His Seduction Ch. 05


“Ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies.”

Sorry about the delay, and what a delay it was! I would go into the reasons, but nobody really wants to hear excuses. So, please, enjoy this story, the ending to what I had only intended to be a one chapter delight and turned into a five chapter epic. Thank you for all of your support. You have no idea what it has meant to me.


Tugging up the zipper of his jeans, Keith ran from the room barefoot, padding down the hall to the stairs. Whipping at his stomach and chest with his open jeans shirt that Mike left on him while he ravished him, Keith looked down towards the door wondering who it could be. Most people he knew were in class at the moment and none would be this insistent on trying to break down the door with their fist.

Mike paused in the middle of the stairs pulling on a T-shirt as Keith began to open the door, just as curious to know who it was that was enthusiastically trying to reshape their door.

Keith opened it to find Kelly, Scott, and a red head standing on the other side. Kelly was grinning from ear to ear and jumping up and down.

“Oh, hi, Keith. Where is Mike?” Kelly pushed past him, leading the read head by the hand. Spotting him on the stairs, she squealed in delight. “Look what I found on my door step!”

The red head stepped forward and looked slyly at him while his jaw dropped. “Hey, Mikey. Been a long time, love.”

“Holy shit! Toni?” Mike jumped down the rest of the way and grabbed her up in a bear hug, lifting the petite redhead off the ground and swinging her around.

Keith stepped back, almost walking out the door until he ran into Scott. Scott smiled down at him and handed him two Tupperware bowls of chicken noodle soup. “Kelly and I were going to bring these over to you guys when we ran into Mike’s ex-girlfriend, Toni. We just couldn’t wait to bring her over.”

Keith glared at him, not missing the lecherous glint in Scott’s eyes as he looked over Keith’s chest and stomach. Taking the soup, he headed for the kitchen and snarled, “Thanks.”

Scott practically skipped as he followed Keith into the tiny kitchen.

“Man, I can’t believe it’s actually you, Toni! Damn, what’s it been, three years?”

“Yep, you bum. You promised to keep in touch!”

Mike released her, looking her up and down. She was just as hot as always with her perky B-cups and tiny little waste. She hadn’t changed a bit. “Sorry, about that. You know I’ve never been good at long distance correspondence.”

“That just means you owe me for all those years, Mikey.”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Dinner and a movie. Plus this.” Toni grinned and grabbed his head, pulling him into a kiss that nearly curled his toes. He damned near forgot Keith was in the room. Shit! Keith!!

Mike pulled back and concentrated on focusing his eyes. “Um, Toni, I ah, want you to meet, um . . . um . . .”

Keith could have spit nails had he not currently been trying to keep Scott from getting too close to him. He glared over in Mike’s direction who was staring at him with something close to dismay. “His roommate. They call me no-name.”

Mike shook his head. “No, no that’s not what I meant!”

“Yes, it is. Trust me.” Keith knew acid was dripping from his mouth, but he didn’t really care at the moment. After everything they’d just shared upstairs, Mike forgot his damn name at the first sign of a pretty face and a good pair of tits! So much for being so-called boyfriends. Lifting his hand, he gave a less than friendly wave to Toni. “Hi, I’m his roommate, Keith. Funny, you would have thought he’d remember my name after we’ve been roommates for so long. You must have some powers over him, huh?”

“Well, I did almost marry the guy,” Toni said with a laugh, her hand crawling up Mike’s chest. “I should hope I hold some sway over him.”

Mike grimaced.

Toni didn’t seem to notice and wrapped her arms around Mike’s waist and squeezed. “Not to mention we’ve been best friends for the last eight years.”

“God, I still remember walking in on you two countless times when you were getting all hot and heavy.” Kelly shivered and shared a wicked look with Toni. “Grossed me out countless times.”

“Yeah, until you found your own boyfriend. Then you were practically begging me to teach you tricks I used on Mike to make him moan.”

“Oh, gross. TMI ladies,” Scott gagged from behind Keith. “The last thing I need in my head is a heterosexual female and the way she gets busy with her boyfriend!”

“Don’t be shy, honey, I’m sure you use some of the same tricks.” Toni shrugged with one of the friendliest damn smiles, Keith wanted to hate her for it alone. “If you don’t, maybe you could take some notes.”

“Toni, my dear, you are incorrigible.”

“You know I try, Scott.”

“Oh,” Keith said with a surprised look at Scott. “You already know Toni?”

Scott shrugged. “Sure, Kelly introduced me to her when we first moved in together. Why? Didn’t Mike tell you all about her eons ago?” Scott izmir escort looked innocently at Mike, a smile quirking his lips.

