Mrs. Martin Ch. 04


Ch. IV: Friday

When the alarm clock went off Susan woke up she was still a little sore. She put her head back on the pillow and thought about how wonderful it had felt having Tom inside her. Slowly she got up and moved across the room to the shower. She washed her body but as her hand reach down to touch her pubic area she remembered, he had shaved her. It felt strange, but wonderful to run her hand across her mound and feel no hair. She felt so smooth, so soft. Then her finger touched her lips and brushed against her clit. Waves of pleasure shot through her body as she remembered last night. She leaned back against the wall and rubbed herself as she felt herself coming, she cried “Ohh Tommmm.”

Susan stepped from the shower and dried off then she went to get dressed. She rummaged through her closet and finally said, “Here it is.” She pulled out a skirt that was cut almost to the top and a very sheer blouse. Next she went to her draw and started digging around; She pulled out a garter and stockings she had only worn once before. She had bought them to impress Dave, “I’ll bet Tom likes them,” she thought. Next she selected a bra that hooked in the front and matching panties.

After she got dressed, she walked to the children’s room. Linda was squatted down helping the boys get dressed for school, when she looked up and saw Susan she fell over.

“Mrs. Martin your gorgeous!!” she exclaimed.

“You think some of those young lads in school today will have a hard time paying attention?” Susan asked.

“Well I’m glad I’m not in your class.”

Susan smiled and said, “Mr. Martin will be here to pick up the boys around four, after that you can leave for the weekend.”

“Would you like me to stay help you this weekend?” Linda asked.

“Nooo, I think I’ll have all the help I need this weekend.” Susan replied, “you boys be good in school today and be good for your father this weekend. Now kiss me good-bye”

When she got out of her car at the school she could immediately feel the eyes of the boys all stare at her. She knew she looked hot as she entered the school.

Everyone in school was talking about the way Mrs. Martin was dressed. Tom about fell on the floor when he walked into her class. She had a skirt slit to the top of her thigh and plenty of cleavage busting the buttons on her tight blouse.

Her outfit got him so excited, he was hard for the rest of the day. He raced home to wait for Susan to arrive. He set the video camera up as before and passed back and forth as the clock slowly worked towards 4:30. 4:30 arrived but Susan did not. He thought to himself, “Will she show again or had last night been too much?”

After school, ataşehir escort Susan went home and packed her a small overnight bag, her toothbrush, hairbrush, shampoo, conditioner. She also put in some shorts, a tee shirt and bathing suit. Then she waited, finally the doorbell rang, and she heard her husband’s voice. Linda then called for the boys and told them their father was here. Then she heard the door shut.

Great, she thought as she unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra. Next she slipped off her panties, They were soaking wet, and between having been shaved and the excitement of anticipating this evening her juices had really been flowing all day.

She grabbed her bag and headed down the stairs and there stood Linda.

Linda walked up to her and put her arm around her, “Where are we off to?” she asked.

“Just out,” Susan replied.

Linda stood facing Susan staring into Susan’s deep blue eyes. She reached up and pulled Susan’s head towards her, their lips met and she felt Susan’s tongue dart into her mouth. Her hand slid up the slit in Susan’s dress as she rubbed the woman’s bear bottom.

Susan felt the rush sweep through her body but then she broke off the kiss and said to the younger woman, “Next week”.

Finally at 10 to 5 the Tom’s doorbell rang, he opened the door and in walked Susan wearing the same sexy clothes she had on at school but her dark nipples were clearly visible under her blouse.

“I’m sorry I’m late master. My husband took the kids camping for the weekend.”

“You know the punishment for being late, now get out of those clothes and come here” I said as I sat down on the couch.

Susan slowly unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to the floor; those beautiful firm 38D tits were staring at him. Then she unzipped her skirt, and undid the button letting it fall to the floor. She looked gorgeous standing there in garters, stockings, and high heels.

“That’s good,” Tom said, “Now come here”.

She walked over to where he was sitting. He reached out and grabbed her wrist. He pulled her down across his lap and said to her as he rubbed that soft round bottom “twenty minutes late that will be twenty swats.”

“Yes master,” she said.

“You count them,” he told her as he raised his hand and delivered the first spank to her left cheek.

“One,” she cried out as the red handprint appeared.

“One what” he said.

“One, master.”

Tom continued and by the time he reached 12 she was sobbing so hard she could hardly count. Not to mention the fact that his dick was about to bust out of his pants. After 15 he let his hand rub between her legs, Her bald pussy was soaking wet.

Finally kadıköy escort bayan through her tears she cried, “twennnty Massster.”

