In Dreams


The low throb of bass coming from the stereo seemed to match his heartbeat as he cautiously entered the small room. The music was something he’d never heard before, yet at the same time seemed familiar in a creepy sort of way. He knew he shouldn’t be here but something drew him inexplicably to the small room, in a place he wasn’t supposed to be.


She had had a long day, the longest. Work had gotten the best of her, and she’d had to stay late dealing with matters that weren’t even part of her job description, but no one else seemed to feel like getting them taken care of. Irrevocably responsible, and utterly bored, it was the story of her life. She rolled her eyes as she slipped into her favorite satin nightshirt, sighing in pleasure as it slipped down over her body and settled just right around her lush curves. One of those silly expenditures she shouldn’t have made, but if you couldn’t allow yourself a few simple pleasures, what was the point of … anything? Smoothing the last of the expensive lotion over her legs, she threw the bottle away and slipped into bed.


At first, he thought the bed was empty but a nearly burnt out candle danced in the light breeze coming from the open window, flickering low shadows over a sprawled shape amidst the abundance of blankets and pillows heaped haphazardly about the bed. The sheen of her satin nightie barely covering her breasts catching his lingering gaze distracting him, causing him to let out the breath he hadn’t realized he was holding with a whoosh, the noise causing her to stir. He quickly ducked back into the shadows, shaking his head at his own foolishness… Why was he even here?!

The alluring figure merely turned onto her stomach, drawing her gorgeous well-muscled ass into view, the satin of her blue-black gown just barely covering her, giving a hint of the perfection lying beneath.


Sighing in pleasure, the comfort of her cloud-like bed engulfing her, she smiled as she luxuriated in its depths. The night was warm, so she threw most of the covers aside and rolled to her side and let her mind drift.

To her dismay, her mind kept turning to thoughts of pleasure, fingers drifting down to slide along her slit to test the juices inside her pussy. She pulled her hand away and slid her fingers into her mouth, moaning softly, longingly, at the sweet, erotic taste of her own juices. She tucked her hands safely beneath her pillow, chastising herself with the promise she had made to her boyfriend 3 months ago, that she would not pleasure herself until she had an actual orgasm during sex with him. She thought that his request was a bit selfish; shouldn’t he be able to make her cum if she could make herself? But he assured her the fault was with her mind, not with him. So she was trying desperately to learn how to have orgasms with a man, and only ending up utterly frustrated.

She was afraid she was truly addicted to masturbation… to orgasms…, as her boyfriend was always telling her, and she was never going to get over this incredible driving desire to masturbate all the time… unless she used better will-power.

Sighing grumpily, she flipped out the light, and glanced toward the scented candle across the room, noting that it was almost out of wax and would blow itself out shortly. Too lazy to get up and do it herself, she shut her mind off and forced herself to go to sleep.


His eyes drawn to her sinfully erotic form, his feet seemed to move of their own volition until he realized suddenly that he was within touching distance of this vision of satin and curves. Her pale skin illuminated in the dim candle light, a low, throaty moan emanating from her throat as she shifted her czech sharking porno position yet again. Asleep but restless. His own heart pounding faster now, as if timing to the beat of the music she left on all night, her heady scent drifting up to tease him, engulf him, bewitch him. He glanced uncertainly at the half open door, but knew for a certainty that no one would be coming. A solitary life this girl led, almost as solitary as his own.

As if of their own volition, his feet slipped from his shoes, and he drug his shirt over his head, revealing incredible well-built shoulders ands chest, his abdomen hard as a rock… more from necessity than desire to be built, he thought as he slid his hands across the hard ridges and planes of his abdomen, silently pulling the whisper light pants from his legs, he placed a knee on the edge of the bed, wondering what the hell he thought he was doing. This was just simply not his style, but damn if he could resist the woman of satin and candlelight, whose scent had entranced him. His will of iron melted into molten heat, flames pushing him towards her silk-clad body. Her breathing stayed even, apparently hard asleep, as he gently slid his entire body onto the bed, and lay on his side, just gazing at her beauty and perfection, fighting to control the shiver of anticipation racing through him.


