Helping My Cousin Move


It was just after I turned 18 that I went to visit my oldest cousin, Samantha. She was 23 and in college. When I say visit I mean help her move out of her apartment because she was a lazy, self-centered bitch. Let me tell you a bit about her, she’s got an annoying round face and is fat but continues to think she can squeeze herself into much smaller clothes than she needs to wear. When I say fat I don’t mean like she is huge, just tending towards the thick side. She’s not ugly, but she was certainly not on my list of girls I’d fuck until this week. When I got to her apartment she answered the door in a tiny tank top and booty shorts that squeezed her thighs and pressed up into her cunt. As she turned around I could see that the shorts also separated her ass cheeks in a way that would have been hot on a different girl.

“Hi Samantha. It looks like you haven’t gotten much done in here yet,” I said as I surveyed to apartment which was covered in dirty clothes, dishes which would need to be washed and other bits of trash that needed to be picked up and thrown out. As I saw the living room I groaned inwardly because I knew I’d be sleeping on an old lumpy armchair. This was going to be a long week for me. She might have been a social butterfly as it was, but she lived like a loner, a single chair in the living room with no TV or anything else that could keep me sane for the next week.

The first day passed in much the way I thought it would with me performing most of the heavy work and her sitting around complaining that she was so tired. But things began to change that night. After we, or rather I had finished for the day she ordered us Chinese and she asked if I wanted to watch a movie. I agreed and we climbed onto her bed to watch some movie or other, though I’m not sure what it was now that I think back on it. We sat watching the movie, eating dinner and for a nice change of pace between us, getting along pretty well. After we had finished eating, me throwing the trash away, she put in a different movie that I once again can’t recall the name to. The opening sequence had barely finished when she jumped up to get ready for bed, which wasn’t surprising considering the time. She went into the bathroom and coming back into the room in a few moments, her larger breasts swinging underneath her tight top, but she was still wearing her tight booty shorts and the same top. She climbed onto the bed and under the covers. I had been sitting mostly still for over an hour and was now uncomfortably cold and shivering on the bed.

“If you’re cold why not get under the covers with me Steven?”

I couldn’t argue with her logic so I pulled up the covers and slid in behind her, propping myself up on one of my elbows so I could keep watching the movie. The movie ended up having an incredibly hot sex scene in it and I hadn’t gotten laid in a while so I quickly sprouted and erection. Samantha seemed to choose that exact moment to scoot back against me and she immediately noticed my hard cock poking between her heavy ass checks.

“Looks like someone is excited,” she laughed but didn’t move away.

“It’s just been awhile and then the movie is all.”

“Well, I must say it seems like you’ve grown into a healthy young man,” she said as she wiggled her ass on my cock. Thankfully she let it drop after that and we went back to the movie with my cock still resting in the warm confines of her ass cheeks.

The movie finally ended, but my erection hadn’t quit yet, but I started to get up when she stopped me.

“You can stay Steven. I’d hate to make you sleep on that armchair. I never even use it and I don’t know why I keep it around.”

“You sure,” I asked, staring at her dubiously expecting some trick.

“Yea. I mean there’ s more than enough room for both of us. Even with you sporting that monster in your pants, I think we can manage to fit,” she said as she smiled at me. I silently weighed my options before settling back down onto the bed and settling in. She wasted no time in pressing her ass back against my raging cock and I swear every few minutes she’d wiggle her ass just to help keep me hard. I laid in an incredibly awkward way until she grabbed my arm and draped it over her so we were spooning more fully.

The next morning I woke to find myself still pressed cock first against the back of my cousin. Apparently kocaeli escort my erection had stayed throughout the night and was now painful, I knew I had to get some relief and soon but I didn’t want to jack off in my cousins tiny apartment. I slowly climbed out of the bed and went to take a cold shower. When I got out of the shower my erection had died down and I headed out to the kitchen to begin working. I’d finished the dishes and was stacking anything that looked important on the table when she came out of her room, dressed in the same booty shorts as the day before, but a fresh tank top. The rest of the day actually surprised me because she actually worked, sorting trash and moving boxes and hauling the garbage out of the house all without complaining. I finally couldn’t work anymore that day so I flopped onto the armchair and she quickly flopped onto my lap, wiggling her ass into my crouch.

“Aww you aren’t hard anymore.”

“Uh… No, it had to go away sometime.”

She laughed and asked me what I wanted for dinner as she jumped up and got the phone.

“Pizza is fine with me.”

“Okay. What do you want to drink? We drank the last of the soda last night. Do you drink beer?”

“That’s fine too,” I told her and she quickly handed me one.

Twenty minutes later we were curled back up on her bed, drinking beer and eating pizza and watching another movie. When we finished she threw away the trash and brought us each another beer. When the movie was over she hopped up to get ready for bed, but she surprised me when she reached under her top and remove her bra in front of me. She popped in another movie and climbed back onto the beck, stretching her shoulders.

