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The setting of the “Quarantine Frustration” story arc begins in April 2020 and ends in September 2020. Thanks as always to Patrick for helping with proof-reading and editing. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ PART 1 – MID-APRIL 2020 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ [Jake Gyllenhaal] 🙂 I miss you too. Tom Holland grinned at Jake’s message, a response to Tom sending a pic of him grabbing his bulging briefs. [Tom] Any chance that we could meet up? He watched as a bubble with three dots appeared and then disappeared. When it popped up again, it stayed on the screen for awhile as Jake typed. [Jake] That’d be awesome. I miss you so much. Not just your {peach emoji} but everything – waking up together, cuddling during movies…all of it. But it’s not safe. Tom frowned. He knew Jake was right – he was just tired of staying in the house with no end in sight of how long this quarantine business might last. Lips pressing together, he tapped on the screen. [Tom] You could always get a private plane – that way you’re not around other people? Or I could fly out there, same thing? The dots took awhile to show up – when they did, they hung there for a while. [Jake] My whole family is holed up together out in the countryside. If I left, I’d have to quarantine by myself for like a month before being able to come back. If you came out here, it’d be the same – you’d have to isolate for a month before joining us. 🙁 Tom let out a long sigh. He’d known the idea was a long shot. It wasn’t that he didn’t take the quarantine seriously, but it was just so frustrating. And Jake was so cautious already, so his wariness level was probably amped up to 125% right now. Hell – it’d taken a *lot* to convince him to go to one of Hemsworth’s annual parties the year before…and even longer to talk Jake into going to one of the British alpha/buck collar parties. His boyfriend wasn’t a prude, but he definitely didn’t like having his boundaries stretched. Although he didn’t have any problem stretching Tom’s legs open. The frown turned into a warm smile as Tom fondly remembered the way that they’d begun messing around while filming “Far From Home”…and then kept fucking around, until it’d turned into dating. They’d had some nice fun on their own, but he’d enjoyed introducing Jake to the Marvel guys, Russell Tovey and that group…and meeting Jake’s friends. Memories from Halloween caused his briefs to fill up again, his legs over Ryan Reynold’s shoulders as the Canadian stud had drilled into his rear, that cocky smile stretching his mouth as he talked dirty to Tom, encouraging the same from the Spider-man actor. After a month of zero sexual contact, it didn’t take much for Tom’s cock to spring to attention. Groping himself with one hand, he shook his head and returned to the present. [Tom] I know. Just tired of all this covid shit. Hopefully it goes away soon. Jake sent back the fingers crossed and kissing emojis. A photo appeared on the screen – a pair of gym shorts that were pitching a nice tent, with a hand cupping balls that Tom knew were large and hairy. He licked his lips as another picture came in – Jake’s thumb had pulled down the top of the shorts, revealing the root of his dick. [Jake] Someone else misses you too. [Tom] Ryan? He laughed as he got back an eyeroll emoji. Another picture appeared, this time of just Jake’s hand – fingers curled down except for the middle one, sticking straight up. A burst of laughter filled Tom’s room. Tilting his phone, he tugged his briefs down to expose half of his hard shaft, making a video as he made it flex so it threatened to break free from his briefs. This time he got the devil emoji again and a thumbs up…followed by a video of the gym shorts slowly coming down, revealing more and more of Jake’s cock until it broke free, bobbing up and down in the air towards the camera. [Tom] That’s what I’m talking about. [Jake] Missing this? A photo appeared, Jake’s fingers wrapped around his pole. [Tom] 100%. 