Knowing from a young age, part 2.

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Knowing from a young age, part 2.The next morning , my younger house guest and I pretended like nothing had happened. Actually I think we kind of avoided each other. I wouldn’t see him again until that evening. He was to sleep on the floor of my room, like the nights before.After all our parents went to bed and the house was dark and quiet. All I could thing about was his cock, the way it felt, the feeling of it in my mouth, the taste and texture of his cum. The so addictive taste of his cum. I slid silently out of my bed again and kneeled down next to his feet. I reached up and gently started to pull down on his pajama bottoms. He resisted, he didn’t say anything but pulled them back up. I could feel him gripping them tight. Maybe it was a one time thing in his mind, maybe he was having cold feet. I stopped pulling on his pjs and instead rubbed his dick through the material güvenilir bahis with the tips of my fingers. I felt his wonderful little cock harden and pulsate under my touch. I gentle touched him, there in the dark, and rubbed him softly in a stroking motion. I heard him breathe in short, sharp breaths. He no longer resisted my attempts and let my slide down his bottoms, exposing his throbbing, hard dick. I moved to him and licked his tight little ball sack then sucked them lightly felling the soft folds and wrinkles on my lips and tongue. My eager mouth dove down on him, taking him all the way down. I moved my lips and wet mouth up and down him. My cock throbbing in my shorts, I quietly slipped them off and straddled my young friend’s chest, my hard cock inches from his face. He resisted and squirmed under me. My cock pointing straight up, I pushed down on it and rubbed it türkçe bahis on his face. He protested and quietly whispered “No.” “Please, please” I pleaded softly. He surprised me by saying, You can rub it on my ass if you want” I guess he wasn’t asleep that first night like I thought he was. That first night when I lowered his pjs, him on his stomach, and rubbed my hard, throbbing cock on between his soft, hairless little ass cheeks. I climbed off off of him and he rolled over to his stomach, his cute little but dimly light, but clearly visible. I sighed with excitement. Him offering his beautiflul little ass to me was so unexpected, I was so turned on. Climbing back onto of him, I rubbed my rock hard dick along his ass crack. My cock was so hard, I had to press my body down on top of him to get my dick between his cheeks. The feeling was almost indescribable. I felt so amazing güvenilir bahis siteleri to straddle him, having his warm smooth body beneath me. I rocked back and forth, lost in the pleasure, I came quickly. Shooting cum up his back and along his crack, I shook in ecstasy. My thick, white semen glistening on the dark. I took my shorts and wiped my sperm off of him. At that moment, I was in love with that little ass!I moved to the side of him and kissed his ass cheeks, enjoying the feeling of his soft, smooth skin on my face and lips. I rolled him over. His cock still rock hard and glistening, I licked up his length and tasted his sweet delicious pre cum. I touched his small tight sack with my fingers and rubbed them gently as I licked him. Then, wrapping my fingers around his base, I stroked him and held my mouth on his cocks head, waiting and hoping for his cumshot. His body shaking, he rocked his head side to side then released his orgasm into my wet eager mouth. I didn’t deny my new found lust and greedily swallowed his semen as my mouth devoured his dick. His orgasm was to me, as satisfying as my own.

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