“Umm, could you rub my shoulders for me? My neck and back really hurts.”

Inwardly I was cursing her, but I reached up and gently rubbed her shoulders and while I’m sure I wasn’t doing a good job, because I didn’t want to do this, but she moaned quietly.

“That feels great, Steven. Think you could do my whole back?”

“I guess I can. Just lay down.”

She stretched out on her stomach with me sitting next to her rubbing her back. I know from the angle that I was sitting I couldn’t be doing a good job. Couldn’t have been applying much, if any pressure to her back for a massage but she still moaned deep in her throat. It was a sexual noise and my body responded and my erection grew again and I knew this one was going to be just as bad as the night before.

“Oh God, Steven this feels so good,” she moaned, “but I think it’d feel better if you straddled my legs.” I knew I should have stayed where I was but despite my better instincts I climbed up on her legs, my cock snuggling itself into her ass cheeks again.

“Looks like someone is up again,” she moaned as I slid my hands down her back. I was going to need some relief and soon, she was driving me crazy and I didn’t know what to do to fix it. I kept rubbing her back until the movie was over and climbed off her.

“Ready for bed,” she asked as she shut off the TV.

“Yea, I guess I am,” I told her and lay back on top of the covers. She leaned back and pulled her shorts off, revealing a black thong that was straining to hide all of her. She started to climb under the covers when she looked at me, “you can’t sleep in your jeans again. That’s got to be uncomfortable.”

“I’m fine,” I told her still laying there.

“You might be fine, but you’re in my bed and I have rules. One of those rules is ‘no pants’ so lose them.” I shook my head and lay there.

“Guess I’ll do it myself,” she said and reached over starting to undo the button on my jeans. I thought about stopping her, but my erection argued with me and I lost out as she pulled my pants down. I even lifted my hips to help her and the second my jeans were below my cock it sprang up making a tent in my boxers.

“Wow, you do have a monster down here,” she whispered but quickly climbed under the covers rolling away from me. I sighed and climbed lifted the covers to climb under them, catching sight of her ass and the thong that was swallowed by it. I actually paused for a moment to drink in the sight and thought to myself that she actually had a pretty decent ass on her before I climbed under the covers. She quickly slid back against me and my cock kocaeli escort bayan poked her ass again.

The next morning I woke up before her again, my cock still buried where it was last night and I growled to myself slightly. I was going to go insane and she was going to cause it. I thought about getting up, but my erection won out again and instead I reached around her and pulled her ass closer to me. She moaned gently and wiggled her ass against me. In about an hour she woke up and climbed out of bed without saying anything to me, not bothering to put on any other clothes. I groaned and followed her out of bed, not bothering to put on my pants. I knew she was teasing me, and I thought it was fucked up, but two could play this game. When I went into the kitchen I found her leaning over the table her ass jutting out at me. I almost lost it there, but instead turned around and went to take a cold shower. If I had stayed I think I might have fucked her on that table right then. After I emerged from the shower she disappeared into the bathroom and I dove into cleaning the apartment and actually managed to finish the majority of the work before she appeared again. This time she was wearing a different thong, lacy and white with a white tank top. The rest of that day passed in agony with my erection coming back in full in only a few moments from her bending over in front of me, wiggling her ass at me. I finally broke that night at around 7. We had finally finished cleaning and packing for the day and climbed onto her bed to eat and watch another movie. After we finished eating she looked at me, “how about another massage?”

I shrugged as she lay on her stomach. She turned her head away from me, towards the movie and I finally had enough of the teasing so I leaned up and pulled my boxers off and grabbed her thong ripping it off of her, I forced her legs apart and climbed between them. I held her down with one hand and used the other to guide myself into her tight pussy.

“Oh God, yes Steven! I’ve been waiting for you to do this. Teasing you since you got here. Fuck me, Steven! Fuck me hard,” she moaned loudly as I began to pound her cunt. I looked down at her ass as it jiggled every time I slammed into her, making her moan louder. I gripped her hips, fucking her as hard as I could manage making her groan.

“Yes. Yes! Yes, I’m cumming, Steven,” she screamed and I felt her pussy clamping down on my cock.

“Spread your ass for me,” I said and she quickly obeyed me, spreading her ample cheeks so I could see my cock disappearing into her pussy. I didn’t care about her as I pounded into her cunt, I just wanted to cum so badly.

“God, Steven, you’re like an animal,” she moaned as I twined my hand in her hair and pulled her head backward making her cum again. It didn’t take me long to approach my orgasm, I could feel my balls churning up a hot loud of cum which I intended to spray all over this amazing ass. I finally pulled out of her now well-used pussy and jerked myself, spraying cum on her ass. She moaned loudly and I spun her around, pulling her head down to my cock.

“Taste yourself on me, suck it, slut!”

She quickly opened her mouth and sucked it into her mouth, tasting her pussy as she sucked on my cock hard to pull the last of my cum out of my cock. I sighed as she continued to gently suck on my cock and I leaned back.