500% actually. [Jake] Yeah? And what would my man do if he were here? Tom spat in his hand and took a video as he began working his meat, fingers sliding up and down its length. [Tom] See what my fingers are doing to my dick? That’s what my mouth would be doing to *yours* right now. That earned Tom a fire emoji. [Jake] Fuck, I loooove the way you suck my dick. The way your throat just opens up and swallows me whole. A video came in of Jake jerking himself. [Jake] And then at the end, the way you swallow every drop. [Tom] I can’t help it – I love the way you taste. Tom moaned as he thought about Jake nutting down his throat. His toes curled as the mental image changed to a series of other guys he’d been with, all shooting their load into his mouth. Tom liked being bred…but he relished it when a guy came in the other end, allowing him to taste their juices, the way the thick fluid coated his mouth and throat, how their already throbbing rod began to jerk and pulse even harder between his lips, the way a cock swelled up thicker right before it… He moaned again, precum dripping and landing on his bare foot. One tap and another video went out to his boyfriend. He got back another video. The shorts were pulled down all the way, tucked under those big fuzzy balls, Jake’s fingers almost a blur as he stroked himself. A voice growled off camera. “I miss you, stud. From head to toe…and everything in between. When I see you again, in-person…the things I’m gonna do to you…” Resting the phone against a coffee mug on his desk, Tom stood in front of the camera. His briefs were gone, discarded on the floor, his nude body visible from chest to knees. Spreading his legs slightly, he thrust into his fist. “I want you to grab me by the head and pound into my throat. Use my mouth, going as hard as you can, until those beautiful nuts of yours begin firing away, filling me up. And then again…and again…I wanna suck you dry.” A couple of minutes went by while Tom idly stroked himself, waiting. What he got back made him groan again. Jake’s legs were spread apart, his hand flogging his member urgently. That big furry chest rose and fell with quick heavy breaths…and then the rocket between his man’s legs fired, sending ropes of cum up onto his stomach. The next few shots splattered onto his meaty thighs, and then poured down his shaft. That broad chest that Tom loved to curl up against was matted with sweat and jizz, heaving as Jake sought to catch his breath. Quickly, Tom grabbed the camera and held it near his chest, pointing down. He filmed as he wanked furiously. Just as he went over the edge, he cupped his fist over the head. On screen, his shaft throbbed as it released into his grip, the rod pulsing intensely. When it was over, Tom uncurled his fist, revealing his load coating his palm and fingers. Unable to hold it all, the nectar began to drip down onto the floor. Palm held flat, Tom swiped his hand over his flat stomach – it took three passes before his hand was mostly clean. [Jake] Damn – been awhile? [Tom] Um, no. Wanked this morning. So a few hours ago? [Jake] Daaaaaamn, someone’s horny. 🙂 `No shit.’ Tom stared at the screen, growling in frustration again. He’d *just* gotten off for the second time that day (third if you counted his little porn-watching session in the middle of the night)…and he was already feeling the urge for another round. [Jake] You’re gonna be a little wildcat in the sack when we’re able to meet up again. The message was followed by a series of fire and splash emojis. [Tom] Yeah? Think you can handle it? [Jake] Hell yes. I’m planning on tearing up that little ass of yours. [Tom] Little? Finding a picture of his bare bum, he fired it off. [Jake] Okay, not little. Big, beautiful, bubble butt. All mine. And I’m going to do my best to destroy it. [Tom] Good. 😀 [Jake] Alright stud, I’ve got to shower and do some stuff with the family. TTYL? Tom sent back the thumbs up emoji and a heart. He needed to clean up as well. Reaching for a bursa escort towel, he changed his mind. Instead, he grabbed his laptop and a bottle of lube, stretching out on the bed, his manhood starting to rise up again as he pulled up his favorite porn site. Time for round three…or four…not that he was keeping track any more these days. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ PART 2 – THE NEXT DAY ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ [Chris Evans] I think you did it backwards and just edited the video. Tom looked at his phone, blinking in disbelief. “What?!” His eyes narrowed and his lips screwed together with irritation – his friend definitely knew how to get under his skin. [Tom] You think it’s faked?? [Evans] Yeah, you totally did that backwards. Took off the shirt. No way you put *on* a shirt doing a headstand. 