Neighborly Lust (Part 3)


Neighborly Lust (Part 3)Don Abdul ©2010Continued from Part 2….Before I could answer his question though, he rolled off the bed and went over to the dresser to retrieve his cell phone.When he returned to the bed he untied my hands and feet and showed me the screen of his cell phone. My jaw literally hit the floor as I watched the recording of our recently concluded fuck fest. I looked up into his eyes and he smiled mischievously, and said, “You’re in big trouble bitch! Wait until Gabrielle sees this.” Part 3**************************** I fell asleep right after Santos left, I was worn out from the hard fucking I had received but my sleep was a troubled one. My dream was an anticipation Üsküdar Escort of the horrible things Gabrielle would do to me once she had watched the video of me fucking her husband. I tossed and turned for half an hour before finally falling into deep sleep. I heard nothing from my neighbors through out the week, and then at midday on Friday my phone rang. It was Gabrielle and she asked if I could join her for lunch. “I uh… um, okay!” I stuttered and finally succumbed. Although she her words were polite, her tone of voice actually didn’t leave any room for a refusal.After telling my secretary to cancel my appointments for the rest of the day I rushed out Üsküdar Escort Bayan of the office to meet her, for some strange reason didn’t want to keep her waiting. The restaurant was an Italian wonder, it was nicely tucked away from the usual city buzz and quite a classy place too. I was chaperoned to her corner table by a formally dressed waiter and the moment she spotted me she rose and opened her arms to greet me warmly. In fact the warmth of her greeting left me breathless.She greeted me with a kiss, a real French kiss. She slid her tongue into my gaping mouth and swirled her tongue around in a tango with mine. Completely overwhelmed I powerlessly Escort Üsküdar followed her lead and returned her kiss. I could feel my heart soaring as my arousal rushed up the scale, and then as quickly as it started the kiss ended with her hugging me and then whispering into my ear; “You have been really naughty Jacquie, I loaned you my man for five minutes and you had to be a whore and fuck him without asking my permission first.”“I… I’m um… I’m sorry…” I couldn’t complete the apology before she cut me off in a quiet but very stern voice.“Save the tears bitch! You have been so naughty and you’re gonna be punished.” Then switching back to her sweet and friendly mode as though she was a totally different person she continued, “For now though, let’s enjoy good food, great wine the best of Luigi’s hospitality.”My pussy was moistening and my clit tingling as my nipples hardened, I was turned on by the steel in her voice and the quiet strength of this beautiful and sexy woman.

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