He lifted her up and told her to get down on all fours on the floor. Tom grabbed a bag he had picked up on his way home and pulled out a dog collar. Going over to Susan he placed it around her neck. She was still shaking as she slowly sobbed. Looking at her with her garters hose and collar he couldn’t take it any longer. He dropped his pants, bent down behind her and shoved his hard dick into her hot wet pussy. Tom reached around her and rubbed her clit as he plunged in and out of her.

Susan let out a moan and cried “Oh yes fuck me harder.”

Then her pussy tightened on his dick as she said, “I’m commmming.”

Tom felt his own pressure build and then he exploded in her and they fell forward onto the soft rug.

He rolled off Susan and told her “clean me off.”

She moved over and took his dick in her mouth and started to suck. In no time at all Tom was getting hard again. Her mouth felt warm as she rubbed her tongue around his dick, then he felt that now familiar pressure and exploded in her mouth. Hungrily she drank down his come. She looked up at him and smiled saying, “Did I please you, master?”

Tom ran my hands through Susan’s blond hair and said, “Very well, now take off the garter and stockings and fix me some dinner.”

Susan got up and went to the kitchen where his mom had left the crock-pot going all day with a roast and a note about what Tom was to fix for dinner. Susan fixed his plate and set the table.

Tom came into the kitchen and sat down, after she served his food, he told her “Now go take a shower and clean yourself up, but do not masturbate.”

“Yes master,” she replied and hurried off to the bathroom.

While he ate he could not help but think how submissive this woman had become. He didn’t have to threaten her or anything. Why would she be willing to change so quickly? He heard the water quit and finished eating. When Susan came out of the bathroom he told her to come to the kitchen and fix her a plate of food.

Tom went to the bathroom and took a quick shower while Susan ate. When he came out of the he looked to the kitchen and could see Susan standing at the sink washing the dishes. She looked fantastic standing there naked. He walked up behind her and garbed her tits, and started rubbing her nipples. She leaned her head back and he kissed her neck feeling her nipples turn hard under his touch. “You are such a hot woman. How has your husband been able to handle it?”

She looked up and started to get tears in her eyes, “My husband has not escort maltepe touched me in over six months, and told me on Wednesday that he would be moving out next week.”

Tom stepped back in shock, as she turned to face him. “Let’s go sit down on the couch.”

She proceeded to tell him how her husband was a big lawyer and that how he was never home. She thought he was having an affair but couldn’t prove anything and was scared that if he divorced her he would take her boys. She said she had talked to a lawyer already and had an appointment on Tuesday, but her husband works for the best law firm in the state and she was very scared of what he might do. She said that the boys loved their daddy and he was good to them.

“I’m so sorry I did this to you,” Tom said as he reached to undo the dog collar from her neck.

“No, master,” Susan said as she put her hand up to stop Tom. “I enjoy serving you.”

“Well, then get up and go get my bed ready.”

“Yes master,” she replied as she bounced up and ran to Tom’s room. When she arrived in the room she looked around she folded back the sheets and knew she was in for a good time. She climbed on the bed and spread her legs and tied them to the bedpost. She lay back down and then called, “Master, your bed is ready.”

As Tom entered the room there was Susan on the bed with the covers turned down and her legs tied spread eagle to the bedpost and her hands gripping the top posts. Tom tied her hands and sat on the bed next to her. He rubbed her tits and slowly slid his hand down to her shaved pussy. He rubbed the inside of her thighs with one hand while the other played with her clit. Her pussy started to juice and he inserted two fingers. Susan started to moan as he worked her pussy, he moved around the bed and crawled up between her legs. Tom dropped his head down and started to lick her clit, Susan went wild, “I’m commmmming, oh god, don’t stop.”

Her hips bucked up and down but Tom kept on licking her clit with his tongue. Then he took his fingers from her pussy and put them in her dark backside hole. “Ooohhhhhh Yes take my assss,” she moaned as she bucked violently.

Tom untied her and told her to stand on the floor and lean across the bed. Susan quickly jumped down and stood on the floor like she had been told to. Her ass was high in the air and Tom shoved his dick in her pussy.

“Yes, yes, fuck me with that big dick of yours,” she screamed.

He pumped her wet pussy a few times and then pulled it out, placing it against her little brown hole he pushed. As her specter spread Susan let out with “uhhhhh, Ohhhh it feels so goooood”

The tightness of her ass and its warmth had Tom coming in no time. After he pulled out he climbed upon the bed and Susan lay next to me with her head on his shoulder. They drifted off to a deep sleep together.

The next thing Tom knew his bedroom light came on and he heard “Thomas, what is going on here?”

To Be Continued…

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