😉 [Tom] You’re a dick. [Evans] You would know. 🙂 Tom’s lower lip stuck out as he exhaled a big breath – Evans was definitely messing with him. Grinning, he tapped on the screen, looking satisfied as he thumbed the `send’ button. [Tom] I can do it live if you want, prove it. 😛 He waited as three dots appeared, indicating that Evans was typing…and then they disappeared. Tom smirked as the dots showed up once more before going away again. He tilted his head, curious what his friend was typing. His smile turned into a chuckle as the messages screen was replaced by an incoming video call. Tapping the green button to accept, he was greeted by the sight of Chris curled up in bed with his dog, one eyebrow arching up. “Alright, bunny – show us what you’ve got.” “Er, hang on.” Tom looked left and right, scrambling to set up a prop for the phone. “You trying to show off or give me motion sickness?” Evans laughed as the image on his screen swirled around with Tom’s movements. “Quiet, you. I’m trying to…there.” Tom leaned the phone against some books, checking the angle of the phone’s camera to make sure that it had a good view of the wall. Rising up, he walked over and moved a chair out of the way, clearing a space. “I’m sorry. Thought I was going to watch `Ninja Warrior,’ but looks like `House Hunters International’ instead.” Chris let out a louder laugh as he saw Tom raise a middle finger towards the phone. “Ready?” “Hang on.” Chris shifted around to get comfortable, lifting one arm and settling it behind his head. He knew the movement would cause his bicep to flex…and as he noticed Tom subtly bite his lower lip, it was just the reaction that Evans was hoping for. Winking, he nodded towards the screen. “Alright, carry on.” “Yes sir.” Tom put emphasis on the second word, exaggerating it as he rolled his eyes. “Mmmm, `sir.’ So well trained. Remind me to thank Russell again. Another laugh as Tom rolled his eyes again. “ANYwaaay…” Tom took a deep breath to prepare himself. The corner of his lip curled up again in a devilish grin as an idea came to mind. Reaching down, he peeled off his shirt and positioned it on the ground. “Didn’t know that I was getting a strip show.” He chuckled as Tom glowered at him. “Okay, okay, I’ll behave.” He watched as Tom flipped himself over into a headstand with his feet resting against the wall. Reaching down, the Spider-man actor showed off his gymnastics and athletics training as he worked his hand into the shirt and then set it back down, resting his weight on it and using his other hand to begin tugging the shirt up over his head. Evans heard small grunts of exertion as Tom repeated the maneuver, switching arms, his eyes darting up to Tom’s cute butt encased in form-fitting shorts, a number of fond memories coming to mind of that same rear-end when it was more exposed. Instead of dropping down and pulling the shirt all the way on, Tom stayed in the headstand position and reached towards the ceiling, tucking the tail of the shirt into the waistband of his shorts. “Ta da!” He was breathing a little harder than normal from the exertion, but was pleased when he heard clapping through the phone. Waiting a moment before walking on his hands, Tom turned around so that he was facing the camera. “Now you’re just showing off.” “Maybe.” Winking, Tom rested his heels against the wall, grinning at the camera. “Ready for the next part?” “Next part? This is where your video left off.” “Naw, mate. There’s more to the challenge.” Winking, Tom reached towards his feet again and tugged on the shirt, freeing it so that it slid down his torso. He heard Evans let out a happy growl as Tom’s abs and chest were bared again. Wriggling his shoulders, he managed to shuffle the shirt down some more and reversed his earlier movements, this time peeling the shirt off and tossing it to the side. With a big smile, his fingers found the clasp of his shorts and undid them. The sound of a zipper could be heard right before he began pushing away on the waistband of his shorts. “Oh – this is getting good. Dodger, go. Go, boy.” Evans nudged his dog off of the bed, getting comfortable as one hand reached down into his sweatpants. He watched as Tom struggled to get the shorts off, using his toes to pinch the hem of one leg and pull it up and then the other, until he kicked