My wife and our older nieghbor


My wife and our older nieghborSo my wife (Charisma), have been married for 20 years and and have 3 k**s. My wife is still hot as hell. 5’7″, blonde hair, 36DD chest, flat stomache, and dark brown eyes. Anyway she is very sexual, does cam and even plans on her own web site. When it comes to sex she has done BJ, creampie, and even anal. 2 guys max for now though and no dp yet.So this happened like 6 months ago. We went out for a basic date. Dinner and maybe drinks. Maybe cuss I don’t drink but she does. She had on her sexy outfit. Short skirt, loose white top, cute sneakers (we walk everywere so heels are a no) The waiter flirted with her alot. And even gave her a free drink. Extra strong free drink that is. She was getting hot and wet (acording to her) so she started her attention grabbing. She let her top open a bit, spreading her legs to show her panties,even sucking whipped cream from my finger. Well soon I want some and she was willing to give it. We got lordbahis güvenilirmi up to go when our (Brad) nieghbor saw us. He came over and said hi. And wanted to know if we needed a ride home. Hes good looking in ok shape, but in his 60s at least. He lives next door and has a great pool. His wife is older and very bitchy, never anything nice to say to us or him. I have seen him watching her in the back yard when she suns. And he likes her to come over and swim when the k**s and is wife are gone. Chari says its ok to flirt with him it makes him feel younger.Anyway….we leave with him and she kind of wobbles on her feet. He helped her to the car and helped her in. Getting a long look up her skirt as she moved around in the seat. She was in teh back seat and he and I up front. He adjusted the mirror to get a look up her skirt. She noticed and got really bold by takeing her panties off and saying they were bunching up on her lordbahis yeni giriş pussy. Her words I swear. So now he was watching her bald pussy more then the road. I had to remind him to watch the road sometimes. We live in the high desert of California. And there are stetchs of nothing out here. Roads that lead no were and lots of ways away from the busy streets. She started to rub her pussy and slide a finger in it just to see what he would do. It nearly killed us twice. He finnaly got mad and said he was pulling down a dirt path so I could fuck that slut and get her to settle down.Well the path led to an group of trees and a place big enough to park behind them. I got out opened the back door and told her to spread her cunt open for Brad to see it. So she did and before anyone could say anything he was eating her out like mad. She had her tits out of her top and pulling on her nipples hard. Moaning loadly she told him to lordbahis giriş fuck her with his cock not his tongue. He wasted no time calling her a whore while pumping his cock in his hand right in front of her pussy. He made her call him daddy while he puonded into her with a lot of force. Shaking his old cadie big time. He started to cum in her then pulled his cock out till the tip rested on her clit and kept cumming both in her and on her. She looked well used but he said he wasnt done. He rolled her over and ran his cock around her pussy again then shoved it up her ass. Now she has done anal with me, and once for a porn studio. But this was the first time in front of me and it wasn’t my cock pounding her tight little hole. He held her head on the seat and pretty much forced fucked her ass. He finally came up her ass after what must have been 10 minutes. I took his place and on;ly lasted 2 minutes. It was just to hot watching her.We pushed her legs back in and drove home. She made me get her off 3 times the way she likes. With my finger on her clit once we were inside the bedroom. She hasn’t had Brad since but plans on turning him on till he forces himself on her again some time. Oh and hes a lot happier now even when his wife is bitching at him.

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