Loser Sucks off Winner PT2

Adriana Chechik

Loser Sucks off Winner PT2After losing the bet to Dan, and sucking his dick, it turned out that my straight friend, really liked the way I sucked him off. The combination of me being so into it and my ability to actually get that fat cock head past my lips was one he could not refuse.The next day my phone rang at 3:00pm. He told me he had hockey practice at 4:00 and asked if I was free to stop by his room. Being a horny sucker, I cut my introduction to music class and walked down the hall to his dorm room. He greeted me wearing only a towel and flip-flops. Dan told me to take a seat on his futon.”Wow,” he said, “you did some really nice work on my big cock last night, did you mean what you said or do you even remember?””Yeah,” my eager mouth spreading into a grin, “you mean about blowing you any time you want? I meant it and still do. I’m as surprised as you since I’m not gay or anything.””Cool, it’s hard to believe but I won’t question it. I have about a half hour right now so get to work.” With that Dan stood up and dropped his towel to the floor. His cock was limp but already looking a little inflated and heavy.Enjoying his authority, I quickly dropped to my knees between his legs, facing the same direction as him. I didn’t lift that beautiful cock to suck it, but just let it drop into my mouth the way it was hanging there. I took the head in and stuck my tongue out to get the underside really wet. He got güvenilir bahis hard almost instantly so I had to turn around to get in front of him and suck in that huge, hard dick.The taste and smell of his fat pipe was just as hot as the night before–I was straining in my shorts and really loving it. I grabbed it with my left hand and admired it. Man, that was one hot cock, so thick and juicy. I thought back to the night before and remembered that this massive cock in my hand is nearly 8″ around! Wow, I am lucky I thought. I licked it all over, sucked on his big balls and started pumping it with my fist. Eager for another taste, I shoved that massive crown back into my mouth while stroking his thick shaft.I pulled it out and took another look and that head was now so beautiful and plump, I could hardly believe it was real. I shoved it back in straining just to get the head past my lips. I sucked and sucked, keeping my saliva fully flowing onto his cock so I could jam it in.Dan soon whispered that he was cumming so I took it out my mouth and kept it about 2 inches from my lips while stroking that wet cock. I felt his dick tense then the first blast hit me right on the lips. The stream of jizz came so fast and wildly that the rest hit the floor. He handed me the towel and wiped my face and then he cleaned up himself.”Thanks,” Dan gasped, “but I got some other shit to do. See you later.”I thought too bad he türkçe bahis came so fast I would have liked to have done that for at least 20 minutes longer.Well, Dan was one horny guy. For example, I know he fucked his girlfriend at least once a week. For that first week I blew him twice a day every day! It was pretty basic at first. He would call, and I would eagerly arrive. It was fun, I was loving straining my mouth over that fat dick so often. He would choose a position and order me to get to work. Sometimes he would lay down, sometimes sit off the edge of the futon while I kneeled on the ground or he would stand.For about the first 15 blowjob meetings, Dan didn’t say anything except for “get to work” and “I’m cumming”. Then, one night he called me over after not having me blow him all day and told me to take a seat.He said, “man, this is great that you blow me anytime I want and I’m really glad you’re into it. I want to get an idea of what I can and can’t do because I don’t want to piss you off and blow a good thing; but I think I could enjoy it even more.””I only want to blow you,” I said. “Of course, that’s all I want too,” he said. “While you’re doing it I want to boss you around and call you names, treat you like a bitch.””No problem,” I said. “If there’s something I’m not into I’ll make it known to you during or after.””OK, cool,” Dan grinned with relief. It was that day that I really became Dan’s güvenilir bahis siteleri cock-sucking slave.Right then, he stripped off his shorts stood on his desk and said, “come over here and suck this big cock you little bitch–show me how much you love it.”Enjoying this new addition to our repertoire, I walked up and stood with my legs slightly spread. Then I sucked that cock like a whore. I got it soaking wet and jerked and sucked it so nasty. I was not surprised when he came in less than 4 minutes. As he liked to add more humiliation, he shot his load all over my face.Dan growled, “that’s a good little cock-sucker,” and handed me his used towel. I wiped up and left.The scenes never went further than that–Dan just got more and more comfortable treating me as his bitch-boy. He would tell me exactly what to do: get it wetter, or slap it against my face or lips, or suck it harder or more gently or faster or slower. He also liked his balls sucked on and licked a lot. Most of all, he loved to see his cum all over my face. As a few more weeks passed he got even more comfortable and after cumming on my face would rub that hot cum into my face with his big, low hanging balls. A few times he had me suck him off twice in a row for a marathon session. Once it took me an hour and a half to get his second load. That was serious work!I sucked him about 8 times a week on average. Once I sucked him off 6 times in 24 hours. This went on week after week for 4 years of college. I estimate I sucked him off nearly 1000 times. What a nice fat cock! You might think, “well, what did I get out of it?” All the cock I wanted and learn that I’m a true cock-sucker.

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