them off. His chest was heaving with big breaths, his face turning pink with exertion. “Is there more?” Tom looked at the screen again, noticing Chris’ shoulder making a familiar movement as he tugged on his growing cock. “Depends. What’s my motivation?” “This.” Evans flipped the camera so that it showed his crotch, his hand gripping the large bulge and shaking it before returning to the front-facing camera. “Oooh.” He licked his lips as he watched Tom’s hand go to his briefs, slowly sliding them over the toned thighs. His cock popped out, half hard with excitement, as he went through the same moves as with his shorts, until the briefs were hanging from the toes of one foot. “Ta da!” “Ta da, indeed. Damn, that’s hot as hell.” His dick was rock hard as he watched Tom tumble to the floor, squatting with his chest heaving for breath, the muscles of the twunk’s torso bulging from the effort of the upgraded headstand challenge. Tom slid down, legs spread, leaning against the wall. “Uh uh, little bunny. Need to get closer than that.” “What’s my – oh. Ohhh.” Tom’s question was cut off as Evans flipped the camera again. The sweatpants were tugged down, eight inches of beautiful thick cock rising up in the air, his big paw of a hand stroking up and down. He chuckled as he watched Tom scramble on the floor, crawling quickly towards the phone. “Better?” He rested back on his haunches again, hard dick waving as he reached down to play with his balls. “Much.” “Damn man, I miss…that.” Tom licked his lips as he stared at the large piece of meat bobbing, filling up his phone’s screen. “I’m so damn tired of being stuck inside the house all day.” “Can’t get your fill?” Those thick fingers slid up and down Evans’ shaft, tapping the head in a teasing way. “No.” Tom’s lower lip stuck out, pouting. “The pack parties on this side of the pond are all canceled until further notice. And Russell gave us a strict rule *not* to hook up with anyone unless we’re quarantining with them. Which is easy for him to say – he’s got Steve. I’ve just got…” Tom lifted his left hand in the air, waggling his fingers. “Huh. Evans’ mind flashed to the pack party he’d been invited to – lots of naked men, writhing in all different kinds of ecstasy. It reminded him of the bar in Boston, which brought a smirk to his lips, glad that the camera was turned onto his dick. Memories of Tom bouncing from guy to guy caused his meat to throb, a pearl of fluid snaking down the veiny shaft. “Tovey’s one of the more laidback alphas, so if he’s being strict, it’s for a good reason.” “I know, I know.” Tom let out a big breath, blowing the locks of hair that were dangling over his forehead. “Let’s work off some of that pent up energy, little buddy.” “I’m not litt…oh.” Tom bit his retort short as he heard the familiar sound of a lube cap snapping open, his eyes fixated on the screen as clear liquid drizzled down from the top of the screen’s view, pooling on the top of Chris’ broad cockhead before snaking its way down his ample length. “Ohhh.” He disappeared from Evans’ screen, reappearing with his own small bottle, quickly catching up. The view on Tom’s phone went haywire, a scramble of ceiling and walls. When it settled, his eyes glazed over a little – Chris had propped the phone up against a pillow between his legs, giving Tom an up close view of his meaty cock…and his muscular form in the background, arm flexing as he jerked himself. The pair went at it, matching each other stroke for stroke, moaning and encouraging each other on, grumbling about the things that they might do to each other the next time they were able to meet up. “Fuck, that’s hot.” Evans’ voice rumbled in his chest as Tom got finished describing a position he wanted them to try. “Tell you what, mouse – whoever holds off cumming the longest gets to top when we try that out.” “Oh fuck…” escort bayan Tom felt his member throb in his hand. “That’s not fair.” A chuckle from the phone’s speaker clued him in that Chris felt like playing dirty. Two could play that game. “Hey Chris. Thanks again for taking me to that bar in Boston. “Of course. Was fun teasing you for a year – glad you had a good time.” “Know what my favorite part was?” “Hmm?” Evans grunted, some of the memories flashing to mind. “The spread eagle setup.” “Oooh – that *was* hot.” Tom watched as precum pulsed from the end of Evans’ thick cockhead. “Mmmhmmm. Tied