On The Way

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On the way

Heading Interstate 80 west, Bruce took the exit to State Route 44 north to head to Kearney. Kelly, in the passenger seat, admired the openness of the Nebraska’s roadways. Bruce smiled and concurred with her as he placed his right hand on hers and gave it a gentle, affectionate squeeze.

Bruce and Kelly, now aged 44 and 36, met through an online dating site about 10 years back. Instantly they had physical attraction to hop into bed on the first date. Three months later, Bruce proposed to Kelly with a promise of an exciting uninhibited life and Kelly accepted it without hesitation.

After all the years together, Kelly still remembers that Saturday morning when Bruce fucked her like an animal on heat. Many times, she wet herself just thinking out it. Bruce stood tall at 6ft3, 180 lbs., graying and hairy as a bear. His first naked exposure to her made her exclaim with a scream. She did not realize then what a six incher and thick one at that can do to her. She often wondered if there were more men like Bruce out there, and if there are she fantasized having them in her.

Bruce’s personality was that of a gentle and caring, yet a dominating one. Easy to converse with, drop her defenses with him. Bruce knew he had Kelly for good the first time he penetrated her tightness. Kelly squirted within minutes and looked apologetically as she laid under him well-plugged and penetrated deep. It was like she did not want to let him go.

He enjoyed being the dominant one in the relationship. While Kelly had a strong personality of her own, she was very comfortable being a sub to him and look forward to his care and loving.

As Bruce’s hand caressed hers with laid on her thighs, she wondered what he had in mind. He promised her a unique experience on their 10 year anniversary. They packed light and she got into the car directly from work with no questions asked. Bruce could sense her anticipation as his hand moved from caressing her hands to slipping in between her legs. Kelly sighed softly and Bruce could tell she was wet.

Kelly noticed Bruce taking the State Route 30 west into the city of Kearney. Having never been to Nebraska before, she was nervous at the same time felt safe having Bruce with her. She felt his hands trace her lips over her wet soaked panties. He smiled “That’s my girl”. Kelly parted her legs ever so slightly to allow easy access. He began to press onto her panties over her Brazilian waxed cunt as she was ready to cum. Her hips raised a little from the seat and her back arched against the back rest. She was “Cumming” and she could tell Bruce knew it. He pressed on and Kelly moaned in the car as her cunt juiced up on to the leather seat.

His fingers were wet and she saw him put them in to his mouth and suck her wetness. Kelly closed her eyes as she rested back.

Bruce drove past the city limits and soon was in the countryside again. He dialed the blue-tooth enabled car phone. Kelly heard him greet a matured female voice.

“Hi there Judy, we are about 15 minutes away.”

“Great. Ryan is out at the barn with Jack and Jane. I’ll tell them.”

Kelly look at Bruce as he said, “That was my aunt Judy. We are going to be spending some time with her, Uncle Ryan, and their kids – Jack and Jane.”

Kelly looked away with a fleeting thought “Whoa! 10 year anniversary… Not what I was looking for…”

Bruce turned into a gated pathway, the car bumped over the loose asphalt for a mile or so before the house in the farm came to view. The evening background highlighted the house well with a scenic background. The tires made a rumbling sound as Bruce drove into the covered lit porch.

First – A blow Job

Excited, Bruce moved quickly out of the car to give a warm body hug to a petite mature woman dressed in a single piece long T shirt dropping down her knees. Kelly assumed she must be Aunt Judy. Bruce held on to her for an extended hug before turning to her.

“Judy, this is my bride – Kelly.”

“Come here Hun! Let me look at you.” She took Kelly by her hands and gave her a full body scan.

“Judy – Stop, you are making her uncomfortable.”

“I’m sorry dear. Bruce told me so much about you. I just had to give you a good look.”

“All good I hope.”

“Yes, Yes. All Good”

Judy felt her hands caress her back and thought they moved down her curves intentionally. She did not pay much attention to it.

She led Bruce and Kelly into the house, and up the stairs to their room.

“You two freshen up. Ryan, Jack and Jane should be back soon”.

As she closed the door behind her, Bruce pulled Kelly close to him and kissed her warmly on her lips.

He whispered “You will like it here. Trust me.”

He looked into her eyes and Kelly instantly knew what he wanted.

