On Assignment Ch. 02


The second chapter of my first story (series!). Please do leave feedback, it’s awesome to know people have enjoyed my efforts 😉


Zoe was woken by the alarm on her phone, it took her a few moments to work out where she was, she reached toward the light of the screen and sleepily swiped across to silence the incessant tune. She lay still under the sheets and tried to get her bearings.

Things felt different. She was naked, and she could not remember having ever slept naked before. She felt completely rested, like stress had been lifted from every muscle. She sighed contentedly and thought back to the night before. She had discovered her colleague’s phone playing an arty porn video of a girl touching herself, and after she returned to her own hotel room she had searched for one like it. She started to copy the movements of the girl in video and the last thing she could remember of night before was falling asleep in the afterglow of the first orgasm she had given herself in years.

Zoe picked up her phone, disconnected the charger and unlocked it. She tapped the browser icon and was greeted by crude ads aimed at stereotypical guys, the space where the video had played was black. The title of the video was bold and white, in the centre of the black space. Zoe closed the browser almost as quickly as it opened and dropped the phone to her side.

Despite the darkness of the room she closed her eyes, she could see the words “GIRL MASTURBATES…” like it was burnt on to her eyelids. She felt a flash of shame, buried from the time an aunt had told her when she was eight that nice girls “don’t touch themselves that way” The shame morphed into anger. “Why not?” she thought, “I’m an adult, I was alone it’s totally safe AND it felt good. REALLY good.” She felt her pussy tingle to the thought of how good it had felt. Her hands moved softly over the smooth skin of her tummy and breasts, slowed only by her hardening nipples. One hand started to move down toward the tingle between her legs.

But she was interrupted by the alarm, the snooze function had given her 5 minutes and was reminding her that she now had 5 minutes less to get ready.

She shut off the alarm and hit a wall switch by the bed. The wrong one. The whole room lit up and Zoe was blinded by the bright, spotlights in the ceiling. She screwed up her eyelids, saw spots rather than an explicit video title this time. She slowly opened her eyes and noticed the towel that had originally been wrapped around her body after showering the previous evening. She vaguely remembered throwing it to the floor without a care as her orgasm had faded away.

She remembered the small towel that had been wrapped around her hair, something that she always did before drying it it properly. She didn’t remember drying her hair however, she reached up and felt a fluffy mess where normally she would have felt soft, straightened hair.

She sat up and looked across the room to the mirror on the opposite wall. Her hair looked awful, no way she could go to work with it like that. Her mind went into over-drive, her alarm had been set based on the time she would need to put her straightened hair up in the serious, professional style that she preferred, do her make up, go down for breakfast, back up to brush her teeth, down to her car and drive to the second satellite office.

There was not enough time.

She thought about skipping breakfast, but her stomach rumbled in protest.

She jumped out of bed, and rushed around the room, doing her best to shorten the routine.


Twenty minutes later Mark was loading up his tray from the breakfast buffet. He had already been down to the gym for a weights session and now he was piling scrambled eggs and grilled bacon on to his plate, avoiding the fried items. He also had a bowl of fruit to the side. It was tough trying to keep in shape around his job, but he figured that doing the best he could was better than nothing. He had noticed Zoe checking out his abs yesterday evening, so perhaps it was working.

As he sat down he saw her breeze into the restaurant. She looked different he thought. Immediately obvious was that her hair was down, in a wavy or curly style, Mark couldn’t decide which. Wavy or curly, it was certainly different from Zoe’s normal, serious, hair up style. There was something else about her this morning, she looked different to him, more feminine, he thought, not the plain, identikit female business consultant he had seen before. Had she changed overnight?

He wondered if maybe she hadn’t changed, and it was just him looking at her in a new way – he remembered the smell of her shampoo and his fantasy of her leaning against the wall with her hands down her business trousers. He tried to shake the imagery from his mind, “Keep things professional!” he told himself. He had certainly changed the way he was looking at her overnight!

She had put some fruit salad and yogurt into a bowl and was looking around for a free table. Zoe caught Mark looking at her. He motioned towards the empty seat opposite and she walked over and belugabahis giriş sat down.

“Hey!” They said both at the same time.