up, face down. Four cocks at once.” He watched as Evans’ nostrils pulled in, breathing hard to control himself. Tom let out a husky groan – rubbing some of the lube onto the fingers of his free hand, he reached around and slid two digits inside his hole. “Four *Chris* cocks at once. Still amazed how you pulled that off.” “I’ve got skills.” “I knowww…” Holland dragged out the word, letting it shift into a moan as his fist twisted around his rod. “You in one hand…Hemsworth in the other…Pratt down my throat…Pine up my ass.” He watched as Evans’ big thighs flexed, his hand moving slower but more determined. “And that contraption had a hole in the middle so someone could suck my dick. Who…mmmm…was that again?” “Chris Pang.” “Fuck. Five Chris hunks. Need to call him up when all this is over. He had a really great mouth.” “I’ll tell Seb you said that.” That cocky grin, trying to throw Tom off his game. “Maybe we can go back…next year…mmm…” “That’d be fun.” “See if you can scrounge up a dozen guys named Chris. Actors, singers, sports guys. I don’t care. Let them line up and use me.” “You little shi…fuuuuck!” Chris’ eyes squeezed tight, trying to hold back. But instead of finding darkness behind his eyelids, all he could see was a crowd of guys, naked and jerking their cocks, lined up, ready to pounce on any part of Tom that became available…the little British hunk decked out in leather gear and strapped down to the spread eagle beams. “Fuuuuuuck!” His dick jerked in his grip as he began shooting his shot, ropes of cum hitting his chest and stomach. When he was spent, he pried his eyes open, glaring at the screen. “You cheated.” “I’ll make it up to you.” Winking, Tom bit his lower lip as he lowered himself to the ground, laying on his back. One hand pumped his cock while the other worked between his legs, fingers sliding in and out of his hole, hips rising up in the air to put on a show for Chris, moaning out his name again and again. “Chris…Chriiis…I need your cock. Fuck me. Please, come fuuuck me…I need your big dick inside me, stretching me, pounding me, ahhhhhhhh!” Tom’s hips stayed up in the air, thrusting as his thighs went taut, his fluids spraying up into the air, landing on himself and the floor below, small splatter sounds audible as Evans moaned, watching the display. “Looks like you needed that.” He grinned as Holland’s body relaxed, lowering down to the ground. “I need more than that.” The toned chest rising and falling as Tom sought air, enjoying the natural high that came from getting off. “I know, little buddy. We all do. Just gotta hold out.” He could see Tom’s lower lip stick out again. “In the meantime, you know how to reach me.” Seeing Tom smile and give a thumbs up, Evans reached over and tapped the screen, ending their call. Tom let out a long breath, savoring the afterglow for just a little longer before getting up and heading into the shower. The steam from the hot water and massaging the soap into his body helped him relax a little. After a long while, he turned off the water and wrapped a towel around his waist, stepping out. His phone’s screen lit up with a notification. Curious, he looked over to see an incoming text from Evans. Head tilted, he tapped the notification, finding a text message with a video attachment. One eyebrow raised, he tapped the screen again, opening the video…and began laughing. There was Evans, clad only in a pair of trunks that hugged his legs. The big beefy man flipped himself upside down, feet resting on a wall, and began pulling on a shirt. Slowly, he worked his head and arms into the piece of clothing – by the time he finished, tucking the hem of the shirt into the waistband of his underwear, he was breathing hard. “Ta da!” he proclaimed before curling back down to the ground. “Piece of cake. Not sure why you’re calling it a `challenge,’ little guy.” The big breath of air that he let out before ending the video gave away the amount of exertion he’d had to put in to complete the task. Grinning, Tom set his phone down and curled up in bed, eyes closing as he faded away into a nap. