Jennifer’s Fire


February 1999, brought with it a new job. My new job forced me to relocated to a part of my state I knew very little about. I was hours away from my parents, friends, old hangouts, etc. I was basically a stranger in a strange land.

I had been there a month of so, and was feeling down. My hair was getting long, so I decided to get a hair cut and perhaps that would pick my spirits up. I opened the phone book and made an appointment at a salon for a hair cut. Friday arrived and I left work for my hair appointment, arriving around 6:30. I only had to wait a few minutes before having my name called. It was approximately 6:45 when my name was called and my new life changed. That is when I met Jennifer.

Jennifer introduced herself and lead me back to her station. I couldn’t help but notice her. She was beautiful, and friendly. Jennifer is 5’4 with a medium frame. She has large, firm breast. Her hair is blonde, and her eyes are the most beautiful shade of green I have ever seen. She sat me in her chair, put a cape on me and asked what I would like to have done. I was so in awe of her beauty that it took me a moment to get the words out of my mouth. She must have had this affect on many men I thought. Eventually, I told her I would like a wash and a cut.

Jennifer lead me to the hair washing station, put me in the chair, and turned on the water. She told me to relax. She could tell I felt a little nervous. I leaned back, took a deep breath, and allowed her to wash my hair. Jennifer commented on my red hair. She told me she likes red headed men, and loves a man with a mustache and goatee. She continued talking to me while washing my hair. I bantered back and forth with her during this process. Then I got, more than an eyeful. Jennifer leaned over me, and her beautiful firm breast pressed against my face. Oh how I wanted to suckle them, but I didn’t. Jennifer eventually rinsed and dried my hair before leading me back to her station.

We talked back and forth. I told her how I was new in town and didn’t really know anyone, and told her I felt kind of down. She told me what a fun town it was, saying there were many great places to eat great clubs, beaches, etc. Jennifer finished cutting my hair. I mustered up the courage and asked if she would join me for dinner. She agreed, but told me she didn’t get to leave for another half an hour. I drove back to my apartment, changed my shirt and put on some cologne. I then drove back to the salon to find Jennifer waiting for me.

Jennifer took me to one of her favorite eateries and we had dinner. During dinner we got to learn a lot about one another. She told me she had only lived there for about 6 months and really hadn’t gotten to know anyone herself. We finished dinner around 9:30 and she invited me back to her apartment. Never in the back of my mind did I think that she meant for anything to happen, I just thought it to be a nice gesture. I paid the check and then followed Jennifer Antalya Escort to her place.

Jennifer had rented a home in town. The house was an old farm type house with 5 bedrooms, large kitchen, dining room, and a huge living room with a fireplace. Jennifer asked me to make myself comfortable in the living room, and start a fire. She went into the kitchen and poured us some wine. With the fire going, I took a seat on the couch. Jennifer returned from the kitchen and took a seat on the couch with me. We sat and talked, gazing deeply into one another’s eyes the entire time. I eventually noticed that we were moving slowly closer to one another as the conversation progressed. Eventually, I found that we were sitting next to one another like old time friend or lovers. As Jennifer talked, I couldn’t help but notice her soft full lips. Oh, how I wanted to kiss and suck on them.

A long gaze into her eyes, and a pause in the conversation afforded me the opportunity to lean in for a kiss. I paused for just a moment, waiting to see if she was going to allow this. Yes, she was. She moved to meet me. We kissed long, deep, and passionately. I sat my drink down on the sofa table and wrapped my arms around her. She followed my lead and soon we were in each other’s arms. Caressing one another, exploring each other’s bodies. The heat from the fire mixed with our body heat lead us to the loosening and eventual removal of our clothing.

I could not believe this. I had just met her hours before and now we were stark naked on her couch making out like lovers. My one hand caressed Jennifer’s back while the other ran through her hair. I pulled at her hair causing her head to roll back. This allowed me to nibble on her neck. Our bodies moved in unison as we continued kissing and caressing one another. I reached down with my right hand and parted her silky smooth thighs. My hand traced its way up and down the inside of her thighs. I would run my hand, palm side flat against her thigh, down from her soft pubic hair to her knee. I now lifted my hand so that the fingertips just barely touched her, and brought them ever so slowly back up her thigh. Her body let out a low moan on the down stroke, and gasped for air on the way back up.

I stood up from the couch and motioned for Jennifer to roll over on her belly. She complied allowing me full access to her backside. I placed my one knee behind her and the other on the edge of the couch. My hands began massaging Jennifer’s back. She let out moans of approval as my hands worked her flesh. I ran my hands up and down her back, kneading and pummeling her. Her back started to become red from the increased blood flow as her muscles started to relax. I then leaned forward and began deep kneading movements on her shoulders. Her body continued to relax as well as moan in pleasure. After doing this for about 20 minutes or so, I laid down on her with my chest pressing against her back. I then Antalya Escort Bayan began nibbling at the back of her neck. We remained in this position, just relaxing and feeling each others body heat for about 5 minutes.