They shared a nervous smile and silence.

“Sleep well?”, asked Mark.

“Oh really well.” Zoe replied, “I overslept, hence the unprofessional hair. But *thank you*, I slept really well.” She smiled, her eyes twinkled and she starting eating in a rush so not to be late to the client.

Mark took a moment to process the messages he was receiving. What she said could, on it’s own, be taken to be a polite response to a polite question between two business colleagues trying to make conversation over breakfast. But the way she said it and her body language made him feel like he was really being thanked for literally helping her to have a good night’s sleep. He tried to think about what *he* had done, and the only thing he could think about was her discovering the porn on his phone. Carrying those heavy files may have been hard work, but that would have merited an ironic or sarcastic reply, not an enthusiastic and heartfelt one.

He looked down and tried to think of something to say, but his thoughts were interrupted by the smell of a full cooked breakfast, strong coffee and the Partner’s voice.

“Mark, you ready to discuss the proposal? I hope you don’t mind Zoe, only time I have today,” he said by way of apology.

“No it’s fine,” she replied, finishing the last of her breakfast, “I’ve got to head off to the satellite office on the other side of the city.” She stood up and Mark watched her leave the restaurant.


The day was busy for the both of them, but both found them thinking about similar things in moments of downtime.

Mark couldn’t shake the thought that Zoe was telling him that she had masturbated to the video she had found on his phone. He wondered how she touched herself. Had she been naked? Had she been so horny that she had not taken time to remove her clothes before touching her pussy? How many times had she come? All these recurring thoughts and questions made difficult for him to focus on his day job, and he found himself having to rearrange his cock inside his boxers more than once.

Zoe worried that maybe she had been too obvious, or not obvious enough. She wanted to get to know Mark, he looked good and he was smart. A lot smarter than her ex, although that wasn’t difficult; and she knew he was single and interested in girls, which removed her normal worry that every man her age was taken, gay or both. She formed a plan to get some time with him that evening without having to worry about colleagues interrupting them, which would likely happen if they had a drink in the hotel bar. She also struggled to focus on work and was glad that the workshops finished early so she could get back to the hotel at a better time. She planned to shower and do her hair properly before dinner. Because if her plan worked she would probably fall asleep very quickly once she got back to her room later that evening.


Their paths crossed as they walked through hotel lobby. Mark was with the boring boss going into the restaurant. Zoe had already had a bite to eat and was on her way up to her room.

Zoe touched Mark’s arm and he stopped while the boss continued towards the restaurant entrance. “Hey, did you find what you were looking for in the files last night?”

“Err, no, it was quite late and didn’t know where to start,” Mark replied.

“Well it didn’t look *hard* from what I saw last night. Do you need help?”

Her eyes twinkled just like this morning. Mark was certain she was flirting with him this time.

“Well in the evening it can get very *hard*, particularly if there are distractions. If you are offering, I’d really appreciate your help.” Two could play this game he thought to himself.

“I like *hard* problems, call me when you are ready.” she giggled to herself and left.

“Distractions?” asked Mark’s boss.

Mark wasn’t sure how much his boss had heard and tried to think of an innocent explanation. “Errr the international football championship, games on every night at the moment. Really distracting.”

“Oh, football is boring. Are the files really that hard to work out? I could help.”

“No I think I’ll be fine with Zoe. Let’s grab something quick so I can do a few hours work this evening.”


After dinner Mark did his best to make the room inviting, switching off the ceiling lights and starting some acoustic indie on his laptop. He picked up an unpromising looking file from the stack and flicked through it, confirmed that it was completely irrelevant to his scope and set it to one-side. He picked up another file, reviewed the contents and found it was important and slipped into the middle of the pile.

He was pretty sure Zoe wasn’t interested in helping him with his work, but he wanted to look set up just in case.

Mark sent her a text to say if she still had time he would really appreciate the help. He grabbed a beer from the minibar and then opened up another file to review while he belugabahis güvenilirmi waited.

