Hot Foursome in the Spa


The day had arrived. Spa day. I’d been calling it spa day for weeks, since we booked it. I’d actually given it to Marta as a gift but, after a bottle of wine on the sofa one evening, she coerced me into going with her. The next day I protested a little but her argument that I would get to see her in a bikini for most of the 24 hours we are there, convinced me. If I remember correctly the “argument” also led to hot, passionate sex and a reminder that we’ll have a huge double bed at the spa hotel. Still, I’m not generally a spa guy and was a little reserved with my excitement.

So, bags packed and we’re heading to the hills! The drive was cool — quiet, countryside roads through hills and forests all the way. I tried to hide my fear of spa treatments but also wondered to what extent I would see naked skin, especially Marta’s. I imagined I’d be the only guy there (It’s a women’s thing, right?) and would simply lay back at the pool with a cocktail, watch Marta and fantasize. That’d suit me to the ground and would be my idea of a perfect spa weekend. Who needs treatments!

We had a couple of hours drive ahead of us and after a while, the mind goes to sex, as usual. Well, my mind anyway. With a very attractive lady on the passenger seat it’s difficult not to go there every few minutes. Marta caught me or read me or whatever it is women do and said, “I know you’re having naked thoughts right now!” Of course she was right. And, as I’d learned with Marta, honesty is the best way to proceed.

“Yes I am!” I said very honestly. “You naked, bringing me drinks while I enjoy my spa days at the pool!”

“This is my birthday present, so if anyone is serving drinks naked, it’s you!”

“Let’s play a game,” I said. “I need some horniness to stop my panic about spa treatments”.

“I don’t have such problems,” Marta said smiling. “I’ll soon have warm hands massaging my oily body in the massage rooms. You can panic about the treatments as much as you want, but I’m going to enjoy the hands!”

“I can still cancel this present, you know? But if you promise to play my game, I’ll forgive you,” I said.

“OK. I usually win your games anyway.”

I had to think of something good now. Yes, she did usually win all my silly car games so I had to think of something that I would enjoy her winning. And as the topic was nakedness and massages, I knew I could try something raunchy. And it wouldn’t be the first time. My first blowjob in a car EVER was courtesy of Marta. I had an idea.

“Ok. So, maybe it’s more of a bet than a game. Are you in?”

Of course now, Marta being competitive, she now didn’t want to lose a bet.

“I’m in, now get on with it”, she said, faking frustration.

I presented my dare. I dared her, in the car right now, to remove all her clothes and sit naked next to me while we drive through some of this lovely, picturesque countryside. She’ll be allowed to put them back on at some point of course. It would certainly make driving less of a strain. However, Marta naked or Marta clothed? There is little in it! She’s a very attractive lady both ways. Great legs, lovely body that’s not too thin and definitely not overweight and — my favourite part — slender arms and shoulders. Come to think of it, her breasts are my favourites too. B-cups with the most perfectly sized little brown nipples ever. Now I was thinking naked really would be nice right now!

Of course, Marta took the bet. She did have a quick, innocent look around for cars behind us, which in a way made the whole thing even more exciting. The risk was horny for both of us and I could even feel it in my cock already. First thing to go was her pullover. Next was the button-down shirt. She was enjoying this because she knew exactly what effect she was having on my cock. She was already sitting in her black bra right next to me. I can see her excited nipples pushing against the soft, sheer material. She does what girls often do in a bra: She puts a hand on each breast and kind of adjusts them as if they’re not straight or something. Next to go, but not so easy, is the skirt she’s wearing. She unbuttons one side to loosen it up and then lifts her ass up to push it down her legs and finally over her shoes. She holds the skirt up triumphantly.

“Why are you smiling?” I ask. “You’re not naked yet!”

“What? You mean naked naked? Everything?” I think she was genuinely surprised.

“A bet is a bet my girl”. I know she won’t lose. “But, as I’m a gentleman, you can keep your shoes on.

I could see a slight hesitation as she tried to decide whether the bra or the panties will be removed first. She decides on the bra. A good choice, especially with the nipples now rock hard and begging to be freed from the material where they were trapped. The panties were next, but not before another slightly cautious look around. I love this little display of fear — for me it was a sign she is probably absolutely horny and wet. The panties were finally off and I reach over to stroke her thigh with my hand, slowly moving up to her pussy which she encourages by spreading her legs slightly. Of course, I’m escort bayan driving and can only imagine what I can’t really see. But with my fingers sensing everything my eyes can’t — the soft outer lips, the smoothness of being freshly shaved and a tiny hint of wetness around her excited button — I keep my eyes on the road.

