His Son’s Friends


Jack stood in the kitchen looking out the window into the back yard. It was a warm day in July, the summer sun hot overhead. His son, Brad, was enjoying his summer after his senior year in high school before he got ready for college. He watched his boy entertaining three girls from his class; they were all beautiful, barely clothed in the hot weather, and eighteen. Brad always had girls around, though only a few ever dated him.

Jack was in his mid-forties, but looked much younger, maybe late twenties or early thirties. He often got carded for buying alcohol or cigarettes. He was wearing a white t-shirt with fantastical M.C. Escher drawings on it, a pair of walking shorts, and sandals. His long brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail. He had grown his hair out in his late thirties after his divorce. A former girlfriend had suggested it, being a fan of longhaired rocker boys.

As he stared at the girls in the yard from the safety of the kitchen, he felt his cock stir. There was Tammy, a tall thin blonde with legs that never ended and nice tits that stood out on her slim frame. She was wearing a white crop top with four buttons in front and the skimpiest white sprayed-on short shorts Jack had ever seen; both contrasted nicely with her lightly tanned skin. She wore her yellow hair in a short ponytail. He could just barely see her black bra peeking out from the crop top, both revealing generous amounts of her medium-sized breasts. Her hips were narrow, made for fucking, not childbearing. She had a lovely face with high cheekbones and a cute little mouth. He imagined her kneeling in front of him with her lips wrapped around his cock.

There was Marsha, a short brown-skinned girl, probably Hispanic or Middle Eastern; it was hard to tell. She was a voluptuous girl, all hips and breasts and curves. Her face was round like the rest of her body, round cheeks, round eyes and full lips. She had long dark brown hair flowing loosely around her shoulders. Marsha was wearing a red scoop-necked shirt that was stretched by her large boobs; he couldn’t tell if she wore a bra on those tits. Her black skirt came halfway down her dark thighs, holding tight to her big beautiful ass. Her shirt stopped just short of the skirt, revealing a strip of rounded brown belly. He imagined her on all fours with her skirt flipped up and his stiff cock thrusting in and out of her dark snatch between her deliciously brown ass cheeks.

Then there was Sam, most likely short for Samantha. She was wearing black chinos and a black bikini top, sharply contrasting her milky-white complexion. This girl had short, bright red hair, dyed for sure, and several body piercings: eyebrow, nose ring, tongue barbell, belly button, and more rings and studs in her ears than Jack could count. He had also seen intriguing lumps through her bikini on the tops of her small breasts, possibly nipple piercings of some sort. Jack wondered if she might be pierced down below. Her face also matched her body, all sharp angles. He fantasized about going down on her and playing with the clit ring he guessed might be there.

Jack saw Brad get up from the lawn chair and head toward the house. He quickly started putting dishes into the dishwasher, not wanting to be caught ogling Brad’s friends.

“Hey, Dad. I’m going to the mall for a couple hours to buy some shoes. Is it OK if the girls stay here until I get back?” Brad asked.

“Sure, no problem. Just put gas in the car, please. There was only a quarter tank left after you borrowed it Saturday night,” Jack replied.

“OK. See ya later.” Brad grabbed the car keys off the key rack and headed out to the garage, waving at the girls along the way. In a couple minutes, he backed out and drove down the alley.

While he was still filling the dishwasher, the back door opened and Tammy walked into the kitchen. Jack looked up at her and saw that she had unbuttoned all but one of the buttons in the front of her top since the last time he had looked out the window. Her lacy black bra was quite evident as was the valley of skin between her breasts. “Can I have some lemonade?” she asked with a look in her eyes that belied the innocence in her voice.

“Sure, glasses are in that cupboard, and the green pitcher in the fridge has the lemonade,” he replied, pointing to the cabinets to the left. He hoped that his misdirection would keep her from noticing the expanding bulge in his shorts.

She opened the cupboards and removed a tall tumbler, then moved to the refrigerator, yanking it open. She grabbed the pitcher, bending over and displaying her cute, little ass to him; she straightened and poured lemonade into her glass. She bent down again and put the pitcher back on the shelf. Tammy closed the door and leaned against the stove, while she sipped the cold liquid. Her eyes looked at Jack with a deep fire in them. As she paused between sips, her tongue slowly traveled across her lovely pink lips. “So, what do you do for fun around here?” she asked seductively after a few sips.

Jack replied, “What poker oyna did you have in mind?” grinning back at her.