Mike wanted to hurt him.

“No. No offense, Toni, but I didn’t even know you existed.”

“No offense, dear. I’ve never heard of you either,” Toni laughed as though it was all a big joke. The significance of the conversation was lost on her, but on no one else. Scott grinned, Keith glared, Mike winced, and Kelly stifled a surprised ‘OH’ as the reality of the situation hit her.

“Oh, crap,” Kelly muttered and turned to glare at Mike. Somehow, someway, she knew this was all his fault.

“What?” Toni was beginning to look a little lost.

“Nothing, Toni, nothing. Listen, why don’t you show Toni around the place, Mike? I’ll help Keith get some drinks.”

“I’d really love to see the campus, Mike.” She actually had the gall to bat her eyes at him. The hussy! Keith turned away with a huff and put the Tupperware of soup in the fridge.

“Well, um, okay. I guess.”

“Come on! This will give us some time alone so we can catch up!” Toni began pulling Mike towards the door.

“Don’t forget your coat, sickie. I don’t need you coming back throwing up. I won’t be there to clean it up.” Keith headed for the stairs and didn’t look back. Upon reaching his room, he flopped down onto his bed face down, arms at his sides. He was so tired and his head was beginning to throb again. He could hear mutterings down stairs. Then the sound that made his heart go cold. The front door opened and closed.

Two minutes later there was a soft knock on his door. He didn’t bother to raise his head as the door opened and Kelly’s soft voice called out to him. “Keith? Oh, honey, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know Mike hadn’t told you about her and I just wasn’t thinking, really. We were all such good friends back in junior high and high school that I just brought her over without really thinking about it.”

Keith rolled his head back and forth on the mattress. Kelly could barely hear his muffled voice. “Doesn’t matter. Just proves a point I was too blind to see. I should be thanking you.”

Kelly came in and sat next to him. “Honey, please don’t be upset.”

Keith lifted his head and glared at her. “He forgot my name, Kelly. My freaking name! That’s nearly as bad as calling out someone else’s name when you’re in the middle of sex! And just after we . . . we . . . shit.”

“After you what,” Kelly prompted when Keith didn’t continue.

Keith looked away with shame. “After we got physical and basically said we’d go steady. This has to be the shortest relationship in the history of relationships.”

“Oh, honey,” Kelly said with a shaking voice. Keith looked over to see her wiping away tears. “I’m so sorry. This is all my fault.”

Keith sighed and sat up, pulling her into a hug. He stroked her hair as she cried into his shoulder. “Shh, it’s not you’re fault, Kelly. You didn’t know his ex-girlfriend would make me obsolete in his eyes and try to stick her tongue down his throat in front of all of us. You had no way of knowing she was a cheap whore trying to win back his affections.”

With a choked laughed, Kelly pulled back and hit him in the shoulder. “That’s not funny, Keith!”

“Sure it is. Let’s me forget that I’m insanely jealous and that my now ex-boyfriend just went out with his ex-girlfriend.”

Kelly sniffed. “I’m going to kill him. I really will. Why didn’t he tell just her-” She cut off and threw a guilty look at him.

“Why didn’t he tell her we were together? Good question, one I really don’t want to delve into at the moment.”

Kelly placed her hand on his chest and began to open her mouth to say something, but stopped. Instead her hand moved up to his throat and then up to his forehead, while her other hand when to her own head. Her eyes narrowed dangerously as he pulled his head away with a grimace. “What the hell were you doing having sex and running around half naked while you are running a fever? Get into bed right now while I go get a thermometer!”

“But, Kelly, I-“

“Now, Keith!”

“Fine,” He sighed in defeat. He was just too tired to fight with her.

She stormed from the room as he peeled off his shirt and his jeans. Pulling on some boxer briefs, he slid under the covers with a shiver. The damn sheets were cold.

Kelly came back in shaking an old fashioned glass thermometer, Scott right behind her looking on curiously. Kelly leaned in towards Keith. “Open.”

Keith obeyed and let her place it under his tongue.

“Scott, I want you to make sure he keeps that in his mouth for five minutes while I go make some lemon tea with honey.”

Scott grinned evilly. “Sure thing, doll.”

Scott sat on the edge of the bed as Kelly left the room. “Sick, huh? That means you’re weak, doesn’t it? Don’t have as much strength as you usually do.”

Keith pulled the thermometer out and glared at Scott. “I still have enough strength to kick your ass. Get the hell off my bed!”

