Hillary: The Summer of ’92 Ch. 04


From Benjamin Dornier’s Journal

Friday, July 16, 1992

I awoke the next morning in the arms of my adorable teenage lover, and immediately began thinking about the day ahead. At 9 o’clock I had my morning class; the one Hillary was in. After that, I planned to do a little work on setting up my new office at the Middle School. I planned to leave for the seacoast to spend the weekend with my wife, daughter, and in-laws by mid-afternoon. I usually left around two o’clock. With a four-hour drive, that put me at the coast by dinnertime.

I didn’t want to waken Hillary, so I laid in bed, holding her, until she woke up on her own. When her eyes opened and she saw me, she smiled. “Good morning,” she said softly.

“Good morning,” I replied.

She rolled over onto her back and stretched. I’ve always loved the sight of a naked woman stretching and seeing Hillary do it had an almost immediate effect on me. I suppose doctors could do a different kind of reflex test on me. I could imagine my doctor saying, “Watch this naked lady stretch, if you get a hard on, your reflexes are fine.”

Hillary finished her stretch and rolled on her side facing me again. “What are you grinning about?” she asked. She glanced down, got red, and said, “Oh!” She giggled softly. “You have to be the horniest man in the world,” she exclaimed.

“It’s all your fault,” I told her.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“I wasn’t like this before I met you,” I told her.

“Oh,” she said.

“Don’t forget, you haven’t exactly been pushing me away,” I continued, smiling.

“Well, yeah,” she said and smiled back. “I guess we ought to do something about that, huh?” She nodded toward my erection.

“Well, yeah,” I said. “I sure can’t walk around like this all day.”

My comment got a lovely bell-like giggle from Hillary. “All right,” she said. She pulled her legs under her so she was kneeling on the bed. Then she pushed herself up so she was sitting on her heels. “I guess I better help you. Otherwise you’ll be all grumpy in class.” She took hold of my erection and began stroking it gently. “And besides, I won’t be able to concentrate if you’re walking around in front of the class with this thing bulging out your pants.”

“Oh, so you’re doing the poor old horny guy a favor, is that it?” I asked.

“Well, yeah,” she replied. She maneuvered herself so she was sitting on my thighs, then she lifted her hips and slid upward until her middle was above my erection, which she was still holding on to. She positioned me against her opening, then she sank down onto me. I laid there and watched her face change as my erect penis slid up inside her. I love the way her face changes when I’m in her. Once she had me all the way in, she leaned forward, put her hands on my shoulders, and began moving her hips up and down. Since her position put her breasts in reach of my mouth, I decided to take advantage of that fact, lifted my head, and began suckling on her erect nipples, first one, then the other. She moaned softly and shuddered when I started.

“Oh…yeah! Oh…yeah! Oh…yeah! Oh…yeah! Oh…yeah! Oh…yeah!” she chanted as she lifted and lowered her hips, making me slide almost all the way out of her, then plunge back in. “Uh…huh! Uh…huh! Uh…huh! Uh…huh! Uh…huh! Uh…huh!” As she became more and more aroused, her verbal chant changed into a series of passionate grunts.

I was enjoying suckling her nipples and feeling her vaginal walls caress my erection. I knew I was getting more and more turned on, but didn’t think I was anywhere near coming, nor did I think Hillary was.

Suddenly she jammed her hips down against mine and began rocking them wildly. I could feel her fingers tightening on my shoulders. “Oh…Jeezum! Oh, God! Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Oh, yeahhhhhhhhhh!” she cried as she exploded into what looked like a pretty fierce orgasm. I could actually feel her vaginal walls rippling on my deeply embedded penis; then just as suddenly as her orgasm hit her, mine exploded, too.

“Oh, God, Hillary!” I exclaimed. I felt my insides churning and my fluids bubbling up from inside me, then they were gushing into her. “Oh, God!” I grabbed her buttocks and held her against me while my hips went into a series of delectable jolting movements. I felt her collapse onto me and continued holding her while my orgasm ran its course.

“Well, I guess I won’t have to worry about that…ah…problem you were so concerned about any more,” I teased. “Thanks for helping me with it.”

“Ah…you…you’re welcome,” Hillary gasped without lifting her head.

