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In 2004, Gary went on to college after graduating a year prior from Dunmore High. In that year between, he spent time considering where he might want to go for a four-year degree. For one year, he spent some time at the community college while staying close to his family.

He told his mom, who he was very close to then, that he wasn’t sure he wanted to leave town and live away from her and the family. He told his mom almost all of his problems, some of his secrets, and much of what he wanted. Like her, he’d talk to his sister as well.

What he never told his mom was that he found her pretty. He found his mom extremely pretty. She knew something was different. She just didn’t know what to be sure.

Many Saturday evening’s, Gary would go online and instead of playing typical game sights or blogging, he’d be on a sight that saw mom’s and son’s become intimate. Not just close, but also sexually intimate.

Gary was 18, so at first he was hesitant. He reassured himself that this was okay because he was legally an adult. The sight called for a person to be 18, so he didn’t worry.

Then there was his sister as well, who behaved much like his mom did. She looked like her mom. She was built like her mom. But he found himself mainly attracted to the safe haven of his mom’s warmth. His sister had similar qualities, but it wasn’t always the same.

A year had passed since graduating from high school. His mature sister just graduated from school also, turning 18 in May and partying up with many of her friends while he went through the tribulations of confusion that existed in his mind. How could she enjoy herself, but he couldn’t?

Gary felt an attraction to his mom. He was confused. Gary thought he was becoming sexually attracted to her. He began believing he could ‘sleep’ with her. She always comforted him. She always, until even recently, consoled him physically.

She always held him close to her when he broke down, frustrated because he was upset over something. He was a sensitive person with feelings.

Gary was told to try to work them out himself many times, nicely, by his younger sister. He wasn’t able. She and Gary would sit in her bedroom sometimes for hours and talk instead of her going out with her friends.

They were close in many ways. He developed a fondness for her, but as a sister, he thought. They were close and she didn’t mind hugging her brother to console him.

As the summer before his first full year at Oklahoma North University was to begin, Gary would often wake up in the morning after ravaging dreams. Dreams that produced results of a different kind, he would often wake up late due to them too and would have to be awakened by his mom or sister.

He was embarrassed. He wouldn’t get out of bed until they left the room. He only slept in his boxers, which was normal. During the night, Gary would have wild dreams. Wild dreams that were sexually related. They only began that summer, just after his sister turned 18 in May and more frequently when she graduated in early June.

He’d awaken with a boner. Or he’d awaken even worse yet, spent with cum soaking his boxers. “What the hell man?” “Oh my God, fuck!” These sentences were uttered in his mind. Then he’d recall why.

“Oh God, oh shit! I had sex or messed around with mom. Jesus, there’s no way!” Then he wondered why he was naked, playing, touching, letting her lead him on or telling him what to do. It was all friendly. It was all loving. It was all intimate in nature. She’d take his hand and run it across her boobs or she led it across her pussy and thighs too. She also had him run his fingers through her vaginal hair, repeatedly. That’s what he’d dream about.

But she took it a step further in his dreams, she talk to him about how to treat a girl, how to talk to a girl, how to compliment her, or be polite. Don’t kiss on a first date. Don’t be aggressive, although she’d be saying all of this with her bra and panties on or just her panties in front of him; they might be laying together in her bed or his bed. No one else would be around. He’d dream of these scenes.

All this plus more brought him to ejaculate in his sleep or just keep him hard. He recalled the dreams. He didn’t like them, at first. But as they reoccurred, he became warmhearted towards them.

As the dreams continued, his sister would begin to show up briefly in them. She would appear, initially, fully dressed in them. He didn’t feel concerned. Within a month, she’d walk in on them, smiling away, but with pajamas on and skimpy at that. She almost appeared sexy. But this was his sister and not some local girl he might be fond of.

He’d wake up with the boner on. His sister would be running about the hallway and scrambling to put on the final transformations to her self, such as hair and makeup, in the bathroom.

He needed to get in and shower. He would not leave his room with a boner on. No way would he do that if she were close by. It always seemed to take a few minutes for him gaziantep escort to relax it. His sister was told by his mom to tell him to get his ass in gear, and in those words.

