It finally happened…my sister.


It finally happened…my sister.You can never plan for your dreams to come true, sometimes it just happens…I like to think that if you obsess about a dream or fantasy that it will never come true, but having both patience and faith will allow it to come in its own time, usually not how you would expect. I had a rather interesting encounter with my sister yesterday and it means so much to me that I have to share it with someone. I was taking a shower at my parents house in preparation for a job interview (I keep nice clothes at their house). My mom and my sister returned from their body pump class right around the same time I finished my shower. As I stood in the bathroom with my towel wrapped around my waste I got ready by brushing my teeth and shaving etc. I heard a knock on the door, I made sure my towel was secure and opened the door, it was my sister standing in nothing but the towel wrapped around her. She wanted to take a shower next, having just returned from the gym, we ended up in there together wearing nothing but our towels and my heart began to beat heavily…i tried desperately to not stare at her cleavage but my sister really does have the greatest tits in the world *takes a deep breath*. Meanwhile, our mom was downstairs making food and watching tv, she will come up stairs toward the end of the story, just an fyi. My s*s began to prod me verbally and prompting me to leave so she could hop in the shower, “in a minute” I said. My sister began to grow impatient, finally she closed the door and stepped toward the shower, her towel fell to the floor as I watched her. She turned around and looked at me with bare breasts covering her pussy with her hands, it had been so long since I had seen her boobs up close and personal. Without even thinking I grabbed her tits with both hands and began to fondle them…all desire was flowing through my body my brain had checked out. My sister didnt push me away but started to giggle and felt my hard cock through my towel with one of her hands. I had never kissed my s*s for real, at least not in a sexual way. She kissed me and an enormous wave of euphoria hit my body and drove me to the brink of my desire for her. My erection finally managed to jostle my towel free from my waist and it fell to the ground. When it hit the floor my sister pulled away from my and looked down and let out a slight gasp as my cock pressed against her stomach. She giggled again (man its so cute when she does it holy shit), and turned around to start the shower, bending over slightly as she turned on the water. My serik escort sister pulled the curtain open and turned around to look at me, she came up and hugged me pretty tight and kissed me on the cheek before whispering, “I know you’ve always wanted to fuck me M***. I took it the wrong way and thought she was giving me grief or trying to exposing my true desires for the purpose of humiliating me, maybe even telling our parents. I started to apologize for perving out on her for so many years, my stance being that id never try to push incezt on her push her to do anything with me. I just love her a lot, and sometimes those feelings spill over into the sexual nature. My confession apology whatever it was triggered something I never thought possible, but at first she stood silent…gears turning in her head.My sister looked silently at the ground and while not looking up said, “What…what if I let you fuck me just this once…” The air left my body and my heart just about burst out of my chest alien style. I picked my sisters chin up with one finger until I was looking her straight in the eyes, “I love you J*****,” she smiled and kissed me tenderly. With the curtain still open my sister stepped into the shower pressing her hands against the shower wall letting the warm water from the shower head hit her back and run down her legs. My s*s turned her head slightly and looked at me in a way I had never seen before, she raises her right leg up a little and slides her foot up the back of her left leg, she looked more sexy than anything Ive ever seen my whole life. I approached her and put one of my legs/feet in the shower tub while keeping the rest of my body out of the tub. She pressed her ass against me as I slide my right hand up her torso until her perfect tit was dangling into my hand, she let out a soft moan and looked back at me while biting her lip. I pressed my cock against her and began to find my way to her slit, after rubbing against her wet pussy I took a deep breath…locked myself in the moment (not wanting to forget anything). I felt the tip of my cock slide into my sisters tight pussy, I had dreamed about this moment for more than a decade ever since I was 13/14 (now 26). My sister pushed her ass back until my cock was completely inside her, at first I just stayed as deep as I could in her as I fondled her tits with both hands, she turned her head back again and together we leaned in and kissed each other letting the water run over our heads and down our faces. Our mouths parted and ardahan escort my sister looked at me and said, “Fuck me little brother…fuck your sister’s pussy…,” I began to thrust