My Neighbor


My NeighborIt’s been about a year now, since my wife and I got divorced, and she moved out of the house. I’ve sucked a few cocks here and there since then, but sex has been pretty slow overall. No pussy at all. Little did I know how much that would change when my new neighbors moved in a few weeks ago!I’ve seen them around a bit, waved to them as they walked or drove past, or if we were working in our yards. I didn’t even know their names until yesterday. I couldn’t help noticing though, that they are both pretty fit, and she especially has an ass to die for!I get out and run 3 or 4 mornings a week, and yesterday, I had just finished about 4 miles, was walking up and down the street to cool down, when they both finished a run themselves. Both were wearing running tights, as was I, and I couldn’t help but notice her awesome ass, and his bulge. We stopped to chat, and finally introduce ourselves. As we talked, I was hoping that I wasn’t being too obvious, with either my wandering eyes, or a growing bulge in my tights! Geez, I would have fucked either or both!Pete and Jane decided to move south so they could enjoy the outdoors more than they could when they lived in the north. Both said they loved the sun, and wondered if I did since they noticed I had a large pool in my backyard. I told them the pool had halkalı escort been more for my wife and k**s, but that I did enjoy the hot tub whenever I got the chance. I told them I was gone on business a lot, and they were welcome to use the pool. Although fenced and gated, the gate was usually unlocked so that the pool and yard guys could do their work. In fact, come on back and I’ll show you the pool right now. They declined as they had some errands to run, but wondered if they could swim later that day, actually early evening. Sure, I said, I have a movie date, so I’ll be gone for awhile and you can have some privacy; you’ll know when I’m home as the garage light will come on when I pull in.We said goodbye, and went about our business. I left around 5 that afternoon for my date, but knew I’d be home early as she was more of a friend than anything, and I wouldn’t be staying over late for any sex.Later, I pulled in at about 9, and figured that Pete and Jane would have been gone by now. I thought I’d check and, much to my surprise, when I went out the back door. I noticed Pete up on the side of the pool, with Jane’s head bobbing up and down, sucking his cock for all she was worth. Pete saw me, I said I’m sorry, şişli escort but he laughed and said no, we should be the ones who are sorry, but since we’re here, come on over here. Jane stopped sucking long enough to turn her head and smile, and nodded her head that I should join them. Well, this was too good to pass up!I was about half hard fantasizing about them on the way home, but the shock of catching them in the act has sent my hard on down to about nothing…but just for a minute! By the time I walked over, and noticed that not only was Pete naked and hard as a rock, Jane was naked as well. Her titts were floating on the water, and I could see down far enough that I could see her little landing strip of pubic hair. Pete was completely shaved. It was a bit awkward at first, but I pulled my shirt off, dropped my shorts and boxers, and kicked off my topsiders. I dove over Jane’s head, but quickly swam back up next to them.She said, hop up here, you’re next. It took me about 2 seconds to obey, and she was soon sucking me up to my full length. With the first drops of precum oozing out of my cock, she stopped, jumped up next to me, and gave me a passionate french kiss. You know what I really like, she whispered in my ear? I hope you’re open-minded, because sarıyer escort what I really like is to watch Pete suck cock! And if you let me watch, I’ll make it worth your while!I caught my breathe, and told her that it would be fine with me. She smiled and layed me back, and Pete’s mouth and tongue were soon working magic on on cock and balls. Jane continued to kiss me, then told me close my eyes. I felt her move up and over me, but couldn’t see her exact position. Soon I felt a warm stream on my face, and realized that she was giving me a golden shower. I opened my mouth, stuck out my tongue and caught as much of her warm nectar as I could. This was enough to push me over, and I exploded in Pete’s mouth, shooting 6 or 7 hot sticky ropes down his throat. Just as I finished, Jane knelt next to me and whispered, we are going to be best of neighbors!Pete and Jane stayed that night, and I caught up on a lot of the sex I had been missing. After we recovered from our first go-round. Pete and I took turns fucking each other, while we were in turn fucking Jane. After cleaning up from that, Pete fucked Jane, and I ate his cum out of her pussy, one of my favorites, a nice warm sticky creampie!Well, that was last night. Pete stopped by today to make sure I was cool with everything. To show him I was, I sucked his cock to a warm sticky completion, and I swallowed every drop. He told me that he and Jane had been selectively fucking around their entire marriage, and had hoped to find someone new once they were settled in. I assured him that I was all in! And, by the way, Pete told me as he was leaving, if any of your dates are bi, Jane will take care of them too!

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