Jimmy P3

Double Penetration

Jimmy P3So a bit later than i wanted to be, i finally made it out of the house and soon caught up with my mates down the pub.I could feel it was going to be a good night, the beer was flowing the banter was funny and everyone was up for a session.Then part way through the evening i glanced across the bar, and stared in amazement when i saw someone i hadn’t seen since school.”Emily fucking Wyatt” i exclaimed as i saw a beautiful short haired blonde in a pink stripy top and jeans, sat with a few female friends, drinking and chatting.Emily was the most chased after girl at school, she was like five foot nothing, petite and was very sporty.In fact she was so sporty she didn’t have time for guys, or dating, which is why everyone wanted her, even a few of the girls as i understood it!Anyway, sensing an opportunity and feeling kind of lucky today, i quickly got up and left the lads to go over and say hi, and casually strolled passed her table, before doing the classic double take.”Emily?” i said stopping and looking at her.”Emily Wyatt?” i then said again sounding excited to see her.She looked up at me and then smiled and replied “Oh! Jimmy! Hello!””Hi!” i replied back with my best eager smile.”Wow! I haven’t seen you since school, what have you been up to?” i then asked”Oh. I joined the military as soon as i left school, i’m a physical training instructor now!” she replied smiling back at me.”Really?” i replied back trying to sound intrigued. “Tell me more?” i then said quickly taking a seat opposite her, and joining her little group of ladies.Anyway, over the next few hours we chatted, drank, and i got the ladies a few drinks in, to you know, keep them happy, until finally one by one they left, leaving me and Emily alone at the table.”So…” i said casually.”Are you back long?” i asked.”Just a couple of nights” she replied back.”To see family and friends” she then added.”And your boyfriend?” i then asked, eager to hear if she had one or not.She smiled back at me and then replied “No. I don’t have a man in my life, the army takes up to much of my time to be able to do something like that!””Oh!” i said.”But you know, like all women… i do still have needs!” she then said with a naughty glint in her eye, before she took a sip of her drink.”And how do you take care of them?” i asked curiously smiling back at her.”Well, usually, i find some dumb drunk local idiot, to you know… help me out in that situation!” she replied grinning right back at me.Seconds later, we were quickly heading out of the pub and down the road, laughing and giggling as we did, before we finally turned into a block of flats.She then led me up to the second floor, opened the door to flat 22, and we stumbled in, as she grabbed me and pulled me in for a kiss.Barely making it into the hallway, we eagerly kissed and explored each others mouths, while our hands began running up and down each others bodies, until she was pulling off my t-shirt, i was pulling off her stripy top, and soon we were naked from the waist up.I quickly looked down at her little naked chest, she had really small little perky tits, probably A-cups at the most, with the cutest little pink nipples sticking up, and eagerly i began to fondle them, as we kissed again.Then after a bit she pulled away from me, and with a eager grin on her face, she sunk to her knees in front of me, and began undoing my jeans.I watched eagerly as she pulled at the buttons, until they fell open and then she tugged them down my legs, and my semi hard cock sprung out.”Wow!” she exclaimed looking at it in wide eyed amazement.”I had heard the rumours from the others girls at school, but i didn’t believe it until now!” she bahis siteleri then said, before she reached up, and took hold of my thick veiny growing cock.”You really do have, a really big cock!” she then said looking up at me excitedly. “Yeah i do!” i grinned back.”And tonight, its all yours!” i added.She then looked back down at my cock, before she raised it up and with out hesitation, clamped her little soft lips around it, and began sucking on it.I moaned happily, finally feeling that cute, hot, little blondes lips on my dick at last, before she suddenly began to bob her head rapidly, and in seconds her lips were racing back and forth along most of my member, while her little soft hand pumped firmly on the lower half.”Oh shit!” i exclaimed surprised by her sudden fierceness of a blow a job.”Are you trying to rip my dick off girl?” i then asked She instantly stopped and lifted her head up, and smiling at me replied “What, too much for you Jimmy, is it? I thought your big dick could take it?”Before i could answer, she quickly clamped her lips back around my cock again, and began sucking me again, just as rapidly as before, and i moaned loudly lost in the pleasure of it, but also still concerned she was going to literally suck me dick off.For the next few minutes her head rocked back and forth along my length, like a high powered sucking machine, and i was