Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 06


Chapter Six – I did have a question about your erotic, incestuous story.

The eternal pervert that he is, when he hugged his mother, squeezed her actually, the top of her blouse opened more giving him a great down blouse view of her bra and cleavage again. As soon as he broke off his hug of her, no doubt, knowing that he was looking, putting a hand to the top of her blouse to close it but deciding to leave it as it was, she flushed with either embarrassment or sexual excitement. Hoping it was latter instead of the former, he couldn’t tell which.

“So, anyway, getting back to my story, did you find the characters engaging and believable?” Jason looked at his mother for a clue, as to how she felt about his stories and/or about him.

Hoping she wouldn’t notice, when he moved to sit on his bed next to her, he slid his body back against the length of her thigh. When he sat like that, pushing up against her and sliding his body up and along her left thigh like that, he purposely bunched up his mother’s short skirt high enough to give him a view of her panty, when he stood up and stood in front of her again. Hoping she didn’t notice her short skirt in disarray and higher up her thigh, he couldn’t wait to look to see, if he could see her panty. He loved his mother’s panty and he especially enjoyed the view of her exposed pussy mound. With her now being more relaxed about their sexual conversation and about her seating position, no doubt, after the mother and son conversation they had, her knees drifted further apart. Hoping she didn’t notice that she was so exposed, he couldn’t wait to stand in front of her and, hopefully, see her patch of panty.

“I did, Jason. Actually and I’m embarrassed to admit this, but even though I never thought of you in a sexual way, in the way you wrote so lovingly about me, I couldn’t help but think of you in a sexual way. I couldn’t help but think of you as my lover, albeit incestuous lover, after reading your stories,” she said turning red again, while fluttering her eyelids and giving out an uncomfortable laugh. “Your story was a lovely moment, instead of a disturbing one,” she said with her face flushed and with embarrassed excitement in her voice.

Never has his mother talked so freely with him about her feelings before, especially when it came to sex. He was floored by all that she said. Even though he’s imagined and written about his mother in all sorts of sexual positions, for the first time, he saw his mother more as a sexual woman than as his uptight mother.


Jason’s eyes fell to the side of his mother’s breasts again. She had big tits. In the way they appeared in her bra and filled out her nightgown, he imagined she had beautiful breasts. He loved his mother’s big tits. He only wished he could see them, touch them, feel them, fondle them, caress them, and suck them. So attracted to his mother’s breasts, especially after talking so openly and honestly about having incestuous sex with her, he was tempted to reach out and touch them, but he didn’t dare.

“I did güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri have a question about your erotic, incestuous story, though,” she said looking up and folding her arms across her breasts, when she caught him staring at her tits.

“You may ask me anything about my writing, Mother,” said Jason reestablishing eye contact with his mother.

“But will you answer all that I ask you?” She looked at him with skepticism.


“Well, it’s foolish for me to ask you questions that you won’t honestly answer,” she said waiting for him to answer, before looking away.

“I’ll honestly answer any and every question you ask of me, Mom,” he said.

With her skirt raised to mid thigh, wishing he could feel her thigh but not wanting her to realize her thigh was so exposed, he patted her knee instead and left his hand there, as if a barrier, while hoping she didn’t fluff down her skirt.

“Okay, fair enough. I was just wondering…”

“Yes, Mother. What were you wondering?”

Jason looked at his mother’s breasts again, before looking down at her exposed thigh, while wondering if he could see her panties and thinking that he could, if he stood in front of her. Only, how could he get up and stand in front of her without her noticing his intentions and without her noticing that her skirt was raised high enough for him to see her panty? He was so tempted to sit on the floor in front of her, in the way that he used to do, when she read him a bedtime story. He’d definitely have a clear view of her panties, then. Only, he’d be too obvious in his intent, especially now that she knew he was so hot for her and was always looking to see what he could see of her.

Even just a few years ago, when he was 18-years-old, so very emotionally immature and sexually inexperienced, he was too young to do anything about his incestuous feelings for her then. Not understanding the sexual feelings that he had for his mother, especially when he saw his mother’s pussy up her short nightgown or parts of her breasts down her low cut nightgown more than a few times, he knew what he’d do now, should he see her pussy and/or her breasts. For sure, he’d reach out and touch her. For sure, figuring that she was flashing him purposely, he’d reach out and feel her. Only, just as he has read her wrong before, about her wanting him as much as he wanted her, he needed to take it slow to make sure they were on the same page.

“These stories that you write about me are so very sexually explicit and realistically believable. Honestly, I was surprised by some of the things that you wrote about me,” she said running her fingers through her hair again and taking her tip of her hair across her face and to her mouth, while giving him a sexy look.

“Thank you, Mother, for the compliment, but they are just stories,” he said knowing differently.

“To be honest, they are more than just stories, Jason, especially the parts about culingus and felacio,” she said turning a bright red, while looking at him dead güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri in the eyes. “I can’t remember reading anything as steamy,” she said waving her hand in front of her face.

“Admittedly, just as it was difficult for you to read that, it was difficult for me to write that,” he said, but for different reasons he thought without saying.

