Pleasure After a Long Day Ch. 05


It had been a long week and both Tianna and Timothy were grateful that it was finally the weekend. Tianna had made reservations at a nice restaurant for her and Timothy to celebrate his new job.

It took Tianna two hours to decide what to wear and another thirty minutes to do her makeup and hair. However, after she was done and she looked at herself in the mirror she was happy with the results. She had decided on a simple short black cotton skirt that zippered on the side and ended a little more then halfway up her thighs. The shirt she picked was a button down lavender short sleeve one and she left it opened as far as the third button, which showed enough of her breasts to be sexy but not too much to be sluttish.

Of course Timothy had been dressed and waiting for her in the living room since it never takes men as long to get ready. He looked up from the sofa when his mother entered the room and a smile appeared on his face. “WOW.. Mom, you look amazing,” he stammered as he stood up.

Tianna smiled and blushed a little at the compliment as she let her eyes look her son over. He was very sexy looking in his black slack, light blue shirt and black sports jacket. It still amazed her that he was all grown up now and how much he looked like his father. “You are very handsome yourself,” she replied as he walked over to her and kissed her cheek.

“Thanks, Mom. If you’re ready we need to be heading to the restaurant,” Timothy stated as he lead her to the front door stopping only long enough for her to grab her purse. He insisted on driving and the ride to the restaurant was pleasant and quick as they only lived about 10 minutes from the place.

Tianna had requested a private booth when she made the reservations so once they were seated and had ordered their drinks and dinners she moved closer to her son and placed her hand on his thigh. Timothy inhaled deeply and smiled at his Mom as he tried to fight the instant reaction his body had whenever she touched him even innocently. Suddenly Timothy was wishing they had ordered pizza and were home enjoying their relatively new freedom with each other.

“So, did you enjoy your first week at work?” Tianna asked her son as she moved her hand inward rubbing his inner thigh and back up. Tianna knew that she was making it hard for her son to concentrate but she was enjoying herself and had planned a very interesting evening for them. She didn’t know where her boldness came from but it was here these days and she was going to enjoy it as much as she could. “Um.. yes,” Timothy finally answered when he was able to get his voice under control. His mother had caused his slacks to feel tight all of a sudden and he shifted to try to find a more comfortable position. However, that was a mistake because in shifting he ended up bringing Tianna’s hand in contact with the evidence that she was getting to him. He blushed as he made eye contact with him Mom hoping that she hadn’t realized what she had just brushed against. “The people seem…” he began to say but stopped and inhaled sharply as his Mom moved her hand back against his bulge and began to rub him. Timothy glanced around nervously as he wanted to be sure that no one was going to be able to see what she was doing to him but luckily where they were seated wasn’t very well lit and with the long tablecloth it would have been hard to see.

“Mom…what are you doing?” he whispered as he tried desperately to mentally talk his erection away. He almost said something else but the waiter returned bringing their drinks. Tianna smiled at the waiter and thanked him for the drinks and picked up her glass of white wine ataşehir escort bayan and sipped it as if she wasn’t sitting there rubbing her son’s hard cock through his very tight slacks.

After the waiter had left she turned to her son and smiled as her hand at his crotch unzipped his pants and slide inside to get a better feel of him. “MOM….” Timothy cried out as he moved his hands down and pulled hers from his slacks. “What ARE you doing?” he asked softly with a strained voice.

“Timothy, just relax and enjoy yourself while we celebrate your new job. Why don’t you tell me about what you do there? I don’t think we’ve talked about it or anything else all week,” she said so calmly as she freed her hand from her son’s and slide it back in his slacks and continued to stroke him. “You need to stop wearing underwear, I think,” she commented nonchalantly.

Timothy just stared at her as if she was from a different planet but didn’t try to remove her hand again. Relax?! How was he supposed to do that with her hand stroking his hard cock? He closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on his breathing but that didn’t help so he gave up when he realized that he was unconsciously rocking against her hand. “Mom, I’m going to cum if you don’t stop,” he told her in between strokes. He couldn’t believe his Mom was doing this yet at the same time it was excited and damn arousing.

