Jerk It Out


Jerk It OutThe post was listed in the ‘casual encounters’ section. It was simple and straight to the point. It said, “I’m a white male in my late 20s. Looking for another straight-ish dude to come to my place after midnight, watch some porn, and jerk off with me.” I emailed him at around 11:30. We traded dick pics. I was on my way.When he opened the door, he was wearing boxers and a t-shirt. He looked like he was a banker or something. He obviously worked out. “Hey,” he said. “I’m Steve. Do you want to do a shot?”We did three, and then I followed him into the living room. It was dark except for the glow from the large flat-screen TV. I’d never done this before, but he seemed to know what he was doing. “Take your pants off and have a seat on the couch. I’ll put on my favorite video.”I did as I was told. He popped a DVD in and sat down next to me, close enough that the outside of our thighs were touching. I looked at his crotch and saw that he already had a hard on. He clicked a button the remote and the screen filled with an image of a hot young girl sunning herself by a pool. Another hot young girl came on screen and they engaged in pointless porn dialogue. Soon enough they had removed their tops and were putting sunscreen on each other. One was blonde and the other had pale skin and dark hair.”They’re about to start playing with each others’ titties,” bostancı escort my host said.Just as he said it, the blond reached around her friend’s chest and began rubbing lotion all over her tits. The dark haired girl moaned and leaned back into her friend. Soon they were kissing and licking each other’s tits. My dick was getting hard.Steve looked at my dick and said, “You can stroke your dick if you want. I’m gonna.” I looked back at the screen. Blondie and her friend were in a 69 position. The camera zoomed in for a close-up. I watched dark hair slide her tongue in between the blonde’s shaved pussy lips. They glistened in the sun.I looked back at Steve. He had his boxers down around his ankles and was slowly stroking his hard dick. It was about 7 inches long, cut. He had trimmed his pubes. “Do you like watching me touch my cock?” he asked. I nodded. “Play with your dick, ” he said. “I want to watch you jerk off.”I pulled my underwear down too and began sliding my fingers up and down my shaft. Steve pressed a little closer. On screen dark har was sitting on blondie’s face. She moaned in pleasure as the other girl’s tongue licked her pussy and flicker her clit. “Oh yessss,” she cried, “lick my wet fuckin pussy!”Steve took a bottle of lube from between the cushions and squirted some on his hand. I stuck out my hand fatih escort and he filled my palm. We both started stroking our slippery hard dicks in tandem. He looked down at my dick while stroking his own. “Oh fuck yeah,” he said. “I love watching you jerk your cock while I jerk mine. We’re just fucking touching our cocks together on the couch, b*o. You like watching me stroke my cock while these lesbo chicks eat pussy?” I groaned in reply.”You want to touch each other’s cocks? I mean, I’m not gay, but I really want you to jerk my dick while I jerk yours.”I let go of my own cock and grabbed his. It was covered in greasy lube. My hand slid up and down his hard shaft. At the same time he wrapped his fingers around my dick and slowly started masturbating me. We scooted even closer together on the couch. His breathing was getting heavy. “Fuck yeah,” I said. “Stroke my hard fuckin cock while I stroke yours. I love the way your cock feels in my hand.”I had been staring at his dick, but now I looked back at the screen. The blonde was on her back with dark hair scissored between her legs. They were rubbing their wet, shaved pussies together. The camera went in for a close-up. My dick got even harder as I watched their vagina slip together, their lips kissing and smacking. Dark hair looked at her friend and said, “That’s it. Let bağcılar escort me rub my wet cunt all over your wet cunt. Let’s make our pussies cum together.”This really turned me on, so I decided to take the lead with Steve. “Hey b*o,” I said. “Do you wanna rub our dicks together like that?””Oh hell yes.”We stood up and faced each other. We both put our hands behind our backs and started sword fighting our cocks, rubbing them together, pressing our lube-covered ball sacks together. My cock hooked his and then flopped against my belly as he pulled away. Steve reached down and grabbed both of our cocks, stroking them together as if they were one fat dick. I grabbed his ass and pulled him closer to me.”Fuck yeah! Rub our hard dicks together! Stroke us til we cum!”The hot lesbian teens on the video were pressed together too, kissing deeply and squishing their young tits together. Steve started stroking faster and faster.”I’m gonna cum on your cock,” he said. “I’m gonna shoot a load of cum all over your hard dick.””I’m cumming too,” I moaned. “Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum on your dick too!”I wrapped my hand around Steve’s. We squeezed our hard dicks together and stroked up and down. OUr slippery hand made a shlicking noise. Our balls squished together like the titties on screen. Suddenly, a gush of hot cum shot out of Steve’s penis. It ran over our fingers and onto my stomach. That put my over. I moaned in pleasure as a huge load of sperm shot out of my cock and all over our hard dicks. I fingered Steve’s butthole. He touched mine too.”That was awesome,” Steve said. He pointed to the screen. “Too bad we can’t get one of them to make us a sandwich.”

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