“God, that was amazing, Sam,” I whispered.

“Mm-hmm,” she moaned around my cock and looked up at me.

“How about for the rest of the time I’m here, you just stay naked because this isn’t going to be only a one time thing.”

“Sounds good to me, Steven,” she said as she pulled my cock out of her mouth with a pop. I was already getting hard again and I was going to ravage her again.

Reaching down I grabbed the edge of her shirt and pulling it up over her head freeing her huge tits.

“Oh these look good,” I whispered as I leaned down and took one of her large nipples into my mouth biting it gently.

“Yes, bite my nipple. I love it,” she groaned and grabbed my head holding it onto her tit. I sucked and bit her nipple for a few minutes before gently pulling my head away from her hand and sliding down to get my first good look at her pussy. Her pussy was shaven completely smooth and her lips were puffy escort kocaeli and wet and I couldn’t help myself so I dove into it tasting her for the first time. She had the best tasting pussy I had ever gotten to eat and the more I went down on her the wetter she got. Her pussy literally dripping down to her asshole as I dug my tongue into her hole and tongue fucked her to an orgasm that covered my face in her cum.

“God you taste amazing, Sam,” I told her as I slid back up her body and kissed her gently. I leaned back and slid my cock head along her slit, “do you want this, Sam?”

“Yes, Steven. Please give it to me. Fuck me till you fill me up,” she moaned deep in her throat, a sexual noise that made me want her even more. She moaned loudly as I slid deeply into her tight cunt again and fucked her slowly. The first time had been about my pleasure, but this time was about her. I fucked her to a slow, but powerful orgasm before rolling over and letting her on top. I groaned as she bounced on my cock, her tits flopping in my face called me and I leaned up to take one of her nipples into my mouth sucking on it again as I clutched and kneaded her great ass cheeks. It didn’t take her long to fuck herself to another powerful orgasm that left her quivering and impaled on my throbbing shaft. I was discovering that she came easily but powerfully, but I hadn’t seen her strongest orgasm yet. I moved slightly and she shivered and moaned, her pussy clamping on my cock again. I rolled us back over and pulled out of her, making her moan in disappointment before I rolled her over and pulled her ass up into the air.

I had fucked her from behind twice, but it was already my favorite because of the way her ass jiggled at every thrust just made me hornier and made my cock throb harder as I fucked her. I spanked her ass hard; making her moan so I smacked it again.

“You’ve been a bad girl, teasing me, and now I’m gonna make your sexy ass red for that,” I told her as I continued to spank her as I kept fucking her.

“Yes, Steven. Spank me, fuck me and fill me up with your cum,” she groaned and fucked her ass back at me.

“Cum in you? Are you on the pill?”

“Yes,” she groaned as I felt her fingers on the bottom of my dick so I knew she was rubbing her clit. I fucked her harder, making her moan again and cum. Her pussy clamed down again and my thighs got soaked as she squirted and collapsed onto the bed causing my cock to come out of her cunt as she moaned and writhed on the bed under me. I didn’t give her the chance to recover before I rolled her onto her back and stuffed myself back into her, fucking her roughly and making her scream under me. I leaned down and bit her neck as my second orgasm of the night approached and I prepared to fill her hole with my cum. I felt my balls tighten and leaned up and looked at her as the first wave of my orgasm shot into her wet and waiting pussy. I finally rolled off of her as my cock wilted, we both sat there panting for a moment before she snuggled up to me and we quickly fell asleep.

The next morning I woke to the warm sensation of her mouth servicing my cock. She was deep throating me with her tongue slipping out to tickle my balls. I pretended to be asleep as she serviced me, popping my cock out of her mouth to lick the shaft and suck my balls into her mouth, massaging them with her tongue. I soon filled her mouth with my cum and she didn’t even bat an eye as she swallowed it, sucking it down. She smacked her lips as she slid up my body, nibbling my earlobe, “I know you’re awake, Steven.”

I moaned and smiled at her before kissing her gently, “that was a great way to wake up.”

“I’m starved,” she whispered.

“Really? After the load you just swallowed,” I laughed and caught her hand before she could slap me more than once.

“Come on,” she giggled as she rolled out of bed and headed to the kitchen.

After breakfast she was leaning over the table to get a plate when I stepped up behind her and pushed my cock into her for the third time. She moaned and reached back to spread her ass cheeks for me and I looked down to see her asshole winking up at me. I grabbed her ass and pushed my thumb into her asshole.

“Oh, Steven, I’ve never had anything up there.”

“Well, Sam, I think we’ll have to change that. Care to try it,” I asked as I thrust hard into her making her moan loudly.

“Hmm I think I will try, but not till tonight. We have work today and that can be your reward for working so… hard!” She screamed the last word as I began to fuck her harder, wanting to empty my load in her before we got started. He ass was going to be mine tonight, but I’ll tell you about that later.

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