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I have a little secret. I am a big freak and I love to have fun. First off, let me tell you who you’re dealing with. My name is Thor. When people think of Thor, they think of a big white guy with blond hair holding a hammer. I am just the opposite. A big and tall black man with a shaved head. I’m around six-foot-six and I weigh two hundred and thirty pounds. I used to play football in high school. These days, I go to a state school and I am taking up business. I’m on scholarship, which is a good thing. I get to study for free, basically. This isn’t what this about, though. I want to share some of my adventures with you.

I like to do some really freaky things sometimes. I have a confession to make. Fat women turn me on. I don’t know why. Something about a chick with a chunky body and a big booty really gets me going. I like a big female with some class, though. Unfortunately, finding a female with some class in the hood is like asking for snow in California. It just doesn’t happen. I try to settle for someone halfway decent in the personality department half the time. Maybe that’s why I hooked up with Crystal.

Crystal was this really big chick. Standing five feet ten inches tall and weighing two hundred and fifty pounds. Her skin was jet-black and she had short hair bleached white. The girl was huge. We’re talking about a seriously chunky body here. A big body, big hips, big legs and a really big ass. Oh, yeah. Crystal was a fat chick and she wasn’t ashamed of it. The girl would wear tight shirts and even tighter skirts. She wasn’t afraid to let it show. She was freaky like that. We met at a club and she was something to see back there. A big chick with a big ass shaking her thing on the dance floor among the sexy girls and the studs like she was the hottest thing in there. Yeah, the girl had it going on. I like somebody who believes in themselves. Too many girls I know have low self-esteem and they complain about their looks, which doesn’t exactly make them fun to be around. Crystal was cool and she was comfortable with herself. That’s why I liked her.

I approached her and we danced together for some time. A big man dancing with a big girl. Not something you see everyday but definitely something to see. We had a lot of fun that night. Hell, I even went home with her. Since that time, we’ve been hitting it off regularly. That’s why I had left my dorm at Amherst and come down to Dorchester to visit her in the apartment that she shared with her roommate Felicia. Crystal greeted me when I came knocking on her apartment door. I smiled and gave her a kiss. She was wearing a black T-shirt and only panties underneath. I smiled even more when I noticed that. She took my hand and led me into her bedroom.

Once I was inside, the girl gently pushed me onto the bed and took off her shirt. I smiled and looked at her as she unzipped my pants. I removed my shirt and looked at Crystal’s sexy form. A big girl could be very sexy and Crystal seemed to personify that. She removed my boxers and took my cock into her mouth.

Man, that’s what I’m talking about. Crystal can suck a mean dick. She began to suck on my cock and lick at my balls. I’ve had my dick sucked by a lot of females and I must admit, also by a few males. Yeah, I’m a bisexual black man, sue me! Most women simply aren’t good at sucking dicks. They don’t know how to do it right and often, they’re not really enthusiastic about it. Crystal could outperform most females when it comes to sucking cock. She did it well. I was hard as steel and she was still sucking on my cock like a frigging milking machine. I tried to hold back but after ten minutes, I couldn’t hold it anymore. I came. I came all in Crystal’s mouth and she drank all of my seed. I sighed happily and looked at her. Crystal smiled at me and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

I smiled at her. She came closer to me and whispered something into my ear. I looked at her and grimaced. Crystal smiled at me and licked her lips. I had to consider this. Crystal wanted to fuck me in the ass with a dildo. I was more than a little apprehensive about that. I told her this. She said that she only wanted to try using the dildo on me once and that if I went with it, she’d let me fuck her ass. I looked at her and smiled. The thought of fucking Crystal in that big ass of hers had crossed my mind but I didn’t want anything going up mine. So, I asked her if she wanted to go first. Surprisingly, she agreed.

Crystal opened a drawer and got some lubricant, then she handed it to me. She then got on all fours and spread her big ass cheeks wide open. I looked at her little asshole. A tiny black hole. I grabbed the lube and applied some on my eight-inch cock. Then, ataşehir escort I applied some lube on Crystal’s asshole. I rubbed my cock against her tight little asshole, and pushed. Crystal moaned when my cock slid into her lubricated asshole. I smiled and smacked those big butt cheeks of hers as I drove my dick deep into her ass. Her asshole was tight but I could tell that she wasn’t a virgin in that area. I grabbed those big hips of hers and thrust into her. I started to fuck her like there was no tomorrow. I slammed my dick deep into her shit hole.