My relaxed, yet excited body wanted to explore more of the beautiful woman lying beneath me. So I grabbed her firmly and rolled the both of us from the couch to the floor. When we hit the floor we moved closer to the fire and felt even more of its warmth caressing our bodies.

We once again began kissing and caressing one another. My hands began to explore her body once again. I ran my hands down to her breast, occasionally squeezing them. My fingers pinched her nipples producing a moan of pleasure mixed with pain. I continued moving my hand down over her belly, to her pubic region. I ran my fingers through her soft, long hair and down her slit. She gazed at me deeply as my finger found its way into her moist crevice. My finger teased her for a few minutes, occasionally brushing against her clit. I could tell she wanted more.

Jennifer now pushed me to my back and kneeled beside me. She leaned over, kissed me deeply and then traced her tongue down to my chest and nipples. I took a deep breath as she licked my nipple; it sent a wave of pleasure through me. Jennifer then raised her one leg, and with careful movements assumed the sixty-nine position above me. I was now eye to eye with this woman’s beautiful pussy. I moved my hands up her thighs to her ass as I inserted my tongue deep into her. She let out a gasp as she sucked my cock, feeling a wave of excitement run through her body. At first, I just licked at her outer lips. I then pointed the tip of my tongue at her vaginal opening. I found myself tongue fucking her now wet cunt. In and out my tongue went, gliding easily due to the mixture of my saliva and her juices. I paused from time to time to suck her juices into my mouth, as if I was a man dying of thirst. Jennifer continued working her mouth up and down the length of my shaft. This was wonderful.

The minute my tongue hit Jennifer’s clit, her body became rigid and she sat straight up. She couldn’t take it anymore. My eating her was becoming too pleasurable for her to concentrate on my cock. I continued to tongue fuck Jennifer for a few minutes and soon felt her hand on my chin. She traced her finger from my chin to my lips and eventually to her clit. Jennifer now played with her clit as I tongue fucked her. This combination was too much for her. Jennifer came quickly. Her body shook almost violently as she ground herself onto my face. When she came I felt her cum shoot straight from her into my mouth. What a rush this was, I had never been with a woman who shot cum before.

Eventually Jennifer’s body stopped shaking. My cock continued pointing skyward. I motioned for Jennifer to mount me. She stood up, turned around, and slowly lowered herself to a crouching position Escort Antalya above me. Jennifer then slowly lowered herself onto me, and I felt my cock glide into her moist cunt. Jennifer’s ride was slow and deliberate. She placed her hands on my chest and leaned forward as she raised and lowered herself on me. We both moaned with pleasure. I started to feel my balls tightening, the early signs of being ready to cum. Jennifer’s moaning lead me to believe she was close also, so I ordered her to cum. I wanted her to cum before me. I wanted to feel her contracting around me as I came. My demands became more frequent, as did Jennifer’s moans. Jennifer then came with the same violent force as before. The second I felt her cumming I let myself cum also. It was incredible! We both collapsed with exhaustion on the floor.

Jennifer and I rested in the spoon position. I held her tightly. My hands caressed her shoulders and arms. I kissed the back of her head. Jennifer let out a few sighs of contentment. We took a short nap, 10 minutes or so. When we regained some strength Jennifer got up and headed to the kitchen for some refreshments.

Seeing her silhouetted body, beautiful curves, and ass I had to follow her. We got to the kitchen and had some more wine, straight from the bottle. We kissed once again and I wrapped my arms around her. I now guided her to the dining table and pressed her up against it. A moan of shock escaped her lips. I reached down around her waist and lifted her to the table. An oh escaped her lips as we continued kissing. “Mmm, I’ve never done it on the table before.” Jennifer said. “Neither have I.” We couldn’t quite get comfortable on the table so I asked her to get on all fours.

Jennifer complied and I took a place between her legs. I raised my renewed erection, pointing it at her cunt. My hips thrusts forward as my hand guided me deep inside her. I began thrusting into her. My hands began wandering over her body once again. Jennifer urged me to go faster and harder. I readily complied. My right hand now found its way over her hip and under her to her clit. I rubbed my hand against her pubic mound as my cock thrust in and out of her. My finger quickly found her clit and I began rubbing small circles around it. “Oh fuck! God damn this is good!” Jennifer shouted.

Jennifer’s body loved the way I was treating it. She began to cum easier and more frequently. I could hold out no longer. I started slamming my cock deep into her. My balls swung freely and I could feel them slapping against the hand playing with her clit. A few more thrust and I felt my cock unloading hot cum deep into Jennifer’s body. I kneeled there for a moment, completely exhausted.

I got down from the table and leaned over and kissed Jennifer once again. Her body, completely exhausted from so many orgasms lay almost lifeless on the table. I mustered up all of my remaining strength and carried her back to the living room where we lay down near the fire. We both fell asleep in each other’s arms that night.

Our relationship got stronger and stronger and eventually Jennifer became my wife. Perhaps it was my destiny that led me to Charlotte and Jennifer.

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