My transgender roommate


My transgender roommateI was struggling with financial payments so I put advert for roommate as I had 2 bedroom apartment. After a few people came and went this great looking lady called. Her name was Sandra, about 5ft 4 tall slim body and nice pert tits. We seemed to get on well, so we became roommates. It seemed to work out well, then I walked into bathroom one day and accidentally intruded when she was in shower, her body looks awesome, nice tits and omg cock and balls. I was shocked, she been living with me a month and hadn’t realised she was transgender. I just stirred and apologies to her, awkward. After quiet chat we agreed it make no difference and tried to get on with our lifes. The problem was every time I looked at her I couldn’t get her hot body out of my mind ( what it be like to be with transgender ). Things got worse for me when watching tv together, she was wearing a dressing gown, and we were enjoying comedy film, while sitting on settee, her Gown became loose, I could see her pert tits nice brown nipples. I was aroused, but didn’t want her seeing me looking. As film continued I saw Gown loosen bursa escort more now I could see a glimpse of her limp cock and smooth balls. I was turned on, my mind desires her wow she looked hot. When film finished she turned and kissed me on cheek, night night sleep well she said, I enjoyed night and went to her room. I went to my room and wanked my cock hard to I cum big thinking about her. In next few nights she dressed sexy and went out partying with her friends. Then Saturday night came Sandra said you fancy night in together, I said yes thought you be out with your friends. No why don’t we cuddle up on settee together, sounds great I replied, we sat watching a movie, again she was wearing dressing Gown, only this time she cuddled up to me on settee we talked about film as we watched it, I ran my fingers through her hair, she didn’t stop me. I stopped she looked at me don’t stop I like that. She lay across settee with her head on my lap. I continued running my fingers through her hair, she give a slight moan then grabbed my hand and put it on her shoulders, her dressing Gown was loose again, I massaged bursa escort bayan her shoulder still she didn’t stop me, her skin was soft. I started 2 caress the side of her breast. She still didn’t stop me, she kept her eyes on film, now I was rubbing her nipples ( it felt exciting, I was aroused ), squeezing them. Her Gown was now open I could see her slim body I moved my hands over her body, stroking her bare bum. She smiled at me but no attempt to stop me. I leaned forward and started caressing her cock, she moaned ( my first time touching cock ) but I wanted her. I felt her get aroused then get up turned kissed me and got up and walked out of the room. I sat there my mind confused had I crossed the line with Sandra. Then door opens omg I thought she was standing at door, she had hold me up stockings higheels and nothing else she beckoned me, in a trance I went over, we kissed, her lips felt like velvet, we kept kissing but our hands were everywhere. Then she whispered in my ear I want it, I want you. I went into her room and started sucking her tits, it felt so good, my hands were caressing her body. escort bursa I kissed my way down her body. By now I desired her, lusted for her, I reached her cock, I licked, it was hard, licking her shaft caressing her balls, then sucking it slowly then deeper, she was moaning, she was crying out to use her. Then I tasted her pre-cum before she screamed and cum over my face, wow she wanted more, releasing my cock, she gave me the most sensitive but exciting blow job any guy can receive. Then with a sweet lips said fuck me Brian, fuck me. I placed my cock at her asshole and pushed my cock slowly inside her, she was tight and moaned as I pushed inch by inch in her butt. She screamed yes. Slowly I fucked her, every thrust in her ass felt like heaven, she stroked her cock as I fucked her. Then deeper and harder. I’m going cum I shouted ( thinking she’d say pull out but no ) she wanted me to cum inside her. I shot my load, o fuck that felt great. She smiled and lay in each-other’s arms. We slept on Sunday morning, we had breakfast, then naked she dragged me to bed again, only this time she fucked me omg her cock was about 7 inches, my ass was sore but I didn’t give a damn, I wanted her. My girlfriend was beautiful, nice tits, sexy body and a cock and balls, I’ve been with many a hot lady but no one as hot as my transgender lover.

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