My New Neighbor

My New NeighborI came home from work tired, it was one long day. I couldn’t wait to get into my apartment and rip off this bra, strip down and hop into a nice hot relaxing shower. I walked into my hallway and the scent of new paint hit my nose. I had almost forgotten that the new tenant next door would be by to paint before moving in. Normally they have a company come in but I guess the new tenant was going to take the job of the old handyman. Hopefully they got someone younger than 75 this time, I laughed thinking about it.The door was open and I walked right past hoping I wouldn’t run into him and I ran into my apartment.I went to my computer in my living room and put on a playlist for my shower. Ripped off my clothes and tossed them to the side. The hubby is at a conference and I don’t have to worry about him coming home mid shower and using the john. There is the downfall of only having one bathroom.The shower felt good and I soaped up my washcloth rubbing it all over my huge chest. The water dripping down my tits and across my stomach and I became almost hypnotized. My favorite song was playing and I started swaying to the beat. I started to shampoo my hair, singing loudly and the song ended. All of a sudden I started hearing moaning and screaming “OH MY GOD yes!! Yes I love that cock oh god fuck that tight pussy, give me your fucking cum!!!” I couldn’t jump out of the shower fast enough. I realize now when I selected files to play I accidentally must have selected one of my fuck videos! OOPS!!! I had it on pretty loud so I got very nervous; I hope my neighbors didn’t hear! Most of them are really old and hard of hearing. My main concern went to the new guy painting with that door open!I turned if off quickly and then ran back into the bathroom to grab a towel to dry off. I plugged in my hair dryer and my whole apartment went black so I screamed. I started to talk to the living room to the breaker box and tripped over my bra. maraş escort I screamed even louder as I fell over. I am quite a klutz.There was a knock at the door, “Are you okay?” I just yelled “yes” but I guess I wasn’t heard because I heard “are you okay?” again. I walked over to the door, and d****d the towel over me. I opened the door a little; I mean I am in the dark so no big deal. “Yeah I am fine, I was taking a shower and I think I blew a breaker” I looked up and the guy standing in front of me was topless and covered in a little paint. The landlord got a really young guy this time. He couldn’t have been over 25. He said “Hey well, I mean I heard you screaming and was hoping you were okay, I wasn’t sure if you needed help! Do you need help with the breaker?” Sure I figured… I was still wet and touching that kind of stuff when wet scares me a little. I literally just turned 40 so I figured being alone with him would be safe. Not like he was going to hurt me or anything. He flipped the breaker, “they are all in the same place in all of these apartments. I am Luke by the way” and he held out his hand. I looked down at him, he was wearing sweatpants and I could see a massive bulge trying to push its way through the fabric. He must have heard my video OR he was so huge he just appeared a little plump normally. I went to shake his hand and I “accidentally” dropped my towel. “Oh gosh I am such a klutz! I mean you probably heard me fall earlier. I am so embarrassed. You are young, new on the job and here you’ve already seen old lady tits.” I hid my head in my hand. He bent down and grabbed the towel for me, I could feel the heat of his breath near my pussy and he stood back up, slowly.“Oh no, please do not be embarrassed! I am the jerk, I was looking so no do not worry, I mean you have a really nice chest! Far from Old lady tits! This was the perk of the day… “ he said exuberantly and then all of a sudden his face went flush. escort maraş “Oh god, yeah I am sorry… I am not trying to be a perv. Please do not say anything to my grandma.”“Wait, what?” I asked “Who’s your grandmother?” He looked and blushed and then stuck his hand on the top of the crotch of his pants. “She’s the landlord, please do not say anything! I am going back to school and cannot stay with my parents anymore. I need my own space. My grandma thinks I am a really sweet k** and I do not need her thinking I am a huge perv trying to sleep with the tenants!”“Well Luke” I was really turned on by now… the situation was weird. I knew he must have heard my fuck video and now his dick was practically coming out of his clothes. I was already naked and felt his breath on my pussy. I might as well just drag him in the bedroom and shove it in his mouth. I looked at him and he had that crazy look horny people get. I knew his mind was right there too. I started walking towards the couch, “Luke, I don’t know, I mean you did help me out… I feel like I need to give you at least a tip or something, maybe a welcome to the complex gift?” He rested his hand on top of his sweatpants again and rubbed it a little. “Maybe I can help you out?” I said… “I won’t say anything to your grandmother. I mean she might kick me out!” I reached out for him and he took a deep breath and let it out. It didn’t take long for him to get comfortable at all. He placed his hand on my breast and then rammed his tongue down my mouth. I pulled off his sweatpants and his dick almost bounced out hitting me in the face as I was getting on my knees. God it looked delicious. I immediately started stroking his cock and spit on him, getting him all lubed up so I could shove him all in my mouth.He started moving to the couch and sat down and I looked up at him as I started sucking just the tip. “fuck, yes” he said and he grabbed my face and shoved his cock hard in an out maraş escort bayan of my mouth. I could barely breathe. “I can’t do too much of this” he said “you are gonna make me cum too fast letting me fuck your mouth.” He started grabbing my tits and pulled my off my knees leading me onto the couch so he could lick and suck on my tits. “Jesus these are the biggest natural tits I have seen in my life, plenty of fake ones but these are natural and amazing. I wanna watch you bounce.”I perched on top of him on the couch and slowly started edging his huge cock head into my tight pussy. I started moaning. It felt so good, stretching me. He was so fucking thick. I prayed he wouldn’t be one of those guys that cum in five minutes! I started riding him and pushed my clit against his body so I was going to near an orgasm. My hungry pussy swallowed him whole and my juices started running down his leg. I rode him hard, my tits bouncing off of his face and slapping my chest. He pushed me off of him and threw me into a doggy style and thrusted over and over again. I haven’t been fucked that hard in ages.My pussy juice was so runny I felt like I needed a mop. I grabbed my tit and started sucking on my nipple. My whole body started shaking and I came hard leaving a mass wet spot.He threw me on my back and started pumping my pussy. I was screaming at this point. “Yes those noises earlier were you, fuck you had me so hard next door painting. I’m so glad I didn’t have to go back there and jack off! I want to fill you up like a mayonnaise jar full of my cum.” He started fucking me harder and I was so excited. “Yes give me that cum” I screamed! All of a sudden he grabbed me tight and his body shook and I felt him spray. He pulled his dick out and a huge wad of cum started dribbling out as he started jacking off and there was still more. He came all over my face and tits. We took a nice hot shower, deep kissing and sucking a lot during recovery until he fucked me in the shower. This time up my tight asshole. I think that unlike the last neighbor (who was irritating and always took my parking spot) I wouldn’t have a problem with this new one. He can come be my handyman any time.

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