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his 6 incher – thick and hard; she felt his hands on her shoulders as he pushed her down to her knees. Kelly opened her mouth and her tongue pulled him into her warm wet mouth. Her head bopped against his pelvis. The ataşehir escort cock was hard as ever. She felt his hands move into her hair and holding it tight as I began to face fuck her. She heard him moan as she gagged on his thick cock. She had done this so many times before and has learned to take him down her throat. Bruce was on the edge and Kelly could feel the throbbing moving in. He held her head firm as he jerked forward, Kelly lost her breath.

She tapped on Bruce’s inner thigh for a release. Bruce reluctantly pulled out as his cock squirted the first blob of his cum on her face right into her eyes. Then followed by the rest giving her a complete facial.

She received him with all the love she had for him.

Kelly suddenly heard a voice “My! My! Here darling use this to wipe your face.” Kelly felt a warm towel wiping her face and slowly opened her eyes to see Judy holding Bruce’s cock in one hand and passionately looking at Kelly as she wiped her face.

Kelly was absolutely embarrassed. She looked at Bruce angrily as she felt she was subject to such humiliation. Judy calmed her down by bending down and raising Kelly to her feet.

“You make him so happy. We love you for that.”

She turned to Bruce and with a smile “You better put that away for later.”

As Bruce walked into the bathroom to wash up, Judy had Kelly alone with her in the room. She gave her a warm hug.

“You are the first woman Bruce has ever brought home to be introduced to us.”

Her hands moved down her back and on her curvy ass again, “He must really love you.”

Kelly appreciated these words and was oblivious to Judy’s hands on her waist. “I am sure Ryan and Jack are looking forward to seeing you.”

Kelly thought – “Funny, she excluded Jane.”

Judy left the room with Kelly lying on the bed, still in disbelief that Bruce did that to her. She heard the toilet flush, she closed her eyes and felt Bruce return to the room.

She felt him lying next to her and turning her face to his. His lips went onto hers and kissed her passionately.

“I don’t say this often. I love you.”

His hands circled her waist, giving her a warm hug and covering her body with his. Kelly kissed back and ran her hands on his bare back to draw him closer.

“You should have warned me.” She heard him laugh “You should have seen the look on your face.”

“We should have locked the door.”

“There are no locks in this house.” Bruce was still smiling.

“Bastard!!” she felt like cursing him. Instead she muttered “I love you, I’ll do anything for you.”

She heard an unexpected, “I know” in response.

Tired both of them fell asleep, cuddled in each other’s arms.

Meeting the family

Kelly woke up to the sound of loud voices in the living room below. Bruce was sound asleep. She laid on the bed wondering if she should venture out. Bruce was showing no sign of waking up.

Lazily, she walked to the bathroom to wash her face. There were stains of Bruce’s cum still on her hair. As she splattered her face and hair with water, she could not help contain her smile “… does cum a lot, and thick too.”

The loud voices in the living room continued. Kelly took courage and ventured out.

“There is our lovely lady.” Judy greeted her warmly again.

“Guys, this is Kelly.”

She pointed out to the seated table, “Ryan, Jack, and Jane”

They was a friendly wave and the loud conversation continued. Judy pulled a chair and had Kelly join them at the table.

The conversation seems heated and revolved around the chores on the farm. Ryan was a hairy bare chested, just like Bruce, but with a thick beard, Jack stood tall, 6ft+, clean shaven and well build in a T shirt and Shorts as he picked up beer from the cooler. Jane in her farm jeans, looked a younger version of her mother, only she was taller and had a smaller chest.

“Is he still sleeping”, Judy inquired. Kelly nodded positively.

“You cleaned up well”, Judy continued with a wink. Kelly wondered if she told the family about her facial earlier in the evening.

Ryan looked at Kelly, “How was your drive here?”

Kelly smiled positively and gestured a thumbs up. She was a bit intimated with a bare chested older man, with a bellowing voice looking at her.

He pushed a bowl of nuts towards Kelly. Kelly politely refused.

Judy was sarcastic “She is not hungry, Bruce has fed her well.”

Ryan could sense that comment made Kelly uncomfortable. Kelly contained herself, and tried to leave the table. He reached for her wrists and gently had her down in her seat.

Jack and Jane continued their bickering over the chores. Kelly silently observed. Again, she wondered if Bruce knew what he was doing when he brought her here to celebrate their anniversary.

Judy returned with dinner for the four seated at the table. She had a healthy serving of Ribs and Potatoes. Jack was on his second beer and he pushed a can towards his dad – Ryan.

Kelly hesitantly asked kadıköy escort if there was any wine.

Judy and Jane exclaimed almost together – “Classy!!”

