Mom’s Tantric Massage


Mom’s Tantric Massage

Summary: Kids give their Mom a THC infused lubricant massage.

Note 1: This story is dedicated to Breezy and Tx who suggested this very unique and kinky tale

Note 2: This is aLiterotica 2021 Winter Holidays Story Contest Story so please vote.

Note 3: Thanks to Tex Beethoven for editing this story.

Important Additional Note: This story features people using cannabis derivatives as aphrodisiacs in women’s pussies and asses… so if such drug use bothers you, please stop reading this now. I should also note that I did a fair amount of research, and I also discussed the power of the pleasure drugs used in this story with my dear friend Breezy, and I believe the story I have written is quite accurate as regards the power of this drug for a woman. (On the other hand, I’m certainly not a doctor, so don’t go trying out this approach to sex before researching it with some far more learned sources than I am. I’m writing fiction, so I have a guaranteed safety net against anything untoward happening, but you wouldn’t!)

Mom’s Tantric Massage

1. Introduction

Jeremy Hernandez and his twin sister Christy had been running a unique, highly discrete business for the past two years. After an extremely slow first six months, which was only to be expected for any start-up business, during the past eighteen months the business had taken off to a degree that even they with all their optimism could never have imagined.

It had now become so popular they couldn’t take on any new clients unless they hired some more employees, which for reasons that will become obvious, they weren’t comfortable doing.

For one thing (but not the only thing), this was a family business, and they planned to keep it exclusive to just the two of them.

Their business was called Tantric High (no, not like a school), and it focused on cannabis-infused lubricated full body massages.

Both of the twins were licensed massage therapists, and they were highly proficient in a wide range of massage techniques, even though they now specialized in their own unique niche.

Their company didn’t have a physical location since their services were mobile, and just like physicians used to do, they personally drove themselves to their high-end clients’ locations anytime and anywhere.

Their massages couldn’t remotely be considered ordinary ones. They were unabashedly sensual, deep penetrating massages, which employed their own homemade cannabis-infused oils and lotions. (And no, they were most definitely not driving around and smoking pot with people!)

The twins offered a wide range of massage options, but over eighty percent of their massages utilized their top tier: Tranquility™, and Euphoria™. (No, they’re not really trademarked, or at least not by me nor by anyone else I’m aware of; this is fiction.)

Their Tranquility massage used a high CBD-based sex lubricant that promoted bodily relaxation while decreasing musculature inflammation. They charged $400 for an hour-long session.

The Euphoria massage used a high THC-infused lubricant that also promoted bodily relaxation while decreasing musculature inflammation, and in addition it provided a euphoric high to the genitals. Or in plain language, clients receiving this unique massage would, within about fifteen minutes of the lubricant starting to be rubbed in, would experience their pussy or asshole entering a sexual high… so imagine an edible narcotic being consumed by your erogenous orifices instead of orally. Once the high began, the woman (or a man participating as a bottom) would begin experiencing a long series of the most intense orgasms ever. They charged $500 for these hour-long sessions.

Their extensive and until recently ever-growing clientele list included lawyers, politicians, doctors, CEOs, and a few A-list celebrities.

Everything they did was upscale and first class. They arrived at their clients’ requested rendezvous location with Jeremy dressed in high-end tailored suits, and Christy wearing expensive name brand pants suits or other business attire. They looked more like lawyers than massage therapists. Also, they always arrived twenty minutes early… to offer their clients one last opportunity to make any amendments to their requested hour and so they could answer any questions. They used the remainder of the lead time to make any requested changes in their outfits, hair etc…. and of course usually to strip almost naked (or perhaps would strip completely… see below).

Their rates, just like the fixed location massage parlors, might double or even triple depending upon any ‘special requests’ (which is what they called kinks) their clients might request for a specific session.

Each Silivri Escort of the twins had his or her own set of rules to follow. The two sets were basically identical, and were only adapted slightly to accommodate the practitioner’s gender.