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ PART 3 – A WEEK OR SO LATER ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Tom’s face lit up with glee as his laptop’s screen displayed an incoming group video call. Smacking the `accept call’ button, he plopped down into a chair, grinning ear to ear. “Hey guys!” His grin grew at the sight of Zayn Malik waving back at him. Moments later, Taron Egerton’s face appeared, a sight for sore eyes. “Oh, hey gents. Looks like we’re just missing one more.” Taron swirled a glass of bourbon, tipping it towards the camera as if he were toasting the other two. The boop-boop-boop sound of connection and one more box appeared on Tom’s laptop. “Heyyyyy daddy!” All three of them called out in unison, prompting the newcomer, Russell Tovey, to roll his eyes…although the large smile belied any feigned annoyance at their enthusiasm. Tom felt his chest rise and fall with a large breath. These weekly video calls had quickly become a staple for their group. He looked forward to the connection more than he was prepared to admit – it might be a poor replacement for in-person contact, but it was the best that they could do right now and it filled his heart. “You lads. Nothing better to do?” “We catch you at a bad time?” Taron leaned forward, as if he were trying to look over the edge of the screen. Tovey’s camera showed him bare chested, working a towel over his head as he dried off. “Naw, mate. Just getting out of the shower. Lost track of the time.” “Steve keeping you busy?” Zayn waggled his eyebrows as he spoke. Tovey opened his mouth, as if he were about to argue the point, and then shut it, the tips of his ears turning pink. “Yeah, actually.” Behind him, Steve Brockman walked by, winking and waving at the camera. All three guys physically leaned over as they watched him go by, nude, his manhood swinging as he walked. “I am so fucking jealous.” Tom squinted, glowering at the camera. “Hush you. And you’re staying safe, yeah? Not leaving the house just because you’ve got an itch to scratch?” Tovey’s eyebrows rose as he leaned in, looking directly into the camera. Tom glanced to the side, half annoyed and half depressed at what his sex life had devolved into. He raised his left hand into the air. “No sir. Just this. Which sucks – Taron has Jack. You’ve got Steve. Zayn managed to squeak John in. I…” He trailed off, his lower lip sticking out. “Buck up, lad. It might be over soon.” Taron winked as he peeled off his shirt, throwing it to the side, eager to get started. “Easy for you to say, wanker.” “Thought you were the one wanking it, Tom Solo.” Taron winked at the screen. “Taronnnn…” Russell turned his head, one eyebrow up. “Sorry. Hey, if you want to quarantine over here…” Taron angled his camera down, spreading his legs. “…there’s plenty of room for ya.” All four men burst out into laughter. “Shit, looks like Taron has a head start on the rest of us.” Zayn began tearing off clothes to catch up. “Naw. Beat him to it.” Tovey dropped his towel, leaving his body bare, the meat between his legs already starting to plump up. “The usual?” Taron’s member continued to rise as he gently stroked the inside of his legs, knowing that he wasn’t allowed to touch himself just yet. Tovey nodded. “Aye. Ten pounds each.” “And whoever lasts the longest collects the pot.” Zayn finished the sentence, eager to get started. “Tom, want to remind us of the rules?” Those baby blue eyes of Tovey’s never failed to make Tom’s heart flutter…and other body parts respond as well. “Gear on.” “Check.” All four voices at once, as Taron, Tom, and Zayn pointed to the sky blue leather collars wrapped around their necks…and Russell pointed to the same colored leather band around his upper arm. “Not allowed to touch yourself until the word `go’ is said.” Four sets of hands rose in the air, proving their `innocence’. “No toys, no helping hands from significant others. Otherwise, just lube and elbow grease.” Four hands rose nearly at once, holding up four various bottles of clear fluid. “Ready…” Four palms opened. “Set…” Four bottles were squeezed, depositing lube into open palms. “Go!” Four hands went down, wrapping around already-hard cocks, attended by four sighs of relief as everyone’s speakers began putting out the wet bursa escort sounds of skin on skin as they all began flogging their meat. Tom glanced at the laptop screen, always intrigued by the different ways that the guys expressed determined lust. Tovey’s lips were pressed together, eyebrows furrowed, looking like an aggressive rugby player seeking to tackle you. Taron’s lower lip hung open, breathing hard through his mouth, eyebrows turned up slightly, as