His mom had no idea. He became more and more frustrated with the situation. It was worse when he’d cum in his boxers and they would be soaked. Since he released himself in such a roaring way, they would be half-soaked almost.

He would have to wash them out, hang them in the shower, and let them dry. Although his mom came in his room to clean often, she never went into the kid’s bathroom, except once per week to clean it. He knew when that was so he accounted for that.

Once he finally got home, he’d throw them down to be washed. He had his routine down. His only problems were the reoccurring dreams he had about his mom and sister. Why she would come into my dreams, he asked.

He wasn’t sure what to do. Obviously, he was confused. He lived with it for a while. He buried the subconscious attraction for both but he didn’t realize it. He went on dreaming, having wet dreams, or waking up often with the hard-on.

August came and he was preparing for college. He was apprehensive. He wasn’t ready but he packed and his mom, dad, and sister took him down to the college about 650 miles away. It was a good college with a good base of people from good backgrounds.

He would become accustomed to the surroundings, soon enough, they thought. He didn’t and it showed. He’d get to classes late, right off the bat.

His dreams continued. He had a roommate and that wasn’t working out. How could he get out of bed in the morning spent or with a hard-on and not be embarrassed.

He missed his family, especially his mom. He missed the talks he had with his sister occasionally. She was off at the community college, making new friends and deciding on a major. She was busy, but she’d email him occasionally.

He was homesick and wanted to see his mom and talk to her. He was uncomfortable. He didn’t go and socialize. He didn’t go to any parties, clubs, fraternities, or even join school organizations.

He couldn’t easily get online, surf the net, and look at sites as he did before. He especially couldn’t go to any sites with ‘moms and sons’ on them. Those were blocked by the Uni, unless one could hack outside the network. That took some doing.

He missed his mama. She brought him that comfort he intimately had begun to love. He put up with the school. The people were friendly enough. They were sociable enough and they liked him. He still missed his mommy.

He still had his dreams. He couldn’t deny the loving, one-on-one, hand-to-hand warmth, and sometimes-erotic moments with his mom.

Yes, sometimes they had erotic moments, which they spent lying in his or her bed being intimate!

Then he remembered his sister coming into the dreams. He wondered what was up with that, but he began longing for her company too; he didn’t initially long for her for sexual company, but he did long for her in general.

His grades were decent. He went to some parties eventually. He began socializing more and more. What he discovered was he spent more time with anyone older, possibly closer to his mom’s age. He would almost act as if they were a mother figure but without the lover’s tag. He only thought that in his mind. That made him more at ease socially.

Most parties of course, became too crazy. Most parties became way to wild. Girls going bi that normally weren’t that way. All out naked sex in a backroom or garage setting, all of this occurred and he wasn’t familiar with it and more importantly, he was not comfortable.

He was not prepared for relationships of this nature. He wanted the comforts of home.

The next morning, he left school, boarded a bus, and headed home. He would get home Monday afternoon at about 2:30pm.

He arrived home to a quiet house. Mom’s car was there. Juliana’s car was there too. There was not a sound to be heard. He called out just before he walked upstairs. He hopped up the steps. To his left was his mom and dad’s room. To his right, were both his room and Juliana’s room.

He looked in Juliana’s room and no one was there. He thought he heard something. He walked into his room and no one there either. He dropped his bags and walked down to his parent’s room.

He knocked on the closed door. At first, there was nothing. He knocked again and called out, “Mom? Mom are you in there?”

“Honey is that you”, she replied. “What are you doing home? Why did you come home?”

“Mom, can I come in?”

“Oh no, can you wait a minute, she asked. I’m trying to get dressed. Why don’t you go downstairs and get a bite to eat. I’ll be right there, alright?”

He said okay and went to the kitchen. He looked for lunchmeat, but as he wandered through the refrigerator, he heard two sets of footsteps.

He looked up at the ceiling as he identified both sets. One was moms, but the other, konya escort those were…”Oh my God! Oh my freaking God, he said stunned, those were Juliana’s!”