“Put alsancak escort it back in, or I’ll tell Kelly you’re not behaving. You don’t want her to get all bitchy on your ass and call the school doc for a house call, do you? She’d do it, too.”

Disliking doctors with a passion, Keith put it back in his mouth.

Scott got a nasty look on his face and leaned down, pinning Keith’s hands to the bed, ignoring the glare Keith threw him. “Do you have any idea how badly I want to gobble you up?”

“You just want me because you can’t have me. I’m nothing more than a prize in a pissing match between you and Mike, aren’t I?”

“Don’t open your mouth, or the thermometer won’t work right.” Scott leaned down and licked the side of Keith’s neck making him shiver. Keith tried to pull his head away, but Scott just followed him, inhaling deeply. “Mmm, you taste divine.”

Keith tried to jerk his hands out of Scott’s grasp and threw his hips to the right away from Scott. Scott just laughed and nipped his shoulder. “I love it when you fight me.”

Keith moaned as Scott found the spot on his collar bone that made him go crazy. Scott laughed darkly in his throat and pulled his knees up onto the bed so he could perch next to Keith. “Like that, do you?”

Keith mumbled darkly, keeping his lips firmly around the thermometer, hoping it didn’t break in his mouth, and glared at Scott’s dark head. Curses floated around in his mind along with ways to get away from him.

“Christ, I want you,” Scott muttered softly. “I could make you happy, you know. I’d never forget your name. I would try everyday to make you smile. Hell, I’d never let you leave the bedroom.” Scott leaned his head down onto the pillow next to Keith’s head. His voice became painfully soft. “Somewhere along the line, you stopped being a prize.”

“Okay, Keith, here you-what the hell is going on, Scott?” Kelly had come back into the room carrying a steaming mug of tea, stopping just inside the door as she witnessed the scene before her. Scott was practically on top of Keith, pinning him to the mattress. Her eyes narrowing dangerously, she took a step into the room. “Get the fuck off of him, Scott. Now, before I kick your ass.”

“Kelly, it’s not what you think,” Scott said condescendingly. He hadn’t seen her look this mad since her last boyfriend had cheated on her. She’d ended up putting the guy in the hospital with severely bruised goods.

Keith took advantage of the moment Scott was distracted, pulled his legs up underneath him and launched Scott off of him. Scott flew off the end of the bed and crashed into a bookcase, books and CD’s falling onto his head.

“Damn it, that hurt!”

Keith spit out his thermometer and lunged at Scott, pulling him up and hitting him across the mouth. “You asshole! No means no! If you ever so much as breath in my direction again, I swear I’ll make you an eunuch! Do you understand me?”

Scott held a hand to his bleeding mouth, but Keith could tell he was smiling. “You’re beautiful when you’re angry.”

Keith punched him in the stomach. Stepping back, he pulled on his pants, pushed past Kelly and left the room breathing hard. Damn that Scott! Double damn Mike for leaving him in the house with Scott! Keith punched the wall as he headed down the stairs and grimaced as pain shot up his hand.

“Keith? Keith, wait! Keith, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have left him up there with you. I don’t know what I was thinking,” Kelly yelled as she ran down the hall after him. “This is just my day for screw ups.”

“Don’t worry about it, Kelly,” Keith said tightly as he made his way to the fridge. He could hear Scott stumbling down the steps, groaning as he went. “Scott and I just made some boundaries, that’s all. Right, Scott?”

“Boundaries, yeah. Good strong boundaries. Christ, you’ve got a hell of a punch for a bookworm.”

Keith got out some ice and started breaking it on the counter. Throwing the ice chips into two different sandwich bags, he turned and tossed one at Scott who caught in one hand. “You’re mouth is still bleeding.”

“It’s not my mouth I’m worried about,” Scott said, his left arm pinned around his waist.

Keith glared at him as he put his own ice on his right hand and let out a hiss. “Suck it up, pansy. I didn’t hit you that hard.”

“No, but the bookcase did. My shoulder is killing me!”

Kelly looked back and forth between the two of them and shook her head. Keith still looked pissed and Scott still looked like the cat that had eaten the canary, but they were still talking to each other. Even if they were keeping the entire room between them, why they weren’t yelling and screaming or just beating each other bloody was beyond her. At the very least she’d expected Keith to throw Scott out of the house.

“Sit your ass down on that couch over there, you big wuss, and don’t come near me again.”

“I love it when you’re demanding.”

“Scott,” Keith growled warningly.

Scott raised his bag of ice in surrender and moved buca escort off to the large couch, laying on it gingerly. “Alright, alright. Don’t get your panties in a twist. I get the hint, you’re not interested.”