if he were begging you to take his dick. And then Zayn – Tom couldn’t help but feel a soft spot for the new addition to their group. Despite the callousness that the former One Direction singer had displayed at parties, he had a big soft spot…and damn if the man couldn’t move his hips. He never failed to make Tom’s toes curl and his heart melt whenever they got down to fucking. The man put maybe half of his sensuality into his songs but 150% of it into his love-making, and Tom loved being on the receiving end of it. Zayn stared into the screen, as if he were piercing directly into Tom’s eyes, upper teeth showing as he bit his lower lip, a blend of Tovey’s assertiveness and Taron’s eagerness. Tom had to tear his eyes away, feeling his cock throbbing harder as he gazed at Zayn’s features, remembering the feel of their bodies together. Breathing hard through his nostrils, Tom aimed for two goals – getting off with his mates, but not getting off first. “As soon as this quarantine shite is over, I’m tearing that ass up, Malik.” “Aw, no – I’m coming for *your* ass.” Zayn bared his teeth, reminding Taron of the way that Zayn liked to bite down on the rear end of his conquests, leaving a little mark to remember him by. “Mind the teeth, mate.” “As if you’ve had any complaints.” “Behave, boys.” Tovey’s firm voice came across their speakers. “Aww, it’s Tom you should be worried about. Little fucker’s over there probably inviting half of London over to have a turn at his bum.” Russell lifted one eyebrow, a silent question at the screen. “Fuck that, I’ve been behaved, as much as it’s killing me. Not like these assholes who’ve got dick in the next room. I’m just here with my hand.” Tom growled at the screen, frustrated after a month and a half of quarantine. “Oh yeah, that’s right. Fuck, you know how good that Krasinski dick is.” Zayn winked at the screen, summoning fond memories in Tom’s mind of being filled full of that grade-A meat. “Unh….not…fair…” Tom squeezed his eyes shut but he couldn’t stop the flood of images – riding John Krasinski, laying on his back with his legs over the other man’s shoulders…watching him dressed like an explorer at the most-recent Hemsworth party, a big “T” mark on his chest to indicate his topping prowess, getting bred by that big dick. “God…dammit…Zayn…” Tom grunted as he began cumming, shooting up onto his stomach. “I…fucking…hate…you…” “Fuck that – you love me. And my dii-ii-ck. Fuuuck!” Zayn lost it, the sight of Tom’s busting his nut combined with taunting his friend, sending him over the edge. With a growl, he began coating his chest and belly with jizz. A few moments later, both he and Tom were panting, catching their breath and watching their screens. Taron and Tovey held on, looking determined as they quickened the pace, both racing and holding back at the same time. “Let it go, old man.” “Fuck you, youngling.” “That’s your job, isn’t it? Grinning while I ride that big thick dick of yours.” “I’m going to ram your ass so hard the next time I get to see you. You won’t fucking walk right for a week…grinning ear to ear…and leaking cum out your mouth, I’ll shoot so much in your arse.” “Oh fuck…fuck…no fair….fuuuuuuuck.” If there was one thing Taron Egerton enjoyed, it was being bred by a good-sized dick. Fuck if Tovey didn’t know how to push his buttons. Whimpering, he began unloading all over the sheets in front of him, some of the cum splattering onto his thighs. Tovey held a fist up in the air, victorious. It lasted just a few moments before he began shooting as well, joining his boys at the end of their virtual circle jerk. A quick look at the screen caught Tom staring, licking his lips slightly, looking hungry. It caused Tovey to spurt a couple more times, knowing how much his protege enjoyed swallowing a big load. “Damn, I needed that.” Zayn’s slim tattooed chest rose and fell, a big cheeky grin on his face. “Me too. Dammit, I miss you guys already.” Taron dropped down to the mattress, frustrated. “Fuck the lot of you – you’ve got guys there. I’m all alone here.” “Hey, told ya that you can come stay with me and Jack.” Taron propped himself up on his elbows, looking serious despite the ropes of jizz crossing his abdomen. “Yeah, but then I’m stuck there and can’t come home for awhile. No offense, but I don’t want to stay with the lot of you for months on end.” “No, and that’s why it’s important