I Shared My Wife


I Shared My WifeMy wife and I used to play a lot of tennis back in the day.I was pretty good and she went out to get a tan and tease the guys in her tennis dress.There was a regular group that we played and formed a friendship with.The women there would play a little then sat and talked but the guys played for who had to buy and get food. Everybody pitched in money in the end because the same guy always lost,he had to get the food though. I was close to a guy named Marc he was tall and had long black hair that he kept in a pony tail.He invited me to play with a group from his law office at the country club,he was not a lawyer but was close.I accepted right away.He told me these guys are bad but we could not win.The day we played,even though we couldn’t win ,I was still excited to play.I was not privileged to that life style.It was hard real hard to lose to them and make it not obvious.When we were done,Marc’s boss thanked us for letting them win and asked us to join them in the lounge for drinks.We went to the locker room and there was an attendant who took our stuff and gave us towels and shower shoes.Marc told me we were going to shower first.I followed him to a changing stall where we undressed and then we entered the shower room.There were 2 other guys that Marc knew and it was awkward to shake their hands being naked.I kept direct eye contact and noticed as they backed away they looked at my cock,which was nervous small:( I dont think they had too many asians there.I did make a few peeks and noticed they were smaller then me,but Marc had a cock about 7 inches and it soft.We got out had a robe waiting and went to a desk where the attendant gave us new slacks,shirt and a jacket.We met the guys had drinks and they invited me back.On the drive back Marc told me no one ever gets invited back.He told me they all laughed and were not drunk.Marc was happy,I think it put him in better standing with his bosses.He thanked me and told me he owed me one.I got home and the first thing my wife asked me was “where did you get those clothes’? I told her the whole story and how great of a time I had. The only thing she said was,”how big is Marc’s dick”? I kind of said “I don’t know,I don’t look at mens dicks” about 7 lordbahis güvenilirmi inches soft,I said. WOW! I knew it. I aske how did she know he had a big cock? She told me she and the women knew he had a big cock from th bulge and how he kept adjusting himself.I didn’t know the women talked about that stuff,some of them have k**s.The thought of Marc’s cock made my wife hot so as we were having sex she asked if he were circumcised? yes,was he hairy?so-so,etc.She asked if I thought he had a 12 inch cock? I dont know but it is probably over 10 inches.Just me saying that made her moan a little.She got in the doggie position and told me sometimes a cock that big doesn’t get fully hard.Just hearing her think about another mans dick started to make me hot! I told her I bet you could make him fully hard but putting that big cock all the way down your throat.This made her so hot,she yiped and I felt her pussy tighten.then she said”ram that big cock in my little pussy” then she started to moan.I never heard her so vocal before.I asked her if she was thinking about Marc’s massive cock fucking her? Ooooh yes I am! I asked the classic question “well if I let you have a 3 way with Marc can we have a 3 way with another woman? she agreed and I started to fuck her hard,wondering if any of this will happen or is this just to stimulate this fuck session.I told her there is 1 more thing she had to do if she wanted this? What? she asked. I pulled my cock out and slid it to her ass! OK? i asked? ok,she said I started slow and sped up quickly and never slowed until I blew a huge load deep in her ass.She kept trying to slow me down but it was so tight in there and we don’t do it very often,I just couldn’t help it.The next morning,I got up wondering if she was going to cash in on the promise.She comes to me and said if you don’t want another man fucking me I wont do it.I said I kind of think it’s hot if I saw another man fucking you,as long as I am fucking you too.I will set it up. Will he do it? Of course, he’s single and it’s your “blonde” pussy.I met Marc at the usual Saturday morning tennis.I finally asked,”hey Marc you know how you owe me one, well I am going to need a favor. Sure,anything.I lordbahis yeni giriş told him, my wife wants a threeway and wanted you to join us.I told her I noticed the size of your cock and she went