A few minutes later she knocked. Mark opened the door and saw that Zoe had changed into a blue tank top and black tracksuit trousers. It was the kind of outfit that worked at the gym, relaxing at home or even for sleeping in. She had straightened her hair and let it fall down to her shoulders. He could smell the fresh fragrance of her shampoo. He let her past and watched her walk into the room. He couldn’t detect any hint of bra strap on her back, the trousers hugged her figure and hinted that there was a great bum beneath.

She sat on the armchair in the corner of the room and he offered her a drink from the mini bar. While they drank they chatted about their day, the assignment and the people on it – typical work colleague stuff, sharing jokes and making each other laugh. They eventually finished their drinks about the same time.

“You want another?” Mark asked.

“I thought you wanted help with the files?” said Zoe coyly.

“I think I’ll be ok, and I prefer talking to you to working in the evening.”

“That’s good, because I like talking to you.” Zoe smiled and bit her lower lip slightly. Mark thought she looked really cute.

“It’s strange that we had never really talked before last night, and when we finally did I made it all awkward!”

“It’s not a problem, seriously! And it helped me get a good night’s sleep.” She grinned and waited for him to take the conversation further.

“Are you implying what I think?”

“What do you think I am implying?”

Mark took a breath, and kind of looked around the room. What he was going to say would cross the line of a professional relationship, if he had read the signals wrong bad things could happen.

“I want you to say it, I won’t tell,” Zoe grinned.

“I think you liked the bit of the porn video you saw on my phone, and it turned you on. So when you got upstairs you touched yourself and after the orgasm you fell straight asleep. And you slept so well that you actually overslept and so didn’t have time to do your hair how you normally do it”

“More or less,” she smiled proudly. “I kind of looked for a video like it so I could follow along.”

“Oh wow!” Mark said a little too enthusiastically. He tried to act cool, “Err, so, not a normal thing for you then?”

Zoe explained how she had done it a few times as a teenager, but generally boyfriends had satisfied her sexual needs. However after her breakup six months ago she had thrown herself into work and basically not thought about sex until the previous evening.

She said that she was attracted to men, but had found the video of the girl on her own alluring and intriguing. She had never thought about how other girls did it and while watching the video in her room she had copied the movements and reached an incredible climax.

Mark was speechless, here was a real life beautiful, sexy woman describing her most private moments. His cock was rock hard, he could feel it straining against his trousers. He looked at Zoe and saw her nipples pointing through her the material of her blue tank top.

She saw him looking, “Ooo, busted” she giggled, “But I’m sure I’m not the only one who is enjoying this line of conversation!” She looked straight at his crotch.

“You are right there!”, he grinned and rearranged himself through his trousers.

“So I have a few questions, if you don’t mind?” she asked, biting her lower lip again.

Mark looked at her, “She looks so hot,” he thought, “I’d do anything to keep this going.”

“Go ahead, ask me anything” She did, she asked him how often he wanked, if he watched porn every time, if it was always girls on their own or were there other types he liked. Where was the kinkiest places he’d done it? What was the most number of times he had done it in one day? She asked if he preferred tits or bums; a girl’s pussy to be naturally hairy, trimmed or shaven.

Then she asked how far he could shoot his cum.

“Over my head” he replied.

“What, like the film ‘…Something about Mary’?” she looked a little disbelieving.

“Ha, no, further!” He boasted.

Zoe was feeling that tingle in her pussy, she squeezed her legs together and laughed at his boasting, “No way! How do you know?” she asked.

Mark explained that a few months ago after a long week of work (with no time or energy to have a wank), he got back home and found his housemate had left him a note to say that they would be gone all weekend. He took the opportunity to watch porn on the living room TV which had a surround sound system. He had got some lube as it was a special occasion and was all set. He held off touching as long as he could and even before he started wanking his cock was rock hard. When he couldn’t resist any longer he wanked himself furiously with both hands. As he came he felt the first load shoot, then a second which landed on his neck and chest, a third and fourth which landed on his stomach before finally he squeezed out the last few drops and felt empty. belugabahis yeni giriş

He said that wiped his hand and body with a towel then fell straight asleep on the sofa.

“I know how that feels!” interjected Zoe and they both smiled.

