It’s Just a Story Honey Gay


It’s Just a Story Honey GayI have been married for about 15 years and have a good sex life with my wife as we have three k**s. My wife is extremely cute and has a great body as she is 5’4″ with small breast. She knows that I have a much higher sexual libido then her and I am always in the mood.My wife knows that I have had quite a bit of sexual experiences before we were married, but there are things that happened to me in college that she would never understand. If fact if she knew all the things that I did, she would have never married me. She is very reserved and has only had sex with one other person, and she only gave him a blowjob. I always get hot thinking of her sucking on another guys cock and I try and have her tell me stories about her being with other men. When she was in college, I use to have phones sex with her and she would hate telling me stories, but I use to have her tell me about how she was blowing the guys on her dorm floor and she was the floor slut. I would jerk off when I would hear these words coming from her lips and it never took long to cum.I know she was never doing anything sexual in collage, and I kinda wish she had due to all the things that I did in college. I will get back to what I did in a few minutes, but first this is what happened a few weeks ago to make me think about the college days in the mid 80’s. It all started a couple Saturdays ago, it was about 9:30pm, k**s all in bed and I was feeling quite horny. My wife just being in the same room with me can make me horny. I was trying to get her warmed up and maybe have a nice sexual encounter. She had been all stressed out from her job and I thought a good fuck would help her out to relax.She said, “I’m sorry honey, but I’m really not in the mood…..I’m sorry I just want to lay here and not do anything, I’m burnt out!”I said almost pleading, “Oh, come on, I want to be with you!”She sighed and said, “I’m sorry, I love you, but not tonight.” and then she rolled over. So here I am lying in the bed next to my hot wife, horny as hell and desperate to shot a big load. That’s when I pulled on her shoulder and said, “Could you at least help me cum?” She said, “What?….What do you want?…I’m so tired.”I said, “I don’t know, maybe you could tell me a story like you did in the college days, something to help me go.”She started to rub her eyes and sighing, saying, “Honey, I hate those stories! You know I hate to talk about me being with other guys.”That’s when I said, “Oh, please…I want to cum so bad, and I love to hear your fantasy stories, and that’s all it is….FANTASY!” She was starting to get pissed and I know that she was tired, but I was being selfish and was too horny to even think of anything other then me cumming and getting relief. She said, “NO….I hate telling you stories and I don’t want to even think right now!”That’s when she said something that would give her an idea of what I use to do in güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri college. She sat up in bed and said, ” Please just let me lay here, why don’t YOU tell ME a story, something that will make you cum…..the quicker the better.”That’s when I said excitingly, ” You want me to tell you a story? What kind of story?”She said, “Your not telling me a story, your telling you a story to make you cum!”I said, “It doesn’t work like that, it would turn me on more if I felt like I was telling you the story….what kind of story should I tell?”She screamed, “FINE….tell me anything, tell me a story of what you did in college, tell me how you were sleeping with other girls….or anything…ANYTHING, just let me lie here and not do anything!””Anything? Any kind of story? You are going to listen at least, right? Cause it won’t work if you not at least acting like your listening!”, I explained.She snapped back, “YES, anything, just let me lay here! I will listen or at least act like I am listening!”I never had been the storyteller before, and I was really trying to think of something that would turn me on, but also give my wife a clue of the things that I really did in college without flipping her out. That’s when I said, ” You ready?”She said, “yes, let’s just get this over with!”I got up and pulled off my boxers and lay naked on the bed next to my wife and started to pull on my semi-erect cock. I said, just to protect myself, “Can I talk about anything and you understand it’s just fantasy right?””Yes, yes, yes……just fantasy….. anything….. just cum already, talk about something that will make you cum fast”, she signed.I said, “Ok, here I go!” She rolled over under the sheets and faced me, as I was on top of the sheets stroking myself. I was getting aroused just thinking of telling her a true story of something that I did in my college days that I always wanted to tell her but didn’t what her to flip out.I started the story by saying, “Remember the time when I was in college and lived in the basketball house and I was the only white guy living with 13 black guys?”She didn’t respond, she just nodded and waved her hand like to say, “Come on let’s get this over.”So this is the story I told her: Well you know that I use to drink a lot in college and the black guys that I lived with didn’t cause they thought that drinking would hurt there performance on the court. One night I had gone to a party where there were a lot of women and didn’t have any luck hooking up, so I got pretty drunk and then walked home about 3:00am.When I got home four of my housemates were up watching ESPN and yelling and screaming at the TV at the other basketball players that were being shown. They were trying to out do each other with a war of the words and it was getting pretty loud. I came in the door, drunk, and sat down in the living room listing to them hollering back and forth. That’s güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri when Dave, the biggest of the black housemates, came up to me and asked who was