I was fucking Crystal when suddenly, somebody walked into the room. I gasped in surprise as Felicia walked in. Felicia is this short and skinny white girl with short blonde hair and pale green eyes. She’s a student at the nearby community college and she’s been Crystal’s best friend for ages. Felicia’s alright but she’s kind of skinny for my taste. She smiled at me and asked Crystal if she could watch. With almost eight inches of hard black cock ramming into her asshole, Crystal could only nod.

I continued to pound my dick hard up Crystal’s ass. The big girl pushed back against me, driving me deeper into her. Felicia watched us and began fingering herself. I winked at her and she smiled at me. I watched the white girl as she fingered her pussy. Crystal watched too. She asked Felicia to come closer. Felicia did. She came and lowered herself underneath Crystal’s big body, positioning her pelvis under Crystal’s face. Crystal took the hint and began to eat out Felicia. I watched all this and it got me even harder if you can believe that. I pounded into Crystal’s ass hard until I came. When I did, I flooded her asshole with my hot cum. Crystal continued to eat out Felicia. I pulled out of her and watched them as they went at it.

The two girls, one big and black, the other skinny and white, got into the sixty nine position. They began to lick and eat each other’s pussies. I watched, growing harder by the minute. When they finally made each other cum, it was sexy as hell and glorious. I almost came myself. I think I would have, if I hadn’t cum earlier. Felicia pulled herself off Crystal and looked at me. I could tell what she wanted. The skinny white girl wanted some of my black dick. That’s okay because I was more than ready to give it to her.

I lay flat on the floor with my hard dick sticking upward. Felicia straddled me. She slowly lowered herself onto me until her pussy was impaled upon my cock. I put my hands on her slender hips and thrust into her. Felicia supported herself by resting her hands on my fingers, then she began bouncing up and down on me. At the same time, Crystal got closer to us. I didn’t pay attention to her as I was fucking Felicia but then I felt something wet being applied against my ass. She was rubbing lubricant on my ass. I felt something hard press against my back door, then something hard and cylindrical went into my ass. I looked at Crystal, to her smiling as she drove a blue dildo up my ass.

Man, I couldn’t believe this shit. I was a big black man lying on the floor of a crummy little apartment and a skinny white chick was bouncing up and down my cock. At the same time, a big black woman was shoving a blue dildo up my asshole. I felt Crystal’s dildo sliding deeper into my ass and amazingly, my cock got harder. Felicia briefly turned around, noticed what Crystal was doing and changed positions. She got up and this time, she held my cock and pressed it against her asshole. Slowly, she lowered herself onto me until my cock was buried up her asshole. Felicia winced but took it like a champ. She did not scream as I thrust my big cock into her asshole. At the same time, Crystal fucked my ass faster with the dildo. My tight ass gripped her dildo hard and at the same time, I fucked Felicia’s tight ass as hard as I could. We went at it like this for a long time. Before I knew it, I came, shooting my load up Felicia’s ass. The girl screamed in both pain and pleasure as my hot seed rushed inside her. Slowly, Felicia pulled the dildo out of my ass. I sighed in relief.

A little while later, all three of us headed into Crystal’s bathroom and we had another hot session of sex. I bent Crystal over the toilet and spread her big ass cheeks wide open. I slid my cock back into her ass. At the same time, Felicia slid her finger up my butt. I fucked Crystal, hard. It was almost as if I wanted to make her big sexy ass pay for fucking me with the dildo, even though I had enjoyed it. Felicia fucked my ass with her slim fingers. She slid first one, then two inside me. I pulled my cock out of Crystal’s ass and surprisingly, Felicia took me into her mouth. Crystal watched, fingering herself as Felicia sucked avcılar escort my dick, which had just gone up Crystal’s ass, twice. Man, this white chick was freaky. Once she had me nice and hard, she asked me to fuck her pussy and I obliged. I slammed my dick deep into her pussy and made her scream as I plowed into her. Crystal shoved the dildo up her ass and a candle up her pussy as she watched us. I could tell that the big girl was excited. I continued fucking Felicia until we both came. It was over.