Tammy’s eyes flared with excitement as she walked toward him. “I’ve seen you ogling my tits and ass, and that really turns me on.” She put her hands on his shoulders and leaned in to kiss him; her lips brushed lightly across his and then planted solidly. He returned the kiss, mashing his lips into hers. Quickly, her tongue darted out and licked his lips. He opened his mouth and probed gently with his tongue. Their tongues began to dance around inside her mouth as he held her body close to his. He touched his tongue to the sensitive roof of her mouth, and she moaned with pleasure. His hard cock pushed into her firm belly through his shorts; she rocked her hips back and forth, rubbing her belly deliciously across his erection.

Breaking the kiss, he said, “I don’t want to get interrupted by one of your friends. I think that would be bad. Let’s go somewhere a little more private, OK?”

She looked at him with a seductive grin on her face, replying, “Take me there.”

Turning toward the dining room, he smiled at her double meaning and invitation and pulled on her hand to follow him. He went through the dining room and the hall to the master bedroom. As her drew her into the room, he closed and locked the door. They fell back into the embrace, kissing each other hard. Their urgency increased as the kiss became more passionate, and Jack fondled her breast through her top. Tammy purred her approval and stroked his cock through his shorts.

She stepped back and unbuttoned the last button on her crop top, pulling it off and showing him her black bra. “Are these what you’re looking for?” Her modest hills seemed bigger on her slight frame. The lacy bra was very sexy, and Jack moved his hands forward to caress it. He found her nipples and rubbed them hard with his thumbs. Tammy moaned, closing her eyes. He bent his head down and nibbled on the lumps in her bra. She pulled his head tight to her chest, and said, “Oh, take that off. I want your lips on those.”

He unhooked the front clasp on her bra, pulling the lacy thing off her shoulders. Her nipples were bright pink and stuck out rigidly. He pinched them with his fingers before he lowered his head and licked one. Tammy gasped her delight, and Jack flicked his tongue rapidly across the engorged nub. He pushed her slowly back into the king-sized bed, and she laid down on, her eyes still looking lustily at him.

A vision of teenaged lust laid on his bed before him; Tammy’s tongue drifted across her thin lips, and her fingers toyed with her swollen nipples. The only piece of clothing on her body was the pair of short shorts, barely covering her privates. He crawled onto the bed between her legs, his mouth seeking her firm breasts and nipples. His stiff manhood ground into her crotch, rubbing her through their clothes. As he sucked on her nipple and his fingers tweaked the other one, he stroked up and down her covered slit. He had not dry-fucked someone since college; he had forgotten how good it felt. She grabbed his shirt and pulled it up, and he raised himself up to let it past his chest; she threw it into a corner of the bedroom.

With his cock trying to thrust into her through his shorts, he lifted himself up to look in her face. Her eyes were closed in pleasure. Sensing his movement, she pulled his chest down to her mouth and sucked one of his nipples into her mouth. An electric shock pulsed down from his nipple straight to his penis, making it even harder than before. He groaned deeply from the stimulation.

Her lips smacked when she let go of his nipple, and she whispered, “Let me see it. Let me see your cock.” She reached for his pants, deftly unbuttoning his fly and lowering the zipper. She yanked his shorts and boxer briefs down to his knees with a single motion, revealing his aching shaft hanging in the space between them. He kicked his shorts off, and Tammy caressed his penis gently.

Using his cock as a handle, Tammy nudged him toward the edge of the bed. Jack moved off the bed; she mirrored his motions. She knelt on the floor in front of him, her hand still grasping his member around the base. Unable to take her eyes off his hardened flesh, she leaned in and ever so lightly licked the tip. Watching her tongue dart out from her lips to lap at his pre-cum aroused him greatly.

“Your pre-cum tastes good. Now I want to taste your cum,” she cooed sexily, and then surrounded the head with her mouth. She lavished attention with her tongue and sucked gently on the purple helmet.

