nodded and grabbed her hand, practically dragging her along to that bedroom door. She pushed the door open with a flourish.

“Ta-dah!” she sang.

“Wow,” Melissa whispered. She slowly stepped into her bedroom and looked around again and again.

It was the first I really noticed how much loving detail her mother had put into that bedroom after we had brought the furniture back in and set everything up. I had merely helped with the crown molding, baseboards, and painting. Of course, I had also helped remove the furniture while the carpet was installed and then helped Catherine move the furniture back in and arranged it the way she wanted.

Melissa turned to face us, and there were tears in her eyes. She swallowed heavily.

“You did all this for me?” she asked.

Catherine wrapped her arm around me and gave me an affectionate squeeze.

“Yes we did,” she replied.

Melissa looked at her mother’s face and then mine. She was looking right into my eyes when she whispered, “I love you so much.”

Then she seemed embarrassed to realize she’d said it out loud. That moment passed quickly as her mother stepped forward and hugged her again.

“I love you too, sweetheart. I’m just so happy we could do this for you.” She sighed happily once again as she gave Melissa another firm squeeze, and then she stepped back and smiled. “Well, let me get out of your way and fix some lunch while you get settled in.”

Catherine and my mother turned and headed out to the kitchen, chatting happily. I was left standing just inside Melissa’s bedroom, still holding her heavy suitcase. I gave her a smile.

“Where do you want this?” I asked, hefting the suitcase so she could see what I meant.

“Um, here’s fine,” she replied, indicating a spot between her bed and the closet.

After I set down the suitcase, I looked at her and smiled again.

“Welcome home, Melissa,” I said softly.

“Thanks,” she replied. Then she swallowed and shook her head softly. “You were really here, in my house—in my bedroom—every day? And I wasn’t here.”

I wasn’t sure what to say, so I just nodded. Then I had a thought and my eyes shot open.

“I didn’t go through your things, or anything like that,” I assured her.

She favored me with a beautiful laugh and then stepped forward to reach up and put her arms around my neck.

“You’re so funny,” she murmured, shaking her head and smiling up at me. “No, Greg, it’s just…I can’t tell you how long I dreamed about having you alone in my bedroom.”

“Really?” I squeaked. Then I was embarrassed about the way my voice had come out and cleared my throat. “Um, ahem, sorry. Really? You dreamed about…?”

“About this,” she replied, pulling my head down so she could kiss me.

I had dreamed about kissing Melissa in her bedroom for as long as I could remember. After all the marvelous kisses I had enjoyed since I left for college, I was actually surprised that this kiss managed to outshine them all. Unlike the frantic kiss we had shared before she left two weeks earlier, this one was slow, sensual, and filled with the promise we’d spent our whole lives working up to. Our tongues gently played as we hugged in the middle of her bedroom, really getting to know each other.

We sighed and moaned softly all through that kiss. There was no desperation, no hurry. I would probably still be kissing her if she hadn’t broken it off. I followed her gaze to the doorway, where our mothers were standing and smiling at us.

“Sorry, Mom,” Melissa murmured.

“Don’t be. That was beautiful,” Catherine replied. My mother nodded escort yalova in agreement, with a huge smile on her face. Catherine continued, “We just came to get you before your lunch gets cold.”

It felt like the most natural thing in the world when Melissa and I held hands and followed them out to the dining room.

* * *

“So, how’s your father?” Catherine asked. We could tell by her tone that she was only asking to be polite.

Melissa’s parents had gotten divorced twelve years earlier. I could still recall how heartbroken she had been. At that age I had not been so self-conscious. I had given her a hug when she cried on their front lawn, and had quietly assured her that everything would be alright. Then I recall being completely lost as I held her and she cried against my shoulder. Nothing I could think to say was good enough in that moment, so I just held her awkwardly until she stopped crying and thanked me.

I was reminded of all of that when Melissa smiled sadly and reached over to squeeze my hand again.

