Jamaican Vacation turned Gay PT4

Big Dick

Jamaican Vacation turned Gay PT4Rebecca studied me up and down.”What happened to you?” She asked.”I…uh…I…”Ty cut me off, “you look like you are in shock Rebecca. Let’s fix you a drink and I’ll explain everything to you.””Make it a double,” she said as Ty started to make her a screwdriver.He handed her the drink, grabbed a joint, and ushered us outside.Rebecca sat down in one chair, Ty in the other. There wasn’t anywhere for me to sit, so I stayed standing, leaning against the railing.”Come sit here and smoke your joint Alexis,” Ty said as he slapped his legs.I took the hint and reluctant sat on his lap.”So what, you are some sort of faggot now?” Rebecca asked.”I…um…I guess” I sheepishly responded. Finishing my joint. The weed had me so self conscious.”I have an idea,” Ty chimed in, “since you are having a hard time explaining this all to her, and don’t you show her.””Please Big Daddy, don’t make me do that in front of her, this is humiliating.””This is nothing! I fucked you in front of like 50 people last night. Sucking my black cock in front of one person is nothing.”Rebecca nearly spit out her drink.”You did what?” Rebecca screamed.I looked down, too ashamed to answer her. In my silence Big Daddy explained how he fucked me on the beach with Jess last night at a party.”Alright time to show her,” Ty said after telling her about last night.”No, please,” I pleaded, but Ty cut me off.”I’m not asking,” Ty said matter of factly, pushing me off of him. “We can do this the hard way or the easy way.”I didn’t want to find out what the hard way was. This was clearly happening one way or another. I turned towards him, put both hands on his knees to spread them apart to make room for myself as he sat on the chair, and dropped down to my knees.I stayed like that for a minute. I could feel Rebecca’s eyes on me. I could only imagine what was going on in her mind.”Alex, are you really about to suck this man off right now?” She asked.”I…I…,” I stuttered, not able to formulate a full sentence.Big Daddy jumped in, “Alexis is going to have to if she ever wants my big black cock ever again.”Big Daddy was so confident. He knew he had be wrapped around his finger. Would have I preferred to not give head to a black man in front of my ex fiancé? Yes. But it was better than the alternative of never having his big black cock in me again.I gave in.I stared at his crotch and reached for the waist band of his shorts. I tugged, but couldn’t get his shorts down around his ass, and I knew his black cock was too big to simply pull out of his shorts.”Big Daddy?” I pathetically asked, looking up at him.Rebecca nearly spit out her drink upon hearing me refer to him like that.”Yea Alexis?” He asked, playing hard to get. He knew what I was going to say, he just wanted me to say it in from of my ex.”Can you please lift up your ass so I can pull your shorts down? I can’t get to your big black cock.”He took another hit of weed, and leaned down to give me a kiss, blowing it into my mouth. I didn’t need the encouragement, but it still felt good as the high washed over me.He lifted up his ass, and I started lowering his shorts.All of my attention went to his big black cock. I have pretty much been on his big black cock in one way or another 24:7 the last couple of days, but I still got so excited every time I saw it.The base of his shaft was just being unveiled as I slowly lowered his shorts. I saw the thick, heavily veined shaft and instinctive bit my lower lip. I was completely transfixed on his big black cock.I pulled further, another inch, then another, and another.”OH MY GOD, how big is that thing?” I heard Rebecca shout.I couldn’t respond, I just stared at it as I lowered his shorts further. It felt like I was pulling forever. I didn’t realize it in the moment, but my mouth was salivating from excitement. So much so, that I inadvertently drooled a bit on his shaft while looking down.”You are such a slut Alexis, you literally just drooled on my cock!” Big Daddy laughed out loud.I didn’t even care, I took my hand to wipe my mouth and went back to the task at hand.All that was left was the massive head of his black cock. I get the elastic straining to hold his big black cock down. With one final tug, I freed the entirety of this big black cock, which sprang to attention, slapping the underside of my chin along the way.I heard both of the them laugh as I fumbled to catch his big black cock in my hands as it bounced around in front of my face.I finally caught it with both hands, and began to stroke it up and down with both hands.”That is the biggest cock I have ever seen!” exclaimed Rebecca, “I didn’t know they made them that big. And you take that…in your ass?”I moaned a affirming “mmmmhmmm” while I took him into my mouth.Since I wasn’t much for conversation in my current state, Big Daddy started talking with her.”She loves my big black cock, she told me last night she thinks she might be addicted to it. Have you ever had a big black cock?””No,” Rebecca replied, “Alex…or I guess Alexis, was the smallest I’d ever been with, but he was so good with his tongue that kind of made peace with it.”Big Daddy took another hit of weed, “you are damn right about that, she does an incredible tongue twirl around the head of my cock that drives me crazy. I mean her little penis is incredibly small, there’s no way that ever gave you an orgasm, right?””No way, not even close. Basically the fun stopped for me when he stopped eating me out and would try to fuck me. I’d just lay there and act like I was into it so that he would cum as quickly as possible.”Daddy roared, “you are damn right about that! This sweet sissy cums so fast! I’ve never seen anything like it, even for a sissy!”I couldn’t believe the conversation happening around me.Daddy kept talking, “I knew he was a sissy right when I met him, but Alexis is really next level. It’s a deep urge for her. She gets so turned on just from pleasuring me. I guarantee you her little penis is as hard as it’s