“Oh, that’s good. Suck it, baby,” he moaned, his hands gathering up her hair from her neck. He held her hair behind her head, so he could see her devouring his cock. As she looked up at him, her eyes were on fire with lust, and he noticed that this was very close to how she looked in his fantasy of a few minutes before. Slowly, working her lips and tongue, her mouth took more and more of his length until her nose buried itself in his pubic canlı poker oyna hair. Her tongue continued its undulating dance on his hot flesh. Slowly, she raised her head, pulling her mouth up his length; at the top, she sucked hard again, swirling her tongue luxuriously on the underside of it. The delightful sensations overwhelmed him, and he moaned loudly. She began to go down and up repeatedly, deepthroating him each time she hit bottom. Every few strokes, she swallowed at the base, massaging his hardness with her throat. She was a very experienced cocksucker, hardly the tentative teenager he expected. While she bobbed on his erection, one hand traveled up his torso to caress his chest. When she found his nipple, she teased it to hardness; her other hand rubbed his ass cheek, sometimes squeezing it firmly.

Within minutes of this treatment, Jack’s cock was ready to come. He felt the tingling feeling start in his balls and move up higher. “I’m coming!” he shouted.

Upon hearing his announcement, Tammy sucked hard on his cock; she swallowed the first surge of jism to shoot from the tip of his organ. Then she pulled it out of her mouth and started stroking it hard, holding her mouth open near the tip. Spasm after spasm wracked his cock, each squirting a gob of cum toward her. Her cheeks, tongue, neck and chest had drops covering them. As his orgasm slowed, he watched his spunk slide down her smooth skin. When he was finished, Tammy licked the head, cleaning the last of his cum off, and getting a bonus spurt in her mouth.

“Mmm, that was even better than your pre-cum,” she said, licking her lips. She looked down at her cum-splattered breasts and rubbed the thick fluid into her lightly tanned skin, pausing briefly to gently pinch her nipples.

Jack grabbed a clean t-shirt from his drawer and handed it to her, saying, “Here. Use this.”

“Thanks,” she said, winking at you and licking his cum off her lips. She took the shirt and wiped her face and chest. He noticed that nothing had landed on her shorts as she picked up her bra and top. With first the bra and then the crop top, Tammy corralled her breasts, buttoning up all but the top button on the halter. When she stood up, he kissed her hard on the lips and ran his thumbs over her nipples.

Moaning, she broke the kiss and said, “I better get back before anyone misses me.” She gave him a mischievous smile. “Not a word of this to anyone, okay?”

“Absolutely, neither of us want that,” he agreed. He retrieved his clothes and got dressed. Before he was finished, Tammy had unlocked the door and slipped out of the bedroom. She went into the bathroom, which was the next room from the bedroom. He left the room and went back to the kitchen. Glancing out the window, he saw that the other two girls were still talking, oblivious to the activities in the house. A few minutes later, Tammy walked through the kitchen, giving him a quick peck on the lips and a pinch on the ass. He watched her join the other two in the yard.

Jack frequently kept an eye on the girls outside while he finished putting dishes in the dishwasher. After about fifteen minutes, he saw Sam get up from the lawn chair in the yard, so he quickly started wiping the kitchen counter with a sponge. The back door to the porch slammed as she opened the door to the house. She looked him in the eye and said “Where’s your bathroom?”

He said, “Let me show you. Follow me.” He winked at her and then turned toward the dining room. She followed him. He walked through the dining room to the door to the bedrooms. He opened the hallway door and stepped in, gesturing grandly to the modest bathroom. She walked toward the bathroom and then suddenly turned to him, grabbing his shirt to pull him in for a kiss. Her lips were hot, moist, and sweet, like a cup of hot cocoa. Her tongue probed his mouth lasciviously, viperous in its wandering. He returned her kiss fervently, his arms wrapping around her lithe body. She was so slight, he almost feared he would break her if he hugged her too hard. When she hugged him back, her tiny arms revealed a strength he had not expected. Jack pushed his tongue into her mouth, poking the underside of her tongue; Sam gasped at the attention, her tongue redoubling its efforts to touch every part of his mouth.

He stepped backward toward the bedroom door behind him, pulling Sam along, never breaking the kiss. She let herself be maneuvered into the bedroom and turned around so Jack could close the door. Then she started pulling him back toward the bed. When the mattress nudged her knees, she fell back dragging him with her. Miraculously, their lips never parted as he fell on top of her skinny body. Her hands ran up under his t-shirt, caressing his chest and causing shocks when she grazed his nipples. He broke the lip-lock and kissed down her chin to her neck; she stretched her neck out, allowing him complete access to it. “You looked like you needed a break from cleaning the kitchen. You don’t mind if I take advantage of you, do you?” she said seductively.

He internet casino couldn’t believe his ears. She made no bones about simply wanting to have sex with him. “I don’t mind a bit, if you don’t mind if I take advantage of you?” he replied as smoothly as he could muster.