We eventually got up, showered, dressed, and had breakfast. As had become our pattern, Hillary left about a half-hour before I did. Today she was wearing a fluffy-looking pale blue sleeveless sweater and a straight black skirt made of some soft-looking and clingy material that went almost to her ankles. The sweater was a delightfully snug fit, but the skirt was looser than she generally wore. After Hillary left, I loaded some poker oyna boxes of things I wanted in my office in my car, then I headed for school.

My class, with Hillary again an active participant, went a lot more quickly than it used to when she was sitting in the back of the room, pouting about being there. The boys clearly enjoyed the assigned reading and liked talking about things that happened in the story. They seemed surprised to find that Hillary had enjoyed it just as much as they had. She was able to interject a female perspective on the story and I was surprised how willing the boys were to accept her input. Mostly I got to sit and watch the discussion take place. And to check Hillary out when I was sure none of the other students would see me do it. She caught me looking at her a couple of times and it made her blush a little.

After class ended, I headed for the middle school, stopping along the way to pick up a sandwich and soda for lunch. Marie McCordle, the principal, happened to be in the building when I got there, but as far as I could tell, there weren’t too many other people around. Marie, a stocky, pleasant-looking woman with short black hair, always wore huge glasses. Today she also had on a pair of bib overalls, which made her look a little like a large pixie farmer. “Hey, Ben, how are your summer school classes going?” she asked.

“Not bad,” I said. “It’s more fun teaching when you only have a few students.”

“Isn’t that the truth?” she agreed. “What are you doing here?”

“Thought I’d start working on getting my office set up the way I want it,” I told her.

She smiled. “I’ll take that as a sign you intend to stick around for a while,” she chuckled.

“Marie, I’m out to get your job,” I told her.

She chuckled. “Oh, yeah?” she said.

“Yup,” I said, “Just as soon as they promote you to superintendent.”

“You’re going to be waiting a long time, then,” she replied. “No way would I ever want that job. Not enough contact with kids. Heck, I don’t get enough contact with kids in this job.”

“Well, if I’m going to be in it until you retire, I might as well make my office comfortable, huh?” I said.

“Yeah, you might as well,” she said.

The building had that “empty” feel unoccupied buildings often have. Especially unoccupied school buildings. It has always seemed to me school buildings feel a little sad and lonely during school vacations. It’s as if they miss the energy of the kids who usually fill them. “Anybody here but us?” I asked.

“We’re it,” Marie said. “And in a half-hour or so, you’re it. The custodians are off this week and the secretarial staff is at some kind of computer training. You worried about being in the building alone?” she teased.

“Nope, it just feels empty,” I said.

“You notice that, too?” she replied. “You ask me, there’s nothing sadder than an empty school building.”

“My thoughts exactly,” I said.

“Gotta go, got some things I need to finish, too,” Marie said. She turned and headed off down the hall toward her office. The middle school was old and had undergone numerous “renovations” over the years. In fact, it began life as the high school. The need for office space had grown, and by now the offices weren’t all located in the same place. The principal’s office was in a cramped office suite that also held some of the secretarial staff and the tiny office allocated to the school nurse. The guidance department had offices located in another area of the building, and my office was on the far side of the building, away from anyone else. Of course the secretary assigned to me was back in the main office, which should prove interesting, especially since the phone system wasn’t known for being too dependable. “Maybe I know why Mr. Amos Brillstein was such a grouch,” I thought as I walked down the hallway toward my office. “After all, his office was out here in no-man’s land.”

There were some benefits I had that nobody else had. At one time, the office I was in belonged to the football coach, who also was the gym teacher. I assume they figured he’d need to shower and they didn’t want him using the shower room with the kids. That’s the only reason I can think of to explain why I had the only office in the building with its own bathroom and shower. The gymnasium used to be where the cafeteria is now. During one of the many renovations of the building, they converted the gym into the cafeteria and built on a “multi-purpose” room that serves as both a gym and auditorium and really doesn’t do either job all that well.

Another positive thing about my office was that it is located close to an outside door, very near the parking space allotted to the assistant principal. I wouldn’t have to walk too far from my car to my office. The “benefit” of having a convenient parking space wasn’t as good as it looked. One of the assistant principal’s responsibilities was supervision of the students as they left school and boarded the school busses. Of course that all happened at a doorway about as far canlı poker oyna from my office as possible. Oh, well, exercise isn’t a bad thing at all.

