Our New Lives-Part Ten-Satisfaction (Chapter 18)


Chapter Eighteen-SatisfactionMalik moved from between Jill’s spread-eagled legs to the side of the table and hit the controls. The extensions of the table all retracted to their normal positions. He undid the wrist and ankle restraints then leaned in and kissed her passionately. Her arms went around his neck and pulled his face to hers. Her tongue went out to his lips. She licked her own pussy nectar from his face. Then he sucked her tongue into his mouth as they kissed again.“You beautiful fuckin’ black prick! You knew you could break me, didn’t you? You sensed it in me from the moment we talked at the party. I’ve never been so hot, and hungry for a black man, and even now Malik, I still am. I want more sex hikaye of you. All your sexual torment and punishment have made me feel things I’ve never felt before. I love every minute of what you’re doing. I want more of you, over and over again.”“You’ve felt the power and domination of a black man. Now you’re gonna feel love. It’s time to give up your black virginity baby.  Time for you to find out why white women come to me first out of curiosity and then return because once they experience my black cock they’re hooked. By the end of tonight, you will want me more than you have ever wanted any man.”I could see in her face and body language he was right. She was already hooked seks hikaye on this magnificent black stud, and I admitted to myself that I was too.  I wanted him for both of us. My dick was rigid again.Once again, he picked her up from the table and carried her the short distance to one of the lounge sofas in the studios. Her mouth was all over his face and chest. Kissing him and sucking his nipples. He pushed a button and the sofa unfolded into the size of a king-sized bed.He laid her down on her back. She was purring as he took her legs, spread them apart, and then crawled between them. He kissed her tanned thighs above the stockings, then trailed kisses from her wide-open juice-oozing pussy up her body until he was face to face on top of her.  “What do you want Jill? What are you hungry for my beautiful white slut?”“You Malik, I want you.”“I’m not all you want right now. What do you need baby? Tell me, Jill.”“OH GOD, I want cock. I need cock.”“Who’s cock, Jill? What kind of cock do you need?”“Your’s Malik, your hard black cock. I want it I need it!”“Are you beggin’ me for black cock Jill? Let me hear you beg to have black cock in your white cunt.”“YES please, Malik….yes I’m begging you…I’m begging you to fuck me. Fuck me with your black cock. Fill my white cunt with it.”Malik rose up on his knees and pressed his cockhead against the opening of Jill’s pussy.“Is this what you wanna feel Jill?”“Oh YEAH! That’s it…more give me more.”He pushed gently and the apricot-sized head of his cock slipped in through her pussy lips and was enveloped in her fuck hole.

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