“Au contraire. Squirming a little in my chair, I’m embarrassed to admit that I was more than sexually aroused a few times, while reading all that you wrote. Forgetting for a moment that you had written it, I had no idea that you, my baby boy, knew about such sexual things. Oh, my God, I can’t believe what I’m about to say, maybe because it’s been so long, since I’ve had a hard cock in my hand, in my pussy, and in my mouth, but I almost felt that, when I was reading what you wrote, that you were writing about you eating me and me blowing you.”

Actually, did she forget that he wrote all of these stories with her in mind? Nonetheless, her getting lost in his erotic story, he couldn’t believe that his mother just said that she imagined him licking her pussy. He couldn’t believe that his mother just said that she imagined sucking his cock. As sexually aroused as he was sexually frustrated, he didn’t know what to do with all of this information that she had just confessed.

Should he ask her, if he can lick her pussy? Should he ask her, if she’d suck his cock? Should he take her in his arms and kiss her? Should he just strip off his clothes to see her reaction to seeing his exposed cock and to see what she’d do, when seeing the sexual passion that he has for her in seeing his erect prick? Only, he couldn’t sexually assault his mother in that incestuous lurid way. He needed to prepare her and season her to the idea of having sex with him.

“Really? Wow! That’s quite a compliment to my writing,” he said instead. “Actually, Mother, I’m shocked. I’ve never heard you talk in this way.”

As soon as she uttered the words culingus, the image of him positioned between his mothers leg and licking her pussy filled his mind. He imagined fingering her, while rubbing her clit and reaching up to finger her nipples. Then, when she said felacio, her sucking his cock immediately replaced him licking her pussy and he imagined her on her knees blowing him. Figuring now that she did, he wondered if she swallowed. Just as he’d do anything to lick her pussy, he’d do anything for her to suck his cock. He’d love to cum in her mouth, while playing with her big tits, fingering her hard nipples, and watching his mother swallow all that he had to give her.

“I’m a woman first and your mother second, Jason,” she said giving him a sexual look, while continuing to curl her hair with her fingers. “Getting back to the story that you wrote about a son taking advantage of his drunken mother, able to give me, the reader, such vivid imagery, that just shows me the great writer that you are.”

“Thank you, Mom,” he said giving her a hug and feeling the back of her bra through güvenilir bahis şirketleri her blouse, enough of a sensation on his fingertips to make his cock throb and his imagination wonder what she’d look like topless.

“Only,” she said abruptly ending his hug, “I was wondering…”

“Yes, Mom?”

She gave him a look that she had never given him before. Sexual and sexy, she was so softly vulnerable that he wanted to take her in his arms and kiss her. If she was any other woman than his mother, picking up on her subtle, sexual cues, he would have. She made him feel, as if they were on a date and were exploring one another’s sexual peccadilloes with a battery of questions. A way for him to gradually develop a sexual relationship with his mother, eager to know what she wanted to ask him, he was just as eager to answer whatever question she asked.

“Have you masturbated over having sex with me?” She discreetly looked down at the bulge in his jeans, before reestablishing eye contact.

Immediately, as if a fast forward movie, he recalled the hundreds, maybe even thousands of times, that he masturbated over the thoughts of his mother naked and giving him sex. She was his favorite woman to think about, when masturbating. Sure, he had masturbated over other women before, but always he returned to masturbate over his mother. It didn’t take him much to start masturbating over her. An up skirt or a down blouse view was all that he needed to see to make him horny enough to need to cum, while thinking of her sucking his cock. Just with her asking him, if he masturbated over her, he wanted to unzip himself, pull out his cock, and stroke himself in front of her.

“Oh, God, Mother, this is so embarrassing,” he said shocked and sexually excited that he just caught his mother looking at his bulge in the way that he was always looking at her tits. “Um, well, to be completely honest, yes, I have masturbated over the thought of having sex with you, Mother.”

“Being that you’ve already graphically written about it, it’s only normal that you masturbate over having sex with your mother, Jason. Men have been sexually attracted to their mothers going back to the dark ages. Shakespeare wrote about it more than once. Only…” she said looking down at his bulge again, before looking up at his face.

“Yes, Mom?”

“I was just wondering,” she said blushing again, while twirling her hair around her finger. “Do you still masturbate over me now?” She asked her question so demurely, while looking down at the floor, before making solid eye contact with him, while continuing to twirl her hair with her finger.

Does he still masturbate over her? He never stopped masturbating over her, he wanted to say. He wanted to masturbate right now with the hopes that she’ll help him and stroke him, before taking him in her mouth to suck him.

“Gees, Mom,” he said not believing that he caught his mother looking at his bulge again. “You’re really putting me on the spot here but, since I agreed to answer all of your questions, yes I do still masturbate over you. Sometimes my own stories get me so very aroused that I imagine what it would be like, if they were true and if I was having sex with you. Besides, look at you, Mom. You’re hot. You’re gorgeous. You’re a real MILF. Every man would want to do you.”

To be continued…

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