My wife, myself, and a friend

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My wife, myself, and a friendMy wife came home from work the other day and started telling me about a story her friend at work was telling her about her weekend experience. It was about this girl and her boyfriend and his buddy, and it involved dp. Up till now she had never her about that and the story shocked her a little. So I had to ask what she thought of it and she couldn’t believe any one would do that. So I left it alone for awhile until later on after we had a few drinks and I brought the subject back up. After I started the conversation with her she was shy on the subject for a bit then shocked me with her response of if we had the right guy, she would try it.So does that mean you want to try it I assume, or is that the alcohol talking? manyas escort I asked her. She said she would think on it and let me know. The next day I told my friend that I trust about what we discussed the night before and asked if he would help out with this because him and Ihad done this to a ccouple of girls before together. I told my girl later that night I had a friend ready when she was. It took her by surprise that I was prepared and said you must really want this if your set up already. She just smiled and said she was taking a shower and going to the store and would be back later. After she left I called my buddy and told him to head over and park a block away so his car wasn’t spotted and ruin susurluk escort the surprise. Or at least I was hoping it would be a good surprise. After she got home I told her I needed her upstairs after groceries got put away, which gave us time to undress and find out if this was a bad idea or not. As soon as we heard her coming up the stairs that was all we needed to get us both hard as rocks. She opened the door and seen two raging hard ons and us smiling and at first she appears to be embarrassed, but a moment later she had such a grin on her face I could tell she was ready to be fucked. Her opening sentence was are both those hard cocks for me? We told her yes they are and just her size. It bartın escort didn’t take her long to undress and get on her knees and startedsucking on our dicks like there was no tomorrow. After a few minutes of that she crawled up on the bed and said she was so wet she had to be fucked right now! I got under with her on the top myself on bottom and my friend behind her ready to enter her ass while I would go into her soft wet pussy. I had my buddy slide in her ass first with my cock to follow. It didn’t take us long to get a rhythm going and soon we had her begging us to fuck her good and hard. With us pounding her hard she climax so fast and the excitement was to much for both of us and we let her know we were ready to cum as well.Don’t pull out she said, I wanna feel you two fill me up with all your hot cum! Once we both got done Cumming in her we got told that was amazing and she wanted to do that again sometime. We pulled out slow trying not to make to big of a mess. After that we got cleaned up and made plans for the next time we could get together.

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