Something shifted in her head as a manly scent drifted to her senses, sending her dreams into a more erotic turn of thoughts… not unusual for this highly passionate young woman. She shifted into a more comfortable position, causing the man beside her to hold his breath in fear that she was about to wake up, but she was deep into her dreams and there was simply no chance of that. Her hand slid down to her breasts, teasing the nipples through her satin gown, the hard nubs standing proudly, straining against the cloth.

He watched in fascination, realizing that this sensual creature was beginning to pleasure herself in her sleep. His cock hardened with flash-fire swiftness, throbbing eagerly as his eyes wandered to the hemline of her gown, aching to feel what was beneath.

She soon saved him the wonder as her hand slipped down beneath her nightie, flipping it up to expose her beautifully toned stomach, as she slid her fingers into her own moist depths, sliding them along the cleft, across her clit and then back up to cup her breast, with a frustrated moan.

He blinked in amazement at his luck, and her innate sensuality, and slowly slid his hand across her flat stomach to slide a finger into the place hers just left. He gasped inwardly to find it already slick with her juices, as he silently brought it to his mouth to taste, barely suppressing a moan as her feminine scent and taste grabbed hold of him causing his cock to jump and throb demandingly. He shut his eyes tightly and reined in his burning passion, reminding himself of why he was here, and wasn’t supposed to be…

Her body jerked briefly at his sensual touch, her dreams swirling with desire and her deepest fantasies, back arching deeply, her pelvis begging for his touch to continue, a low, pleading moan escaping her lips, begging him with her instincts to come back and pleasure her.

Groaning low in his throat, he obliged, caressing, teasing, seducing her clit; drawing out every ounce of moisture and slickness her body could provide until it was pooled in the juncture of her thighs. The slippery wetness clinging to his every move, her body responding like a dream, like no one he had ever experienced. His eyes glued to her gorgeous pussy, he continued to caress it, aching to lean down and taste, but fearing that doing so- would surely wake her up. czech streets porno

Her dreams bring her a mysterious lover, someone who would seduce her and bring her pleasure she had never known, and then disappear into the night, only memories to be left in his wake. The sheer brilliance and the challenge of the unknown… the thought of no one ever knowing… were bringing her mind to such heights that her body could not comprehend them, sending her even further from reality; not asleep, but not awake. The hypnotic state doing nothing but enhance the already incredible sensations rioting through her body. She was trembling constantly and uncontrollably, being brought time and time again to her peak by his talented fingers sliding skillfully in and out, over and around, pulling and rubbing… and then falling away before she could reach it. Her dream lover was a man of marvel, of extreme knowledge, his masculine scent lingering in her nostrils… a headier perfume she had never known. The pleasure engulfing her to a magnitude she was sure would surely cause her to lose her mind if he did not penetrate her pussy with his perfect cock.

Her legs spread apart in an open invitation for him to enter her as he skillfully keeps her from yet another climax, she moans in frustration… evoking an arrogant smile on his lips. He is pleased with his own instincts, having been completely able to control her orgasms… fear of her waking up if she were allowed to peak keeping him especially attentive. Enjoyment from her pleasure and wild unbridled passion keeping him intrigued beyond reason. His raging hard-on a constant reminder of his own needs, but her beauty and complete trust in the innocence of dreams, keeping him from making that plunge…. Her body’s demands, beckoning, beseeching, begging him to end this highly erotic torment was his undoing. Swearing to himself, he releases his cock from his briefs and with will of iron slides his cock up and down her begging pussy, reveling in the heat and amazing wetness as it clings to his cock, glistening in the candlelight.

Her head tossed uncontrollably back and forth on her pillow, her body arching, jumping and demanding. One hand clenched tightly into the sheets, the other, sliding up to tease her nipples into hard peaks, pinching them hard until they are throbbing with pain and pleasure. Goosebumps risen all over her flesh, the beautiful flush of lovemaking spreading over her pale body.