ever been right now.””Not a chance! Nobody actually likes giving head, it’s just a means to an end,” Rebecca said.”Well, let’s see,” Big Daddy said as he tapped me on my head. “Sorry to take you away from your friend down there, but stand up and lift up your sundress. Show your ex what my black cock does to you.”I pulled my mouth off of his big black cock and wiped my mouth clean. There was no point in fighting it. I knew my little penis was hard as a rock. Not just that, but I could feel that the satin material of my thong was wet, I was leaking.I couldn’t look at Rebecca. I stood up, facing Big Daddy, and lifted up the front of my sun dress. As I expected, my little penis was straining against the pink satin thong, and there was a very noticeable wet spot.Big Daddy grabbed me by the waist and spun me 90 degrees so I was facing her.”See?” He said, “she lives for this.”Rebecca looked at my face, then my crotch, then back up to my face. All laughing, joking, and humiliating was gone from her.”So this really is just who you are, isn’t it?” She asked me. There was just a sense of familiar calm in her voice.”Yes,” I said, “this really is just who I am. I had no idea before. I guess deep down I always knew I wasn’t a man. I couldn’t pleasure you. I just didn’t know it until I came down here and learned what a real man is.”We just stared at each other until Big Daddy broke the silence, “Do you think she needs a side by side comparison?”He stood up, and lifted my dress over my head. I was not just standing in front of me ex in a pink bra and panty set, wedge heels, and my jewelry. For the first time, she could see my budding breasts from the smoothies and weed too.He then pulled my panties down slightly so my hard little penis stood at attention. I turned so I was facing him again. He then grabbed my little white penis and held it next to his big black cock. The contrast was undeniable.Rebecca surveyed the scene, “I mean I knew you were small sweetie, but I had no clue. I’m just happy you found your place. What is it that you like so much?”Big Daddy let go of my little white penis, and stuffed my back into my thong, sitting back down on his chair. I sat down on his lap so that my back was against his chest and his cock stood up between my legs. I reached down and stroked his big black cock, staring at the difference between my hard little penis and his beauty.After collecting my thoughts, I started to talk, “to be honest, I don’t really know where to start. If I had to pinpoint one specific feature above all else, it’s the enormous head. The size, the shape and the ridges, it really hits places I never knew existed. And then there is just the impressive length and width of the entire shaft. He’s so big that he can take me in positions that weren’t even possible for us. And his stamina, oh my god his stamina. He can fuck me into orgasm after orgasm. Then there is just his confidence and honestly my confidence too. He can fuck me so well. I was always a fumbling idiot with you. I think it’s because it didn’t come naturally to me. I finally feel like I am good at sex.”I turned my head to talk to Big Daddy, “at least I hope you think I’m good at sex.”He didn’t say anything, just brushed my hair back and gave me a kiss on the neck. That was all the affirmation I needed!I turned my attention back to Rebecca, “honestly, I just love everything everything about my new role. At this very moment, while I stroke his big black cock, my little white penis is harder than it ever was for a woman, and I feel a deep aching inside my ass and desire to be filled by him.”I tried not to let her know, but Big Daddy had slid the back of my thong to the side and had slipped a finger into my ass.”How can you even take that monster?” Rebecca asked.”Well, I just…””Like this!” Big Daddy shouted.In one motion, Big Daddy grabbed my hips, lifted my up about 16 inches to clear the length of his big black cock, and slammed me back down.I yelled and moaned as he filled me up. I turned my head to look at Rebecca, she had her hand covering her mouth and a look of utter shock in her eyes.My feet werent even touching the ground, I grabbed the arm rests of the chair to help steady myself.He lifted me up and slammed me back down again, all the way to the base this time. I leaned my head back and grabbed my bra encased tits.”Oh my god!!” I squealed as the familiar feeling of a deep sissygasm hit me like a ton of bricks. I shuddered over and over as I shot several ropes of cum out of my little white penis.Eventually, I caught my breath. I just moaned in pleasure as I leaned back into Big Daddys chest, rotating my hips in a circular motion to rotate on his big black cock.Back to my point earlier about gaining confidence in myself as a partner in sex, I was feeling myself. Two days ago I was just a tight hole for Big Daddy as he broke me in. Now, I’m an active participant, working harder to bring him (and myself) more pleasure.Even after my orgasm subsided, I continued to grind my ass into Big Daddy, proud of my ability to take his entire black cock.”You must really love dick,” Rebecca said, “you never came that much with me.”I looked over at her, “it’s not just any dick, it’s his amazing black cock that has changed my world. I was at a party last night where I had to sit on a small white dildo, it did nothing for me.””Well I guess I need to try a big black cock, Ty think you could fuck me after you a turn with your little sissy?”He laughed and reached around to grab my little white penis, which was softening after my huge orgasm, “believe it or not, but I’m not really into traditional women. What gets me off is turning these white bois into black cock loving sissies. I mean look at Alexis, he lives for pleasing me. I have complete control over him, women expect to much. All he expects from me is a healthy dosage is big black cock. However, I have more than a few friends who would love to take a fine white lady like you out for a spin.””I’ll let you know, but I may take you up on that kaçak