Lake Winnipesaukee Ch. 03


Candy had left very early in the morning to go open up the restaurant. I slept in, dreaming of babe’s asses, pussies and tits.

Later that day, I needed something from the reception, so I walked down to the front office which was a bigger cabin down by the entryway.

‘Good morning, sir. What can I do for you?’ a pretty young girl of about 19 said from behind the counter. Her nametag said, ‘Tova.’

She was dressed up Goth, with long, jet-black hair, white foundation makeup on her face, heavy black eyeliner and mascara, and black medieval-looking clothes. Her bust was small compared with Candy and Crystal’s, but she was strikingly beautiful, and I had to stop myself from staring too much and try and remember why I had come. I remembered, and asked her for what I needed.

‘Just a moment, I think we have some back here. I’ll be right back.’ She smiled. Her bottom lip had two silver rings in it.

She came back and gave me the item. ‘Thanks, Tova,’ I said.

Momentary surprise eased on her face, ‘Oh, right,’ she said, ‘the nametag. I was like, ‘How does he know my name?’ for a second.’

I smiled and went to leave but she stopped me in the doorway, ‘If you need any help putting in that fuse, I could come and give you a hand.’

I barely hesitated, ‘That would be a big help, thanks.’

As we were walking back to my cabin I said, ‘Please, call me Brian.’

She had on a knee-length black skirt, black fishnet stockings, and black 24-holed Doc Martin boots. She was stunningly gorgeous!

In my cabin, Tova put in the fuse. ‘There, that’s better,’ she said.

‘Thank you. Do you have time to stay for tea or coffee?’ I asked.

‘…OK. Tom’s in the office and can look after the desk for a while, I guess.’


I made tea and we sat down on the veranda and drank.

‘This is such a nice place. You must love working here,’ I said.


‘How old are you anyway, if you don’t mind me asking, Tova?’

‘That’s alright. I’m 18,’ she said suggestively.

‘I gotta say, I love your style, but no offense, it seems a little out of place way up here in Winnipesaukee. I mean, don’t the townsfolk stare at you?’

‘Yeah, but I’m not gonna change just for them. I actually live in Toronto where there’s a whole Goth-scene. güvenilir bahis I’m just here for the summer.’

‘Right… Got any other piercings than those?’ I asked indicating her lip.

She smiled… ‘Yeah, one…’ I waited, and she went on, ‘in my clit.’

‘Whoa! I like it…. I wish I could see that one!’ I said only half-seriously.

‘Do you?’ she glanced over to me with a flirtatious, sensual expression on her face.

She turned herself on the steps where she sat so that she was facing towards me and shimmied up her skirt exposing her thighs and crotch to me. Underneath her skirt I could see a lacy black thong, which she pulled aside, flashing me her pussy!

Her pussy was completely waxed bald and as pale as the rest of her skin. She reached between her legs and spread her pussy-lips wide open, showing me her piercing! Wow, hotness! Her pink flower blossomed within her white vagina-lips invitingly, decorated with a small, silver tribal piece of jewelry, a ring through her clit. It wasn’t so much the piercing, but the fact that she was flashing me her spread-cunt, and that it was waxed- I love a waxed cunt- that was turning me on so damn much.

‘Shit!’ I said, my hand moving to stroke my rapidly hardening dick through my jeans, ‘You’re fucking gorgeous, babe.’

‘Why thank you, sir,’ she teased self-confidently.

‘Tova, could the office do without you for another few minutes?’

‘Considering the circumstances… I suppose it could,’ she teased lustfully.

We went around to the side of the cabin and I hurriedly undid my jeans. Tova knelt down in front of me and took my hard dick straight into her mouth. What a sexy little slut!

‘Oh, fuck yes, baby… Suck it hard, Tova.’

She sucked my cock hard, her cheeks hugging my dick inside her mouth, sliding her hot, wet young lips back and forth along the entire length of my rod. She jerked the shaft as she sucked the head, played with my balls and took my cock down her throat up to its root. I gently fucked her pretty face. The wind in the trees nearby made soft music as she gave me head.

Then she stood up and put one hand on the wall of the cabin, spread her legs, lifted up her skirt, arched her back, and looked back at me and told me to fuck her.

I held up her skirt, pulled her thong türkçe bahis to the side, and slid my dick along her soft, drooling young pussy. I could feel it seeping juices, readying itself for my dick. I found her hole, and pushed my cock all the way up her smooth, teen pussy.