“Let me see what we have in the basement”, Jane jumped out of her seat and raced down.

Judy looked at Kelly “I think I will wake Bruce up.”. She pulled herself together and went up the stairs.

Ryan popped open his beer “Kelly, tell us about you?”

She was at loss of words to begin. Ryan prompted her “Tell us what you like and don’t.”

“Well, I love Bruce and everything he is. I do travel a lot, music, books, and outdoors.”

“Outdoors eh, you are the right place. We have about 25 acres of privacy. Lots of things to do on our farm. If you are up early, I can take you for a tour.”

“That would be fun. Bruce is a late sleeper though.”

“That’s fine. He has been here before. We can go together.” she felt him stroke her arms as he spoke.

Jane returned with a bottle of Merlot. As she poured Kelly a glass, Jack told her – “Dad is taking Kelly for a tour of our farm tomorrow.”

Jane smiled, “We love it here, I am sure you will too.”

Judy was still in Bruce’s room. The rest of the family proceeded with the dinner without her and Bruce. Kelly expected them to be down soon to join them. There was no sign of them.

The food was delicious and the merlot helped Kelly relax to the family setting. Jane kept the refilling her glass and Kelly knew the wine was getting to her.

After dinner, Kelly tried to help with the dishes, she was too tipsy to stand. She lost count of the wine intake. Jane laughed – “You are drunk.” Kelly swayed backwards, Ryan broke her fall to hold her in her arms.

His big frame bend down to carry her in his arms. As he carried her to her room, she felt his hairy chest against her arm and he had a distinct man scent that turned on a bit. She closed her eyes as they moved into the room.

As Ryan laid her on the bed, Kelly noticed that neither Bruce nor Judy were in the room.

She was too tired and drunk to explore their whereabouts.


It was still dark, Kelly woke up dehydrated. Bruce was still not in the room. She found her way to the kitchen to get some water. As she picked up some water, she heard soft moans and grunts with constant creaking and thudding sounds from one of the bedrooms.

Kelly wondered who was being pounded. She slowly walked back into her room and as she sat down, the creaking bed sounds intensified. The moaning turned into louder screams.

It reminded her of the first time Bruce fucked her. Kelly felt her waxed pussy juicing up. She smiled to herself, “Where is Bruce?”

She laid in the bed, her pussy was wet. She held herself back to avoid playing with it.

She was wet and horny. She closed her eyes for few minutes and seem to doze off into a slumber. She woke up feeling a presence in the room.

She softly called out “Bruce, is that you?”

She heard a soft rough groan, followed by a sigh.

“No, it was not Bruce” her body stiffened up anxiously as she had fleeting thoughts who it might be.

The creaking bed sounds persisted and she could tell someone was still fucking. The screams were louder. Kelly closed her eyes hoping the body in the room goes away. Instead, she felt a presence next to her and her body being enveloped by a huge frame.

Only when she felt the bearded kiss on her neck, she exclaimed “Ryan!!”

He continued to kiss her and his fingers finding their way between her legs caressing her wet patch.

She tried to escape his hold, Ryan was too strong for her. In the dark, his thick fingers found their mark. She felt his fingers rubbing her exposed clit over her silk panties.

“The sounds you hear… Bruce is with his favorite aunt.”

Kelly was shocked, she felt her panties being ripped.

“He is doing my wife, I want to do his…” Ryan’s rough voice faded as Kelly thought she was imagining things.

She felt her legs being pulled and push apart. His hands grabbing her hips and felt her cunt being tapped by a throbbing head.

She tried to call out for Bruce. Ryan laughed “I doubt he has you in his mind right now.”

She felt his hands again on her wet cunt. She was dripping wet.

He did not need any more encouragement, pushing his cock in her, he moaned.

Her cunt stretched to receive him, her legs in the air… she gasped for breath trying to take his thick cock in.

Soon she began to move with his thrusts. The bed moved slowly as he began to pound her. His hands on her hips, he pulled her to him as he pushed in.

“Oh my G…! I think I am going to cum”

The words escaped her open mouth as she raised her hips to squirt onto his thick cock in her tight pussy.

Lubricated cunt invited him, as he pushed in further. She screamed and he grunted. His fingers held her hips hard and he fucked her like an animal on heat.

She softly whined under him as he fucked her with passion.

She wanted bostancı escort to embrace his body as he continued to fuck her. She raised her arms to bring him closer. He obliged and lay on her, with her legs circling his ass and her arms closing on his back.

She heard him whisper “Fuck you are a tight one…It has been a while.”

