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It was Micah. “Take a deep breath and tell us what’s going on.” “Oh nothing much just so far today I’ve had to talk to the NSA, CIA, FBI, and Homeland Security just to get to my frigging classes!” “I didn’t think it was going to cause this big a stink.” “Yeah well I guess the school does some kind of work for the government and they saw something was wrong and now they’re here if full force. If they identified your phone I wouldn’t be surprised if you get a visit Den and sooner rather than later.” “Shit! Ok Micah thanks for the heads up now make sure your ass is covered.” “Yeah no shit. Later guys.” “Damn the feds? I sure as hell didn’t think they’d end up in this.” “Neither did I lover. Well I guess I should be expecting a knock on my door in the next couple of days.” “And what are you going to tell them?” “Just exactly what has happened and if they ask why,well I’ll tell them the truth about that as well,unless the lawyers tell me different. I still have time to call them.” Just to be on the safe side I got out the new phone and dialed my lawyers and was finally connected to Mr Jacobs. I proceeded to explain the whole situation to him. “You make some very interesting enemies Mr Sawyer. I would say go ahead and cooperate with whichever agency might get in touch with you. I wouldn’t think there would be any need to mention your friend at Anderson though.” “That’s about what I figured you would say Mr Jocabs. Thanks.” “Well I guess all we can do is wait for the other shoe to drop. This should probably be an interesting week if nothing else. Let’s go get some supper.” When we finished Karl headed back for his dorm as he was still a bit tired from whatever it was he had and I headed for my room to get some studying done. 11 rolled erdemli escort around and I got my message from Karl and sent my usual back. Wenesday morning went as usual as did the rest of the day. When I got back to my room there were several men waiting outside of it for me. “Mr Dennis Sawyer?” “Yes” “Do you own a phone whose number is 879-555 9734?” “I do.” “We’d like to ask you a few questions please.” “Could I see some identification please? I’d like to know who I’m dealing with.” Several badges came out and there was someone there from FBI, Homeland, and NSA. “Is anybody else going to be joining this party? I know how you guys hate talking to each other,and I’d like to go through this,whatever it is, just once.” “Whomever needs to will be copied Mr Sawyer. Could we not do this in the hall?” “Certainly.” I grabbed a marker and made a big heart on the dry erase board. “So we won’t be bothered. I do have a roomie afterall.” There was a snicker from somewhere in the group. I opened the door and everyone walked in with me. “Mr Sawyer,do you know of any reason that someone would be interested in surveiling you?” “Someone? Could you be a little more specific?” “Someone say from another school.” “Ahh I can tell you what I suspect,but I can’t prove a damn thing.” I laid it all out for them beginning with what was told to me by Karl and Pete and then through the events of the gymnastics meet. I included the phone call from Dirk as well as the follow up email right through the telephone incident on Sunday. “So your friends think this Mr Brown is whacked out enough over your being gay that he’d do something this outrageous?” “They do. I can call Mr Holtz to come over from his dorm to verify if you would like? My roomate should be hanging around the dorm by this time as well. I’ll call him as well if you like.” “Please do on both counts.” I got on my phone and called Karl and then Pete,who must have been down in the day room because he was there almost immediately. Pete came in and looked at all of the people standing there. “Pete these guys are fedearl agents. Cooperate with them.” I stepped out into the hall so they could question Pete. Karl was coming down the hall. One of the agents had stayed with me and stopped Karl from talking to me. About 10 minutes later Pete came out of the room and Karl was ushered in. Pete and I weren’t allowed to speak to each other yet. I looked up at one point to see the Dean of Men,Mr Evans coming down the hall. “Looks like the shit is really going to hit the fan.” The agent tried to stop Dean Evans from speaking to me. “Now tarsus escort you listen to me agent. I’m the Dean of Men for this College. I will speak to any of my students when , where and how I see fit. You don’t want to challenge me on this!” The door to my room opened and one of the senior agents came out. “Dean Evans this is a federal investigation. You may speak to your students when I say you may, and that will be when I’m done in here. If you don’t like that sir,I suggest you do whatever it is you need to.” Dean Evans stepped away from us and took out his cell to make a call. About 10 minutes after the