Love The Fourth Time Around

Double Penetration

Love the fourth time around.

The first ride on the big wheel they were barely strangers.

The second time, a little bit more

The third they were on a roll

The fourth they were lovers.

Feeling a little lonely after being dumped by Louise I knew it would take me a long time to recover. Louise was my special girl who was always there for me and I loved her very6 much. Well I still do come to that but she said she does not love me,

I guess I was taking her for granted and could not accept she just wanted to be a friend and that’s all.

Being a red blooded guy Louise was a real cracker and I had constant wet dreams of how it would be with her.

But I tried to ‘fever the pitch’ and her kisses seemed warm and inviting so I took it just a little more further and, in my passion, went a little bit too far and I know now that is what ruined the friendship. She said the best thing to resolve this was to stop seeing each other and that was that…

So now I was going over the old tracks where Louise and I used to go; like the seaside and walking along the beach. She loved that and I really cherished seeing her in her very neat and sexy bikini. She was a mean swimmer and took the waves in her stride and it took me some time to reach her standard.

But it was All worth it just to enjoy being with her, chilling on the beach and taking in the sun.

She cared enough to massage sun tan cream over my body when I guess I misunderstood the signals which I thought were sexual as well as just caring, especially when she asked me to do the same to her. I can’t tell you just how much I enjoyed that and how I had to camouflage the ominous swell in my bathing trunks.

I think it was from that moment on I misjudged Louise and find myself strolling aimlessly along the promenade. The only thing that had changed since Louise and I were last there was that they have now installed a Big Wheel which seems very popular.

I knew I simply had to put Louise in the past and making for a ride on the big wheel, I tho9ught at least here there was something I hadn’t shared with her in this place.

I purchased my ticket and was prompted to take a seat in one of the compartments. It was empty and looked like I would have the whole ride to myself.

But immediately being me I heard this couple having and argument. The woman was calling the guy a wimp for being scared to join heron the ride.

“Okay I shall go by myself” she yelled and he stepped back looking sulky and rejected.

“Mind if I join you, he is bloody hopeless” she said and I replied that was fine.

But as we began to spin slowly around-higher and higher I realized the woman was not going to stop her chatter. Mainly about ‘Roger’ her partner with whom she had had it ‘up to here’ with.

I listened sympathetically and resolved to let her get it off her chest. Talking of which was easy on the eye and she was well charmed in that area and seemed to have no qualms about showing them off in he low cut top which looked a million dollars It came to the point that she could have go on chattering forever but was away in my lusty Ataşehir Escort fantasies again and, although this woman was, I guess, about ten years older than I she still had plenty I could readily handle, especially after having been rejected by whom I th0ought was the most beautiful and sexiest girl in the world.

That took up most of the first ride around and when we reached the exit point I started to get up and leave.

“Hey, where you going, there are three more to go yet?” The woman said and the operator nodded in agreement.

“Four time around for the price of two, mate” he said. It is a special off season offer so you two enjoy huh?”

I saw her partner standing there as we started the second ride and she completely ignored him. I realized she was making a point of sitting close to me, like she was making a statement.

As we progressed she commented about the lovely view out to sea but I was happy with the view immediately beside me and was thinking just how good it would be to delve between those and how that would solve my lust.

“So have you got a partner erm – I don’t know your name?”

“Pete” I relied and as she had almost given me her life history told her about Louise.

“She must be absolutely bonkers throwing you in” she lamented and said her name was Janice.

Then she said something that completely baffled me. “It was her loss and my gain huh?”

And that took up most of the second time around because was lost for words and I was thinking ‘what about the guy she was with. But then I remembered how I drew incorrect conclusions with Louise and resolved not to take seriously what she said. I guess it was just a joke and remained quiet for the rest of that round, but all the time I felt her looking at me and then, just catching the look in those deep brown eyes I knew she had something in mind other than just a joke and that took up the rest of that time around.

Starting the third it seemed like we were almost boy and girl friend and how she despised Roger that was the glum guy standing below, that she didn’t know why she had come down with him for what she thought would be a great break by the coast.

“He is just hopeless” she said and will be well rid of him.

Then she said something that really took me back and set my lust in motion;

“He couldn’t even make it last night and there was me thinking just how nice it would be first time with him, just the two of us all alone. I tell you Pete he couldn’t even raise an eyebrow and I did try. But there was just no spark there and I gave it up as a bad job and then today, being here, I though at least I would get a thrill of sorts doing this – on the Big Wheel I mean.

She paused a little like she was wrapped in thought. And then she looked at me straight in the eyes and whispered; “But now there is you and that is the best thrill of all.”

I swallowed hard as felt her hand touch my thigh and her lips just brush mine. But the third ride was complete and she backed a little giving me a wink and saying; “It is okay we have another one to go” and it is just the way she said that Ataşehir Escort Bayan which meant she wanted to carry on where she left off.

But still in my mind; l was dreaming – was it just my lust getting hold of the wrong end of the stick again, and was her touch just purely a friendly gesture. Or was it just me being utterly naïve!