crazy and let me fuck her in the ass and all.I could not shut up,I was so nervous.He asked if I was sure and ok with it.I said I was and wanted to see my wife with 2 hard cocks in her.He looked toward my wife as she sat with all the other girls,and looked quickly away,knowing I just asked.I made eye contact with her and gave her a slight nod.I invited Marc over after tennis to break the huge iceberg we just created.We got home and my wife was so nervous she started to clean the house which was spotless already.Marc comes to the door and my wife goes to the bedroom,come on out.We break the ice and Marc said I hope I can perform tonight I am pretty nervous,and we all settled down hearing that.Marc got up and asked if there was anything he should bring? My wife said she has everything we will need.That night my wife is wearing a short dress,and a sweater.Her hair is up in a pony tail so her hair wont ruin the view.Marc arrives and he and I sit on the sofa as Judy brings some drinks.Judy sits next to me but I tell her to sit between us.Marc compliments her on how she looks.Oh thank you I guess its better then the tennis dress.Marc says I love the tennis dress,always wished you girls would come without panties sometime.Judy chuckles and says well I don’t have any on now.I slide my hand under her dress and she slightly parts her knees.I lift her dress exposing her pubic hair.Oh my,I have never seen a natural blonde pussy before.I can see Marc’s cock growing in his pants and tell him go ahead and feel how soft she is.I sit back and watch him fondle my wifes pussy.Judy parts her legs showing Marc her pussy and now her lips are showing.Marc inserts a finger as I watch and Judy moans and her head goes back.I unzip my pants and pull my cock out as I watch Marc finger my wife harder and faster.Marc looks at he and says I guess you are enjoying this.Marc starts to unzip his pants so I remove mine and get completely naked.I pull my wife to suck my cock as Marc undresses.I pull my wife off of lordbahis giriş me and she turns to see Marc standing there naked with his cock fully erect,11 fucking inches maybe 12.My wife is sucking it the best she can choking down a good 9 inches but can’t get it all down.I sit back and watch and hear my wife tell Marc how big his cock is.I start to slide my cock to Judys mouth so she has to suck both.Marc tells me Judy is a good cocksucker.My wife rubs both of our cocks together and licks the 2 tips the sucks one then the other.I move back and tell Judy to come suck my cock that way she has to give Marc her pussy.While she is sucking me I hear her say FUCK! now Marc has his big cock in my wifes tight ,blonde pussy.I push her head down on my cock while Marc is fucking my wife!Marc starts to slam my wife so hard if forces her to deep throat me.I sit my wife down and tell her I want to see Marcs cock going in and out of her pussy.He grabs her ankles and spreads my wife wide,then without using his hands slides his big cock in my wife.I watch the tip enter and all his meat fuck my wife until his balls hit her ass.My wife is screaming in delight,he fucks her when his cock falls out,I grab it and force it back in my wife.I didn’t even think about what I just did.It happened again so I grabbed his cock and slid it back in my wife.We change spots so as I fuck my wife he is standing on the sofa fucking my wifes mouth,I have a great view of a giant cock in my wifes mouth with pre cum dripping out and down her face.I know we are ready to cum and my wife told me she wanted to have him in her pussy as I fucked her ass,but wanted to make sure when Marc came he shoots his cum in her mouth and face.Marc sits down and I see my wife climb on him as if she is mounting a bike,as his cock enters her I put lube on my cock and fuck my wifes ass!I start to moan loud as does Marc and my wife is screaming very loud.”FUCK ME ,FUCK ME”,I AM CUMMING she kept screaming.I started to cum so I pull out and squirt all over her back and ass.Judy climbs off of Marc’s dick and jacks him off with a little deepthroat! He starts to cum,OH I AM CUMMING and a huge wad blasts in my wifes mouth,as it drips out she takes the next blast across her face and another in her hair.She sucks him until his massive cock goes soft.We fall asleep,I wake up to see my wife cowgirling Marc as hes sleeping.I watch as she is fucking pretending to still be sleeping.Marc goes soft so she come to me and jacks me off and I cum in her mouth.That ended the night.

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