Dean hung up I could hear more than one cell phone ringing in my room. Shortly after that the agent came out. “You’re free to speak to your students Dean Evans.” “Thank you. Now were you gentleman informed of your rights?” “We weren’t under arrest sir,just being questioned about an incident.” “Is there any impact for the school?” “I don’t believe so Sir.” “Then tell me please what the blazes is going on here?” I ran down the whole thing for him in short order and he listened quite intently. “I heard about the spitting incident. Their Dean of Men called to apologize for that. So this Brown character is arrogant enough to try something of this caliber?” “From what Mr Holtz and Mr Pershing have told me,I would have to say it is definately in the realm of possibility.” Karl was released from the room and the agents walked out. “Please don’t discuss this with anyone else.” With that the bunch of them trooped out. “Well that was fun.” It certainly hadn’t gone unnoticed by the other guys in the dorm. There were stares galore from the assembled floor. “Alright gentlemen you heard the man. These three young men are not allowed to talk about whatever it is that is going on,so be back about your business.” The hall cleared fairly quickly. “So as long as you are already over here shall we go for an early supper?” “Might as well as long as I’m already here. You coming with Pete?” “No I’m headed over to see Susan. Is this the way the whole year is going to go Den?” “Oh hell I hope not.” Gordon and Aiden came down the hall and went down to supper with us. “So I guess we aren’t going to hear anything about that was all about?” “Not for the time being I don’t think.” Supper was rather quiet and we were all soon on our way back to our respective rooms. I was going to be having a few tests on Friday classes so I finished up what I needed for Thursday and started some review for Friday. Thursday and Friday went the way of the other days. I did fairly well on my tests akdeniz escort and headed for the gym. I still needed a lot of work if I was going to be ready for next years gymnastics team. I had finally worked out my floor excercise almost identical to Garys plan with a little bit of me thrown in. I noticed several of the guys were watching me but I didn’t really think anything of it until I saw the coach coming my way. “Dennis I need to have a word with you please.” “What’s wrong coach? Did I do something to piss somebody off?” “Well not exactly. There’s still a bit of resentment for you bringing Gary’s problem to me and my having to dismiss him from the team. Now the guys see you doing what was Garys floor excercise and they seem to think you stole it from him and despite your protestations other wise did get him kicked off the team so you could take his place.” “Coach, Gary gave me his floor excercise and asked me to use parts or all of it. As for his place on the team,I’m still not after it.” “Which brings me to another matter. I had to move one of the alternates up to the first string and now I’m an alternate short. I was going to ask you to fill the position, but with this new thing,I’m thinking that it wouldn’t be an easy time for you.” “I can explain it to them or you can coach and I’ll happily take the alternate position,provided the guys want me there. I can see it being uncomfortable for somebody to have to room with the gay guy at away meets and that kind of pressure I don’t need to put on anyone.” “I appreciate your concern Dennis. So let’s take care of that right now.” Coach blew his whistle and everybody huddled up. Coach explained that Gary had given me his routine to use and that seemed to satisfy everyone. “Now you know that we have been an alternate down. Well I want to put Mr Sawyer in that position. He has expressed a concern, and rightly so I might add, that somebody having to room with “the gay guy” on away meets might put some of you on edge,which you don’t need during a meet. So the long and the short of it is does anyone have a problem?” There was a lot of murmuring back and forth,but nobody objected out loud. Dana the team captain moved to the front. “Coach I don’t think that anybody really objects,not after all of the hard work we’ve all seen Dennis putting in over the last few weeks. But if push comes to shove he can bunk with me anytime.” There were a few comments made but they were genreally of a ribbing nature. “There you go Dennis. You are officially an alternate,just as soon as you sign all the needed paperwork. I’ll give you a schedule of the meets and you will be required to be here for all formal training sessions.” “Thanks coach,guys. I’ll try not to let you all down.” “Dennis the only way you could let us down is if you didn’t give it your best shot every time you’re up. From what I and the other guys have seen, that ain’t gonna happen.”

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