I sat down at my new desk, booted my computer and, while I ate, began organizing the desktop and look of the computer to suit me. Clearly Mr. Brillstein wasn’t into computers. The computer had the default settings for everything. I found some wallpaper that had World War II fighters on it, set up unique sounds for various events, and even found a different cursor to use. I also cleaned out some of his old files and made up some new folders for things I planned to do. While I was arranging the computer, I ate my lunch.

After I finished lunch and had my computer set up, I went outside and drove my car to the exterior door near my office. I lugged in all of the boxes I’d brought and rearranged the furniture I’d found and brought down earlier. I’d stumbled onto a very nice leather love seat at a yard sale and got it dirt cheap. It fit nicely in the alcove in the back of my office formed by the stairs going up to the second floor. I guess I forgot to mention my office is located next to, and partially under, a stairwell. I also located some old glass-front “lawyers files” and had those sitting along one wall. I’d just started taking things out of the boxes and putting them on the shelves when Marie knocked on my door.

“Hey,” she said. “You have this place looking pretty nice. Maybe I’ll pull rank on you and move down here.”

“The furniture goes where I go,” I replied.

“Oh, well,” she said. “It was worth a try. I’m out of here. You want me to lock up the front doors when I go?”

“If you don’t mind. It would save me having to tramp all over the school,” I said.

“Consider it done,” she said. “I’ll see you next week. Have fun in at the seacoast.”

Her mention of the seacoast was innocent, but my guilt receptors were working overtime, along with a certain level of paranoia. “Ah…you bet…I…I sure will,” I replied, knowing I sounded a little odd. Hell, why don’t you just go ahead and act guilty so everybody knows you are guilty? Despite my paranoid fears, it was clear Marie was only chatting. She turned and left. I could hear her footsteps echoing in the empty hallway as she headed across the building to the front entrance.

I was taking the last stuff out of the last of the boxes I’d brought when I heard a soft knock on my door. Surprised because I didn’t think anyone else was in the building, I turned around only to be even more surprised. Hillary was standing at my office door.

“Hi,” she said. “I…I saw your car outside and thought I’d stop in and say ‘Hi.'” She looked around. “Your office is really neat. It’s kind of comfy. It wasn’t like this when Mr. Brillstein was in here.”

I smiled at her. “I didn’t realize you spent that much time in the assistant principal’s office,” I said.

“Ah…I…I didn’t,” she responded. “I mean, I only was there a couple of times…and not because I was in trouble or anything.”

“I was kidding,” I said.

She smiled at me and nodded. “I…I kinda thought maybe you were,” she said softly. “You…you don’t mind that I stopped, do you?”

I really didn’t mind. Even if someone had been in the building, my getting a visit from a student wouldn’t have been improper. Not even a female student. Of course the fact that I was involved in a sexual relationship with this particular female student did make it improper, but nobody would know that. And, of course, I’m babbling about this, even in my journal.

I shook my head. “No, I don’t mind,” I said.

She stepped into the room.

“Would you like a soda or something?” I asked. My office wasn’t far from the cafeteria and there was a juice machine just outside the cafeteria entrance.

Hillary shook her head. “No…that’s OK, I just came from Puccinello’s.”

Puccinello’s was a local pizza parlor. Most of the kids used it as a hangout.

I know I’m using a cliché, but the tension in my office was so thick you could have cut it with a knife. Hillary’s expression and the look in her eyes told me she felt it, too. We’d gotten so comfortable with each other at my house – where there was little or no chance we’d be discovered – but it was different here. Even though nothing was happening, there was a much higher chance that someone might come along and find us together. We’d done nothing – in my office at least – to feel guilty about, but that didn’t seem to matter. “This isn’t much different than earlier this week when she showed up at my house,” I thought.

“So…ah…can…can I help you with…with anything?” Hillary asked. Her voice betrayed the tension she felt.

“Ah…not really, I have almost everything where I want it,” I said. “Thanks for offering, though.” My goodness, weren’t we being formal?

“Ah…look…I…um…maybe I…maybe I should…you know…maybe I should just…ah…go,” Hillary stammered. She turned around.

Before she could move, I took a step toward internet casino her and put my hand on her shoulder. “Hillary, don’t leave,” I said. My voice sounded hoarse.

She turned around and looked at me. We were standing close enough so I could smell the delicious light fragrance of her perfume and the scent of the shampoo she used.