pretty sure she could give my sister Katie a good run for her money, at who was the best cock sucker in town.Then finally she lifted her head back off my hard wet cock, gasping for air, and grinning up at me with drool all around her little cute mouth, before she then stood up again, and pulled me in for a kiss.We stood kissing for a good few moments, until she began to drag me into the flat, and quickly kicking the door closed behind me, i let her guide me into the living room by the cock, her little hand was still gripping.Then she let go of me, and walked over towards the sofa and as she did, she unbuttoned her jeans and let them fall to the floor, before taking hold of her little pink knickers and pushing them down her slim toned muscular legs, until she was as naked as i was, and i eagerly looked her petite pale toned body up and down.”What do you think?” she asked with a grin, making her little perfectly round arse cheeks jiggle as she did.”Your even more hotter than i imagined!” i replied with a smile, before i quickly followed her towards the sofa.Emily then stepped out of her clothes, climbed onto the sofa, and turning to face me, laid back ready.I eagerly stepped up to her, between her beautiful bare open legs, placed my hard cock at her bald wet waiting pussy, and as i went to push in, she pulled me in for a kiss, and then we both moaned into each others mouths, as my hard cock slipped between her little pink moist lips and sunk into her hot wet hole.”Oh! Jimmy!” she moaned loudly tipping her head away from me.”Your cock feels even bigger in my pussy!” she then added lustfully.”Yeah, i better it does!” i grinned, before i began to steadily thrust back and forth inside of her.”Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she began to moan as i did.Emily lay back on the sofa moaning over and over as i began to fuck her little pussy, and very quickly her little toned legs lifted and hung around my waist, as i leant in towards her and began to kiss her again.For the next few minutes we stayed just like that, with our hot naked bodies rubbing up against each other, as my hard veiny cock pumped away in her little wet cunt, and Emily moaned happily with every thrust beneath me.”Oh god, Jimmy! Oh god!” she then moaned loudly.”Why did i wait so long to find out the truth, about this dick?” canlı bahis siteleri she then asked between heavy breaths.”I don’t know?!” i replied back.”But your definitely going to know all about it, by the end of tonight!” i added with a grin.She then pulled me in for a kiss again, and i happily continued to fuck her for another few minutes.Then i wanted to try another position, and getting her to roll over onto her knees, i pushed her forward, gripped her slim toned waist, and then began to drive my hard dick back into her sweet little pussy.”Oh fuck yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” she began groan loudly as my pumping increased, and her pussy took more and more of a beating from my hard meat pole.”Yes! Fuck me Jimmy! Fuck me!” she ordered eagerly.”I need it! I need it so bad!” she then moaned, as she gripped the sofa cushions, and began pushing back against my thrusts.For the next few minutes i pumped away inside of her again, giving that hot blonde woman the best fucking i could give, as i held her tightly and pounded deep inside of her, and she moaned happily and thrust back against me begging for more.We kept going for what felt like ages, until i finally i thrust deep and hard into her, filling and stretching that little wet cunt of hers to its limit, and she groaned loudly and tilted her head towards the ceiling.”OH FUCK! OH FUCK!” she cried.”I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!” and she began to twitch and buck against me.I held her tightly, forcing my hard cock to stay deep inside of her as she came, and i could feel her squeezing my big dick as she did.Then finally as she began to gasp for air, i pulled roughly out of her, and she fell forwards onto the sofa cushions and took really big deep breaths, as i knelt behind her watching her.”Oh Jesus! Oh Jesus!” she gasped between heavy breaths.”I thought i was going to die! I thought i was going to die… on your cock!” she then said, before we both began to laugh.Then i leant in, and we kissed again.When she had recovered, she moved herself around to be under me again, as we continued to exchange saliva, before she slipped herself onto my big hard cock again, and then with a happy moan laid back for another good fucking.I eagerly began thrusting into her, before i reached down took hold of her little thin ankles, and lifted them up.Emily now lay almost completely on her back, with me holding onto her legs, as i continued to thrust into her, and she was soon moaning loudly again.As we fucked, i just glanced around the flat, and for some reason began to see familiar things, like where the television was, a picture on the wall of a colourful tree, an Japanese ornament on a far shelf, and immediately thought i had a really weird feeling of being here before.But i couldn’t have, i had never fucked Emily before, and certainly never been in her flat, so i shrugged it off and continued to pump away in that hot little blondes pussy.For a good few minutes i fucked her eagerly, with her legs up in the air, before i pushed them back towards her little chest and pumped harder and faster into her pussy.”Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” Emily groaned loudly.”Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me again like you need it! Fuck me again like you haven’t pussy in years!” she moaned, and happily i did.With her little legs in my hands, pushed back almost over her head, her little wet pussy gaped open, and my big hard cock slammed down into her, over and over again, and she moaned constantly loving the hard rapid attention her pussy was getting.”Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Emily kept repeating over and over, and i did, pumping harder and faster into her.Her little moans got louder and louder, and canlı bahis my thrusting got more and more rapid, and as she clearly raced towards another orgasm, so did i.”Oh fuck!” i groaned after another minute or two of this hot wild fucking.”Oh fuck! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!” i then added urgently.”Not in me baby! Not in me!” She replied urgently back.”Pull out! Pull out! I’m not on the pill!” she then said, and quickly i replied “I will! I Will!” as i continued to pound into her.For another minute or so, our naked sweaty bodies smacked together, as my cock pounded in and out of her little wet cunt, and Emily grew louder and more excited with every second.”Oh god! Oh god! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum! Your going to make me cum again!” she exclaimed rocking back and forth under me with my hard powerful thrusting.”Yes! Yes! Do it! Do it! Do it!” i replied loudly.”Cum on my dick! Cum on my dick!” i then said urging her on.And as i continued to pound into her, her groans became constant and more and more high pitched, until finally as my hard cock still rapidly slipped in and out of her, she suddenly tightened up and looking up at me cried out “OH FUCK I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING AGAIN!”Then her little body began twitching and thrusting wildly against me, she cried out screaming at the ceiling once again, and i felt her little pussy tighten up on my hard cock again.It was then i felt my balls tighten up as well, as the feeling of her little pussy trying to milk my cock pushed me over the edge, and remembering what she had begged me for, i quickly yanked my cock free from her quivering cunt, and aimed it at her flat toned stomach.”OH SHIT!” i then cried out as i tugged my hard wet shaft, before exploding, and showering Emily in my hot sticky spunk.”OH CRIST! OH CHRIST!” i cried again, as i unloaded what felt like my entire ball contents for the next month, all over that hot little blonde military woman.We both groaned over and over, as we came for several hot amazing seconds, until finally after what felt like an eternity, we stopped cumming, and together took a deep breath, and then sighed, as we relaxed.For a moment we just stared at each other, trying to catch our breath, and smiling happily, and then just as Emily went to lean up towards me and say something with a big smile on her face, we heard the front door of the flat being opened.”What the fuck?” i asked looking towards the hallway.”I’m home!” said a familiar voice from out in it, before i then heard the door shut.”Did you have a fun night?” the voice then asked.Then the person stepped through the door into the living room, and i stared in horror as i saw my ex-girlfriend Karen, looking back at me.”JIMMY!” she then screamed angrily when she saw me, and for good reason.We hadn’t parted on good terms, in fact she had caught me in a very similar position with the hot postwoman that brought her her mail, and had sworn she would kill me, if i ever came near her again, and now i was naked in her flat again, with her house guest.”DIE YOU FUCKER!” she then screamed before lunging at me.I quickly leapt up from Emily, ran around the coffee table, and as Karen followed me, i saw my chance to flee and headed straight for the front door.In seconds i was pulling it open, and dashing down the hallway, and didn’t stop until i ran out into the car park, through the garage block and into the park beyond.I think i had almost run the entire length of the park, before i finally stopped to catch my breath, and then realised i was of course now fully and completely naked, out in public, late at night.”Fuck!” i exclaimed angrily, before i looked back at the block of flats wondering if i could sneak back and get my things.But i thought better of it, as Karen really did seem in a murderous rage, almost as bad as the first time she chased me out of the flat, so instead i just sighed heavily, and headed home.

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