They came from his mom’s room. “What the heck’s going on, he thought. Why is Juliana in mom’s room? The footsteps scampered down the hallway. They stopped, as he heard them, turning what was evident, around the corner into her room. He was able to judge the distance from mom’s room to Juliana’s room.

He thought to himself, “What the fuck is going on?”

Then he heard the footsteps of his sister. She came down with the stairwell with the pitter-patter of easily distinguished feet! Hers were different from mom’s footsteps; those were a little heavier.

She came around the corner with a fake smile on her face. “Hi Gary, how are you? Why are you home Gare? I didn’t know you were coming home.”

He gave a glared look at her, initially. He had a suspicious idea something went on in his mom’s room, but he didn’t know what or why he felt that way.

Then Juliana came over and embraced him with a hug. This wasn’t any old hug. It was not a brother-sister hug. One might get this hug from a girl that likes you for more then a friend.

He thought, “What is going on here?” He didn’t return it in the same manner, although when she did hug him like that, he felt something different. Yes, something different overcame him.

He didn’t know what affected her or what was on her mind for sure, but he knew something was up with Juliana; He set his mind on it to find out.

He heard his mom hop downstairs. Yes, she galloped downstairs as if it was spring and outdoor planting was ready to begin. “Get the trowels; get the flowers and everyone get outside so we can plant”. That sound of footsteps with glee in them and excitement that summer was on its way type of tone.

She was in a delighted and loving frame of mind. She loved her children and always wanted to show them. Mom did it differently, but since they were adults, she felt she wanted to show them physically now.

“Hiii honey, what are you doing home? Why aren’t you at college sweetheart?”

She came up to Gary, as Juliana did, and hugged him that same way. As if she was, a girl that liked him very much and Gary actually loved her hug.

“Oh my God, he thought to himself, give me that again mom!”

His mom wore a pullover. She was not wearing a bra. Her tits bounced left and right as well as slightly upwards making her a vision of beauty.

He wasn’t trying to stare, but being larger, they shuffled across her chest much more noticeably. He could not see any definition of nipples, but he was not thinking about them. He did like the way her boobs danced about as she smiled and opened up a conversation with the two of them.

Whatever went on between her and Juliana, she hid it well. So did Juliana for that matter. God, it was nice to see mom again, he thought! He missed that physical presence badly.

He liked having Juliana around too. Both mom and Juliana were all smiles while he sat there in frustration. He missed being home. He missed his mom.

He couldn’t have a comfortable night of sleep while away at school as he could here because he couldn’t hide his boner well enough. He couldn’t hide his cum soaked boxers either! That made life worse!

“Honey, said mom, why did you come home?” Juliana asked the same thing. She wasn’t upset; neither were upset. In fact, both were very happy to have him home, it appeared. “I am assuming it’s not going well”, asked his mom.

“It’s not mom. I just don’t like it that much. I miss being home. I miss you, Juliana, dad, and some of my friends.”

Juliana chimed in, “Me, you actually miss me?”

“Yeah I actually do miss being with you. You know how we sit in your room some nights and talk late.”

His mom looked at the two and asked, “You two actually talk a lot to each other? I always wondered if you two were close.”

“Yeah mommy, answered Juliana, we do talk about lots of things. Nothing too personal, but we talk about friends, girls, guys, and stuff that may have happened in life; it isn’t anything too private though; we don’t go into too much personal stuff.”

“I didn’t know that. That’s very nice you two. It warms my heart to know you two are close like that.”

Then Gary’s mom came up to both and hugged each separately. “Gary, honey, we have to talk about this. Juliana dear, do you mind if Gary and I spend some time together today, alone dear?”

“I guess not mommy.” Juliana told Gary she would talk to him later. They hugged again; Juliana hugged him again as if he was her boyfriend and not a brother. He thought that it was strange she hugged him like that.

Juliana was a 34D. That was his guess from what he had noticed. As of late, he’d seen her in her underwear quite often! He didn’t realize he had feelings for her. He initially denied them. Soon enough, he would begin to feel differently kayseri escort about her, how she carried herself, and presented herself around the house.

That would make him and his dreams even worse. He wouldn’t experience that problem until a couple of days later when he went back to school.