“I don’t want you to leave yet,” I said softy. I stepped around her, walked to my office door, closed it, and flicked the lock on. Then I walked back to where Hillary stood, looking at me with wide eyes. Her mouth was slightly open and she was breathing a little harder than she had been when she arrived. I noticed that her nipples were jutting out against the soft material of her sweater. “I know I’m taking a huge risk…” I said as I pulled her into my arms, “…but I really don’t give a damn.”

Her mouth opened the minute my lips touched hers and our tongues immediately began the arousing duel that had become such a familiar part of our lovemaking. She groaned softly and I felt her arms slide around me while her body seemed to be melding itself to mine. Kissing her was an incredible experience. I could feel myself getting erect and, given how tightly our bodies were pressed together, I knew she had to be able to feel it. A need to breathe caused us to take short breaks between kisses, but didn’t stop them. I felt warm flesh under my hands and realized I’d tugged her sweater out of the waist of her skirt and had my hands under it. Her hands were between us, working on the waist of my slacks.

I felt my loosened slacks drop around my ankles, then I felt her pushing my undershorts down. “Mmmmmmnnnn!” I moaned into her mouth when her slim, warm fingers encircled my erection and began stroking me.

I quickly got her skirt open and it dropped from my hands, which I moved to her firm, delectable bottom and hauled her against me again. We had to make love, but where? The desk was a possibility, but it was full of stuff I’d yet to put away. The loveseat! Clutching her against me, I shuffled back to the loveseat and sank down on it, pulling her with me, kissing her and fondling her bottom as we went. Hillary wound up atop me on the loveseat with her knees on either side of my legs. My erection was caught between us, rubbing against my belly on one side and the silky panel of her panties on the other. We again paused our kissing to breathe and this time she sat back on my legs, gasping, her face beautifully flushed. I pushed her sweater up, cupped her breasts in my hands, and began rubbing my thumbs over her erect nipples.

“Oh, God! Oh, Jeezum!” she groaned, putting her hands on mine and pulling them tighter against her firm breasts. Her hips were rocking, caressing my rigid shaft with her silky panties. It felt incredibly good. The fact that we were committing a highly forbidden act in my office, in school, probably had a lot to do with how wildly aroused both of us seemed to be.

She lost her hold on my erection when we sank down onto the loveseat, but I felt her fumbling between us again, trying to get it in her grasp once more. A shudder of joy raced through me when her fingers again wrapped around it. I felt her moving it, pushing aside the panel of her panties with the tip. “Oh, God, Hillary!” I moaned when warmth engulfed the tip, then the entire shaft, as she sank down onto me.

Once I was hilted in her, she began raising and lowering her hips, riding me with a fierceness I hadn’t seen before. Her eyes were closed, her face had the look of lust on it I loved so much, and there was a rosy flush that spread from her face down across her lovely breasts. I grabbed a buttock in each hand and held on while she worked herself up and down on me, riding my rigid penis as if there was nothing else in the world. Spectacular feelings raced up through as she did.

The position we were in put her breasts within easy reach of my lips and tongue and I took advantage of that fact to tease the rigid tips of her bouncing breasts as she moved up and down on me. She was already groaning with passion, but her groans became more fervent when I commenced working on her nipples.

“Uh…huh! Uh…huh! Uh…huh! Uh…huh! Uh…huh! Uh…huh!” she grunted as she bounded up and down on my erection. “Uh…huh! Uh…huh! Uh…huh! Uh…huh! Uh…huh! Uh…huh!”

Her rocking bottom was in my hands and I loved how it felt as her taut muscles moved in my grip. I slid one hand so my fingers were in the cleft between her lovely nether globes and, using the copious supply of lubricating fluids being squeezed from the point of our joining, managed to get the tip of my finger slippery, then I started teasing her anus with it.

“Nnnnnahhhhhhh!!!” she cried and her movements got even more frantic. Then she fell against me, pressed her mouth against mine, and her body began to shudder wildly while she groaned so loud that even though our mouths were joined, I feared someone in the hallway could have heard her. I remember thinking that I hoped the school really was empty just before I exploded into my own orgasm and began sending my hot fluids jetting into Hillary’s body. After that I couldn’t think of anything but how wonderful the feelings echoing through my body were for quite a while.

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