iddaa offer,” she responded.I was caught up in pleasuring Big Daddy, but I saw Rebecca’s hand slip under her dress, she was rubbing herself while watching me get fucked by a big black cock. She was turned on by the scene in front of her. I’m not sure why I was proud, but in some crazy way, I was happy that I was finally turning her on.Big Daddy kept fucking me as Rebecca rubbed herself to an orgasm. About 10 minutes later, Big Daddy slammed me one last time all the way down to the base of his cock and held me there as he sent rope after rope of hot cum deep inside my ass.”Thanks Daddy,” I instinctively moaned.I can’t believe I said that. “Thanks Daddy,” What was wrong with me? I clearly had it bad. Thanking a man for fucking me with his big black cock in front of my ex fiancé. I was pathetic.”So while we’re here, Rebecca would you mind going to the dresser and getting the plastic chastity device from the top drawer?””Big Daddy, you don’t need to lock me up, you know I’m good,” I begged.”What does it look like?” Rebecca asked.”It’s small and purple, you can’t miss it.” He responded, both of them ignoring my pleads.Rebecca walked into the bedroom and came back with it a few minutes later.”Sorry for the delay,” she said, “I was just admiring your collection of lingerie, you’ve been busy. Is this what you wanted?” Holding the device out to Big Daddy.”That’s the one! Why don’t you go ahead and put it on his little white penis,” he told her.Rebecca laughed and squatted down so that she was eye level with my little white penis. She shook her head and grabbed the base with her thumb and forefinger, sliding it on with her other hand. It felt snug, but I didn’t even fill it out completely.”Do you want me to lock it?” She asked.”Yes, thats the whole point,” Big Daddy responded.She clasped it shut and I shivered.”Now, I want you to take this,” he said, handing her the key that was around his neck.”What do you want me to do with this?” She asked.”Well, tomorrow night we are getting married and I think it would be fitting if you would walk Alexis down the aisle and give her away. As part of the ceremony, I want you to turn the key over to me.”Oh my god, my head was spinning. Not only was it bad enough knowing that I was going to be locked up for 36 hours at minimum, but my key holder until then was going to be my ex fiancé, and she was going to play the role of a father in the ceremony.”I would be honored to give Alexis away,” she said, giving me a wink before placing the necklace with my freedom around her neck.”Alright well I have things to do this morning,” Big Daddy said, sliding me off of his softening cock, “why don’t you two have some fun today, maybe Jess would want to hang out too Alexis. You do need to find a maid of honor too.”I blushed. Thinking about having to ask Jess to be my maid of honor. Maybe she would throw me an impromptu bachelorette party.”Good idea, I’ll send her a text,” I said as I stood up. I felt Big Daddys cum start to drip out of me and put my hand under to catch it.”Why don’t you go get your plug sweetie,” he said, giving me a kiss on the cheek before pulling up his shorts and leaving.I scurried over to the dresser and found my plug. I was so wet from the fucking earlier that I didn’t need any lube as I slid it in. Once in, I relaxed.”All better now Alexis?” Rebecca laughed, watching this whole scene take place.”Yes I just, ummm…” I was flustered.”Just say it Alexis. You just got fucked by the biggest cock I have ever seen, and you loved every second of it. No more secrets.””Ok then, well, I just prefer to have something in my ass. It feels empty without anything in there,” I responded.”Well then, good thing you have that plug handy!” She laughed, giving me a playful slap on the ass.That took the edge off. Without Big Daddy there as a distraction, I wasn’t sure how it was going to be. But she was being super fun and awesome about everything.”I could really go for a massage, how about you?” Rebecca asked me.”Sure, a massage sounds amazing,” I responded, “but first, I need to drink one of these smoothies.””I’m hungry too, can I have one?” She asked.”You might not want to, I don’t really know what’s in them. He has me on a strict diet regimen and I know these are loaded with hormones to promote boob growth.””I thought I saw you sprouting something under that bra!””You noticed? That’s amazing. I can feel the difference, but I didn’t know what was visible to the outside.””Well let’s see,” she said, walking over to me and unclasping my bra.The breeze felt cool on my nipples, which immediately hardened.”Oh yea, you are growing for sure. Some of my girl friends don’t have boobs much bigger than this. I mean they are small, but not all women have huge boobs.”I smiled. I was excited to be able to start showing them off, no matter how small they were.”Well don’t let me distract you,” Rebecca said, “get dressed so we can head down to the spa!”I rummaged through my drawers and landed on a purple thong and bra set, and put on a pair of jean shorts and tank top.The shorts barely covered my ass, they were so short. And the rode low too, sitting low on my hips. The tank top didn’t quite reach the top of my shorts, exposing just a flirty amount of stomach.Once dressed, we walked down to the spa to enjoy our morning, like two longtime girl friends.Later that afternoon, we found our way to the pool bar, where Jess met us. She must have known I was going to ask her to be my maid of honor, because she showed up with the skimpiest white bikini I had ever seen for me to wear. It even said bridesmaid across the back, and had a spade on the front.”What’s the spade for?” I asked.Jess giggled, taking another sip from her drink, “it means you live big black cock!””Oh my god Jess, you’re ridiculous!” I laughed out loud.”Well you do don’t you?” She responded.”I’m not even going to justify that question with a response, you know the answer.”I gave her a hug to thank for the bikini before I went to go change. Rebecca laughed when our cages made an audible