My first car

My first carWe all remember our first car, back in college so happy to finally have a driver license out every nightI had drop all my money to get that subaru, i loved that car more than anything else back thenAll summer i gave lift to friends and really had a blast, finally free and i could go anywhereand that summer. at night smoking weed at the park just smoking in my car, enjoying going out to smoke , just in little cute panty and shirt before going back home to watch porntrying to tell myself i was str8 and just like panty to masturbate and cum in, since the first time i tried my sister i started buying some in secretnow with my own car, i could wear em hidden happy smoking my weedI wasn’t careful enough , the black guy working at the gaz station in front after a couple of nights passing by smelling my weed just knocked at my half down window , looking at me trying to hide under my hoodie”yo can i smoke weed dude , smell so good””i gotta go”and sinop escort i left just like thatdid he saw or not was all i tought about for the next day at schooluntil night time when i hesitate but put on my cutest pink satin panty and went out to smokeparked as usualand this time i got scared and put back my sweatpant as the time close by of him fiishing work , closing the stationi light it up and when he pass by nearly too far to ear me i ask ”wanna smoke?””yes dude of course”i watch him get in and i was so stressedhis pant was already getting deformed as he sat and took my joint”iam mike””im alex””thats some good weed alex””yeah thanks””you come here often could i smoke with you ””yes cool ok””nice ”he was getting so hard under his pant , i coudnt stop glimpsing at itwe finish smokingand he took it out just like that”now show me your cute panty and suck my cock”reaching for my pants i said nothing , as he undress escort sinop me and took my head his bbc pushed inside my eager sissy mouth just waiting for this to be donei started sucking asking me if i have more weed , seeing i was going to be his sissy slut and suck him nowwe moved behind and i foillowed him to suck more, i wanted to do it now more than everhe tasted so good and was so big , pushing me down back to savour his bbc”yes fuck yes i love sissy white boy like you go on, ill smoke and feed you my cock every night””mmmmm mmmmmmmmmmm” was my only answernow becoming what i was afraid to , mouth around a very big black cock and wanting nothing moreand after i used my teeth a bit too much , he push me doggy as i tried to say i wasnt ready for this he laught and push inmaking me yell and crash down my lil ass fuck as he spit for me to take itwhat a nice cock sucking became a hard fucking to unload it all in mei was taken so quick sinop escort bayan , he just fucked up my ass into a gapping holewhimpering ass up in my new car for this guy bbci coudnt believe it with each stroke making me see star and whimper he was too big”i love to see sissy say im too big””so cute ”pumping hard and slapping me , calling me a black cock slut over and overuntil he cum and i realised i was full of cum , full of babies like a girlmy body weak and takenhe left , saying he had suck a nice timemy panty on trying to recover as he tell me im a real slut now and leavesi swear i wouldd never go out again like this cursng about him not making me only suck and took advantage of me like thatuntil the next day pass, and all i wanted was his bbc in mei didnt know why, but Mike had made me a pussy and now he was going to have it againmy car parked just 10 min before, sit on my toy to get ”ready” this timeand Mike was very please to see mehard and juicy bbc out , no word said, him smoking my weed my lil head bobbling down , sucking the cock i wanted all dayslurping him in and out like a good little faggot ”i knew you would be back, sissy white girl cant resist this bbc”

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