1. They worked wearing only underwear (or more specifically, Jeremy wore boxers that didn’t leave much to the imagination, and Christy typically wore sexy lingerie; her outfit always included stockings, since she was well aware of the sexual aura they always created, and that they made her look sexy as fuck).

2. For an extra fee, the twins performed their massages in the nude, or alternatively the client might purchase an outfit for one of them to wear (although typically that only occurred with Christy’s clients… and she was allowed to keep the outfit).

3. They didn’t do penetration. Ever. They were not prostitutes. They used their hands (principally, but occasionally also an elbow or a knee or some other body part) to rub and massage an orgasm or two or three (or even more) from their clients. Christy once provided a woman with eleven orgasms during her hour… two more than the most Jeremy had ever given a woman within an equal period of time).

4. They always worked as a team, sometimes applying their skills to a client together, or at other times the unengaged twin was present as no more than an observer. Upon rare occasions, they performed their skills upon both members of a couple simultaneously.

They had addressed quite a few unique requests from their clients:

-a woman (a politician’s wife) wished to wear a diaper, and to suck on a pacifier the entire time

-a man (a movie star) always requested one or the other twin to dress in a full body bunny suit

-a man (a physician) paid extra to have a ‘specimen’ peed upon him at the end of his massage

-an extremely successful singer (a woman) who had an album rated in the top three at the time, requested both of them to call her horrific names throughout her massage

-a couple (a judge and a teacher) wished to be spanked until their bottoms were bright red (and strongly resembling severe sunburns, although without the blistering) while they each had a vibrating butt plug in their ass

-a man (a famous online personality) was ass fucked with a dildo if Jeremy was his masseur, or a strap-on if Christy was his masseuse (penetration only classified as sex if either of the twins’ sex organs were employed)

-a man (a television personality) wished to be securely bound throughout his massage, and while one twin performed his sensual massage, the other tickled him while the man laughed and screamed the entire time (for his second and subsequent sessions, the twins wore small and undetectable yet effective earplugs to protect their eardrums)

-a man (a Silicon Valley billionaire) dressed himself in a crotchless bodystocking and a wig, and required them to address him like he was female

-a gay couple (a movie director and his husband) wished to roleplay where a babysitter, always played by Jeremy, dominated them both… insisting they both be ass fucked simultaneously and that they both reached their orgasms simultaneously

-a woman (married to a huge male celebrity but secretly a lesbian) watched lesbian porn throughout her massages, and had once offered $50,000 to eat Christy out, but Christy, although she was fully bisexual, refused the easy money because of their work ethic, but she returned to the woman’s hotel room later that night and refusing any payment, shared a wild lesbian night with her including a 69, strap-on fucking, and they even ordered room service, then invited the delivery woman to join them in a wicked threesome

-a young man (the son of a woman from a southern state who was adamantly opposed to gay rights) hadn’t come out, but he utilized his sessions to be sodomized… each time using a larger dildo he supplied, the most recent one twelve inches long and fat

-a man wished Christy to place her nylon-clad feet on his face and to leave them there throughout his entire session

-a couple, after receiving only forty-minute massages, gave the twins two cameras, and fucked each other like crazy while being filmed

There were many other variations… some even weirder… some less weird… and almost every one of them concluded with intense orgasms unlike any the clients had previously experienced… which is why they always signed up for more. Which in turn was why Tantric High, even though it was wildly successful, had now reached its ceiling in the number of clients it could accommodate with any regularity.

Yet the twins’ strangest accommodation, and one they both weren’t overly comfortable with, but at five times their normal hourly rate they reluctantly agreed to do on a regular basis, was for two CEOs who lived in a penthouse suite the size of a mall, who paid Şirinevler Escort them $2500 every two weeks for their Tranquility Massage, which in their case concluded with a twenty-minute mommy-son and daddy-daughter roleplay.

Christy, dressed in a cheerleader’s outfit, was massaging Mr. Green’s prostate while his very small four-inch penis dangled through the hole in the massage table.