clank when our bodies touches.I came strutting back to them, I looked hot! They both greeted me with whistles and cat calls.”I just can’t believe how feminine you both look,” Rebecca commented, “there isn’t an ounce of noticeable masculinity. I mean I don’t even see your little penises in your bikinis, and your bikinis are super tiny!”Jess laughed and gave me a cheers, “there was a time that I would have been hurt by that comment, but that was back when I still thought I was a man. Now that I know I’m a sissy, you just gave me the ultimate compliment.”She was so true. I was now proud of how small my penis was. I still love my penis, don’t get me wrong, but I love how small it is. I love that it fits neatly in panties, I love that it is thin and feminine, I honestly love that it is pretty. Also, I love seeing my thin, white, hairless penis in contrast to Big Daddys thick, strong, veiny, heavy black cock. It was a constant reminder of my place in the world and our relationship. That contrast is incredibly erotic to me.My little white penis twitched in my cage as I thought about it all.”Excuse me, Alexis?” someone from the hotel asked, walking up to us.”Yes?””It turns out, your room was already booked for the remainder of the week by another couple. But not to worry, we have been informed that you are getting married to Ty tomorrow, so we took the liberty of upgrading you to our poolside villa for the rest of the week. Your belongings have already been moved down there.””Ooolala” squealed Jess, “the honeymoon suite!”I blushed.”Follow me,” he said. “Also, as it is a 2 bedroom, Ty has requested that Rebecca stay in the other room.””Amazing!” Said Rebecca, “I just realized I didn’t have anywhere to stay tonight since I found Alexis over here shacked up with a black man.”I awkwardly giggled, not knowing what to say.The villa was beautiful. All hardwood floors, right on the beach. It even had a private pool. I felt a little self conscious when I saw all of my clothes and there were two massive black dildos sitting on the counter.The man from the hotel noticed my reaction, “sorry about that Alexis, but those didn’t fit into any of the luggage we found in your room, so we just carried them down for you.”I fumbled around to find him a tip and then nearly shoved him out the door. I was so embarrassed.”Oh my god, can you believe that?” I said.”Believe what?” Asked Rebecca. “That a nice stranger carried your massive black dildos down here for you, or that you have them to begin with?””Well when you put it that way, I guess the latter,” I meekly responded.The three of us lit a joint and hung by the pool, it was nice and secluded.I was feeling really high, I’m sure Rebecca was too, she hardly ever smokes. I wasn’t sure about Jess.”Alright so question for both of you,” Rebecca started, “do you both cum every time you get fucked.””100% of the time,” Jess immediately answered.”Yup, same here,” I said.”How is that possible? I’ve had sex hundreds if not thousands of times and I hardly ever have an orgasm,” Rebecca said frustratingly.Jess laughed, “well I’m guessing most of the issue is that you were having sex with this sissy and his little white penis.”Rebecca laughed so hard she spit out her drink in the pool.Jess continued, “you need to find yourself a black man and see if you still have an issue. Maybe you are just frigid.”The wheels were spinning in Rebecca’s head.”Maybe,” she said, “I just have never really been attracted to black men before.””What’s not to like?” Jess said, “tall, dark, handsome is a saying for a reason. Trust me, you will feel more like a woman than you ever have before the first time you have sex with a black man.”Rebecca didn’t know what to say, but she quickly changed the subject. Regardless, the seed had been sown, she was going to be looking at every black man the rest of the week thinking about his cock and if she should sleep with him.”Alright girls, enough of this pool stuff, let’s throw Alexis a proper send off!” Jess exclaimed, “I know the perfect spot, but first we need to get dressed up for a club.”We walked into the bedroom and rummaged through all of my gorgeous clothes. Rebecca even borrowed some clothes, she even used one of my larger bras that I couldn’t fit into yet.As always, I picked out my outfit starting with my lingerie. I landed on a black lacy thong and bra. I loved how you could see the purple from my chastity device poking through the lace. Then I went to the closet and picked an extremely short, stretchy black dress.It was one of those dresses where you couldn’t take too long or a stride when you walked or else it would ride up over your ass. Regardless of the dress, I was going to have to take small steps with the heels I picked out!We went to dinner, which was just the 3 of us picking at salads, but the drinks and conversation was good!After we paid the check, Jess excited said, “you ready for the main event?”She got us a cab, and off we went. Even after my questions, she wouldn’t tell me where we were headed. Eventually, we pulled up to a standard strip mall. There were a couple bars and restaurants, but nothing that seemed crazy.She led us around the building and we went down a few steps. This seems sketchy. She knocked three times and the door opened.I was handed a glass of champagne, and in we walked to what seemed to be an underground strip club. But instead of women dancing, it was all black men working.”See anything you like Alexis?” she asked slyly, reaching her arm around me, giving me a squeeze.”Oh my god, look at all of these gorgeous black men!” I said giddily.”I think this could be good research for you too Rebecca!” She said excitedly.Rebecca was in awe. There were 2 mini stages and a main stage. She was looking at the dancers, all black, all fit, all naked except for their mesh thongs that left little to the imagination.These weren’t like my thongs. They were hammocks to hold their big black cocks. kaçak bahis And the mesh was so wide that you could clearly see their cocks.Jess could sense