harder and her moans of pleasure made me even harder than before. (To get the next part, understand that in the shower there is a small ledge against the shower wall.) As our position became increasing uncomfortable I pulled my cock out of her pussy and turned her around, I stepped into the tub completely and kissed her deep as her tits pressed against my chest. I picked her up by the ass and seated her on the small ledge, her ass didnt really fit all the way but my body was keeping her from sliding off the shower’s ledge. I felt her legs wrap around me and cross at my lower back, I slide inside her much easier than the first time and we continued where we left off. Fucking my sister while looking into her eyes was something I wanted more than anything…Our mother eventually finished her meal/show and came upstairs, we heard a knock on the door and my mother asked my sister a question from the other side. I stopped thrusting into her (obviously), and let my sister answer our mom’s question. Our mom continued to talk to my sisterr from the other side of the door, I started to get impatient and began to kiss my sisters neck while trying to push as deep as I could in her pussy. While their conversation dragged on my sister whispered into my ear something that made me literally harder than bone, “Cum inside me while I’m talking with mom…” I started to move again, not too fast but getting some good technique going haha, I started to feel the cum rise through my balls and building up in my shaft. About a minute after my sister told me that I should cum inside her, I was about to burst, my s*s just got done telling my mom something and pressed my cheek against her cheek and I said into her ear, “oh my god J***** I’m going to cum!” My s*s grabs me by the hair with both hands and presses my head to her chest, and literally while my mom is mid sentence not 10 feet from us…I unload a huge amount of cum into my 27 yr old real sister’s raw pussy…she pulls my hair and raises my head to meet her gaze. Her eyes are wide and her mouth is open, a surge of pleasure raced through her body and she pulls me in even closer with her legs and hands, foreheads pressed against each other…staring into her eyes… my dick got hard once again not 30 seconds after I just unloaded into her. My sister didnt respond to a question and my mom called her artvin escort name, “J*****?” My sister cleared her throat and said she didnt hear our mom over the shower, my mom repeated herself while I flipped my s*s over and bent her over letting the shower water hit the top of my back (long way in the tub). My sister tried to respond to our mom with a few simple yes and no answers but my cock thrusting into her made it difficult for her to answer our mom…and I didnt care anymore for all I cared my mom could have came into the bathroom but I still would have finished. Their conversation drew to a close and my sister turned her head and loudly (haha thankfully masked by the shower and door) said, “hurry M***…cum inside me…” My mom asked her what she said but she somehow managed to get out a “nothing!”(whew) My sister grabbed my right hand which was firmly grasping her hip and let out a soft moan as I unloaded all the cum I had left into the deepest part of her womb. Our mother left and my sister and I spent about another 5 minutes making out before getting out of the shower. We were really silent after but she let me help her dry off, I asked her if it was okay that we didnt use protection…not knowing if it was going to matter. She smiled and wrapped her arms around me, bringing me in for our final naked embrace…my s*s confessed that she had NEVER had RAW sex before. Her words following will ring in my ears until the day I die… “I never thought it would feel so good to have my little brother’s cum pour into my pussy, but dont get used to it okay? We really cant do this anymore…” I didnt care that she wasnt ready to commit to having more sex, I’m the first to cum in my sister’s pussy…ill never forget that and it will always be mine and will make me happy to remember pumping my cum into her while our mom was right outside the door…part of me wanted to yell at the top of my lungs for mom to hear…I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs right when I came inside her…”J***** I’m cumming inside you!!!!!OH s*s!!! TAKE MY CUM YOU i****t SLUT!!!!” and the best part would be that our mom couldnt stop it…she would just break down the door to find her son’s hot cum oozing out of her daughter’s pussy. But of course I kept my mouth shut and she didnt find out…im just saying part of my wanted her to catch us and see me fuck the shit out of my own sister…who is enjoying ever second of it letting out moans of pleasure with every thrust. I never thought my dream of fucking my sister would come true…I dont care who believes me and who doesnt…it may have been the single greatest day of my life. I love J***** to death and wanted to write this while it was fresh so I would never forget how incredible cumming inside her raw pussy felt…I’m not going to lie…part of me hopes I might get her pregnant someday.

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