right in the arguument.I said, “Dave, who gives a shit?” My wife at this point is still trying to figure out what I am going to get out of this sexually, but I do notice that she has started to look like she is interested in the story.Dave says, “Listen white boy this is important shit!”, and then he laughed saying, ” Your fucking drunker then a skunk aren’t you?”I said, ” Come on guys try and quite down, I’m going to bed!” and that’s when Dave grabbed me from behind and flipped me over to the floor.He had pinned my elbows with his knees and said, “Who’s going to quite us down? You boy?”I couldn’t move at all as he was very strong and had me kinda in an awkward position to say anything that would tick him off. Dave was wearing loose boxer shorts and the way that he had me pinned, I don’t think he realized I could see right up his shorts.My wife then propped her head up not saying anything as she could tell that my story was beginning to make my cock fully erect, and as I licked the precum from my fingers. She started to rub my balls thinking that that would make me cum so I would stop the story and she could fall asleep, but I continued with the story.Dave wouldn’t get off me as I tried to wiggle to free myself, but Dave just moved his legs higher on my elbows to get more leverage. When he did this his crotch was right in my face and his big black cock fell out of the side of his short boxers. I had no way out, so I thought if I tried to lick or bite his cock as it was only inches away, he would jump up and allow me to be free. My wives eyes widened as I said this and my face turned red as to get her reaction. I felt the blood rushing though my body and I was really getting turned on, telling my wife this story. I paused waiting for a reaction, and she said, ” Come on, keep going!!” That really got me excited.So back to the story:So I decided to try and bite the end of Dave’s cock, but I didn’t really want to get him angry at me as I know he could really hurt me. So I just reached out my tongue and lifted my neck off the floor to reach the tip of his cock. I could feel the heat from his balls as I moved my face forward. At this point Dave was practically sitting on my neck, his cock falling out of his shorts onto my face and three of my other black housemates watching and laughing at me. My wife started to really rub my balls hard as I think this was turning her on too.My tongue reached Dave’s cock and that’s when Dave pushed forward and his cock fully into my mouth. I’m laying on the living room floor with a black cock in my mouth and all of a sudden there was a load scream from Dave and he yelled, ” I told you guys, he wanted to suck the black rod!!!!” “You all owe me money!” I though at this güvenilir bahis şirketleri point Dave would get up, but he didn’t move, one of the guys then took out a camera and started taking pictures of me on the floor with Dave’s cock in my mouth. I was mortified. Then Dave’s got up and walked over to a chair and said, “Listen white boy, if you don’t want momma to see you like this your going to have to be our little house bitch, and suck our cocks whenever we want, or momma’s gonna get a package of pictures….understand?”I nodded reluctantly, “Yes”My wife was now stroking my cock with a rapid pace as I was on the verge of cummingShe then said, “Well. go on, what happens next in your fantasy?”I continued the story:Then Dave pulled down his shorts and exposed me to his fully erect cock, as I think he was excited with the thought of a white boy sucking his big rod. He then said to me right in the middle of the living room and infront of the other three black housemates, “Lets start right now!! Who else wants a suck from our new bitch?” I had no choice as one of the other guys started waving the camera in my face. I got down on my knees in front of Dave and started to suck on his cock. Licking the precum from the tip and then putting the whole head in my mouth. Being the first time ever with a cock in my mouth and being drunk I was surprised how much it turned me on. I had sucked on Dave for about two minutes and then the other three guys had taken their shorts off. All three must have had 9″-10″ cocks. Before I knew it, I was in the middle of a circle jerk taking all the cocks in my mouth, one after another. They all started to cum shooting there cum in my face………That’s when I stopped talking and pulled back on my legs and leaned my face forward and shot a huge load of cum on my face and mouth. I was in pure ecstasy as my wife was watching and listening to the whole thing. Me with cum on my face, and licking up and savoring the taste.Then she said, “Feel better, now can I go to sleep?”I just grunted and she rolled over.I got up and went to the bathroom to clean up, as I had cum all over my face and chest. When I got back to the bedroom, I put my boxers back on and climbed into beck and snuggled up to my wife.She rolled over and said, “Was that just a story?”I said, “What do you mean?”She looked me straight in the eyes and said, “You had a lot of details and it sounded like something that you might have done in college. I now you like your own cum and have a fascination with your own cock, but what about other guys?”I said, ” Honey, it was just a story, never happened, just fantasy. You said I could tell a story about anything.”She said, “I know, but that story makes you sound so gay.””It was just a story, don’t worry, I’m not gay.”, I replied.She then rolled over saying, ” You are such a freak! I love you, but you are a freak! Goodnight!”We haven’t said anything about my story in the past couple weeks and everything is normal, but I think she has it in the back of her mind that I was a “little house bitch” for the 13 black guys in the basketball house.As far as I’m concerned it was just a story and I am sticking to it. But maybe, just maybe her women’s intuition is right on the money.

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