No Regrets


Once you open Pandora’s Box there is no turning back; conversely, once you let your son fuck your box there is definitely no turning back. My life was ruined my loving husband had caught my darling son turning me into a submissive woman.My adult son had seduced me completely and I knew from that moment on I was his, and after a long day of lovemaking… where lust overwhelmed common sense… I woke up to the aftermath of my decision.My husband had caught me handcuffed to the bed. Cum all over my breasts, on my belly, on my thighs, in my hair, on my face and most importantly what I couldn’t hide was my son’s cum oozing slowly from my well-fucked pussy he came inside me just before showering and I had loved every second off it.I would like to say I felt guilt at committing incest with my loving son or at least a shred of remorse, but that would be a lie. I felt completely at peace with my decision but horrified that my husband çapa escort had caught me cheating for the first time with our son. My husband truly didn’t deserve catching me like that.I wasn’t surprised at his reaction, once he had finished calling me a whore, a fucking pervert, a tramp and anything else he could think of under the sun, that he stormed out the house in utter disgust at his perfect housewife. Those days were gone. I wasn’t the perfect housewife or mother anymore I was my son’s.That night was so hectic and all I can remember more than anything was looking at my son so peaceful and innocent after depositing another five loads in me that night, I felt undeniable love. It was like I had my youth, finally, my hands were unhandcuffed.Once my son had fallen asleep, I rationalized it rather simply. I loved my son with all my heart, and giving him my body fındıkzade escort was a natural extension of our mother-son relationship, after all, I made him so what’s wrong with him wanting to go home.As he began to move, slowly waking up, I decided to wake him up in the best way possible. I slithered under the sheets, found his flaccid cock, we had both fallen asleep naked and took it in my mouth. Feeling his beautiful cock slowly grow in my mouth was a surreal sensation, yet it felt so natural I just wanted to please him.He was almost completely hard in my mouth before he finally spoke with a soft chuckle.“This is the best wake-up call you have ever given me.”Taking his cock out of my mouth, I suggested, “This may become a new tradition.”“I couldn’t concur more,” he chuckled, as I returned to his now fully erect cock.I continued a slow blow job, lavishly aksaray escort enjoying having his cock in my mouth. Part of me wanted to straddle him and ride him, while the other half of me just wanted to savor his steel in my mouth.After a couple more minutes of slow pleasing, my son, groaned, “Feels so good, Mom.”I moaned on his cock in response as I continued the slow, soothing blow job I wasn’t in any rush.“I can’t believe how great your mouth feels,” he complimented.I replied, momentarily taking his cock out of my mouth, “I can’t believe you waited so long.”“Well, I think we are making up for lost time,” he joked.“That we are,” I agreed, as I deep throated him.“Oh God, Mom,” he groaned, “you’re so amazing.”My natural reaction was to speed up to get him off, yet I wanted to make love to his cock with my mouth, so I continued the same slow up and down.A couple more minutes, his breathing increasing, I felt his legs stiffen as he moaned, “I’m going to come soon.”Another urge to speed up, yet I refrained and just continued bobbing slowly until I felt his cum leak out of his cock and into my mouth. I couldn’t believe how much cum was in his balls already after all the sex we had yesterday, but I milked and swallowed every drop of my breakfast cum.

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