The fourth and final round would, I felt sure, bring the out the truth and anyway, I hardly knew this woman.

And yet, there was something about her that drew me to her, like we had known each other before. She was the first ever woman to have touched me so intimately and even that felt like she had before, as a prelim of what was to come. And immediately I was on a high again or rapidly ascending. I was so pent up that just such a touch would spur me on and set my male hormones asunder, and then come the suggestion of a warm sensual kiss, I could soon be hers for the taking.

But on a Big Wheel ride? I was thinking crazy thoughts; I blame Louise for misguiding me as to her intentions, yes that’s right. It is all her fault and I have been left in a nervous wreck.

But we were won the fourth turn of the Big Wheel, the final turn and now it seemed Janice and I were an item.

She was there disc0vering me like I always wanted. I said “what about Roger?”

“Roger can go do the other thing” she said. “I shall scramble him after the ride, you just don’t know the effect you have on me do you Pete?”

And as she found my half-mast (rapidly standing up) I said perhaps we should wait.

She had her head perched on my chest and I felt her hand still there, like it didn’t want to move back, like it wanted to explore.

I would have loved that but was thinking that there should be a time and a place. This woman was hot and so was I, but it would be better to wait until we were private then I could really let go, and I was so ready for that, I wanted it to be perfect and with Janice I felt it could be. It was just that something and I felt we were just made for each other.

I was thinking all sorts of things when she touched me there. Like she had not had sex with Roger from what she said so I could be the one to solve her lust following the disappointment of the night before when Roger let her down.

“I guess I have waited for so long, I can wait bit longer.”

“You mean you have never actually been with Roger?”

“No – never. I thought last night would raise his flame but now I know he is not my kind, but you are.”

He hand still did not move completely away and I felt her warm breath tantalize my face. It felt divine and at last I was beginning to experience a woman’s appeal.

In my mind was let’s get of this thing and be somewhere we could both explode.

“I want you, I need you Pete!” she purred and there she was, her lips more than brunching now and her hand more than just touching. And quite instinctively I felt the warmth and gorgeous feel of her breast in my hand.

But what was doing?, we would be done with the ride soon and needed to hang on. How would Roger feel, seeing us clinched together? Escort Ataşehir And, more importantly; I needed to hide this devil may care of mine which is lurching in my pants thinking it is on a promise.

Like many guys would know that part of a guy’s anatomy can often have a mind of it’s won and can sometimes lure us to do all sorts of things we would never do away7 from the privacy the home.

When I was eighteen just three years back I was training to be a car mechanic and, laying almost beneath a the chassis of a Ferrari I realized my eyes were perfectly in line for an eyeful of a veritable feminine chassis and there was I, without realizing or planning, a member of the underskirt brigade.

I remember she seemed to be polishing the bonnet and her hips were moving spasmodically which created a very sensual scenario for my eyes to dwell on.

But it was a great experience, she looked absolutely stunning underneath and those plum red laces panties gave me an instant rise, and for the next ten minutes I pulled myself completely under and just let go with an absolutely wonderful gorgeous and very gratifying full-blown wank which must have been my best ever.

But then, call fate or what`? The wheel stopped when we were right on top. And then a voice over the sound system telling riders not to be alarmed, but there was a temporary fault, that the ride would resume in about ten minutes, just to sit comfortable and enjoy the view.

The absolute glow in Janice’s eyes said it all and I knew we just could not hold on. Her lust was as much wanting as mine and if this was going to be the full Monty , there was no holding us back now, we were as private as could be and, looking out to sea, I could see some cruisers drifting by and in a moment I felt my cruiser was on a voyage into a deep, thrilling cavern and the massage of this needy woman’s mouth was solving all those pent up lusts and if we only had ten minutes to gratify them, then we must take the opportunity and rise to the occasion.

And I was certainly doing that. The frenzy of Janice’s oral esteem ensured that and I felt myself throbbing to her sucking. I wanted then to discover what her femininity was all about, with those underskirt memories I was soon under hers and I just let myself go gloriously and then we were both enjoying each other orally. The smell of her perfume was heaven and I found she was well moistened as I teased her generously, feeling her mouth squeeze me and her hands cup my balls as we both generated another gear, eventually reaching a perfect way to complete the union we both craved for, I fucked her deep and her moans said how much she wanted that, she was very generous with her movement and her thighs were swishing madly as we came to that so wonderful climax when the whole world seemed to be turning and not just the Big Wheel.,

“Baby, we are turning again, better get ourselves descent. But, only until later. I will phone you, Let me get rid of Roger first. I want much more of you Pete, more that you could ever imagine. I reckon we are lovers huh?”


I zipped up and cleaned myself with a hanky and watched Janice pull up her panties just in time as the ride was finished. I think my expression said it all. It was love at first sight.

Of course Janice was to be the new woman in my life and thanks to that temporary hitch on the Big Wheel we were already initiated and primed for a lot more of the same…

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