Fortunately, after only a couple of miles, I saw a chance to share some excitement. I began to brake and slow down.

“What are you doing?”, asks Marta.

“I’m going to show you why you kept your shoes on”, I reply.

She doesn’t say anything else but I guess she has an idea. We have a very fantastical relationship me and Marta, we talk a lot, fantasize a lot, trust each other and enjoy everything we do together. Sometimes no talking is necessary at all.

I pull into a narrow forest lane and drive about a hundred meters into the trees. It’s obviously just an unused forest track leading to nowhere in particular, only birds rustling in the leaves and whistling in the trees. I bring the car to a standstill and while getting out of the car, ask Marta to follow me. I grab a blanket from the back quickly and meet Marta at the front of the car. We immediately kiss, passionately. She is naked apart from her shoes but the kiss tells me she is comfortable. I throw the blanket behind her onto the hood of the car while we kiss. Wet, passionate, desperate kisses, tongues fighting for the best position to bring us as close together as possible. My hands are surprised to feel her nakedness but quickly adjust and find her breasts, squeezing the nipples between fingers while another hand reaches behind and pulls at an ass cheek.

“Lie back”, I whisper when our lips part for a second.

We adjust the blanket quickly and she lies back on the front of the car. As she is leaning back, I lift her legs so that she is gently lied down flat on her back, and then I raise and spread her legs. I see everything. Eyes filled with desire. Hard, aroused, excited nipples, chest rising and falling with desperate breaths. Pussy, lips spread, button rosy-red and aroused, glistening wetness.

“You won the bet Marta”. I kiss the inside of both thighs and slowly trace my tongue down each side, moving closer and closer to the taste. I surprise her by quickly and passionately licking the length of her pussy again and again, lapping at her juices. I feel her hips pushing down and her stomach and chest rising as she tries to feed her excitement with fresh air. I need her to come for me and continue licking, but now concentrating on her clitoris and only occasionally dipping my tongue deeper into her soaking wet pussy. I can feel her coming and hold her thighs apart so I can see, feel and taste her orgasm in all its beauty. She finally explodes with pleasure, lifting her head and shoulders off the car, her whole body shaking in waves of pleasure. I continue to taste her juices, careful not to disturb her continuing orgasm with anything too passionate. After a minute or so I think we both realize at the same time that we are actually in a forest. I help her off the car and grab the blanket.

“What about you?”, she asks. This is code for ‘do you want a blowjob?’

“What about me? I lost!” I move to her lips with mine and let her taste my ‘loss’ and we get in the car. “You’re allowed to put your clothes on now, I’m not playing anymore!”

We continue the drive and I get offered a blowjob every few miles. It’s not that I don’t want one, but I’m actually a very patient person and believe sometimes the best things come to those who wait. I also knew that keeping Marta waiting until she gives me a blowjob, will ensure that she will get hornier and hornier too. This spa weekend was looking like a good idea after all.

The rest of the journey was as pleasant as it always was in a car with Marta. Chit-chat, sex-talk, her listening to my nonsense, me listening to and trying to understand what girls talk to girls about, job talk, spa plans. We stop for lunch in a country restaurant, have a glass of wine and sit outside awhile taking in the forest air. I can see she is amazed and horny about what just happened to her on the hood of the car — I am too — but we’re both ‘dealing’ with it and, without telling each other, getting hornier with every minute we think about it. I can tell she can’t get the image of being licked in the open air of a forest out of her mind. And neither can I!

We arrive at the spa hotel. It’s a beautiful stone mansion set in lovely gardens, flower boxes adorn all the windows and entrance. The car is parked for us and we go inside. The thing I notice first is the smell: amazing, almost sexy scents. Next thing we notice are the good-looking people strolling around in perfectly white bathrobes and matching soft slippers. There’s a couple checking in before us who we say ‘hi’ to. Marta has a chat with the girl. They are attractive, about our age and friendly. He actually gives me a raised-eyebrows look when his partner asks about some special spa treatments that both of us don’t understand. It seems we may both be there for our partners. When I get the adana escort chance, I lean over to him and whisper “At least there’s a bar over there”. He laughs and says he might join me for a beer later. Marta hadn’t heard me joke with him but was eager to know what we had talked about.