Tianna leaned closer to her son and ran her tongue over his ear and sucked on the lobe as she kept her hand right where it was. “I know… You are wearing underwear and if you are concerned about the mess stick the napkin down there to prevent you slacks from showing it.” She had gotten so wet and hot as she stroked her son right there at the table. She knew he was struggling to keep from moaning out as he tended to be rather loud and vocal when he was aroused and stimulated. “I’m so wet, baby. You should feel how wet it makes me to stroke you like this,” she whispered.

Timothy closed his eyes tight and breathed in deeply as the thought of her sitting there so close and so wet filled his mind with many seductive images of what he would love to be doing to her right now. He felt the telltale sign that he wasn’t going to last much longer and he tried so hard to keep control but he lost the battle and suddenly his body tightened and he gripped the edge of the table as he released his seed inside his underwear. Tianna waited till he was done then she removed her hand, zipped him up and kissed him. Timothy laid his head on the table as he struggled to get his breathing under control. He thought for sure he had bit a hole in his lip when he fought to keep from yelling out when he came. Just as lifted his head the waiter appeared with their dinners. He looked at Timothy then at Tianna but said nothing and just walked away.

“Mom, I need to go to the bathroom and clean up. I’ll be right back,” he whispered as he got up and slowly made his way to the Men’s Room. Tianna smiled to herself as she watched him walk off. She had never done anything like what she just did before and she was flushed with the excitement of it. She had been tempted to move her hand down to between her legs but decided to wait as she didn’t want to take Timothy’s fun away. Once he returned to the table they ate and chatted about his new job and finally it was time to pay and go home.

Timothy had other ideas though as he drove in the opposite direction of where they lived. “Hon, you took a wrong turn,” Tianna said as she realized that he took a left when he should have gone right. She just wanted to get home, take her clothes off and then fuck escort kadıköy her son till they both were too tired for more. “Where are we going, Tim?”

Instead of answering her, Timothy reached over and placed his free hand on her thigh and moved up and up till he was under her skirt and so close to the center of her desire. She scooted over closer and leaned her head back, closed her eyes and waited for her son’s touch that would bring her great pleasure. Timothy slid his hand inward and was surprised when he didn’t feel anything blocking his way to her wetness. “Hmmmm… no panties, Mom?”

“I decided to be adventurous and not wear any. Do you like the easy access?” she asked keeping her eyes closed and her head back against the seat.

You could say Timothy liked the fact that she wasn’t wearing anything under her skirt. It made his pants snug just thinking about it. He slid his hand in more and teasingly ran his fingers over her lips and stroked her causing a moan to escape from her slightly opened mouth.

Finally Timothy pulled off the road and onto this dirt road that went on for a few miles before he pulled into a deserted dirt lot. He removed his hand and got out of the car which caused Tianna to open her eyes and look around. After pulling something out of the trunk he walked around and opened Tianna’s door and offered her his hand. He led her a few feet away from their car and after spreading a blanket on the ground had her lay down on it.

Tianna laid down and while she waited for her son glanced up at the night sky and smiled at the amazing sight above her. The night was clear and the stars were shining so brightly as if they wanted to set the most romantic stage for her and Timothy.

Timothy waited for her to get comfortable then he lowered himself down so he was settled between her legs. He ran his hands up her legs pushing her skirt up exposing her to him inch by glorious inch as a light wind brushed her bare skin chilling her briefly.

Timothy turned his head and ran his tongue up the inside of his Mother’s left thigh causing her to spread her legs farther apart and moan out. Her hands gripped the blanket as her body’s temperature increased with every feel of her son’s tongue on her leg. After he trailed his tongue over her thighs he took his hands and gently spread her delicate lips apart and trailed his tongue between them. Tianna moaned out as her hands flew to Timothy’s hair and she lifted her hips upward trying to get a deeper contact.

“Ohhhhh, Tim..othy… that feels good…” Tianna moaned as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of her son’s fingers and tongue caressing her sensitive area.