‘Oh yeah! Fuck me!’ she moaned.

I began fucking her, slowly at first, but faster and faster. Her cunt was getting wetter and wetter as we fucked. She looked so fucking hot impaled on my cock in front of me there, a teenaged Gothic beauty, with a gorgeous body, and a willing, waxed-smooth snatch. Her boots and fishnets made her look so slutty, like a whore, not to mention my hard dick pistoning in and out of her wet waxed girlhood from behind.

I reached around and teased her pierced, engorged clit with my finger as I pistoned my cock in and out of her hot, wet love-sheath. My balls slapped against her wet, waxed outer pussy-lips as I fucked her.

‘Mmmm, yes! Right there! Don’t stop- oh I’m gonna cum!’ Tova breathed.

I fucked her with renewed effort, as fast, hard and deep as I could, teasing her clit the whole time, determined to bring her over the edge, until, ‘Ooooooh, fuck!’ she cried aloud as she came on my cock, her sweet young fuck-flower gushing love-juices all over my cock and balls.

‘Holy fuck, baby! I’m about to cum inside you, Tova!’ I cried.

Like a jackhammer, I fucked her tight sloppy hole, until finally I pressed myself hard up against her ass, sliding my cock as deep up her cunt as I could thrust it, and came a massive load deep up her hot, teen cunt.

‘I can feel your cock cumming up inside my pussy!’ Tova cooed as I came up inside of her.

‘Fuck yeah!’ I blurted as I came and came, bucking into her and blasting stream after stream of hot cream up the sweet Goth babe’s cock-socket.

When the last of my jizz had been blasted deep up inside her young womb, we tidied ourselves up a bit, kissed, and then Tova had to go back to work at the reception desk.

An hour later I was so fucking horny for her again that I went back to her office to see if she would fuck me once more.

‘You are a lucky man, Brian,’ Tova said. ‘Tom just went into town and won’t be back for at least 20 minutes. Lock that door behind you and flip that sign over, would you?’

In an güvenilir bahis siteleri adjacent office, Tova splayed herself on the big desk, her legs wide open, her thong down around one of her ankles, and she spread her pink pussy wide open for me to fuck once more. She looked so fucking inviting like that, as you may well imagine… Her black fishnets on her pale white legs, her black boots way up in the air… Her long jet-black hair and Gothic makeup… Her sweet young cunt with its pierced clit, held wide open by her fingers for my hard cock to fuck… My dick was rock-hard before I could even get it out of my pants.

‘Come here, stud… Fuck me!’

I planted my eager dick in the slut’s hot, soft cunt and thrust forwards.

‘Ooooh, god!’ she moaned as her pussy took the entire length of my meat, and I began to fuck her cunt tight again.

She undid her shirt, freeing her ample, pale young tits, which I proceeded to suck as I fucked her wet pussy.

‘I want you to cum up my ass this time, baby. Hurry, fuck my ass now!’ Tova urged.

She stood on the floor with one foot up on the desk and lifted her skirt up, exposing her pale, shapely young ass, and waxed asshole and pussy, glistening with her own juices. She conjured a little tube of KY seemingly out of thin air and hastily slathered her asshole with it to lube it up for my cock. ‘Hurry!’ she said.

I gave her butt a smack, and fed the tip of my cock into her tight, lubed-up brown-hole. I waited for her ring to relax a bit before sliding my dick all the way into her bum, up to my balls. ‘Fuck yes! Fuck my bum!’ she moaned.

I pounded the babe’s hole, groping her tits as I fucked her. After a few short minutes of urgent anal fucking, Tova came hard, her pussy gushing down her thighs, and her tight asshole spasming around my dick.

I started to cum too, and I fucked her harder than ever as my dick began to blast ropes of cum up her shit-hole. ‘I’m fucking cumming!’ I cried.

‘Cum up my ass, baby! Oh yeah, I can fucking feel it! Fill my asshole up with your hot fucking cum!’

I pumped her shit-hole as full of sperm as I could until I was spent. I pulled out and Tova sucked my cock clean, making it hard yet again. I gripped her head and fucked her face, soon cumming another load down her slutty teen throat.

‘Oh!’ Tova said suddenly in surprise, ‘That’s Tom’s truck, hurry up!’

We quickly put everything back in order, unlocked the door, and I left before Tom had even got out of his truck.

Tova…what a dead-sexy slut!

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