Neighbour Fantasies……Part 14

Neighbour Fantasies……Part 14It had been about a week since I last slept with Gloria, and our schedules kept me from running into her. Lorene was due back home from her extended three week business trip in three days, and I was feeling a bit horny. I pulled into the driveway, but stopped sort seeing a purse laying on the concrete. I got out, picked it up, and saw it was Gloria’s. I walked over to her back door and knocked. It was a few minutes before she answered the knock, and I heard her say, “Come in…I’m in the family room.” It was dark by now, and there was no light in the room other than the street lights outside. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I saw her sitting on the sofa – but only her outline. The room smelled from her 120mm cigarettes and the sweet smell of the imported cognac she drank. “Sit down and tell me where you have been keeping youself,” she said. Her speech was noticeably slurred, and I could tell she had been drinking for some time. I told her I had been working long hours and hadn’t been around much. “Have you been working hard?” she asked, and before I could reply, added, “Bet there are some cute girls there who make you hard.” I dismissed çanakkale escort bayan her comment with some clever denial, but she seemed intent on cornering me. “Are you getting tired of screwing and old bag like me?”, she asked. It was odd having this conversation with her because I could only see her in shadow, and had no idea what her expressions were, or even how she was dressed. She downed two more glasses of cognac as we talked, and I could tell she was getting intoxicated. She reached for another smoke, but knocked her glass off the table. “Son of a bitch,” she growled, “Hate to waste any of it….can you snap on the light next to you for me?” I did as she asked, and saw she was wearing the same summer dress she had on when I first noticed her sexually. She slid off the sofa and squatted down to blot up the cognac with a cloth coaster. I saw she was wearing a white bullet bra under her dress which accentuated her 40C breasts, and a pair of red open toe high heels with no hosiery. As she blotted the spill, she turned and still in a squatting position, spread her legs so I could see up her skirt, revealing she had nothing on under the dress escort çanakkale below her waist. Seeing her in that position made me get hard, and after a few more minutes, she looked up and said,” Are you looking up my dress young man?” I told her it was difficult not to, and she said, “Aww…you wouldn’t want the old kitty under there….be a good boy, pour me another drink, and snap out the light.” I knew it was the cognac doing the talking as we sat there and she finished the drink. “Does it bother you that I’m sitting across from you with no panty on?”, she asked. I told her it didn’t bother me, but made me hard, to which she replied, “You young guys really like screwing us older women, eh?” I told her that depended on how sensual the woman was, and how much she teased. As she poured another drink, she asked, “Am I teasing you now?” I told her that her outfit was a tease by itself. She gave me a wobbly smile, and proceeded to unbutton her dress to her waist. Her bra-covered breasts looked magnificent as they jutted out of the dress. “What about now?”, she asked. She downed her drink, pulled her skirt up to her thighs, and spread her legs. “Bet this makes çanakkale escort that pecker of yours stiff.” she laughed. I was about to reply with a sarcastic and sexually-charged comment when she fell back against the sofa, and passed out. I stood up with my eight and one half inches in full erection, and looked at her, thinking I wanted to push it into her, but had another idea. I went to her room and took out a black nylon bra, black full panty, a plain black half slip, black high heels, and a lightweight grey sweater dress which zipped up the front, and had a wide black belt. I brought the items downstairs, ran next door, and got the pantyhose she had given me. When I got back, I took off her dress, white bra, and red heels, and dressed her in the black bra and panty. I laboured to get the pantyhose on her, but finally succeeded. Next came the slip, and finally thegrey dress, belt, and black heels. I unzipped the dress and pushed up the slip, straddled her on the sofa, and masturbated until I left two large puddles on the her pantyhose covered thighs. I carefully arranged her slip and dress, and placed her comfortably on the sofa. I wrote a note saying, “If a lady is going to a party, she should be dressed appropriately, don’t you agree?”With that, I left feeling as though I had evened out her rather nasty attitude of earlier. I laughed to myself as I envisioned her eaction to waking up fully and rather tastefully clothed.

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