that you stay home.” Tovey looked into the camera, making sure that his words held weight across the distance between them all. “No going out for tricks, not even between the four of us. You don’t know where each other has been, or the people in their house. Understood.” “Yeah.” Three grumbled responses, annoyed at the situation but reluctantly agreeing with their pack leader’s orders. “I want to hear it from each of you.” “No going out unless it’s really necessary.” Taron took the lead on responding with the instructions. “Wear a mask at all times, until you’re home.” Tom voiced the next part. “Hand sanitizer in the car, shower once you’re home, wash your hands any other time.” Zayn finished the response. “Be safe. This shit is serious. And I don’t want to bury any of the three of you.” “Unless it’s in the mattress, pounding us into it.” Taron let out laughter as Tovey glared at him…and then let loose, unable to stay mad at his oldest member of the pack. “Best believe I’m coming for that ass when this is over. Someone deserves a paddling.” “Oh no. Please don’t smack my ass, daddy.” Zayn winked at the camera, tugging down on his lower lip with one finger. “You can smack my ass all day. I’ve been a bad boy.” Taron waggled his eyebrows, leering into the screen. “I’ll be even badder if you promise to spank me harder.” “You two…” “Us? Oh hell no, precious little Tom-Tom over there is the worst of us.” Zayn giggled as Tom’s nose scrunched up, disliking the nickname his friend chose to use on occasion. “You should actually spank him the hardest.” “Is that a punishment?” Taron lifted his glass up again. “Or a reward.” “Good point. That’s just going to encourage the little bugger. Maybe don’t spank him.” “Fuck you Zayn.” Tom stuck his tongue out. “How about I swat all three of you?” “Yeah!!!” Taron, Tom, and Zayn cried out in unison, prompting Tovey to roll his eyes and laugh at the same time. “Alright lads, I’ve gotta log off and start dinner. Same time next week?” “Yep.” “Yeah.” “Yes.” The three younger men nodded enthusiastically. Giving a thumbs up, Tovey reached out and then his box disappeared from the screen. “Later, gents. Miss ya.” Taron waved before vanishing. “Miss you too.” Tom replied, his voice fading as he realized Taron probably didn’t hear his response. “I miss you too. I really do.” Zayn felt a twinge in his heart as Tom looked back up, a longing look in his eyes. “Seriously, you’re welcome to come stay here.” “I know. But my family…” Tom let out a long sigh, feeling as if he were between a rock and a hard place. “This just all sucks so bad.” “Yeah. Watch, it’ll be over before you know it. And then you can come over here.” The corner of Zayn’s mouth twitched as he watched Tom look up and then back down, knowing that the other man was fumbling his fingers together. “Truth be told, I don’t even miss your *ass* that much. I mean, I do.” The two chuckled. “But just…playing video games together, or watching a movie, or shit, anything…and feeling you next to me. I miss all that shit, you know.” “Yeah.” The voice was small, mumbled. “Tom. Tom.” He repeated his friend’s name, with more force the second time, getting Tom’s eyes back on the screen. “It’ll be okay. I promise.” Tom opened his mouth and closed it. When it opened again, he was looking into the camera earnestly, the bond of friendship strong even though the distance between them felt unsurmountable. “Thanks Zee.” Zayn winked and blew a kiss at the camera. “Love ya, mate.” “Love you too.” Reluctantly, Zayn tapped his tablet, ending the call. Tom looked at the blank screen, letting out a long frustrated breath. Grabbing a t-shirt, he wiped his torso clean, tossing the now-sticky clothing into the hamper. Curling down on the bed and cuddling against a pillow, he closed his eyes, imagining an end to the quarantine. Within moments, his breathing grew heavier, a light snore rattling out of his throat as he drifted off to sleep, his fingers resting against the leather collar around his neck as he began to dream. ~ ~ ~ ~ TO BE CONTINUED ~ ~ ~ ~ Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed the story, have feedback or want to share ideas, would love to hear from you. red.cheshire.writer@ You can find all my stories at bly Follow me on Instagram or Twitter: Instagram @redcheshire Twitter @redcheshire_fic

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