our wonderment, “Just wait girls, they only need to keep clothes on until 10, after that, they don’t have to legally stay dressed…if you can even call it that.”We were ushered to a private table in the middle, right by the main stage. Jess had this all planned out for us. We ordered some drinks and watched the show. I loved trying to make out all the details of the different dancers big black cocks.Most of them seemed to be a little smaller that Big Daddy. Based on my limited research that night, it seemed like average length for black men down here was about 8 inches and noticeably thicker than the thin white penises I had seen in locker rooms at home.Regardless, I clearly struck gold with Ty, he was significantly larger than all of these men, and these men would be considered extremely hung!We had about 10 minutes to go until it was legal for them to go full nude. Rebecca was enjoying the show, I could tell she was a little bit in shock of the size of these black men.A new song started and a giant of a man came out. He must have been 6’6″ and extremely ripped. His muscles had muscles. Not to mention he was extremely attractive.”Damn, now that is a man!” Jess said, throwing a wad of singles on stage.I looked over at Rebecca, she was in a trance. I watched her go from his eyes, down his rippling chest and abs, straight to his thong.She took a sip of her drink and crossed her legs like she was trying to gain pleasure by having her thigh press against her clit. She was clearly turned on.I looked over to see what he was packing. This guy was huge! Not as long as Big Daddy, but maybe even thicker. All I know is that his staggeringly fat black cock took up his entire thong.”Like what you see?” I asked, squeezing her hand.”Every inch of that man is impressive,” she said, refusing to break eye contact with him.After the song was over, he left the stage, giving Rebecca a minute to recover. As we discussed the man that was just on stage, the DJ came over the loudspeaker, “its the time you’ve all been waiting for, we are going full nude!”Cheers erupted.The next black man came on stage, the crowd erupted as he walked out, stroking his hard black cock. It was still huge, but not as big as the last man. A group of girls went nuts and rushed up to the stage, showering him with singles.Then, I noticed the black man from earlier walking right towards us.”Look who it is,” I whispered into Rebecca’s ear.She was nervous. But he was coming for her, he noticed her thirst from earlier and was coming to take it further.Unlike earlier, he wasn’t wearing a thong anymore. His fat black cock swung low as he walked towards us. The three of us were hypnotized by the pendulum like swinging of it.Back and forth. Back and forth.”Excuse me miss,” he said, walking right up to Rebecca, “but I couldn’t help but feel like we had a connection earlier, did we?””Ummm…ugh…ummm…””It’s ok sweetie, first time here?” He said, trying to calm her down.”Yea, a lot of firsts today” she said.”Well care to get to know each other a bit more? I’d love to give you a dance or just have you sit on my lap for a bit. No charge since you are a first timer here.”Her gaze moves from his eye down to his fat black cock.”May I please sit on your lap?” She asked, almost pleading.He helped her up, took her place on the chair, and pulled her down onto him.”Oh my god,” she silently mouthed to me and Jess and she lowered her ass down onto his black cock.I couldn’t help but notice her wiggle her ass as his black cock undoubtedly settled in against her ass cheeks.After a while, Rebecca was so turned on, she wanted to get the real experience.”So I have a question, it might me dumb,” she said.”Anything girl,” He responded in his smooth voice.”Would you please fuck me? I’ve never had a big black cock before. Up until today, I was engaged to this sissy here. I know you are working, I’ll pay you whatever you want.””The rules here suck, but there is a strict policy that we can’t fuck anyone in the club. However, if you throw a little after party at your hotel, that’s a whole different story.”There was zero hesitation from Rebecca as she gave him our hotel and villa number.He said he was working until midnight and then would swing by with some friends. It was 10:30 now, so we decided to head back to the house.We anxiously waited for the black men to arrive. Eventually there was a knock on the door. Rebecca leaped up, and ran over to the door.As soon as she opened it, I saw two large black hands scoop her up by her ass cheeks. Her legs wrapped around his waist and he kissed her hard.Two more black men made their way in to the villa after him. Then in walked Ty.”Big Daddy!” I squealed in excitement, running over to the door. I ran so fast my skirt creeped up over my ass, but I didn’t care.”Hey girl,” he said, bending down to give me a deep kiss, “my boy Troy here said he met some fine bitches at the club that needed to be broken in. Once he said where the party was at I figured it was you.””You know Troy?” I asked.”Yea of course, he’s my best friend, we are actually roommate.””Whoa whoa whoa, this is your new girl?” Troy chimed in, breaking his kiss from my ex fiancé.”Yea man, this is the one.””But she doesn’t look like a guy.”Ty pulled the front of my dress up and slid the front of my panties over, exposing my caged little white penis.”Not only that,” Ty said, “but that bitch that is all over you right now is his ex fiancé, this sissy thought he was a man until a couple days ago.”Troy turned his attention back to Rebecca.”You used to get fucked by that sissy?” He asked her.She looked him in his eyes and nodded her head.”Sorry to hear that. I honestly feel bad for you. Well tonight you are going to learn what sex is.”On that, he carried Rebecca back into one of the bedrooms.Part of me was ashamed. Ashamed I could never bring Rebecca pleasure. Ashamed that I took years of good sex away from her. But at the moment, all I wanted to do was so get filled by his big black cock.Big Daddy had other ideas. He grabbed me by the