“What were you two laughing about?” she asks on the way to the room.

“Oh, you noticed him, did you?” I say, faking a little anger that she looked at another guy. “Well, I told him what I did to you in the forest earlier”.

“What???” Her eyes are wide and her mouth is open.

“I’m only joking! Just wanted to see your reaction!”

“I have no idea what you are talking about but you are in trouble for shocking me like that. I thought you had really told him. Maybe I’ll tell him myself anyway”.

Now it was my turn to be surprised. We laugh. After being told what treatments are all included, I open the door to our room with Marta already planning the afternoon, thinking out loud. Treatment here, pool there, massage, yoga. I didn’t remind her that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to do all the things she’s talking about.

The room is spacious with lovely, rich furnishings, a huge king-sized bed, a sofa and a chaise-longue. There’s a balcony overlooking the manicured gardens and we are on the third floor of three. I turn round to see Marta flitting around the room in bra and panties and then heads into the bathroom, where I hear the shower go on. With the forest memory of her naked fresh in my mind, I quickly strip off and go to join her under the shower. She’s not overly surprised to see me as we shower together a lot. What maybe did surprise her was that by the time I stepped into the shower, my cock was already a hard, throbbing rock. I stand behind her and push my length gently against the crack in her ass cheeks. I take some shower gel and begin to massage her back with soapy, sweet-smelling foam. I reach down and spread her cheeks slightly so that the whole upright length of my cock is clenched by the length of her perfect ass cheeks. She is beginning to get horny and I feel her hips pushing backwards, wanting me to penetrate. Her hands are against the wall, supporting her pushes backwards. I reach around her and cup her breasts gently before moving my hands up to her shoulders and throat and down to her smooth-shaved mound. I cup her pussy for a moment and keep completely still. This causes her to push her ass and hips back again and I can feel her desperation. This time, I move one hand to my cock and make a little space between us. Marta instinctively pushes her hips back again. I have pushed my cock down to be in a more horizontal position and Marta’s push back this time ensures she is perfectly impaled on my wet, soapy cock. She moans at the realization that I have entered her so easily and so deeply in one movement. We take some long, slow strokes before finding a much harder, faster and desperate rhythm. She is moaning and I can tell she is going to come. She pushes back with her hands to feel my hard thrusts hammer deep into her pussy and finally her knees buckle slightly and her back arches as her orgasm takes over her body, the muscles in her pussy squeezing my cock so hard that I can hardly move.

Finally, Marta reaches round and holds my cock in her hand behind her and turns round. She lowers herself onto her knees. I look down and the whole length of my cock simply disappears between her lips. She allows it to stay swallowed inside her for a while until she then finds a rhythm to fuck me with her mouth — both her hands are on my thighs and she continually takes the length of my cock. She knows she is driving me crazy and just when I think I’m reaching the point of no return, she releases me from her lips, stands up, kisses me and gets out of the shower.

I think I let out a quiet “What the f…!” before I see her wrap a bathrobe around her and leave the bathroom. I finish up showering and get out. Marta is on the balcony, still in her bathrobe and looking sexy with her tussled wet hair. I join her on the balcony, only wearing a towel around me. She is up to something — I see it written on her face. The cheeky smile, the biting the lip.

“Disappointed I didn’t finish you in the shower?”

“Well, yes, maybe, no, yes”. I stutter. “But you seemed happy, so I’m happy for you”. She knows I’m joking but also very serious. “A lady should always have priority in the orgasm stakes”.

“I’m happy, don’t worry, you perfect gentleman”. She’s playfully mocking me. “But now it’s your turn for some outdoor activities. You are going to finish in my mouth. Now, here, on the balcony”.

She had already moved a bean bag type thing from the room to the balcony railings. She sits on it, legs spread so I can see her pussy, bathrobe loosened. She’s sitting with her back to the railings and is positioned at the perfect height to take my cock at the best angle. Meanwhile, she has undone my towel, which drops to the floor, and released my solid cock. I put my hands on the railings for support while she guides me into her mouth and adıyaman escort begins to suck. This time she is expertly using her hands to massage my juices along its length and into her mouth. Her head is moving in perfect harmony with the hands, the rhythm beginning to be more aggressive and her mouth seems to be begging to be filled with sperm. The image in my mind is finally too hard to resist and with one orgasmic spasm I push my cock to the back of her throat and I feel my cum pumping and throbbing itself into her mouth. I let out a moan of pleasure and Marta sees it as the signal to work her hands and mouth again, taking my full length in and out until she has squeezed and swallowed every last drop of me.