“They’re doing fine,” she replied. “Toby’s about to start fifth grade, and the twins are ‘growing like weeds.’ That’s how Dad put it.” Then she turned and there was a merry glitter in her eye. “Of course, Dad’s a little nervous, now that Karen is someone else’s secretary.”

That earned an amused snort from Catherine and my mother covered her mouth as she chuckled around a bite of chicken. Karen had been Melissa’s dad’s secretary when they had their affair. She’d gotten pregnant, which was what prompted the divorce.

“Oh, boy,” Catherine chuckled. “Not to wish him ill, but that would be too funny…”

Catherine, Mom and I all relaxed as we enjoyed our lunch with Melissa, but she seemed to become more tense as we ate. All three of us couldn’t help but notice.

“What’s the matter, Melissa?” her mother finally asked.

Melissa bit her lip and shook her head softly. Then she glanced at me briefly before leaning toward her mother.

“I can’t say,” she murmured. She took another bite and chewed it carefully before swallowing.

We were all watching her closely, which didn’t make anyone comfortable. Finally Melissa cleared her throat.

“Well, what have you got planned this weekend?” she asked. Like her mother’s question earlier, it sounded like she was trying to be polite.

“Oh!” Catherine said. She nodded her head and smiled, and her shoulders visibly relaxed. There was a gleam in her eye when she said, “I’m going to stay with some friends this weekend. I felt bad about leaving you all alone, but Greg promised he would stay and keep you company.”

Melissa’s eyes got huge. “Really?” she asked.

We all smiled and nodded as she looked around the table at us. Mine was the only nervous smile.

Melissa took one look at me and lit up with another one of those devastating smiles. She reached over and squeezed my hand, and then shook her head.

“I was afraid you were going to leave,” she said. Her voice was nearly a whisper, letting me know—letting us all know—what had really been bothering her.

That simple statement was all the explanation we needed. Mom and Catherine tried not to be too obvious as they hurried to finish their lunches and get out of our way. Mom cleared Catherine’s dishes as well as her own from the table, while Catherine hustled up the stairs to grab a few last-minute things to take with her. I had already helped her take a substantial suitcase over to our guest room the evening before the carpet installers had arrived.

Catherine and my mother had cooked up this plan, and I was nervous about it. It seemed a little forward to me, assuming that Melissa would want an entire week alone with me. Mom and Catherine had laughed at my silliness.

“It will be so romantic,” they assured me.

Before they were finished, Melissa politely excused herself and retreated to her bathroom. Catherine came down the stairs with a small duffel bag in her right hand and a dress on a hanger slung over her left shoulder.

“Where’s Melissa?” she asked.

“She went to the bathroom,” I replied.

Mom and Catherine both nodded, and then both stepped forward to give me a sizzling kiss on the lips. “Have fun, and tell Melissa we said good-bye,” Catherine said. I waved good-bye from the front door. I watched them walk over to our house and waited until they were safely inside before slowly closing the front door to Melissa’s house. I gave a startled little jump when I heard Melissa’s voice from behind me.

“Where did they go?” she asked.

“They just went next door,” I replied. I sighed. “Your mother is staying in our guest bedroom. They just wanted us to have time alone.”

Melissa’s eyes once again got huge and I watched her swallow before she could speak.

“Like…like a honeymoon?” she asked quietly.

I nodded and gave her a soft smile.

“I thought it was a little presumptuous,” I said. “I haven’t even asked you to marry me yet.”

She yalova escort bayan had to swallow heavily a few times before she could say anything, and then her voice was so soft I could barely hear her.

“That’s not funny, Greg,” she whispered. “You…you really shouldn’t tease me like that.”

I smiled and quickly closed the distance between us, wrapping my arms around her and hugging her to me.

“Oh, Melissa,” I breathed into her hair. “Do you know why I never asked you out? Why I never asked you to prom?”

“It’s because you think I’m stupid,” she sighed, shrugging her shoulders.

