My sisters sleepover – part 3


My sisters sleepover – part 3″I think so, I said I think you have a nice ass!” she repeated as she reached out to grab my ass again, and instead of reaching around to get ahold of my ass cheek, she grabbed my dick!”oh, what do we have here!” she asked, not moving her hand.I decided to be bold & take my chances, my mom was sleeping, what the hell, who was she going to run & squeel to!”thats my cock, ever see anything like it!” I asked and pulled my shorts down enough to let it spring out as she removed her hand.”Yea, I’ve seen plenty” she wispered, like she was telling me a secret.”so you know what to do with it!” I told her,”yep!” she replied stroking my dick to life, “oooo! a big one!” she said excitedly.Now with my hard dick in hand, thinking I’m getting a blowjob or a chance to fuck that drunken pussy of hers, she started walking towards the basement door!”wait a minute” I said, “follow me & I won’t wake your mother!” was her response with a firm grip on my dick.Oh boy, she’s taking me to the basement, I faked a little resistance, she switched hands & spanked my ass, holding it & shaking it in her hand at the same time.”damn nice ass, beautiful dick too!” and with that dropped to her knees & sucked me in her mouth about half way!Taking my cock back in her right hand digitalbahis yeni giriş again & declaring, now move, I was now walking down the stairs in front of her when she pulled up my shorts. As I came around the corner Sara, Denise & Linda made a faint move to cover up. Lori pushed me a couple of feet in front of her & I stopped in the middle of the room, looking at all the flesh, tits, ass & pussy I could see.Cindy asked, “I thought you were going for dip?””I was” Lori replied & pulled my shorts to my ankles, exposing my rock hard cock to all of the horny girls.Denise, who was covering herself on the floor on her knees, got a very interested look on her face.Linda, just licked her lips, like she just seen her dinner.Sara, well her mouth was hanging open & I think I seen her pinch her nipple & slip a finger in her slit.Cindy, she had my T shirt in hand, thats when I knew I was busted. “so you jerked off listening to us,” asked Cindy sternly”no, I was watching outside, through the window” “What did you see?” asked Lori as she came up behind me, she had taken her pajamas off & was now naked as well.”nothing much, you were playing truth or dare” I responded”and so, you want to play too?” asked Linda”sure why not, I need something to drink though” digitalbahis giriş I said as I walked, (like I walk around 5 naked girls like this every day) past Denise, by Cindy, who moved into me, pushing me into Sara, who now was embarrased & turned her back to me. But Cindy kept moving towards me, pushing my ass towards Sara, I turned sideways to get through, not even thinking as my dick, rubbed hard across her ass cheek, in thecrack & across the other cheek. All I heard was, “oooooo” & I didn’t look around to see who said it, but it wasn’t Cindy or Sara.I grabbed the vodka & OJ & made a strong screwdriver, downed most of it when Sara came up behind me, “what the fuck are you doing!” she whispered in a stern voice.”making a screwdriver, then I’m gonna play Truth or Dare”” you can’t be here, you’re my brother,” she said.”I know, but I was forced down here & I’m gonna stay & play!””Dont you touch me!” she replied as I walked awayI sat on the floor with these 4 hungry girls staring at my still hard cock. Sara joined us with a screwdriver of her own.”ok I’m first, Sara, Truth or dare!” when I said it, it caught her off guard.”truth” was her reply”Did you like playing with that dildo in your pussy!” I asked her, “yes” she said,Linda added, “I know digitalbahis güvenilirmi she did” as she grabbed it off of the table & passed it under her nose like it was a new cigar.We all laughed, Sara’s turn after she took a gulp from her drink.”Cindy, truth or dare?” Sara asked, I could tell Cindy was bombed, so this should be interesting, “tooth” was her slurred response,”Have you ever given your brother Vince a blowjob!” Sara sounded pissed, like she was gonna ruin this party fast.”Not answering, Dare!” there was a giggle and shocked responses from the others that Sara would even ask Cindy to answer that!Sara in her pissed off state, “I dare you to lick Bobby’s balls like they were an Ice Cream cone”With that dare, Cindy came over, pushed me on my back like a pro, lifted my knees & spread them far apart. Sara was the only one who did not have to move to see this, the others got up & sat on they’re knees on each side of my shoulders. When everyonewas sitting, she got down, pushed my dick against my stomach & started to give my balls a tongue bath. I did my best not to moanlooking at Lori, she was just focused on Cindy’s work, Denise had her knees spread and fingering her clit, staring. Linda andSteph were pinching they’re nipples, not sure if they should touch they’re pussies.”ok thats enough” declared Sara.All I could think of was Pete Rose’s batting average, and the Reds schedule.All of the girls moved back to where they were sitting before. Cindy took a big drink from Sara’s drink & said”Stephanie, tooth or (burrrrp) dare” causing everyone to laugh.

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