“But the punch line is that it wasn’t until the Sunday when I had my parents over for dinner. I looked over my mum’s shoulder and saw an obvious drip-like stain on the wall behind the sofa. It was then I realised where the first load had gone. I was petrified she was going to notice and ask what it was!”

They both laughed and Zoe thought that it would be very sexy to see a man shoot his cum that far.

“I have a question or two,” he said.

“Well I have asked loads so it’s only fair that you get your chance.”

“Have you ever watched a guy masturbate?”

“No,” replied Zoe, anticipating where this was going, feeling a few butterflies in her stomach but a stronger tingle between her legs.

“Would you like to?” Mark continued to lead the conversation.

“In general? Or watch you now?”


“Yes, it sounds hot, and, it depends.” Zoe wanted to regain some control over the situation, it was developing in the direction she had imagined earlier that day, but the reality of getting sexual with a new guy was always one to take slowly. When she was dating boys at 6th form and university she had always said no much more than a kiss until after the third date.

“You want some ground rules?” Mark asked kindly, “like ‘no touching each other’?”

Zoe relaxed slightly, he really was a nice guy. “Please, and I’m not yet sure I want to get naked or do anything in front of you if that’s OK.”

“Sure, where do you want me?” Mark waited for Zoe to decide.

“On the bed like you were before I interrupted you last night.”

“You want me to keep my clothes on?” Mark was conscious that Zoe was a little nervous, and didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable and break the moment.

“Well I guess last night you were naked until I interrupted you and you wrapped the towel around yourself. So I guess I saw nearly all of you anyway!”

Mark stood, undid his belt, slid off his suit trousers and socks and put them on top of the drawers. He undid the buttons to his shirt, shook it off and put it on top of his other clothes. He was left wearing only his boxers. He felt slightly nervous, there was a lot of sexual tension in the room, but also that tension you experience in the moment before a performance.

Zoe looked at Mark’s mostly naked body for the second time in 24 hours, she still thought that he looked fit and she was finding him increasingly sexy. She could see the shape of his manhood pushing against the fabric of his boxers, but it obviously not fully erect. “You’re in great shape,” she said encouragingly. “Would it help to find a video?”

He looked at Zoe and noticed that she was rubbing her hands along her thighs. She was fidgeting as well, obviously horny but trying to hold it in.

“I think I’ll take it slow tonight.” Mark answered, thinking that drawing out his show for Zoe might result in her changing her mind about taking her clothes off or even touching herself. The thought helped harden his cock and be felt the head push against the waistband.

He rearranged the pillows on the bed so he could sit up and watch Zoe watch him and she how she reacted.

He pushed his boxers off and his cock stuck out proudly in front of him.

Mark didn’t notice Zoe lick her lips at the sight of his cock. It wasn’t the biggest she had seen, but as far as she could tell from where she what sat, it was perfectly proportioned. She wondered if this thing that was developing between them would reach the point that she would be ready to let it get really close to her. The thought sent a shiver of excitement through her body, she rubbed her hand between her legs and felt the heat of her pussy through the cotton of her tracksuit.

Mark sat down in the bed and took a tiny complimentary bottle of moisturising lotion from the bedside table. He shook out a big blob and massaged it all over his shaft, then gripped it with his left hand and as slowly as he could, started a screwing motion as he slid his hand up and down.

He closed his eyes and tried to calm his breathing as much as possible. Using lube or lotion wasn’t something he did every time, something that he used on special occasions to accompany an erotic blowjob or fucking porno. He caught himself wondering what it would be like to do that with Zoe, “SLOW DOWN”, he ordered his imagination and squeezed his cockhead to reduce the building pressure. He took a deep breath and focused on putting on a show. Once he felt more in control of the sensations he cupped his balls and rubbed the excess lotion all over them, then slid a finger along the ridge down towards his asshole, but didn’t quite reach it.

Zoe was rapidly losing the will to fight her old rule not get sexual with a guy on the first, second or third date. She wasn’t even sure if the evening had counted as a date. “What was this?” she asked herself, “the zeroth date!?” It didn’t matter, it was already the sexiest experience she’d had for well over a year and she still had her clothes on. “Hmmm,” she thought, “the old rule hadn’t considered getting the possibility of being naked with a guy but not touching of each other.”

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