She laughed, and her bikini top-covered breasts jiggled pleasantly. His lips voraciously devoured her neck; he moved slowly down the top of her chest until he was licking and nibbling at the curve of her breast beneath the satiny material of her black bikini. Her fingers gently pulled his hair and ran through it, exciting his scalp greatly. She gasped when he found her nipple and lightly bit it. He noticed that she did have a nipple ring. She pulled her self to sitting, and he followed, never removing his lips from her tit. His fingers went behind her and began fiddling with her bikini clasp. He fumbled a bit and then recovered quickly getting it undone. She curled her shoulders and he removed the lovely swimsuit top. He saw her tiny breasts (no more than a half an onion in size) tipped with giant engorged nipples, each pierced with barbell nipple rings. She laid back again, and he sucked hard on the other nipple, eliciting a louder gasp and moan from Sam’s throat. His tongue tweaked her ring, and he began tugging on her other ring.

“Oh, yes. Suck those tits. Mmmm, I love your tongue on my nipple ring,” she purred.

He switched his mouth from one breast to the other. His tongue lashed out, flipping the nipple ring frantically. His other hand pulled on the just-vacated barbell. Sam moaned and tossed her head, her bright red hair jostling on the bed. This motion made her tits jiggle beneath his mouth and hand. “Yes! That feels so good!” she exclaimed, lust making her voice low and throaty.

Jack moved lower, kissing between her breasts and then onto her belly. His fingers took his mouth’s former location, yanking and rubbing Sam’s nipple. He wagged his tongue on her pale skin, eliciting a giggle from the teen’s mouth. He kissed her navel and then stuck his nose in and wiggled it, causing another louder giggle. His lips crossed down to the top of her walking shorts. He removed his hands from her small, sensitive tits and unbuttoned the shorts. He slid the zipper down, and Sam lifted her hips to allow him to remove the chinos. He snagged her black bikini bottoms as well, and lowered them down her long, shapely legs. When he finally looked, her mound was lightly covered in dark brown hair, neatly trimmed in the shape of a heart. Not a true redhead, but you knew that, and who cares anyway when the woman is lying on your bed, naked. The petals of her sex flower were open, and he could see the swollen lips and dark hole of her cunt. He also spied a tiny gold ring through her reddened clit. He had been right!

Jack blew lightly across her fur; the sensation pulled a loud groan from Sam. His hands returned to their place massaging her breasts. He alternated between squeezing them and pulling and twisting her nipple jewelry. He ran his tongue, held long and hard, from the bottom of her slot to the top. Her hips shivered at the contact, bumping her groin slightly into his face. Her musky aroma wafted to his nose, filling his mind with lust. His mouth watered at the thought of licking this hot teenager’s sex. From his attention to her tits and nipples, she was very wet, and he drove his tongue hard into her slick tunnel. He was rewarded with her shriek and pelvic thrust, which forced his tongue farther into her body.

“Suck on my clit ring. Make me come with your tongue,” she cried. Jack withdrew from her pussy and sucked her clit and ring into his warm mouth. “Yes, suck it!” He sucked her clit while his tongue flicked the ring connected to it. Then he realized that this situation was again exactly like he had fantasized while staring at the girls in the backyard.

He grasped the ring with his lips and pulled it slightly away from her body, and at the same time, pulled both of her nipple barbells as well. Her scream was stifled by her forearm, which she had stuffed in her mouth for just this reason. He resumed twirling her clit and ring in his mouth, letting go of one breast. He dragged his fingernails down her side and leg until his fingers rested at the entrance to her pussy. He looked up toward her head and saw the valley of her belly and the small hills of her breasts rolling and heaving with pleasure.

He teased around the opening just enough to get his fingertip covered in her sweet honey, before he pushed one finger into her steamy cunt. The muffled sound of her ecstatic scream pleased him. He thrust into her until he found the swollen walnut-sized bump of her G-spot, and his contact with it caused her hips to gyrate underneath him. He attacked her clit with his lips and tongue, her nipple with his fingers, and her G-spot with the finger of his other hand. Soon he had two fingers stroking on each side of the nugget within her pussy. It didn’t take long before Sam reacted violently to his attentions. Her body bucked this way and that, and her outcries would have awakened the dead if not for the muffle of her arm in her mouth. Her thighs clamped tight against his head, as he struggled to maintain contact through her climax.

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