Since that day, our lives got a lot more exciting. We were like Three’s Company, the way it should have been. I smile when I think about that. These girls have turned me into a bit of an anal freak. It’s not uncommon for me to be fucking Crystal’s ass while Felicia slides a dildo up mine. We are always trying new things. Sometimes, my dick goes from Felicia’s ass to Crystal’s mouth. Sometimes, both of them wear strap on dildos and fuck me, and then I fuck them by plowing my dick up their respective pussies, mouths and assholes. It’s a lot of fun and we make each other scream. Felicia and I both love playing with Crystal’s ass. Sometimes, we shove cucumbers up her ass. Crystal’s a big girl whose elastic asshole seems to take it all. Felicia and I aren’t so inclined. We like being able to sit down the next day, thank you very much. Yep. This is how my life is these days, thanks to these two sexy, freaky females. I like them both. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sometimes, I bring one of my guys to join us in a little sexing. I brought my friend Justin one time. Justin is a tall, good-looking black guy in his early twenties. He goes to Bridgewater State and is studying to be a law enforcement agent. He’s a very serious guy who seriously needs to relax. The dude once told me that since he studied so hard, he didn’t have time for sex. Oh, and he was going out with a black bitch who was always acting up. Justin is also frustrated and chronically bored since his girlfriend Rachel doesn’t give him any play. He told me that she doesn’t deliver in the bedroom. I invited him to join us in some fun the day he split up with Rachel for good.

The girls were glad to meet Justin and from the way they looked at him, I could tell that they wanted some of him. Justin and Felicia flirted with each other openly and their attraction was palpable. Crystal and I weren’t surprised when we found them naked in the living room. Justin sat on a couch and Felicia knelt before him, taking his big cock into her mouth. Justin gently stroked Felicia’s hair as she sucked him off. They went at it like this for some time, until he came. Felicia drank his seed and smiled at him. She wanted this dude badly.

Crystal and I watched as Justin and Felicia went at it. Felicia got on all fours and Justin came up behind her. He caressed her sexy butt cheeks and spread them wide open. Felicia took his cock and guided him into her. Justin slid his cock into Felicia’s asshole. Felicia gasped when he entered her, then began fingering her pussy as he fucked her in the ass. They went at it and we watched. Crystal and I were so turned on that we decided to do our freaky thing too.

Crystal whipped out a strap on and greased it up with oil. I lay on my back and she raised my legs up in the air. She rubbed the dildo against my asshole and stroked my cock. She entered me with one firm thrust. I looked up at Crystal and was amazed at the sight of this big sexy black chick as she fucked my ass with her dildo. I was hard as hell within moments. Crystal bent down and took my cock into her mouth. She sucked my dick and licked my balls. I sighed happily. There’s something great about having a dildo up your ass while your woman is sucking your cock. It makes you hard and turns you on, if you’re the kind of man who can relax.

From where I lay, I could see Felicia and Justin as they went at it. He was fucking her like there was no tomorrow and she seemed to be loving every damn minute of it. I smiled then winced as Crystal rammed her dildo up my butt. With my eyes riveted at Justin and Felicia as they fucked, a dildo in my ass and Crystal’s mouth sucking my dick, I couldn’t take it anymore. I came, blasting my seed all over the place. Crystal drank it all without spilling a drop. I sighed in pleasure.

Crystal pulled the dildo out of me and hugged me. I kissed her, then decided to return the favor. She smiled and raised her legs in the air. I knelt between her legs and fingered her pussy. Crystal purred and took my hard cock, rubbing it against her asshole. I slid my cock into her ass. Crystal gasped. I began to fuck her slowly and steadily, just the way she liked it. We loved fucking each other’s butts. She urged ataşehir escort bayan me to fuck her harder and I did. I plowed my cock into her asshole. Crystal screamed in pain and pleasure as I drove my dick deep into her bunghole. Yeah, anal sex was our favorite thing to do. We fucked and sucked each other from dusk till dawn sometimes. When I finally came and flooded her ass with my seed, Crystal put her arms around me and kissed me. I kissed her back.

