I Hate You Chapter Three


“Daddy!!” I yelled from the bottom of the stairs. He was still packing supplies together that we needed for the trip. He said he would need more because he was taking me with him. This was fine by me but I had a peeve about being late and Daddy was definitely late for work again. Since I was going this time I wanted to try to get him to work on time. I gave up on that theory oh…twenty minutes ago. “What Sweetheart? I’m ready! I’m ready,” Daddy said to me as he walked up to me and put his arms around me. It was so comforting to know he has so much patience with me. I think I test his patience once in a while, but he never gets angry. I just don’t quite understand… “Elaina, did you pack everything I told you to?” he asked softly as we started taking the supplies and gear out to the truck. “Yes, I did. I even added a few extra things just in case, you know, ‘better safe than sorry,’” I quoted with an innocent smile on my face. “Good,” he announced and walked out the door. I quickly followed him and organized the stuff in the back of the truck to make everything fit. “Daddy? I don’t remember you ever needing this much… stuff,” I wrinkled my nose as I looked sideways at him from across the bed of the truck. “Well, you never really took interest in what you Father did now did you?” he asked making me realize I never did pay attention. I just smiled at him and finished packing the truck. I walked back into the house to turn off the lights and make sure all was okay before I left for two weeks. I made it upstairs before I realized something wasn’t quite right. I looked in my bedroom, but there was nothing there. Next I went to the bathroom, everything was fine there, so I went to Daddy’s room and it was completely dark. Even the window on the far wall was covered with a dark fabric, not letting any light in. I slowly walked in trying to find the light on the wall, when a pair of strong hands grasp me by my wrists and pulled me towards the owner of the hand’s body. This… this isn’t Daddy… When I thought that I began to panic and tried to scream for Daddy but I only managed out a small squeal before one of the hands covered my mouth. I began to fight back and squirm trying to get away from this unknown person when another set of more familiar hands and arms istanbul travesti wrapped around me and took me from my attacker. I recognized the smell and shape of Daddy’s arms and I immediately felt safe. It was still dark so I couldn’t see anything and after I had gotten pulled into the room, the door was shut tight; no light was seeping through anywhere in the room. Next thing I felt were sweet kisses by Daddy’s lips being laid on the back of my neck, making my hairs stand on end. When Daddy’s hands reached under my shirt to touch my soft tummy, I forgot all about the other person in our room. Daddy’s mouth reached the lobe of my ear and softly whispered, “Honey, meet Tam. He is my work partner and will be going with us.” I tried to look at Daddy but failed and instead closed my eyes and just held onto him. I feel the second pair of hands land on the back of my shoulders, beginning to massage my tense muscles. It felt very good. It felt like strong hands, with many calluses meaning that this Tam was a hard worker. I didn’t feel scared anymore because Daddy basically said it was okay, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t still totally in the dark about things and why there was a strange guy standing next to me and Daddy in our bedroom with no light. It baffled me to no end. I finally figured out what was going on when Daddy flipped on the light. I gasped loudly when I saw who Tam was. I had seen Tam with Daddy a long time ago when he brought Daddy home late one night after the truck broke down. Daddy had him come inside from the rain for a minute and I made them both hot chocolate before Tam went on his way. I remember this because I had a secret crush on Tam ever since I had first seen him. Well, until Daddy got me… I thought to myself quickly yet silently as I began to smile while looking a stark naked Tam up and down. An ache began to grow in my womb and I began to tremble when I started to realize what was about to take place. Daddy told me his full name once. I remember Daddy said his name was actually Maxim Tamerson, hence why we call him Tam, much easier. I guessed he stood at about 6’5” because of how much taller than me he was. He had almost black and thick curly hair that covered his ears. His eyes were a startling istanbul travestileri green with orange dots in the midst of the colors. Like I had observed with the calluses on his hands, I observed correctly when I look at his muscles. He is very strong, his muscles just seemed to ripple throughout his body just like Daddy’s when he moves. It was a big turn on for me. I couldn’t wait to find out what Daddy had intended for me. Tam also wasn’t too hairy like a lot of guys are. He had a nice black trail down the center of his chest which ended its path right above and around his limp member. It was about like Daddy’s hair, and it looked shiny too in the light. I couldn’t wait to smell him! “Hi Elaina. Remember me? Call me Tam, I know it’s been a while,” Tam spoke up as Daddy turned away from me and left the room. “Hello Tam!” I replied in a happy voice. He smiled and looked down for a split second until Daddy walked back in the bedroom holding something. I started to shiver when I saw what he had. “Tam, you like Elaina don’t you?” Daddy said and winked at me simultaneously. “Uh, actually I do. Still don’t know why you got me naked though, not many men can get me out of my clothes. Well, come to think of it, I think you are the only one ever to get me out of my clothes. I was listening to this with a certain satisfaction. My father had gotten Tam in here, somehow convinced him to get his clothes off, and I’m gathering that Tam doesn’t know what I know. “Elaina, my Dear, would you make Tam feel a little bit better and undress yourself also?” Daddy asked me politely. I only smiled and began to undress very slowly, softly torturing this man in Daddy’s room. I could see his penis begin to grow quite rapidly. I was amazed at his size, a good eight inches in length and very well thickened by the pulse of blood running through it. When I went to take my pants off, I got a good waft of my own scent. It was very strong and yet very pleasant smelling. I could tell Daddy smelled it a second later by the way he started breathing. I could always tell when he scented me. This only turned me on even more. I took it slow although I wanted to know which toy Daddy was going to pull out of our secret box. Was it going to be the vibrator? travesti istanbul Or maybe even the blindfold; I kind of liked that one a lot. What I didn’t expect Daddy to pull out though, was my collar. It was also the only thing he pulled out, and then set the box aside. I looked at Daddy kind of sideways and he winked to reassure me that all was fine. By now I was completely undressed and ready to find out what awaited me before our big road trip. Daddy came up to me and pulled my long hair out of the way and latched the collar around my slender neck for Tam to see. I bet he didn’t even know…I thought to my inner self as I turned around to show Tam. It took a minute for me to take in all of what I saw. Tam was sitting on the edge of the bed with his hand on his cock rubbing it up and down slowly while watching me intently. He didn’t even seem surprised to find the collar on me. Daddy might have already told him everything and was letting him in on the fun. I figured I could have loads of fun with this guy, just to see Daddy’s satisfaction. I looked at Daddy and he was still smiling. But what I didn’t understand was that Daddy was still fully dressed and even had his work boots on while Tam and I stood there naked. I think that was kind of odd, but then again, I didn’t know all of Daddy’s secrets either. So now it was my turn to be slightly baffled. Daddy nodded his head towards Tam signaling for me to go to him. I did so but once I got in front of him I wasn’t quite sure of what I was supposed to do. I still smiled though, I was so turned on I wasn’t going to leave without someone giving me attention. Tam made the next move and put his hands on my hips and pulled me softly yet swiftly onto his lap next to his hard cock. I grunted in a girly tone and was breathing harder. Tam was already having labored breathing so I didn’t feel alone. I knew Daddy was not far away watching his little girl sit in another man’s lap. Except for being with Daddy, I couldn’t find another time in life when I felt this good. “You are very beautiful Elaina,” Tam said softly. “Your father has told me all about you. In fact, he told me a certain young woman would be joining us for our trip to the Lower 48. Do you know who that could be?” Tam smiled playfully while flicking my right nipple to erection. I giggled like only a girl can and replied, “Uh, yeah. Daddy said I could go. I hope that is not going to impede your ability to work,” I said as I referred to his rigid member nearly under me by now. He smiled broadly showing his white teeth and gave a hearty laugh.

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