no touching dogging


no touching doggingAs with all my stories these are truthful recollections of things past, except for the ones which are fantasies – you choose which you think they are! If you enjoy them please give them the thumbs up; if you really like them please comment and if you REALLY like them mail me and I’ll tell you more than I can put here!You may remember my then girlfriend’s first experience with dogging, well you’ll be pleased to know it wasn’t the last.She wasn’t a dogger as such – what she loved was watching other women get fucked and hear them cum and watching the cum drip out. She said she wasn’t lesbian and didn’t want a lesbian experience but I know it got her wet.So anyway, we were members of and there we’d made friends with a couple over in Newport. We’d agreed that we’d meet up on weekday afternoon and they would fuck for us, in front of us, out at a Wentwood spot they knew about.So I pick up my girlfriend from work and asked her if she was still on for this. She was. I lifted up her skirt, she was so wet. As we drove along the M4 I slipped in a finger and played with her a while, asking her what she expected was going to happen.She made a point of saying that neither of us were getting involved. Meaning me as well.By the time we’d gotten to the car park she was dripping wet. She hadn’t cum, and she’d soaked the seat with a little wet spot. “take your nickers off” I told her. She was reluctant but with them being so wet it made sense.There was only one other car in the car park. “Do you reckon that’s them” she said. I sure hoped so. We walked down towards the reservoir and off to the side where there was a bench. Had the council ever cut the fern back it would have been a great view of the fishermen on the reservoir, but they hadn’t and as the footpath was below the bench it was quite a secluded spot.We climb up the bank a bit and sat on the bench. There was no-one there. The other people had chickened out. I got my girlfriend to sit on my lap and slid a hand up her leg towards her wet hole. “No someone might come” she said and then instantly realised what she had said and we both laughed. Moments later out of the wood behind came our guests. We’d seen her picture on the website so I recognised her straight away. “hello.” I said like I’d known them for ever – well I had wanked off konak escort over her pictures many, many times.She said, “you must be…” and I said sure am. “we’ve been watching you from up there, we guessed it would be you”There was an exchange of pleasantries and then Jane (not her name), said to my girlfriend “you don’t want to play, just watch, right? Well normally we like to play with our friends, so we’ll see what happens if that’s ok”Jane’s husband dropped his trousers and sat on the bench besides my girlfriend. “You can hold it if you want”? he said to her. He was totally flaccid and Jane knelt in front of him and rubbed his cock all over her face. He was circumcised and his helmet rolled around her cheeks.“so what do you want to see then”? asked Jane and quick as a flash she answer, “His spunk, I want to see him shoot his spunk over your face” You dirty cow I thought to myself, you don’t like me doing that as I hit your eyes once or twice.It certainly seemed to work for Jane’s husband. He was now rock hard. Jane responded by bobbing up and down on it. “tell me what it feels like” my girlfriend said to him, “tell me”? Jane stopped for a moment, “Yeah go on, tell us both” she said.So he started to describe how sensual it felt. Before long he started to moan out loud and said that ha was about to shoot his duff. Jane pulled her head back and offered my girlfriend the pleasure of finishing him off. Fuck how sexy would that be, my girlfriend finishing off some other bloke over his wife’s face. But no, see didn’t want to hold it. “Someone had better do it” Jane’s husband cried out and with that Jane started to flick her tongue around his japs eye. He held on to Jane’s head with his hands, “I’m going to shoot” and Jane pulled back and we all got to witness a stream of spunk shoot out and hit her face square on. Down her cheeks, in her hair, some on her lips and some missed and hit her neck.I looked at my girlfriend, she was squirming there was no doubt she was hot for it.Jane asked if that’s what she wanted, and my girlfriend said yes. I was rock hard and bursting to release my cock. I leaned forward and whispered in my girlfriends ear that I was aching to get my cock out, did she want to wank it. “No” came a firm reply.Now Jane stood up and started to clean up her face with a finger. ‘” mmmimm. konak escort bayan I love that taste, don’t you” she said. “No, not really” my girlfriend answered. “what” relied Jane, “you don’t swallow your man – it’s too good to waste” and she continued to collect the spunk on her face and lick it off her finger. It was so sexual I could feel some pre cum dripping out of my cock!