Home Again part 2


Katy walks slowly backwards towards the bedroom. Her eyes are fixed on mine. Her hand is still under my chin as she guides me to follow her. She stops as we reach the side of the bed, then pats her hand twice on the bedspread. I sit up straight on the bed, place my stockinged feet on the floor and look at the wall in front of me. This is how she trained me early in our relationship, and now it’s a routine that I would not dream of questioning. I stare at the wall, as Katy walks across the other side of the room.The first words I hear from her since arriving home from work are directed at someone else. She has a phone in her hand and is telling someone to come over now. This is unusual as Katy always sees her lovers while I am at work. This time it appears that she has other plans, and it fills me with a mix of trepidation and excitement. I can hear Katy open, and then close a draw. She comes over to me and simply says, “Peter’s coming over.”She kneels down on the floor directly in front of me and places something small under the bed. She looks lovingly at me.”Pull down your pantyhose and knickers,” she directs.Katy doesn’t really command me. She doesn’t need to. She issues instructions, which so far, I’ve gladly followed. My swollen cock is ready for some attention, anything will do. The anticipation of her hand touching me is intense, and when she runs a finger up from the base of my balls and slowly reaches the head I feel a sharp urge to cum. My cock jumps at the sensation. I am, however, trained to resist such urges so I let the sensation pass.Katy grins at the sight and stands up. She climbs onto the bed on all fours and like a cat, she moves around until she is behind me. Katy can be very affectionate and this is typical of her. She places her hands on my shoulders İstanbul Escort as she leans into me and gently kisses around my neck. She uses her tongue to trace a path around one side of my throat, and then past the back of my neck over to the other side of my throat. She is kneeling on the bed and leans back so that her beautiful ass is resting on the back of her heels. Her hands drift down from my shoulders and reach around to my chest. Playfully she runs over my nipples. Slowly at first, she runs a fingernail in circles around each nipple. The nipples harden quickly, so Katy starts to pull on them. Each gentle tug and squeeze gives me a small electrical jolt, and I let out an involuntary groan. Without warning, Katy squeezes my hard nipples in a vice-like grip. This time, she doesn’t let go. She licks playfully around my neck as she keeps her grip tight. This has crossed over to pain for me, but still she doesn’t let up.Mercifully, she removes her hands and softly draws imaginary lines down my back with her nails.”Soon,” she says, “Peter will come in that door and fuck me. As a treat for you, I am going to involve you directly. Peter and I are going to try a new position, and you’re going to help us with it.” With that, Katy hops off the bed and resumes a position kneeling down in front of me. She reaches under the bed to retrieve whatever she placed there earlier. “I can see that you haven’t come yet, so we need a little precaution. Don’t want you making a mess.” Katy opens a condom and rolls it onto my cock.”We are not going to fuck on the bed or on the couch. We are going to fuck on you, honey. Please pull up your pantyhose and knickers and I’ll come and get you soon.” Katy goes into the dining room and picks up one of İstanbul Escort Bayan our high-backed dining chairs. She takes it into the loungeroom and positions it in the middle of the large rug which covered the floor between a couch and the fireplace. She leaves me in the bedroom for some time while she sits in the lounge room. Perhaps she is choreographing how things are going to go.Soon enough I hear the knock at the door, and Katy goes over to open it. I can hear some chatter and laughing, and then a sudden loud thump. I am momentarily startled and wonder if Katy is alright. The resumption of noises reassures me, but these sounds are different. These noises are passionate sounds of kissing and heavy breathing. The thump must have been Katy being pushed against the front door as their passionate interaction got started.This was kind of hot listening to my partner with someone else. I’d never been a voyeur, but suddenly the thought was enticing. I wanted to watch my partner get nailed. I get up and walk to the bedroom door, but am unable to bring myself to step outside. I must wait to be invited.Katy is clearly enjoying herself immensely with Peter and the longer they play around, the more my arousal soars.Soon enough the sounds of Katy’s obvious pleasure stops and this is replaced once again by a low chatter, almost a whisper, between the two lovers.Katy starts the walk towards the bedroom, which fills me with some dread. I have clearly broken a rule by moving from where I was left on the bed. It is no use trying to quickly take my place on the bed, as my path would be in her direct line of sight. I stand at the door and look at the floor and wait for Katy to arrive. She would no doubt deal with me as she saw fit.Katy chooses Escort İstanbul to overlook my act of defiance. Perhaps she reasons the routine change, and excitement of what was to come has impacted my discipline. As only Katy can, she simply lifts my chin and gives me a wink and a cheeky smile. As she leads me to the lounge room with the warm fireplace I suspect I will not face any consequences this time.It had actually been a long time since Katy imposed any serious consequences on me. Early in our relationship, she had been very clear about expectations. Once when I got home from a work function at nine after saying I’d be home around eight, Katy made it crystal clear that consequences can follow such thoughtlessness and errors in judgement. She demanded that I undress and sit by the heavy wooden dining table. Placing my hands around a leg of the table, Katy used handcuffs to secure my arms and keep me from moving away. To finish, a sash was tied tightly around my eyes to make sure I had no vision.Soon, Katy went out and left me alone. When she came back some time later, she had the company of two women. Katy never told me who they were, and I dared never ask. I felt humiliated to be dressed in knickers and pantyhose and wrapped to a table while Katy and her two friends sat at the table, had coffee and discussed all sorts of things (except me).The last time I was seriously punished went like this. I was laying on the bed on my back and Katy brought out some handcuffs. She flashed me a broad grin as she crawled on the bed making her way from the foot all the way up to my hands (which were holding on to metal bars on the bedhead). Katy once again handcuffed me so that my hands were bound tight against one of the metal bars. We have often played with cuffs, so at that point I had no idea that I was to be punished. Bringing out a black nylon balaclava and covering my face, Katy told me it was wrong for me to discuss our relationship with someone outside that relationship, unless I had asked for and been granted permission. Now I knew I was about to be punished.

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