Hiking with Tina


My girlfriend Tina was the kind of girl every guy wants to fuck. She’s tall, about five foot nine with long, long legs. Her dark brown hair falls about three or four inches below her shoulders. She has phenomenal tits. Just unbelievable, with not too long of nipple, just long enough when hard to really swirl your tongue around.

She was, without a doubt, one of those women that when you met her, you really didn’t care if you were married, had a girlfriend, or liked the guy she was dating. You still wanted to fuck her.

We worked together at a restaurant in LA, a posh one where we made a lot of money. Enough that we could go on trips, go out late drinking with friends and doing drugs and staying out dancing all night.

We had been talking about going hiking, and a group of waiters, waitresses and a few bartenders were throwing around the idea of going hiking on mushrooms. It sounded beyond fun, so we were all fired up. The morning we headed out, there must have been some miscommunication, as Tina and I and a fellow waiter named Daniel ended up at a different area than everyone else to start the hike. Luckily, Daniel was one of the guys holding onto the shrooms, so we said fuck it, we’ll do the hike just the three of us.

Now, while we were munching down the evil tasting fungus, I watched as Daniel admired Tina. She was wearing a tank top that fit snuggly over her tits, and it was cool enough that her erect nipples were poking through. She had on tiny shorts and hiking shoes. He could barely hide that he was checking her out. I didn’t mind – I knew he was married and that his wife was smoking hot herself. She hadn’t been able to come during that morning, mostly because we didn’t think she liked most of the waiters hitting on her.

We waited a while, shooting the shit. The usual stuff, work schedules, taksim escort shitty patrons, good tips, the parties we’d been to.

“I’m feeling it,” Daniel said. “Things are getting…interesting.” He smiled and I realized that the colors around him were brighter. Much more vivid.

“Yeah, things are getting interesting…” I almost mumbled. I was really starting to trip, and I could tell Tina was, too. Shrooms always got her horny. We had agreed, if we could, to sneak off and fuck if we could.

We headed out, and instantly I could tell that Daniel and Tina were bonding in some way on the drug. They were giggling and agreeing on all kinds of shit while I tripped on the vegetation and colors around us.

We had walked about an hour or so when we found a huge pond with a waterfall and a little river of water flowing away. They sat down near each other, still talking, while I searched around. Without realizing it, I walked further and further off, until I couldn’t hear them talking anymore. I sat down and tripped out about a tree for a while, digging the absolute splendor of it.
When I realized I’d been gone a while, I decided I should get back before they worried. For all I knew, I’d really only been gone fifteen or twenty minutes. I slowly made my way back, hoping I wasn’t lost. Somehow, I came out slightly above them, out of their line of sight. They had moved closer to each other and I could hear everything they said!

“So you really think I’m hot,” Tina was giggling. “You didn’t think I noticed the way you look at me? But you’re married and I love Jim.”

“I know you love him,” Daniel said. “He’s awesome, and I love my wife. She’s cool and hotter than hell. But you’re a different kind of hot…”

“Still, you should know I won’t have sex with you,” Tina said.

“Then beşiktaş escort how about a kiss,” Daniel asked. “Just for fun.”

Without even answering, Tina leaned forward slowly, and I noticed instead of getting pissed, my dick sprang to life. I realized I wanted her to kiss him!

Daniel leaned in, placed a hand behind her head and started kissing her. They kissed for what seemed like forever, and I could see their tongues darting in and out. Once, they stopped and looked around, probably for me. I, however, had taken my dick out, and it was rock hard. I was slowly stroking it, high as a kite and insane with lust. I wanted Daniel to do more to her.

They started kissing again. Daniel reached for Tina’s hand and slowly moved it to his crotch. I could see that his dick was straining against his pants. She hesitated. Slowly, she started to rub it through his shorts. He moaned and his head dropped.

“You’re so fucking hot,” he said, so softly I could barely hear. He grabbed her head and started kissing her passionately. She melted into him. I watched as his hands groped her tits, softly squeezing them. One hand fell lower and lower, moved into the edge of her shorts and a couple of fingers disappeared. Tina moaned in pleasure as a finger slid into her pussy. She was so wet, I could tell. I was nearly ready to come right then and there.

Daniel stopped kissing and leaned back. He looked around quickly, stood and unzipped his shorts. His dick sprang out, hard as a rock and easily 7 inches long. The second Tina’s mouth touched his dick, I shot a load of hot, sticky come.

I couldn’t believe it. She was going to town, taking his whole length in and out. He had a hand on the back of her head, guiding her as he fucked her face.

“Holy shit, you’re too good,” nişantaşı escort he said. “I’m going to fucking come.” His hips bucked and he started to shoot load after load into her mouth. She did her best to catch it all but some trickled down her chin.

To my utter astonishment, my dick twitched again, and slowly starting get hard as I watched Tina stand, unbutton her shorts and wiggle out. She was going to fuck him!

She turned and showed him her perfect ass.

“I said you couldn’t fuck me,” she said, “and you can’t. Not my pussy. But I never said you couldn’t fuck my ass.”

Daniel moved toward her, his dick still insanely hard. Tina braced herself against a nearby tree and spread her ass for him. I was already stroking my now hard and slippery with cum dick.

Slowly, using her pussy juices, he lubed her ass and his dick. He pushed inside her bit by bit. Tina was biting her bottom lip, moaning as his dick pushed further and further up her ass.

Soon, he was stroking it like a champion into that tiny, tight asshole. She pushed back hard, taking every inch of him.

I chose that moment to come down, my dick hard and sticking straight out. I walked right toward them and when they noticed me, I said, “Don’t stop fucking that ass, Dan. Fuck it hard.” A look of utter lust came over Tina. She was deep in the shroom hornies now. I walked up to her and she leaned off the tree, using me for support. Lowering down gently, she took my stiff dick into her mouth, and while I held her up, fucked my dick with those luscious lips while Daniel slid his huge dick in and out of her ass.

I blew my load, unable to contain myself watching him fuck her. He looked up at me and I smiled at him. “Blow your load in that tight ass, man. Fuck her hard.”

Spurred on, he fucked her mercilessly. I could feel her coming and with a grunt, Daniel unloaded in her ass.

When we finally all caught our breath, Daniel looked at me and said, “You know…my wife finds you VERY attractive.”

“Really…” I replied.

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