She heard herself respond “Well you must be thick and bigger than Bruce.”

Ryan pushed in hard and pulled out slow. He could tell she was enjoying it. His hands moved under her to grip her shoulders as his cock worked into her. She closed her eyes and held onto him, forgetting Bruce for the time.

Ryan continued. She felt him in her and her cunt lips held onto his cock. She softly moaned into his ears, “I am going to cum again.”

He began to move quick and faster into her. Her hands tightened their grip and her finger nails dug into his back.

She exclaimed aloud, “Uuuuummmmmph! Yes… Don’t Stop…”

Her cunt juiced up again, her hips arched and she felt him deep in her, his balls grinding her vagina, she felt herself let her squirt. His body crushed her. Ryan held his cock deep in her with his balls dangling against her cunt.

She felt his bearded kiss again. She smiled with its tickle.

She felt weak and tired. Ryan was hard as a rock and was starting to move his hips into her again. Laying helpless under him, she moaned softly as he grunted with each hump.

His thickness plugged her cunt and pulled her lips out with each gently hump. His mouth covered hers to muffle her squeals. She was sweating and so was he. She smelt his body odor.

“Will he ever cum…”

Ryan could read her mind.

“You don’t mind me filling you up?”

She did not know if he was asking for her permission or telling her. She knew he was on the edge. She loosened her cunt and then tightened her lips around his cock.

He grunted into her ears, “HMmmmmmmm! Here it cummmmssss!”

She felt her cunt being flooded, his cock ejaculated deep in her. He held her tight, his pelvis grinding hers. His cock was still hard and in her. She kissed him on his cheeks.

“Wow! That was fantastic!”

Ryan put his lips on hers and rolled his tongue on hers. The room was suddenly silent.

The noises in the next room also stopped. She closed her eyes and hugging onto Ryan, his cock deep in her wet cunt, she fell asleep.

In the open

Ryan was not in bed when she woke up. She felt his cum in her. She looked around for Bruce and he was not around too. Wrapping a bath around her naked body, she stepped out.

The night with Ryan began to consume her thoughts. She began to worry about Bruce and felt guilty that she enjoyed it so much. She knew Bruce appreciated her honesty and decided to come clean with him.

She found Judy in the kitchen. Judy was in her long Top. Her curves showed through her Top. Avoiding eye contact, she asked for Bruce.

“Honey, Bruce and Ryan are out in the farm. They should be back for lunch.”

Judy went about her work. Kelly stepped out and felt the fresh farm air. Once again, her mind drifted to Ryan pounding her. She was afraid of Judy’s reaction, should she find out.

Kelly sat down in the rocking chair. The urban nose, she was so used to, was missing. She enjoyed the silence, often disturbed by natural sounds. After some meditative pause, she walked back into the house.

Judy welcomed her back in.

“Jack and Jane are in the pool. You can join them.”

Kelly felt obliged to follow her request. After all, she let her husband – Ryan – fuck her at will last night. As Kelly stepped out, she was taken aback to find Jack, Jane and a third male naked in the pool. Jane had the third male’s complete physical attention.

Jack waved out and signaled Kelly to join in.

Jane had her sun glasses on, her hands digging into her mate’s hair as she pressed his head between her legs on the pool-size chaise.

Kelly sat at the edge of the pool, dipping her feet into the warm water.

Jane was moaning softly as her pussy was being eaten.

Judy walked out with a tray of lemonade. She looked at Kelly and could tell she was uncomfortable with her daughter being eaten out in the open.

“Janey. Take Tom inside and complete your activities.”

As Judy sat down in front of her, Kelly saw her Top raise and expose her hairy cunt.

Jack walked out of the pool, well-trimmed circumcised thick cock dangling between his legs.

As he passed Judy, Judy slapped him on his ass asking “When is Lisa coming?”

“Later this evening. She had to go into town for supplies.”

Kelly silently paid attention to the happenings around her. Judy handed her a lemonade.

“I heard Ryan and you were together last night.”

Kelly choked on the drink and coughed. Judy laughed.

“Ryan told me. Just so you know, Bruce was with me then.”

Judy moved closer and sat next to Kelly with her feet in the water, next to hers. She felt her hands running on her back over her robes down to her ass. Judy kissed Kelly on her cheeks. Kelly turned her face to hers and Judy put her lips on hers. She kissed her. Kelly dropped the lemonade glass into the pool. As the water splashed upwards, Judy moved back and smiled.

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