Her dream lover is truly a man of talent, her breath coming in gasps as she silently begs for his touch. Begs for the feel of his hardness, willing it to penetrate to her very core. Aching… craving… feeling as if her life depended on his filling her completely with his cock. Her dreams surround the haze of arousal, her silence attesting to the fact that she is lost in this trance of pleasure. If only this man would give her this pleasure she is so close to feeling, to reaching… pleasure she has never felt with a real-life man… she could die then and never care.

She felt him penetrate her ever so slightly, her hips bucking hard into him, desperately trying to get this dream man inside of her, but his skillful maneuvering leave her panting and empty; breathless in passion and so close to that elusive peak.

Her mind wanders desperately… perhaps he is not a man come to give her incredible pleasure and leave. Perhaps she is a willing subject of a sexual testing society… used for research to be teased and tormented and tested to see how much pleasure the human body can handle before it spontaneously combusts. Orgasm testing; and good God, willing or not, how she wanted that orgasm. “Let me cum!” She screamed in her mind, czech super models porno not a sound escaping her lips, her lover continuing his never-ending taunting and pleasuring, just stopping before that wretched and ever-elusive peak of ecstasy.

Reining in his rapidly dwindling control even further, he lightly teases her nub with a wet finger as he slowly lets himself slide all the way in, watching her flushed face as she holds her breath at the ecstasy from the feel of his hard length filling her to the core. He pauses deep inside her, holding himself there, regaining his own control and waiting to make sure she doesn’t reach her peak just yet, before slowly moving inside of her, his finger lightly tapping her clit every other stroke, being sure not to let his body touch her writhing one. Unable to help himself, he wondered desperately what she was dreaming about as she moaned and fought to make him move faster inside of her.

She was nearly hysterical with the need to cum. Damn these testing assholes, they should be in jail for this kind of torture! Out of sheer frustration, her mind slips to another time and place: she is being ridden by a wild Indian outlaw, who raced across the fields of her home to snatch her up and carry her away, forcing her to allow him to fuck her, while at the same time, bringing her the most incredible pleasure of her life. His throbbing, rock-hard cock strongly pound into her exquisitely tightening and clenching pussy. Reaching down between them she starts to finger her clit to bring her to that ever impending orgasm, he roughly shoves it away and stops his movement all together.

She moans pleadingly, whimpering in pain and pleasure, her frantic need to cum sending her hands flailing for something, anything to grab and bend to her will. Her nails rake him across the chest and then dig hard into his back as she tries to draw him into her, her legs nearly kicking him with the effort to get him to move. Realizing it is time… anymore erotic torture, and she’ll wake up from the pain of this exquisite frustration…. he moves inside her, strong and smooth. Her wetness slicks her passage and sucks him in deeper and deeper with every thrust until he feels her begin to tremble. Her magnificent pussy clenches his cock hard, her glorious body shaking violently as her scream of pleasure tears through the night air. He stiffens, fighting for his own control as he rams into her deeply, giving her everything he has and carrying her over through the most intense orgasm possible. Her pussy clenches and spasms with pleasure, squirting a creamy fluid over his raging cock, bouncing off his belly and dripping back down onto hers, the extreme wetness making him lose the last of his control as he pulls out and cums into his own shorts.

Tears stream down her face at the intensity of the sensations ripping through her, again and again. She surely had 16 orgasms in that one stretch of time, they seemed to go on forever. She let her mind wander to the completion of her dreams… The sexual testing guys must have gotten years worth of work done in that one orgasm, she hoped they’d pay her well after this.

Her Indian lover never came in her, she assumed he did not want to soil his seed with a white woman… she felt him leave her side and leave the room, but was completely unable to move.

Her dream lover sure did know how to make a woman cum! She hoped someday he would stop in and pleasure her again, but in the meantime… she would just try to catch her breath and try to figure out If she was truly still alive or if that much pleasure meant she was actually dead and floating up to heaven.


He slipped out of the door, letting it click shut behind him. Leaning his head against the wall, he wondered what the hell that was and why he was so drawn to her. What made him do such a thing when he knew it was completely wrong? He resolved to find a way to meet her under honest circumstances and make her his wife, for she may not know him… but she KNEW him… and he her.

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