Right next to her on an adjacent table Jeremy, wearing a football jersey along with the black smudges under his eyes, was fingering Mrs. Green, a chubby woman, and tapping her g-spot (both twins masters at finding a woman’s g-spot or a man’s prostate trigger).

“Come for me, Daddy, your baby girl wants your big load,” Christy said in a sexy, sultry voice.

As the man moaned, his prostate orgasm being one where he’d come without having his cock ever touched, Jeremy asked obsequiously yet imperiously (yes, that combo is possible to achieve… I wish I could demonstrate to you how it sounds…), “Are you going to be a good slut and come for me, Mommy?”

“Yes, my big boy, I’ll be a good Mommy slut for you,” the ‘Mom’ moaned, her orgasm rising rapidly… her third of the hour… the drug-laden massage oil having really made her sensitive… and Jeremy’s ability to find her g-spot unerringly, her ultimate sexual rush.

“Come Daddy, come all over your baby girl’s face,” Christy crooned, the facial portion of that request a physical impossibility as she gazed down at her ‘sire’ with a look of distaste… her eager voice of course not betraying that distaste in the least. Although she fucked the odd guy during her leisure hours, she greatly preferred women. She loved the taste of pussy… she loved seducing older women… and she loved fucking them with any of the thirty-three strap-ons she owned (it’s what she collected).

“Now, Mommy, come for your son, come all over his fat cock like the nasty incestuous cum slut you are,” Jeremy demanded/begged, knowing the more verbally abusive he was, the sooner and harder she came.

“Yesssssss!” the chubby woman came, as her fourth and final orgasm of the session overwhelmed her like a tornado.

“Fuck,” the man grunted as he spewed his third load of the evening into a convenient (and concealed) receptacle suspended directly beneath the hole in his table.

Fifteen minutes later, the married couple still recovering from their respective orgasms… the twins driving away in their SUV… Christy remarked, “I still can’t believe those two have children.”

“Yeah, and they’ll be legal in a couple of years,” Jeremy laughed, no longer fazed by much.

Everyone had a fetish, present company included. His sister had a thing for turning older straight women and fucking them… he had a thing for women in nylons, and especially for big-boned older women… not fat… maybe chubby… maybe not… but definitely big-boned. Big tits. Big asses.

Each to their own.

It being the Christmas season… as well as nearing their Mom’s birthday, which happened also to be on God’s birthday… they were taking a week off and flying out of the land of the rich and famous and back to small-town Indiana.

They weren’t particularly looking forward to this visit, which would be the first time they’d seen their mother in almost two years… what with COVID and their successful business overwhelming their lives. Always doing their best to put a good face upon what in truth was a broken relationship with their mother, they had skyped with her regularly, and they’d sent her money… their mother living all alone… their Dad having died six years ago in a tragic automobile accident he’d suffered while driving home after an evening meeting. Losing him had broken their Mom, and their final year of living with her before leaving home had been far from pleasant. But in spite of how trying she still could be, they could tell how broken she was inside and so they both wished to do the best they could for her, even though that was seldom easy.

Although they missed their mother, they hadn’t missed her overbearing personality, which was one of the reasons they’d moved away; that and her constant harping about her opinion they should become doctors. Their Mom’s view of their mutual decision to become ‘only’ massage therapists had annoyed them both, plus her constant queries about when either or both of them were going to make her a grandmother were equally exhausting. But still, she was the only mother they had.

So wishing to demonstrate to her during this visit home how successful their business had become, and hoping their mother might finally get off their backs about her insistence about their becoming doctors, they’d purchased for her a very expensive china dinnerware set, identical to the one their great grandmother had once gifted to their Mom.


They Şişli Escort arrived home, and as it happened, were just in time for dinner in their childhood home, both of them experiencing little chills up their spines as various memories of their childhood… some of them pleasant, actually… flashed back to them.

As they let themselves into the house through the front door, the smell of homemade cooking wafted to their noses and Jeremy said, “This I have missed.”

