Miss Jacks PART TWO


Miss Jacks PART TWOMiss Jacks PART TWO..I stomped the floor holding my bottom for at least a minuet, before I calmed down a little. Then one of the women I don’t know which one told me to get dressed. Crying I did so with difficulty as my bottom was so sore and bleeding from the severe caning. Did not recall much as everything seemed to be in a haze.,all I could think about was my sore bottom.Back in the hotel my aunt said well you are certainly subdued now your face is white better we get some food into you.After tea I said to my aunt I don’t think I can take any more I really don’t want to go back tomorrow for a strapping. You selfish boy replied my aunt think of the consequences. If you don’t follow through now. My reputation will be ruined you will end up with a criminal record.Also you will receive a birching that will be far worse thank what you have had so far. So pull yourself together and take your punishment like a man.Sorry aunt was all I could say I will of course take my punishment.All to soon the next day I found my self escorted into the dreaded rural converted farm house.This time much to my surprise a third woman was there she was about the same age but had a very stern looking face. This is doctor Margaret who is going to examine you before your strapping snapped Jan Holm the police woman.No sooner was this said then Doctor Margaret took hold of my left arm firmly and led me into a room. Amazingly it was set up similar to a doctors examination office almost as if she worked from there all the time. Strip was all she said I was nervous and she seemed to have so much authority I did not question this.Having stripped I stood covering my privates with my hands. Seeing this she said get your hands away at once. I did so blushing deeply I knew this as I could feel my cheeks flush.Her examination was thorough and embarrassing she had spread my bottom cheeks and used her finger. Also by now I had a throbbing erection this was caused by her probing and manipulations. She had not touched my cock or balls but things like gently rubbing the bahis siteleri palms of my hands etc.Also she did not have a white coat on she had on a high necked satin blouse a short tight green skirt black nylons high heels and a strong smelling perfume. She of course was aware of my state as my cock was sticking up rock hard straining up from swollen tight balls.She smiled saying yes we will soon deal with that. Now follow me I did so well aware of the sway in her walk the tight green skirt displaying her hips bottom, the sheer black stockings high heels I was panting.In the room where the two other woman were waiting. Both looked and smiled, before conferring with the doctor. I was told to stand in the corner and wait.I could plainly hear them as the doctor talked quite loud.I could hear her tell the others that a strapping would have no beneficial effect and as the caning had be so severe was not advisable.I could tell that the women were very disappointed about this but would follow the doctors advice.So what’s the good news since we now cant strap his ass, snapped the police woman Jan Holm..Well said Margaret the doctor, you could say its excellent beyond expectations. As you have seen he is ripe for it.Now normally we can milk/ drain them only so much in the course of a few hours. Some we have had to really work on just to get four orgasms out of them. This one from my examination, I believe we will get at least eight.Really as many as that said Miss Jacks that is good news makes up for him nor being suitable for a strapping.Ok lets get him to the sexual correction room and get started said Miss Jacks.I remember a feeling of relief now I knew that I was now not going to be strapped , and really did not comprehend what was to come..The room I was escorted to was a large room with a table and a couple of appliances including a gynecological chair.What really struck me was the strong distinctive smell of sexual discharge stronger even than the obvious disinfectant smell.I was now aware that the doctor was talking to me. You have been a very canlı bahis naughty boy in this room we deal with naughty boys.You are going to get the wanking and milking of your life. You will be fully drained. Do you understand .I really did not understand but answered in a clear voice as instructed. Yes Miss I understand.Good continued the doctor Miss Jacks and myself will administer the correction. It will start without restraint, and you can talk to us while being wanked even ask for a water or milk drink but be aware that this does not stop the correction.Now you naughty boy stand here open your legs.As I did as instructed I saw Miss Jacks approaching a nylon stocking hanging loosely in her hand.So you liked to go through my draws look at my lingerie did you see my stockings smell them. I answered Yes Miss I did but did not mean to take them.Well its fitting that we start with a stocking so that you can feel it as well she smiled. I am also wearing a pair of dark seamed stockings identical to this one you can look into the large mirror behind me and see the seams. I did so and could see her loverly legs encased in the black stockings with broad seams.I also noticed that the police woman was seated with her skirt pulled right up her legs crossed high. I could plainly see the tops of her nylons and suspenders. I was not prepared for the sensation as Miss Jacks now gently pulled the nylon stocking over the end of my erect cock as from behind Margaret the doctor gently felt my balls.Then Miss Jacks passed an end of the stocking to Margaret and they now used the stocking in a see saw action back and forwards.Although oversexed i had sexually good control but this was starting to get to me the feel of the nylon now constantly rubbing.I was getting near and they knew it as they now went faster and pulled the stocking up at sharper angel so as to apply more pressure. Please Miss I gasped.Near are you boy said Miss Jacks as she now let go her end of the stocking and began wanking my cock as the doctor at the same time cupped my balls .I felt Miss Jacks güvenilir bahis soft expert hands now wanking my stiff cock. Margarets hands working my balls.I could smell the strong perfume the sight of Miss Jacks legs, the police women showing her thighs stocking tops. It was all to much gasping I arched as I spurted my spunk.They made me spunk repeatedly though out the day. Later of course restraint was used and lubricants so that the noise of the wanking filled the room. At first I would talk to them when being wanked.Just before restraint was used I defiantly said you wont get any more from me.Wont we said the doctor as she immediately dropped in front of me, gripped my bottom hard splaying the cheeks use the medium dildo fuck his bottom hard she said.As Miss Jacks now began fucking me up the bottom with a well lubricated dildo.Margaret the doctor pulled me forward and began sucking my cock vigorously.Moaning and letting out a loud groan I spunked hard feeling the suction as she strongly sucked swallowed it down..Restraint was used after this the rest of the wanking was administered when I was restrained into the gynecological chair. When it was over I was taken back to the hotel. My aunt was very pleased in my subdued attitude.At the end of the day I would say I came out the winner of the whole situation. You see I am the equivalent to a female nympho maniac. Yes I stupidly admitted to the doctor on examination that I masturbated at least four times a day. However I held back a lot.So when they started they did make me spunk a lot. Especially when they put me on the milking machine .Fortunately they could not keep their hands off me and took me off the machine.Then the other unexpected thing that got me was when the doctor dropped to her knees and started sucking me off hard as I was fucked . Luckily they did that only once, I managed to hold back a little all the time .I still experienced the burning but was never completely drained.The doctor had told me that my ripe filled plumbs would soon look like dried raisins.In fact they did a good job and my balls did shrink for a while.I did not have much energy for much for a couple of days. Sexually I was about right in a week..My aunt never took me on any of her trips again.. Would I do it again…Yes….

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