Absolutely spent, we go to the big bed and after a few minutes doze off. We awake a little while later. Marta is ready to use the spa facilities. I’m ready for a drink. We put on the soft bathrobes and slippers and head downstairs. I convince Marta that it’s a great idea to have a glass of wine first before we head to a sauna, which is what she fancies first. We sit next to a little pool and I go to the bar and get the drinks. As I’m coming back, I see our friends from reception in their bathrobes heading to the spa section too. We chat for a while and comment on how quiet and peaceful it is. There’s just another couple in the pool bar, a couple in a Jacuzzi nearby and another couple checking in by reception. The sun is going down and casting a perfect light on the gardens which we can also see from where we are.

“Do I get to see you naked again?” I ask Marta. I can see a hint of her breasts as the bathrobe has opened up a little. We are both naked underneath.

“Well I won’t be going in there fully-clothed, will I!” she retorts, rolling her eyes slightly. She knows as well as I know that I’m not crazy about saunas OR getting naked in them but in the end usually end up enjoying them.

I get up to get another couple of wines but Marta doesn’t want one. She insists that I stay and have another if I want, but that she’s going to have a look around and that I should join her when I’m done. That’s fine with me. I stay and take in the atmosphere. For the first time I notice some staff, also in a type of robe but more like silky kimonos and with trousers to match. They’re kind of sexy I think to myself — on the guys and girls I see. I wonder if they’ll be massaging me or Marta later.

I finish my wine and follow the sign for the saunas and steam baths. On the way, I also see signs for yoga rooms, massage rooms, treatment rooms and different pools and wet rooms. I really don’t know where to start looking for my lady. I walk into a cave-like room, which has what looks like a huge wooded cabin in it. There’s a few steps up to a door and I open it and look in whispering Marta’s name. It’s a sauna, a hot one and as soon as I look inside I make eye contact with a naked female and then a pair of very nice breasts — but neither belonged to Marta. At least they were friendly and I said a quick goodbye. After another visit to another sauna and a couple more naked people, I open the door to a steam bath. It’s in a kind of brick vaulted cavern or tunnel and when entering the steam bath, the tunnel structures continue in there too. I call Marta’s name and this time get a reply. I take off my robe and slippers, grab a hand towel and go in.

A steam bath is generally not an extremely hot sauna, but it’s steamy. This particular one was VERY steamy. I couldn’t see a thing. I whispered for Marta again and followed her “I’m here”. About 8 meters down this tunnel I finally see her bare feet just before I trip over them. I reach out to feel her and sit next to her, just about able to see her face and nakedness next to me. I give her a kiss on the neck and she turns for another on the lips.

“This place is amazing! We have it too ourselves”.

“Great”, I reply. “Maybe I’m going to enjoy it more than I thought I would”.

Marta slides around so that her feet are now up on the bench and her head is in my lap. Her knees are bent with her left knee leaning against the back of the bench and meaning her legs are slightly spread. I shake the thought from my head, close my eyes and try to enjoy the silence for a while. After a while she pops out for a dip in the cold pool and comes back and takes up the same position. Her hair brushes my cock as she puts her head in my lap and this sets in motion the first signs of arousal. At the same time, I massage Marta’s breast and take a nipple gently between two fingers — I don’t want to be aroused all on my own. After letting her nipple go hard in my fingers, she moves a hand to my hand and guides it slowly down her body to the top of her smooth pussy. I aim two fingers down her crack and immediately find her soaking wet from a combination of steam and excitement. She follows my fingers with hers and pushes my fingers inside her wet hole and holds them there. Then I bend the knuckles slightly and begin to move the two fingers in and out, with my thumb automatically resting on her excited button. She lets out a tiny moan of pleasure and quickly covers her mouth in surprise. Feeling my erection growing amongst her hair, she turns her head and takes it in her mouth. She’s not in a positon to take me deep but sucks the tip and massages the slit with the tip of her tongue.

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