“What? No!” I spluttered, taking one step back and holding her shoulders in my hands. I shook my head and said, “You were always out of my league, Melissa. You have been beautiful and kind and funny as long as I can remember. It always made me feel unworthy, to be this little toad of a man in your presence.”

The disbelief in her eyes was almost painful to me in that moment, when she looked at me and shook her head. I had been such a blind fool for so long. I could only imagine the life we could have shared if I hadn’t been so damned self-deprecating and self-conscious.

I could have been her first.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and shook my head again.

“Melissa, I’ll need you to be patient with me. I know you think I’m smart, but sometimes…it can take me a really long time to understand things that are obvious to everyone else. I love you, you know. I have always loved you, Melissa. My parents knew it, your mother knew it. It made them nuts that I never had the courage to ask you out.”

“You—you love me?” she whispered.

“Oh, God, yes,” I replied, nodding insistently. “I can’t remember a time I ever didn’t love you, Melissa. It just felt like I was doomed to live next door to the most perfect woman on earth, never to be worthy of her.”

Melissa bit her lip, but couldn’t hold back her chuckle.

“What?” I asked.

“Well, that’s awfully dramatic, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” I replied, giving her a shy shake of my head. “That was always how it was in my head, though.”

She sighed, and her smile and amused expression were so contagious I couldn’t help but smile back at her.

“And here I thought you were so smart,” she chided me. She held my hands and looked me up and down before adding, “Oh well. At least you’ve gotten prettier since you got all grown up.”

“Thanks,” I replied, laughing.

She continued to smile and look at me for several seconds, and then that smile faded and her eyes went wide.

“We’ve really got the whole house to ourselves for the entire weekend?” she asked.

I nodded.

Then I finally managed to draw the courage I had lacked my entire life.

“Melissa, will you—”

“Yes!” she cried.

Then we were holding each other and kissing each other in the middle of the living room. This kiss was full of hunger and desperation. We kept kissing as our feet started moving, carrying us toward her bedroom. Melissa gasped and broke off that kiss. She ran her hands over my chest and shook her head as she looked up at my face.

“I still can’t believe you’re here,” she whispered.

“Me neither,” I replied with a smile.

We kissed again and then started undressing for each other. It was weird how we were suddenly so self-conscious in that ultimate moment of revelation. Then we were naked in front of each other, and she could not hide her surprise when she saw my hard cock for the first time. I was equally surprised to notice that her breasts had gotten noticeably bigger since the last time I had seen them. She had also removed all of her pubic hair.

“Oh my goodness, Greg,” she breathed, staring at my throbbing boner. “I had no idea…” She started to reach for it but then stopped and looked up at my face again. “May I touch it?”

“Of course,” I replied. “I am all yours, Melissa.”

Her nipples crinkled up into hard little pebbles when I said that. She reached out and moaned as her hand wrapped around the shaft of my dick. I wanted to suck her nipples, but that would have blocked her view and she was feasting her eyes on the hard cock filling her hand. Then, well, I couldn’t help myself. I thought of what her mother had said two weeks earlier when Melissa slid to her knees and started sucking my dick.

Catherine had loved sucking my dick. It was clear from Melissa’s blissful expression that she loved it just as much. I had to wonder in that moment how much else they had in common. My dick lurched in Melissa’s mouth and she moaned as she got her first taste of my pre-cum. Just as Catherine had predicted, though, I had been thinking about her while her daughter sucked my dick for the first time.

After that moment I stopped thinking about Catherine and focused on the woman I had loved my entire life. I had always thought she was beautiful and sexy, but she seemed even more so in that moment. I know; typical guy thinking. Any woman is more beautiful when your dick is in her mouth. In Melissa’s case, though, it seemed true. Her expression bordered on rapture when she filled her mouth with my hard cock, and that just magnified her natural beauty

Her eyes were huge when she looked up at me. She slowed the pace of her insistent sucking and slowly pulled her lips off of my wet, throbbing cock.

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