Maybe one day…..


Maybe one day…..Maybe one day – The decision is not yours to take dear one – so came the message – he had never signed a contract – he had submitted playfully and willingly – it was after all just a game – well wasn’t it? The kiss, the words, her mouth on his and her hands exploring and caressing – she knew he dressed, she knew he wanted to be seen and enjoyed as a woman. He had shared too much online. He had after all met her husband and they had met secretly and played together in satin – even taken pictures of each other flirting, posing, kissing and more. Then she had met him herself for help with a small business matter where his professional expertise was needed. They had to meet 3 or 4 times to sort the matter and this was probably the last meeting when she had cornered him a she was about to leave. He was in a corner of the hallway literally when she pushed him against the wall and kissed – at first he thought it was just a parting kiss as friends but her lips went straight to his and it was a kiss with passion and not just a kiss of farewell. Then she whispered in his ear – I want to meet Samantha properly I want you to book a room and meet me and pamper me – you will be my slut for an afternoon.He was excited, felt wanted – a woman wanting to meet and enjoy him as her woman for an afternoon? Of course he said yes.Only afterwards he thought what am I doing?He had never been with another woman as Samantha.But he so wanted to see where this all went.When he had met and dressed in satin with her husband he had mentioned his wife was dominant to him and others. Maybe one day Samantha could join them and be their maid for an evening – but her request for him to book a room came before any such meeting had occurred.The room was booked on an agreed day and he arrived well in time to check in and dress before she would join him as her for their afternoon of whatever she had planned. Unpacking, stripping off the male wear, showering, drying myself with the fluffy towels, powdering, scenting, make up being applied then dressing as her for this new lady in her life. Fine lingerie, stockings, heels, short skirt and satin blouse, red lips and nails.Ready – text the room number – she was on her way.Relax on the bed. Chill out, nerves fluttering, butterflies flying.The knock on the illegal bahis door and in she came.Well slut? Samantha taken aback approached – she was waiting for a welcome kiss, they kissed briefly.On your knees slut.Now undress me slut.Slut obeyed.Now pass me my satin robe.She now lay on the bed in her robe.Take off your skirt and join me here on the bed.How could I resist so magnificent a lady, her breasts being very ample and with lovely nipples too. A lady of natural beauty who did not use or require make up herself.We kissed and she held me and directed my mouth to her breasts pamper me slut was all she said.So being an attentive lover I explored her body with mouth, hands and fingers.Massaging away the aches in shoulders and back.Then she began on me – my simple satin was being undone – blouse open. She grabbed hold of my nipples tight and held on.Now slut how does that feel? Lovely Mistress, oh yes that’s right slut good girl, I am Mistress you are slut. My breath was coming fast and furious as she continued her hold on my nipples. Kissing me only made breathing all the more difficult. Then she let go off them. Her hands were now inside my thighs and squeezing my cock in my panty. Seems you are enjoying this my dear slut – maybe a little too much and she slapped my panty covered cock – ouch – I squirmed – now slut why jump? Sorry Mistress – take your punishment like a good girl. Yes Mistress.Take your panty off – good girl. Now she tied a pink ribbon around my cock which was quite firm now. So pretty is it not all dressed up?She then got atop of me and was pressing down her full weight upon me – now slut relax, feel me gently upon you. Opening up her pussy she dropped gently upon me. I felt myself going into her warm welcoming pussy.Oh my I almost came instantly.Relax slut no coming unless I say and give you permission – the word will be elegant – when I say it you may be elegant and come darling slut but not until – understand? Yes Mistress.How long she rode my cock is hard to recall but resisting to climax that first time was oh so hard.Then she gave the word and I exploded.Good slut.Now clean my pussy.Yes Mistress.She lay back open legs and pussy gaping.On my knees I put my head between her thighs and as she gripped my head holding my me close my lips and tongue illegal bahis siteleri explored her pussy and she moaned as I probed past her piercing rings and fed upon my cream and her own pussy juices.Mistress produced a present – ankle bracelet which could be locked – for her to wear when with and way from Mistress as signifying her role to this lady.That was our first but not our last pampering session.How many times we met – I do not recall – but it was always of an afternoon and a local travel-lodge – guess I became what is termed online a “travel-lodge tranny” – although Mistress never referred to me as anything other than slut. On a couple of occasions her husband joined us and we had an interesting threesome. One of my roles or duties would be to fluff Mistress ready for her husband’s cock and to arouse her husband’s cock into a firm erect mode for slipping in to fuck her pussy cunt. I had my uses as her slut. They would occasionally tie me down to the bed and tease and torment me – breast play, nipple paly and some cock teasing on the slut. With me always scantily but sexily dressed and made up fully for their pleasure.Then things changed.Their family circumstances and family dynamic had changed which now meant that some daytimes could be free or me to go visit dress and either chill out, chat, drink tea or maybe some playtime if time allowed for such.And so I would drop round and always have on some sexy lingerie and stockings at least and Mistress would sit with me and always go for my breasts and nipples – she became adept at biting down on them hard, very hard and as I squirmed no yelling did I make. She seemed to always gauge my pain threshold as if my body told her when to stop.Mistress would chat online with her slut too and get slut to play with herself down below to arouse her she- cock for her teasing time online, telling slut all manner of sexy kinky things to keep her on edge, always telling slut she could not come until their word was given – but once you may be ‘elegant’ slut was said slut would explode with delight.A further dynamic entered the equation one day when Mistress suggested maybe chastity for her slut as she could have any cock anytime and wanted mine not to be a sex item for either her pleasure or mine, she wanted me to see myself canlı bahis siteleri as the woman I was meant to be not a man in a dress ever again. The first device I ordered was pink silicon and quite pliable. Fitting it was straight forward and the padlock easy to attach and lock. Mistress was impressed with the item and how seemingly easy I slipped into chastity without any complaints. It felt strange at first putting my panty over the top but every day it became more and more of just art of who I was without any concerns from the wearer.Then another twist – you like being in satin and are submissive so why not be or maid once a week to clean house for us – we can dismiss our cleaner, save some money and you can have lady fun as a maid. I agreed. I reported midweek and dressed in my maid uniform dress usually short flirty pink satin with matching apron and cleaned the house through – even hand washing Mistress’ bra when required and pegging them out on the wash line to dry. Along with taking out the trash to the bins outside I could be and would be seen by neighbours from time to time but Mistress and her husband minded not if I was seen – and I certainly did not mind being seen. I would take deliveries in if they were not home the day I went round as yes the maid’s work needed to be done regardless of Mistress or her husband being home – they gave me a key to let myself in at any time they were not home. A bonus would be sex if time allowed after the day being a maid – well serving them both as slut and now maybe the term sex slave would be appropriate? Also getting lots more pictures taken for his-her portfolio was an added bonus too.Finally and the reason for this writing – one birthday – Mistress allowed her slut to register as a slave to Mistress and thus getting herself a SRN – this was then engraved onto two dog tags – gold hearts – with her name too – one slipped onto the anklet and one was given to Mistress – Mistress hung her tag onto a family tree of memory items for anyone to see.So I was now a registered slave – but as I said at the start it is only a game, playing along with roles – isn’t it Mistress?Mistress is not listening slut, sex slave and toy.Life has dealt you as it has and you are mine.If you recall at Christmas just past Mistress sent you a card and necklace with a note.There was the necklace – simple chain with padlock – and the note said: “The gift is yours no matter what. However it can mean more if you desire it.”I did desire it – then the pandemic hit and we have not met for quite some time.

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