hand and led me into the bedroom where Rebecca and Troy were getting started. Rebecca was completely naked and Troy was down to his pants.”Why don’t you go help her?” Big Daddy said, spanking me on my ass.I walked over to them and kneeled next to Rebecca. Big Daddy pulled up a chair and sparked a joint.”I love fucking the manhood out of sissies, but I also love a good double feature!” Big Daddy yelled.Troy laughed out loud.Rebecca turned to me and lifted my dress over my head. She gave me a kiss. It was hot. I didn’t feel like a man kissing his girl, but more like two lesbians kissing.She then reached down and pulled my thong to the side, exposing my caged penis. She took her necklace off that had my key. She was going to free me!She put the key in the lock and looked at me. My eyes were begging for relief.”I’m only doing this because I want to see how small you are compared to a real man. If I see even a hint of you trying to use your little white penis, I will lock you back up immediately, so you understand?””Yes, I understand”Click. She removed the device and my little white penis immediately came to life. She grabbed it with two fingers and tucked it back in my thong.”It’s pathetic that your entire erection fits in that thong. Get him ready for me.” she told me.”Go ahead sissy,” he said, staring down at me.I reached up, and unbuckled his belt. Then the top button, then the zipper. I gave a quick tug and his pants fell to the floor. He wasn’t wearing underwear, so his fat black cock hung softly down.I reached up to lift it up. It was heavy. Unlike Big Daddys cock that was smooth except for one protruding vein, his was covered with veins. It seems extremely muscular.I gave the underside a kiss by the base, and worked my way up to the enormous head. I made love the best I could with my mouth to his black cock.I was focused, but somewhere along the line Rebecca had moved to the bed and was lying on her back fingering herself to my display of affection to Troy’s black cock.”That’s enough now sissy, it’s your girls turn now,” he said to me, patting me on my head.I had done my job. I had gotten his black cock nice and hard, and provided some entertainment for Rebecca to get herself nice and wet to.”Last thing sissy, I want you to put me inside of her,” Troy demanded.I couldn’t say no.I moved onto the bed, kneeling next to Rebecca, who was laying on her back completely naked. I could see her boobs go up and down from her heavy breathing.Troy joined us on the bed, he was now kneeling in between Rebecca’s open legs. I reached out and grabbed his big black cock. My mind was racing.This would be sickening to any man. But here I was, an active participant in my ex fiancé first adventure with big black cock.I guided his cock to the entrance of her pussy. She moaned as the head entered her and arched her back instinctively to help accommodate his size.I felt Big Daddy climb onto the bed behind me. He pulled my knees back, which told me he wanted to fuck me from behind.I got in position and he set his big black cock on my ass and lower back while I did. With one hand, he grabbed my hair and pushed my head down so my left cheek was resting on the mount of Rebecca’s pussy, and my mouth wasn’t more than 2 inches from Troys big black cock.I couldn’t help but marvel at the up close view I had of Rebecca accommodating his size. My little white penis had done nothing to prepare her for this.Big Daddy slowly slid his big black cock off of my back. I felt him position himself at my ass, but nothing. He was making me put him in.I reached back with one hand and lined him up against my ass and moved my ass back.I moaned as I took about 8 inches into me.I waiting for him to start fucking me, but he just stayed kneeling, not moving. I took the hint, he wanted me to do the work.I moved my ass and rocked back and forth onto his cock. I felt him bottom out, and I let out a squeal as I shot a cum onto the bed below me.As I worked my ass on his big black cock, I found my groove. I did my best work on about a 7 inch portion of his big black cock. I would rock forward so that just the head was left in my ass, and then roll back until I had about 9 inches in me.It felt so natural to me than I was able to focus back on the fat black cock that was now about halfway in Rebecca.I could feel Rebecca convulsing under me, she was clearly reeling from one of those epic, black cock induced orgasms.Troy pulled out a couple inches, I noticed a white lather on his black cock. She was clearly having an orgasm and secreting something I had never seen from a woman.Without thinking, I stuck my tongue out and licked her pussy and his black cock in one motion.She let out a moan as my tongue made contact with her clit. I moved my head so I wasn’t just licking from the side. I buried my mouth into the top of her pussy so I could both pleasure her and the big black cock.The four of us found our groove.Eventually we all moved around so that Rebecca and I were laying next to each other on our backs as Ty and Troy fucked us missionary.I know other positions feel great too, but there is something so feminine and taboo about missionary to me as a sissy, watching a big black cock piston in and out of my ass.Not to mention, I have a clear view of his big black cock in comparison so my little white penis, which is such a turn on.As our men hammered away at us, Rebecca reached down and grabbed my hand. She has an orgasm building up inside her.”OH MY GOD!” She screamed as loud as she could.Security might be coming after that one.Her body convulsed and she started to squirt.”What the fuck is happening?!?!?!” She yelled.Troy and Big Daddy continues to hammer us, and I felt another orgasm building as well. He must have sensed it to.He grabbed my hands and pinned them above me head and moved up so that my ass was in illegal bahis the air. I couldn’t help but notice my little white penis was aimed right at my face.A couple more deep thrusts, and bam, I felt his cum shoot deep inside me ass. Rope after rope. It