iCarly – iWant Her: Chapter 2


iCarly – iWant Her: Chapter 2iCarly – iWant Her: Chapter 2 – iWant You to UnderstandSam loves hanging out with Carly, but she feels slightly awkward around her, she makes her feel so strange. She finds out she’s not the only one who feels this way when she goes over to Carly’s house. BTW-I still don’t own iCarly, and my chinchilla is still awesome*CARLY*I felt the pit of my stomach suddenly groan in pain, and my heart beat a million times faster than it’s supposed to.”OH MY GOD” Freddie screamed.He looked disgusted, and, although my strongest feeling was fear, the fact that this somehow disgusted him made me angry. I looked over at Sam, and saw the terror written all over her face. She looked like she was afraid of Freddie. I laughed in my head at the absurdity of the thought. Why would she be afraid?I looked over at Freddie again, he didn’t look disgusted anymore, just shocked, kind of like a lost puppy. I felt my empathy for him rebuilding and interfering with my better judgment, as it had so many times before.”Freddie…” I started, but what could I say? It’s not what it looks like?It is what it looks like, that’s the point. He had caught me and Sam in nothing whatsoever and we were pleasuring each other. Something he probably thought would never happen, something I thought would never happen.He stormed out of the room. I felt conflicted. I looked over at Sam, who was now covering herself with the cashmere blanket from our couch.She looked annoyed, but understood. “Go” she said. “Deal with Fredork’s problem, I’ll just watch TV and eat some leftover ribs”.I giggled, “How can you be thinking about ribs!””How couldn’t I?” she responded. “With all they’re meaty goodness.” She looked gorgeous wrapped in the blanket with nothing on underneath.But that made me want to stay, and I had to leave right now.I was already relaxed thanks to konak escort Sam’s never ending hunger as I walked over and into Freddie’s apartment and onto his balcony.”Hey” I said as I stepped out of his window, not caring that I was still very much naked.”Hey” he responded. “I didn’t think you’d come to talk about it,” he said coldly.”Why not?” I answered, confused and feeling like I was being insulted.”Aren’t you going to see how Sam’s feeling?” he answered sarcastically. “And you’re still naked.”Trying to ignore his jabs, I continued “No, there are ribs at my place, ribs. I think she’s in heaven.””You know, this is the same place me and Sam kissed,” he said. “And me and you kissed just a couple of feet away on my bed,” he continued matter-of-factly.I wasn’t angry, I knew Freddie well enough to know he was really hurting, and lashing out. So I continued the open, sensitive conversation. “She told me she didn’t like it very much,” I said, “When I asked her afterwards.”He looked up, “But we weren’t going to talk about it again!” he asserted.”We are now” I replied, “But don’t take it personally” I added.”I don’t think she likes boys,” I felt strangely calm releasing the unspoken burden I’d felt about Sam for years now.”What about you?” he turned to look at me.”I like boys,” I said, “And I like girls too, but I like Sam more.””Me too,” Freddie added solemnly before entering his room once again.”Really?” I asked him.”But I prefer you,” he said before ripping his clothes off and showing me his naked form.”Wow,” was all I could say. He was great naked, his erect cock was something indeed, but it was not what I wanted. What I wanted was blonde, with breasts, and knew how to kiss me. Boy did she know how to kiss.”Do I please you? You said you like boys, is this sight something you like?” he asked as he took a step konak escort bayan towards me, who had re-entered the room and had closed the window this time (only because I spied someone spying on me through their telescope).”Well… Yes, but,” I began to say before Freddie came right up to me and hugged me, his naked flesh on mine, his cock sandwiched between my legs.”I like you Carly, always have. I always will,” he said before his hands came to a rest on my ass cheeks.”I appreciate the sentiment Freddie,” I began to say before feeling his hips moving forwards and backwards. His cock rubbing against my pussy.”Please Carly,” he pleaded, his hands pulling me into him. “This is all I ever wanted.”I was tempted, and he did have a very pleasing to the eye penis on him. I wanted to know what it felt like to have a cock in me, but something was telling me to stop.To not let him have his way with me.That something sounded a lot like Samantha Puckett.”Sorry, I can’t,” I said as I pushed him away.”Sorry,” he said, realising his mistake. “Didn’t mean to be so forward.””I understand your feeling… I am apparently quite attractive to both men and women.”A moment of silence was broken by the both of us laughing at the absurdity of our current situation.”Tell you what,” I said after the laughter died down.”What?” he replied.Then I walked up to him and knelt down in front of him. He must have known what I was about to do as he tried to say something (probably that I didn’t have to do it if I didn’t want to) but what came out was a string of weird noises.I opened my mouth and slipped his erect cock in, making sure to lick it the best I could as the head pushed further and further in. I then started to move my head forwards and backwards, making sure to give him an experience he’ll soon never forget. My hands finding his escort konak ass this time. I squeezed his cheeks as I pulled him into me, my lips somewhat tightly wrapped around his cock.”Carly… god that’s good,” he moaned as I continued giving him what could have been his first blowjob, it certainly was my first time giving one.A few more pumps and I felt his hands grab the back of my head as he began to take control of the situation. I didn’t mind though, I know that if I wanted to take back control of him all I had to do was to slightly dig my nails into his ass cheeks and he would be putty in my hands once again. But I didn’t want to do that.He got faster and faster until he groaned one long groan and shot his load inside of my mouth. I tried to swallow his entire load, he had a lot for me to swallow, as he held my head to his groin.When he finished pumping his cum into my and I swallowed as much as I could, which was a lot if I do say so myself, he relaxed his grip on me and took a small step back. Allowing me room to stand up. When I did I wiped what cum of his I let escaped up and swallowed that, letting him know with a smile that I liked his taste.”Thank you,” he said before hugging me.”What for?” I asked him in return.”Everything,” he answered, but I knew that he meant giving him a blow job.”Don’t tell Sam,” I quickly said, remembering that I had left her there naked on the couch in my apartment. I pulled away from him and looked at him. “I mean it, don’t tell her anything.””I won’t,” Freddie said before kissing me squarely on the lips.I kissed him back, but not as passionately as he had kissed me. But I knew he liked it nevertheless.”I love you.””I know.”I then turned around and started to walk away, back to my apartment, back to Sam. But not before he quickly gave my ass a spank. I turned my head and looked at him with a mixture of shock, surprise and slight liking it crossed my face.”Hey,” I said to him. “Only Sam gets to do that now.””Good luck Samantha Puckett,” Freddie said as he watched me sway my hips as I walked away, giving him something else to remember this encounter with.

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