“Yes, takeout food, and even five star restaurants, can never compare to our Mom’s homemade cooking,” Christy agreed.

“You got that right,” the mother said, walking into the living room to join them.

“Mom!” Jeremy gasped, as his mother rushed over to him and gave him a big hug.

“Hey, honey,” the mother greeted, squeezing her son tight… her 40DD tits squishing against her beloved (but in some respects such as his career choice, misguided) son.

“Um, I’m here too,” Christy pointed out, examining her Mom and trying to process what she was wearing.

“I know you are, dearest,” Diane, the mother said lovingly, and she went to her daughter and hugged her too.

Jeremy also checked out the puzzling apparel of his devoutly Christian mother, who unlike he and Christy, attended church every Sunday, ran a Bible study for women in the community every Wednesday evening, and who back in the past had scolded Christy on a plethora of occasions for dressing inappropriately when she’d still been in high school. Which was puzzling, because this evening she was dressed in a rather tight and short red and green dress, with a portion of her white lace bra clearly visible above the dress’s bodice, which was scarcely able to contain her huge tits! She was also wearing white nylons… her toenails painted ruby red… which she’d never worn in the past. Well to be perfectly accurate, her dressing in red and green at this time of year wasn’t at all surprising, nor was her being shoeless inside her home… but all the rest of it was astonishing!

“Mom. Do you think you’re wearing appropriate attire for a Christmas Eve dinner?” Christy asked her mother archly, employing almost the exact same tone and phrasing her mother had used against her so many times in the past.

“I have made some changes recently,” Diane admitted.

“To say the least,” Christy replied, glancing down at her Mom’s feet. “And red painted toenails. Haven’t you always said ‘such painted frippery is the Devil’s work’?”

“Well… I may have been a little hard on you in the past,” Diane admitted.

“Are you admitting you were hard on me?” Christy asked, this latter detail more shocking to her than any of the kinky fetishes she’d witnessed (and taken part in) during the past two years.

“Yes, honey,” the mother nodded. “I thought I was doing the right thing at the time. I thought if I followed the Lord’s Word I could guide you two to Him… but now I’ve realized I was wrong. Cruel, even.”

“Is this an episode of Candid Camera then?” Christy asked, her relationship with her Mom having seriously deteriorated during her last year of high school, which was the principal reason she’d moved out (along with her supportive twin brother) the very next day following their high school graduation. So this apology was difficult to trust, to say the very least!

“No, it isn’t,” Diane said. “I’m being completely honest with you. I finally got tired of feeling miserable all the time, so I’ve been seeing a counselor in recent months, and she’s helped me to face some very hard truths. High on the list is that I was so lost after your Dad died that I took it out on you two, and particularly on you, Christy. I’m so terribly sorry for ruining your life!”

“No, Mom,” Christy said, tears beginning to form in her eyes… this being a conversation she’d never imagined ever happening. “As you well know, I was furious with you at the time, and I often told you so during our screaming matches, but you certainly didn’t ruin my life. I can truly say I have no lasting traumas and I’m doing very well, so your accusing yourself like that is being too hard on yourself. And during my rational moments, even back then I could tell how much you were suffering, and you were doing the best that you could. I’m so sorry for never telling you any of that until now.”

“Yes Mom, you were so strong through your pain,” Jeremy added.

“Thanks, honey… both of you honeys,” Diane said, really appreciating their surprising support right now… she’d really struggled with empty nest syndrome, and with her guilt for driving her kids away.

“I love you, Mom,” Christy said, this time saying it with great warmth, totally unlike the usual tokenism with which she’d always before spoken those same words on Skype or over the phone.

“I love you, too, honey,” the Mom said, feeling a sense of connection with her children those online conversations had never ever come close to creating.

“So Mom, it appears our family is… astonishingly to put it mildly… now becoming a far more loving and mutually understanding one! But before we allow this conversation to become too maudlin, I’d like to point out… and very admiringly, actually… this is a very new look for you,” Christy said, expressing what her brother was also thinking.

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