felt so good, he was all the way inside me filling me with his hot cum.My little penis twitched and shot several ropes of cum onto my face. I caught what I could, but it was twitching uncontrollably and it was hard to catch. I was left with a facial.As his orgasm subsided, he pulled out of me and brought his black cock up to my face.I obliged in cleaning him off with my mouth.I looked over, and Rebecca was doing the same thing.Eventually, she broke the audible sound of slurping in the room.”That was amazing, but I don’t think I can walk. My legs are shaking so bad,” she said.Her body was recoiling from the experience she just had.Then she added, “if that is what sex is, I was a virgin until today.”Troy looked at her and said, “girl, you were just a black cock virgin.”He took his black cock out of her hand and slapped in her the face with it.”Want to feel the difference? Sissy, put your hard little penis inside her,” Troy instructed.”Do it, it’s important for both of you,” Big Daddy said.I crawled over to her and got in between her legs. I noticed a thick steam of cum leaking out of her gaping pussy.”Here, let’s play a game,” Troy said, “close your eyes Rebecca. Tell us when he is inside you.”She closed her eyes, I lined my little white penis up to her pussy and pushed. Well, push is a strong word. Push means I was met with any sort of resistance at all. All I did was thrust forward into an open hole.I felt nothing. I could hold my penis in the middle of her pussy and not touch wall on any side. Basically, I could fit my entire penis inside of Troys penis.”C’mon already, what are you waiting for?” She asked.The black men laughed.”I am inside of you,” I said meekly.She opened her eyes and let out a huge laugh. But she immediately felt bad and sat up to give me a hug.”I’m sorry sweetie,” she said, “I shouldn’t have laughed. You aren’t a man. You aren’t supposed to do anything with that pathetic, little white penis. Your place is on a big black cock.”I don’t know why, but I started crying. I just nodded my head in agreement and hugged her back.”Don’t be sad Alexis, this is who you are,” she said, trying to console me.”I don’t even know why I’m crying, I think it’s just because a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulder. Until now, I have been trying to be someone I’m not. I don’t want to waste another day not living the life I was born to live.”The rest of a night was a blur. The house echoed with moans of pleasure from every corner. I had Big Daddy, Rebecca had Troy, and Jenny had her two men who I hadn’t met yet.The next morning I woke up naked and sore. Like other mornings, it was a good sore. Don’t get me wrong, nothing beats a good hard fucking at the mercy of a big black dick in the moment, but I also love the feeling the next morning when you ass aches from the pleasure and pain as you are reminded of what happened to you the night before.I laid there thinking of every toe curling orgasm Ty’s big black cock gave me.Eventually, I decided to surprise everyone with breakfast. I threw on some pink boy shorts that cupped my ass perfectly, and a white and pink tank top that went to my belly button. I noticed my tits seemed bigger again today. As I pulled the tank top on, I had to pull it over them. I was giddy with excitement as I headed to the kitchen.On my way, I passed the other bedroom that Rebecca and Troy were in. The door was wide open and the morning light was creeping through the blinds. I could see the silhouette of Rebecca working on Troys big black cock with her mouth as Troy started to stir from his sleep.She was focused on pleasing her man, she paid me no attention at all.I kept going to the kitchen. Jess was fast asleep on the pull out couch, with a black man on either side of her. She clearly had a good night too!The house was full of sore holes and tired big black cocks.I went to the fridge and grabbed myself a smoothie and started making breakfast for everyone else. It was nice of the hotel to stock the fridge!Soon I was joined by the rest of the group. Then men were all completely naked, and us girls were all in panties, primarily just to keep from leaking last night’s cum onto the floor and chairs.I couldn’t help but notice how Rebecca was doting on Troy. Anything he wanted she got for him. She never did that for me.Eventually the conversation turned to the tonight’s festivities of the wedding. The guys left us saying they wouldn’t see us again until the wedding.”Alright well we have a wedding to get ready for!” Jenny said. “We need to pull together an outfit for you and I made an appointment for you to get a Brazilian wax. I know you are mostly smooth anyways, but this will drive him wild.””Any thoughts on the type of dress you want to wear?” Rebecca asked.”Is this too slutty, but I was thinking no dress?”Rebecca laughed, “alright let’s hear it!””Well, I just want to wear the sexist bridal lingerie we can find. And I want a vail, not for my head, but a little poof of a vail on my ass.””Let me stop you right there, I have an amazing idea,” Rebecca said, running into her room. A few minutes later, she came back with gorgeous white lingerie set on a hanger.”We’ll need to figure out the vail piece. But I would love it if you wore this. Remember how I had a lingerie shower when we were engaged?””Yea…” I said, not connecting the dots.”Well your mom gave me this to wear on our wedding night. I brought it down to seduce you in as I try to win you back. I think it’s only fitting that you wear it tonight for Ty.”My little white penis got hard in my panties thinking about how sexy that was.”Looks like she likes it!” Jenny giggled, pointing to my hard penis in my panties.I took the hanger from her. It was perfect. There was a white lacy thong and a matching corset. The corset had hooks for stockings, so I wouldn’t have to wear a garter belt with it. I definitely wanted to wear stockings.Jenny and Rebecca looked over the back of the thong. They figured the triangle on the back was big enough to figure how to fashion