Timothy moved his tongue expertly around his mother’s lips as he had learned what she really liked and what would drive her wild. Finally he moved his tongue up and with very light feathery touches he licked her swollen bud causing her to moan out louder as her hands tightened their hold on his hair. He loved how his Mother reacted to him and enjoyed listening to her noises as he tasted and loved her fully.

“Tim..othy…ohhh… yes…… lick.. Mommy’s clit.. o h…. yes….” Tianna cried out as the sensation of her son’s tongue on her clit flooded her body and senses. She loved the way he knew how to lick her so her orgasm would build slowly and not become overpowering too quickly.

Timothy knew that by lightly licking her clit in a circular motion he would bring her to a powerful orgasm but it would be a slow buildup and that would be more enjoyable for her. He continued to lick her clit in circles as he moved one hand maltepe escort down and began stroking her entrance with one finger. She cried out and bucked forward trying to get it inside her but Timothy was in control now and not about to let her rush him. She had her fun in the restaurant now it was his turn.

“Bab..yyy..… put.. yo.ur.. fing…er.. in..…” Tianna moaned as her hips begin rocking and that familiar feeling began to flare up in the pit of her stomach.

Timothy chuckled softly causing vibrations to spread over Tianna’s pussy as he listened to his Mom beg for him to finger her. He continued to tease her for a little bit longer then he decided to do as she asked. Slowly he slide one finger into her very wet entrance and then a second followed. He began stroking her as he clasped her clit between his lips and he sucked on it. Tianna’s hips bucked up and she pulled his hair tight as she rocked against his fingers and tongue. Her breathing had become ragged and she knew she wouldn’t last too long as the teasing she did at the restaurant got her halfway ready.

Timothy curled his fingers upward and searched for that spot he knew would bring her orgasm on hard and strong. After a few seconds he found what he was looking for and after a few strokes he felt Tianna clench around his fingers as she cried out as released her juices on his hand and mouth.

“Ba…by…… oh… ye… s…..… I’m… cum..mi….n…g…..” Tianna cried out as she lifted her hips upward pressing against Timothy’s mouth and fingers.

Once Tianna’s orgasm was done Timothy stood up and removed his pants and underwear. Then he knelt between Tianna’s legs and grabbed an ankle in each hand and pulled her forward. His cock was rubbing against her entrance and she was smiling up at him. “Yes… baby… fuck your Mom good and hard…” she urged him.

Timothy was deep inside his Mother in seconds, which caused them both to moan out. He held still and savored the feeling of once again his cock being wrapped inside his Mom’s pussy. He knew that it didn’t matter how often they fucked for he’d never get tired of the feeling. After a few more seconds he began to move in and out of her as he held her ankles for support. Tianna was rocking up to meet his thrusts and soon they had a nice smooth rhythm going.

“Mom… you’re… so and wet…” Timothy moaned out as he increased the pace of his thrusts. “I could .. you for..ever…”

Tianna knew that as much as Timothy would like to think that he wouldn’t last forever but he would last slightly longer now since he already came once in the restaurant. She was sure glad he was young and recovered quickly and almost completely. Timothy moved so he was leaned over his Mother with one hand on each side of her head as he moved his hips up and down, his cock slide in and out of her with ease and precision.

“Mom… I’m to .. cu…mm.. soo…n..” he said between breaths. Tianna wasn’t paying too much attention as she was too busy enjoying the feeling of him pushing deep inside her. She reached between them and as he fucked her she began to stroke her clit, which was still aroused and very sensitive. Soon she was breathing heavy again and she knew another orgasm was just around the corner. Timothy felt it too and increased the pace as he slammed into his Mother’s pussy harder and deeper.

“Tim…othy….” Tianna cried out as her pussy gripped Timothy’s cock and her body shook as her orgasm exploded through her body again. That was the sign Timothy needed to let his own free and he was soon filling her pussy with his hot seed as he cried out and threw his head back.

Once he was done he leaned down and kissed her then he rolled off and laid beside her. “I love you, Mom.” Tianna moved so she could lay her head on his chest and cuddled against him. “I love you too, Timothy.”

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