“ My fun now” Jane said and with that bent over the bench besides me. Until now she had remained fully clothed, but now leaning forward she reached behind herself and flicked over her skirt to reveal she was wearing no nickers. “come around honey and see how wet my husband has just made me”. My girlfriend stood up and behind Jane. She was 3 feet away from Jane’s pussy. I asked, “what does it look like” and she answered, “well to be honest I’ve never really look hard at another girls cunt in real life, it’s very shinny looking and she has large labia” Having my girlfriend describe another woman’s pussy, when she was leaning over besides me was just absolute torture. Jane asks, “are my lips red and swollen”? “yes”, “do you want to touch them”? Oh this was getting too much. If she didn’t I did. There was a pause when for a moment I thought she was going to, but then she stood back and said that she wanted to watch Jane’s husband fuck her this time.She didn’t have to say twice. He was in there like a shot. Before you know it he was pumping Jane so hard her tits were swinging almost out the top of her dress. With every thrust forward they’d brush past me. I was absolutely bursting. My nut sack was aching.“stop stop” shouted Jane, and she pushed back her husband, stood up flicked off each shoulder strap and wriggled out of her dress. Now she was naked except for her bra which she released in one easy movement – like women do – and flopped out her ample boobs.“That’s better” she said and she adopted the same position and her husband began fucking her again. Now I could watch freely her tits swing as he banged away.I noticed now that my girlfriend had gotten down onto her knees and was virtually in the action as she watch his cock slide in an out Jane’s pussy. “Hold on to his balls” I said to her. She looked at me slightly shocked I think, “Yeah, give him a playful sack rub”, said Jane and he also said she should. escort konak So that’s what she did.She’d done the same to be before when I wanked off over her tits, so this wasn’t a new experience, but she’d never held another mans sack in front of me. I could tell she was excited.The poor bloke stood no chance. Fucking his hot wife in front of strangers, with another woman holding his sack. I think he done well to hold on as long as he did.“I can feel him cuminig” my girlfriend said as she moved around his testies in his sack. “Fuck Jane I’m cuming big time” he yelled and he pushed her forward so hard she fell onto the bench, crushing her tits.Momentarily he fell on her as his sack emptied and he prised himself up and out of Jane. Jane stayed where she was. “I want you to watch it come out of me and just put your hand under my pussy to collect it would you” Jane said to my girlfriend and with had she positioned herself between Jane’s legs and did as she was told. I stood up I wanted to see his cum dribble out as well.Her pussy was red raw, Her lips looked swollen and very puffy and they were still quivering. Jane seemed to be pushing his cum out and it came out in two big dollops and one small dribble. “Do you reckon that’s it” Jane asked. “Think so” said my girlfriend. Jane stood up and sat back down on the seat, resting right on the end, with her legs wide apart.She held my girlfriends hand with one hand and scooped out her spunk with the other. Now her husband sat besides her and leaned forward and flicked Jane’s clit. As Jane sucked on the cum covered finger she came and came and came. The more he flicked her the more she came and the more she licked up the cum from my girlfriends hand.I so wanted to get my cock out and add to that pool but I knew if I did then it would be all over rover for me so I just watched and listened to Jane cuming.No sooner had she finished licking up the cum did she had her last shuddering orgasm. Her husband knew it was her last and they just cwtched a while. We backed off and said our thanks and goodbyes and left.Back at the car I said to my girlfriend that I had done every thing that we’d agreed to but I was bursting and we were having sex now. She also agreed that she to was as rampant as a randy rabbit, we were to find a secluded spot further along and fuckI’ve no idea why it had to be secluded as I came within seconds pumping out what seemed like a pint of spunk. Mind you so did my girlfriend, she came just as quick, and being nickerless and with me playing with her on the way home that seat was always stained until the day I sold the car

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