a mini vail to it.”This is perfect,” I said, looking it all over. “Also, I might be able to fill these cups out, check out how much my tits have grown!”I lifted up my tank top to show them. Out popped two perfectly perky A cup tits. They both ran over and felt them. I felt like I had the best of both worlds with my little tits and my little penis.The rest of the day was a scramble. I got waxed…ouch…but I loved how it felt after, then we got hair and makeup done and the villa.Before I knew it, it was time for the ceremony. I started to get butterfly’s on my stomach.Rebecca and Jenny helped me get ready.”First things first!” Jenny said, holding out my purple cage. “Ty said that this would be part of the ceremony.”Rebecca kneeled down and grabbed my little penis with her thumb and forefinger.”This is likely the last time a woman is ever going to touch your little penis,” she said as she slid it on and locked it shut.I blushed.Next, they helped me step into my white lacy thong. It was really nice, you could tell the lace was expensive.Then came the corset, it took some time to lace up, but loved what it did to my figure once it was done. My waist has never been smaller, and it really made my boobs pop.After that I rolled up the stockings and they helped me attach them to the straps on my corset.They they helped me into my white high heels.They even figured out the vail situation! After it was attached, I had a nice lacy vail covering my ass.”Final touch!” Rebecca said as she reached around my neck from behind me. “Remember this?”It was a pearl necklace I had given her as an anniversary gift.”I think you should have it,” she said.I turned around and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked so hot. I couldn’t want to see Ty. I hope he likes the way I look too.The girls both wore matching purple mini dresses.My little penis ached in my cage. I was so horny and nervous all at the same time.Jenny came from the other room, “looks like a good crowd is gathering, just a few more minutes until it’s time!”It was convenient how we would walk into the ceremony on the beach right from the villa.I could hear the music playing.”Alright, let’s go!” Rebecca said.She gave me a kiss on the cheek as Jess opened the door and walked down the aisle to take her place as maid of honor.There had to have been 50 people here, probably most from the party the other night. I was nervous.Jess and I followed, arms linked.We took one step on the sand and sunk in with our heels. The crowd let out a friendly laugh as we kicked off our heels.I turned back towards the front, and saw Big Daddy standing stoically, staring at me.He wore nothing but a tight pair of boxers. His bulge was unmistakable.The crowd evaporated from my vision. It was just us. When I got to the front, I took my place standing across from him. Rebecca took off her necklace that held my key and gave it to him.The man officiating thanked everyone for being there and said a few words about what a good sissy wife is and how I was there to worship and serve my man.”Ty,” the officiator, “if you take this sissy as your bride, you may show her your affection as you see fit.”Big Daddy stared into my eyes and reached out to my caged penis. He took the key and unlocked it. He then slid it off my little penis and threw it into the ocean.I smiled, no more pain and anguish of a chastity device. I’ve proven my commitment to him.My little white penis got hard. I couldn’t help but hear a few giggles from the crowd at my pathetic size.He then pulled out a white ribbon, and tied a bow around the base of my little penis before tucking it back into my thong.I loved the feeling of the bow, it was a reminder of the love that he showed me.The officiator then told me the same, I was free to show my affection as I saw fit.Without breaking eye contact, I dropped to my knees. I reached up and removed his boxer briefs to free hit big black cock.It hung low. Maintaining eye contact I dipped down and scooped his big black cock into my mouth, not using my hands for assistance. I worked his big black cock the best I could until he was completely hard.The crowd cheered.”I now pronounce you husband and sissy wife!” Yelled the officiator.Big Daddy scooped me up and carried me to down the aisle and straight to the villa where we consummated the wedding as the party started outside by our private pool.He fucked me in every way possible. Standing up, bent over the bed, missionary. He finally came deep inside me as rode him cowgirl style. I was so proud of my ability to take his entire black cock inside of me. I’m sure the party could hear my moans of delight from just outside as I had countless sissygasms, my final one happening as he grabbed my by my hips and slammed my down on his big black cock as I rode him.After he came, we got cleaned up and went outside to join the party. I put my panties back on, and held his big black cock as led me outside.The crowd cheered as we appeared. I didn’t notice the cameras, but Big Daddy had set up cameras and broadcast our sex to the entire party on a couple projectors.I blushed, but I everyone said how impressed with me they were. Everyone thought I was a real natural. Even though I was blushing, I didn’t really care. It didn’t stop me from walking around to talk to people, still holding on to my husbands big black cock.Fast forward 6 months.Big Daddy and I bought an awesome beach bungalow. I work as a server at a local restaurant just for some supplemental income. Our uniform consists of short shorts and a tank top, I love how our guests are none the wiser and think I’m just a sexy white girl!Rebecca never moved back to the states. She was afraid that if she left for even a week to get her stuff, Troy would move on to the next white slut.Despite me not caring at all, she invites me over every couple weeks and makes Troy fuck her in from of me. I’m happy to oblige, it gets her off and I’m always up for some in person porn!I love my life.

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