We both sat down and watched Felicia and Justin. They were both spent. I looked at Justin. He looked at me. I saw his hard dick and gazed at it longingly. Yep. I still had urges to be with a man. I liked Crystal. She was my anally fixated best pal and sex buddy. She was a great girl and any man would be lucky to have a woman half as loyal and sexually experimental as she was. Crystal looked at me and smiled. Long ago, we’ve discussed certain things. Crystal knew that I was bisexual and she didn’t care. She knew that even though I liked her and loved having sex with her, my urges for other men would never go away. She accepted that.

I winked at Justin and he looked at Justin. He looked at Felicia. Felicia smiled and nodded. Justin walked up to me. I stood up and we kissed. Man, this was awesome. I love the softness and sex appeal of women’s bodies but a man’s body was a wonder in itself. The rugged, masculine form had a great appeal. I kissed Justin, then began licking him from head to toe. He sighed and moaned in pleasure. I took his cock into my mouth. I began sucking his cock and licking his balls. Justin moaned in pleasure and stroked my head. I stroked my own cock as I sucked his. I noticed that both Crystal and Felicia were looking at us. Both of the females looked very much turned on. I sucked Justin until he came in my mouth, then I drank his seed. Justin roared in sheer pleasure as he came. I looked up at him. He was a very sexy man indeed.

I wiped my mouth and got up. Justin grinned and I saw his swinging dick. He pressed his sexy body against me and whispered something to me. I hesitated. I’ve done a lot of things sexually. I’ve done it women and with men. I’ve also had threesomes. But I’ve never let a man do to me what Justin was asking. Still, I was curious and very horny. Justin asked Crystal for some lube. She threw him the bottle. He lubed up his cock and applied some lubricant up my ass as well. Then, he pressed his hard cock against my ass, and entered me. Justin grabbed me by the hips and thrust his cock into me. I gasped. I’ve had fingers, dildos and tongues up my ass before but never a man’s real cock. It was scary. It also felt better than any dildo. Justin began to give me a serious fucking.

The women were watching as he fucked me. I was so turned on that I reached for my own cock. Crystal smiled and came closer to me. She got underneath me and took my cock into her mouth. I thrust into Crystal’s mouth as Justin slammed his cock up my asshole. Crystal sucked me off and fingered herself at the same time. Felicia saw this and decided to give her a hand with that. Felicia knelt between Crystal’s plump and sexy legs and began eating her out. Felicia licked Crystal’s pussy and fingered her. Crystal closed her eyes in pleasure and continued to suck me. With Justin’s hard cock ramming my asshole and Crystal’s warm mouth sucking my dick, it wasn’t long before I knew I would explode.

As if sensing this, Crystal got up, somewhat startling Crystal. She got on all fours and grabbed my cock. She rubbed it against her asshole. I thrust into her asshole just as Justin was ramming his dick into mine. Crystal pushed back against me, which had the effect of driving my cock deeper into her ass but also drove Justin’s dick deeper into me. Felicia lay on the floor, masturbating as she watched us. We fucked and sucked each other like this for a long time, until I came. I exploded inside Crystal’s ass. At the same time, Justin exploded inside me. I felt what I knew both Crystal and Felicia must have felt when I came inside her respective asses. The rush of warm, manly seed filling you up. It was a rush alright. I screamed, overwhelmed by the sheer pleasure of it.

A little while later, all four of us lay there, recuperating. Crystal lay by my side, her hand entwined in mine. I kissed her. I liked this girl. She was a sexy girl who didn’t care that I was bisexual. Most females would flip if they knew that their man liked both women and men. She told me that she loved me. Ditto is what I told her. Yep. I loved that girl. My big, sexy black woman. That day, we became a couple. No longer simply pals or fuck buddies. As for Felicia and Justin, I don’t know what they are. They hang out together, fucking like rabbits and sometimes asking us or other people to join them. They go to both straight and gay bars, picking up both women and men. More power to them is what I say. I’m happy with what I got. It works for me. Cool. See you folks later.

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