“Damn right I’m not interested.” Keith leaned down onto the cool counter, holding the ice to his throbbing hand. He’d bruised something, he was sure. Sad part was, he was still angry enough he wanted to hit something else, just not Scott. He was sure his rejection hurt enough.

He moaned as gentle fingers petted his head. “Keith, honey, is there anything I can do for you?”

“Can you go back in time and tell Toni all about your gay brother and his hot boyfriend before you bring her over here?”

“No, but I can seriously bitch slap Mike for you.”

Keith laughed. Standing up, he kissed Kelly on the cheek. “I love you, you know that?”

“Yeah, I know. Now go lay down on the other couch while I grab your tea and make some popcorn. Scott, pick out a movie will you?”

“Oh, sure, asked the wounded one to do it.”

“Stop whining and pick a movie.”

Keith walked into the small living room and curled up on the loveseat, letting out a sigh of relief. Pain radiated in every muscle. The fever was up again, he was sure, but he just didn’t care enough to do anything about it.

Keith flinched as a blanket was draped over him. He looked up to find Scott leaning over him. Glaring, he started to rise, wondering if he was going to have to kick Scott’s ass again.

“Take it easy, I just didn’t want you to chill. You’re shivering.” Scott turned and walked back over to his couch. Throwing an arm over his eyes, he spoke softly. “I meant what I said, Keith. I’m not often that truthful.”

Keith was silent for a few minutes. Part of him was sad that he couldn’t return any feelings for Scott, but he just didn’t feel that way about him. It wasn’t there. “Yeah. I know you did, man. It’s the only reason I didn’t throw you out. Well, that and it’s still raining.”

“Good to know. Friends?”

“Yeah, I suppose so. Friends.”

Kelly came down and handed Keith his tea, then sat with Scott’s head on her lap as they watched Sixteen Candles. Scott always did have a weakness for sappy movies.

It wasn’t long before Scott and Keith were out like lights. She sat through the movie for nearly forty minutes before she heard Mike and Toni come back. Getting Mike’s attention with a wave of her hand, she put her finger to her lips.

“Hey,” Toni whispered as she came into the room and sat at Kelly’s feet. She playfully pinched her leg and smirked at her. “You could have warned me, you know.”


Toni pointed to Mike who was checking Keith’s fever with a gentle brush against his head.

“Oh, that. I didn’t even think about it, I truly didn’t.” Kelly continued petting Scott’s head as she looked sadly over at Keith. “You really hurt him, Mike.”

“It was my fault,” Toni started, but Mike shook his head as he sat on the floor in front of Keith and stroked the hand that had fallen off the couch.

“No, it was me. I didn’t handle the situation well at all. I’m going to have to do some fancy foot work for him to forgive me.”

Toni cocked her head to the side as she looked at Mike. “You really care about him, don’t you?”

Mike sighed. “More than you could possible know.”

Toni smiled. “He’s a lucky guy.” Toni looked at Keith then looked over her shoulder at Scott. “Damn, Kelly, what did you do? Drug them?”

“Well, I did drug Keith. I slipped some medicine in his tea to help him get over his fever.” She smiled. “They both wore themselves out shortly after the two of you left.”

Mike’s head whipped around to glare at the sleeping Scott. Scott’s bottom lip was swollen and encrusted with blood at the corner. It was obvious the guy had been decked. “What do you mean? What happen?”

“Let’s just say the two of them came to an understanding and leave it at that. If you want details, ask them when they wake up.”

“Oh, believe me, I will.”

“Jealous much?” Toni smiled. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d seen Mike love someone so much. She was sure his eyes hadn’t shined like that when they’d been together. It almost broke her heart except she was so happy for Mike. And here she’d had this grand idea to come to his campus, sweep him off his feet, and work her way back into his life. It was obvious things weren’t going to be like they were before.

In the last five minutes of the movie, Scott stirred awake. “I like this part.”

“So it was a plot to sleep through the whole thing just so you could watch this part,” Kelly laughed.

“Something like that.”

“Okay, I come bearing gifts,” Jason announced as he came in the house carrying a plastic bag and dripping water. He looked up and appeared startled to find so many people in the living room. “What? A party? And here I was worried you two were on your death beds.” He shook his head and wandered farther into the room.

Mike could feel Keith stretch behind him and barely managed to not turn and kiss him. Something about that boy just begged to be kissed every waking moment.

“Jeeze, Keith, you look like shit,” Jason said as he tossed a box of Kleenex to Mike and started taking out vapor rub, Comtrex, Tylenol, and a variety of other medicines and teas.

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