Juliana left for the day. Gary and his mom were all alone. His mom and he sat at the table in the kitchen talking about his problems. At first, she was across the table. He was frustrated. He didn’t like the campus or the surroundings, although he was more comfortable with some students and specifically some coeds, but he didn’t want to be there.

“Gary honey, as she stood up, walking around the table, and sat next to his side, this was the school you decided on. This was the school, which had the best curriculum suited for your interest. This was the school that…”

She was abruptly cutoff by Gary as he turned to him mom. “Mom, I don’t want to be there. I miss being here at home and you specifically! I miss many things! I love being here around you mom and I don’t like being away from home at all!”

“What are you saying Gary that you want to be here at home, going to school, and live here too? The school here stinks and you know that. You know that, don’t you honey?”

She put her arm around Gary to comfort him. She pulled him inwards as he laid himself against her upper body. He liked that feeling against her soft, secure, and supple physique.

“Awww Gary, sweetheart, everything will be fine. You wait and see. I want you to go back and give it a chance. It’s only been a couple of month’s honey.”

Gary didn’t cry. He was too old for that. There was chaos inside of him. Gary had a degree of mommy complex. Gary loved his mommy. Gary wanted his mom around for comfort during this time of conflict. Gary’s mom did just that for him.

“Gary dear, let’s go in the other room and relax. You can open up and let me know exactly how you feel honey. Tell me everything that’s going on and exactly everything you feel and get it off your chest. I’m here for you honey, I am.”

He looked at his mom and a little smile appeared on his face. They hugged again, but this time Gary made an initial advance by hugging his mom in a sexual manner almost. She and Gary hugged for an unusually long amount of time. He loved the sensations he experienced while they hugged.

She did too and that’s why the hug lasted as long as it did. To Gary, her hugs were amazing. Her hugs made him feel as if he was back in one of his dreams he had during the night. That hug gave him that euphoric feeling that he loved having as if he was in one of his dreams in his sleep. There was an excitement and erotic sense about it, which along with an affectionate arousal, surfaced within him.

Gary began feeling slightly better already. Gary didn’t seem to understand, at first, that his mom intentionally made him feel as if he was attracted to her powers physically, but she did just that. She brought out a physical attraction to her.

Sitting on their couch talking about school and his frustrations, she listened and smiled. Occasionally, she would grimace in despair, but her tender loving smiles would quickly reappear.

When he saw her smile, it made him feel much, much better. He talked and talked and talked. She listened and listened the whole time. Holding his hand to comfort him, he felt strong urges to touch her but not necessarily sexually. He only felt an urge to touch her showing her he appreciated her motherly love. It became more than that, soon enough.

He put his arms around her, thanking her, and pulled her in against his shoulder. She allowed him to do that but nothing happened, at that point. He did it again.

He turned as he talked and then they hugged. This time she only gave him a motherly hug. It was different from in the kitchen when she gave him that personal hug as if it were his girlfriend giving him a hug.

“Gary honey, sweetheart, are you feeling a little better?”

“Yeah mom, thanks, I do feel better. I am so warn out, but talking to you makes me feel much better. I love you mom. I sure do love you. He looked at her when he said that. Her pretty, hazel eyes seemed like flowers to him as the aura of them glittered and caught his attention.

“Boy mom, do people tell you that you have awesome eyes. I mean incredibly pretty eyes.”

“Thank you dear, that’s so sweet of you to say. You’ve never said anything like that before.”

“Well you make me feel better, like Juliana, when I’m able to talk about things.”

“How are you feeling now, better are you?” They sat shoulder to shoulder now.

“I’m okay I guess”, said Gary.

“Take off your shoes Gary, put up your feet sweetheart and lie down. Here put your head on my lap.” She patted her lap and directed him to become cozy. His mom wore only a skirt. She didn’t think about it initially that she hadn’t put on any underwear herself, so she was panty free.

If he pursued it, he could easily slide his hand up his mom’s skirt, fingering her easily.

She rubbed his head of hair. He lay on his mom’s lap as if he was a young kid. But he was not; he was a 19-year-old who had complex feelings and mature sexual drive. There was only one problem, this was his mom… or was it a problem?

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